Miranda Kerr: Flynn Loves Playing Peek-a-Boo with the Paparazzi

11/29/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
A. Ariani/Splash News Online

When it comes to her presence in front of photographers, it seems as if Miranda Kerr is passing it all on to her son Flynn Christopher.

On a recent outing in New York, Kerr tried her best to keep her 10-month-old shielded from the shutterbugs — but he was having none of it!

“It’s so funny because I was putting the scarf over to cover him from the paparazzi,” the Victoria’s Secret model, 28, said during a Monday appearance on Chelsea Lately.

“And he was pulling it up, going, ‘Hey, guys! Here I am. Look at me!'”

Kerr welcomed her first child with husband Orlando Bloom last January following a drug-free delivery. But while she may have opted for a natural birth, the actor wasn’t quite as convinced!

“Orlando wanted the epidural, to be honest … for himself,” she jokes. “I was so determined and I just made up my mind that I didn’t want to have the epidural. I was actually induced, so it was much more intense.”

Her experience is still paying off, she laughs, adding, “Now I can much more easily handle a paper cut.”

And while his model mama loves rocking it on the runway — which she will be doing during Tuesday’s annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show — Flynn has also been known to get his groove on.

“He loves hip hop. When I had him in my stomach, I’d play music and sometimes I’d put on hip hop and dance around,” Kerr shares.

“So now I put hip hop on and he shakes his head and gets into it.”

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— Anya Leon

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ClaireSamsmom on

and there he is! The most adorable celeb baby!!!!!

Remy on

that child is so beautiful . i know hes a boy , but such a stunning little boy , but with Miranda and Orlando for parents Flynn was always going to be great looking . he will be one little heart breaker when he grows up . Hope they have more kids together , more stunning celeb babies !

Shannon on

Mr. Cheeks!

Anonymous on

I’ve noticed that you rarely see the three of them out together as a family. I wonder why that is? But anyway, Flynn’s a cutie, and I got a good chuckle out of the fact that Orlando was apparently more nervous about the birth than Miranda!

River on

The most beautiful child on earth!

Serena on

he is the most adorable baby ever!!!

blessedwithboys on

He’s so cute! I love Miranda for her awesome outspoken support of BF and I love to see Orlando babywearing. 🙂

But, ummm…an induced labor is not natural…

Rebekah on

That is seriously one CUTE baby! Just want to squeeze those cheeks of his!

anen on

This baby has some serious blubber face

mamaoftwo on

I actually saw them at Moomah in NY when they were photographed so much. They were there first and the paps had been following Orlando so he came in second. I was actually frustrated because some guy (Orlando) ran in the door in front of me and my two preschoolers and didn’t hold the door. After realizing he was trying to keep away from the paps (who I did not notice) for his wife and kid, that made it a little more forgivable. 🙂

Our kiddos were playing in the forest room and she was so cute with Flynn. She was trying to get him to crawl and was crawling on the floor with him and his friend trying to show him how. Really cute and hands on-she obviously adored him.

It was pretty sad to leave and have to walk through fifteen paparazzi fifty year old men waiting on the corner. Creepy. I have quit checking this site except for only on occasion, looking for the next time their pictures came out so I could explain what it was really like. It was too sad to see this daddy trying to not bring attention to his kid and just have a nice time, and then know that they must have been swarmed when they got on the street and he had to get there and leave separately from his wife and son. If that is what it takes to get pictures of the ten month old son of a celebrity, it’s not worth it. What a life.

Anonymous on

blessedwithboys- It says she had a natural birth, not a natural labor.

A on

mamaoftwo, I agree with you, they shouldn’t disturb them. But it’s just the way it is. They are a very famous couple, so they are bound to attract paparazzi. It’s a choice you make as a celebrity, because whether it’s right or wrong, the paps will be there all the time and that is something you have to realize (I find) before you step into that world.

Andre on

The Jaws I just want to grab and pinch

Traci on

I believe natural birth is the same as natural labor. Get a grip.

Traci on

One more thing, I give Miranda kudos for having Flynn natural because he was 10lbs.

Traci on

I think Miranda and Orlando are wonderful parents.

Flynn is way too cute. I just want to kiss those cheeks.

wearitownit.com on

Very cute baby…love his chubby cheeks!

UhNo on

Great, gorgeous family and I have to strongly disagree with the person who said “that’s just the way it is” when it comes to the paps. It wasn’t always this way and people were even more famous. I think it’s creepy to put people in cages just because they entertain us. Granted, the irony is not lost on me that I’m posting this on People.com, a site that probably has it’s own cast of paps and pap agencies it deals with that allow me to watch these caged celebrities and comment 🙂 I will say that if it wasn’t around, it’d be no great loss and life would go on without me getting to see this kid’s cute cheeks. But I digress…

Allie on

So cute! Hands down the most adorable celebrity baby.

d on

OMG his cheeks!!! just want to bite them adorable!!!!!

ImALadyToo on

Gotta love those sweet, chubby cheeks. They just look so darned huggable and kissable!

oldfashioned on

Baby is so adorable!

I had induced labor, and can’t imagine doing it without epidural. The pain was super intense. I don’t know how she can handle it.

I am a VS fan. But I still think she should wear mroe clothes in front of the world for the sake of her baby.

Xena on

I logged in to say that he’s the most beautiful baby boy out there, I see you’ve all beat me to it..I love how he’s always smiling, he warms my heart =)

Anna on

I’m happy to read such positive comments! Miranda is such a doll, so sweet, and baby Flynn is adorable.

Catie on

Mamaoftwo – thanks for that account.

A – you raise a good point but I’d like to counter with something: yes the celebrity life is like that, but does it have to be? There is a demand to know all about these people, but I think that paparazzi push that to a whole new level, one that I don’t think the public totally understands. Mamaoftwo made that point when she waited to post what she saw, so others could understand exactly what it’s like.

I think Tyra Banks did something like that with Nicole Ritchie (and she’s not even near Orlando’s Bloom’s level of fame) a while ago on the Tyra show, where they walked down the street and could barely move because they were surrounded by like 20+ paparazzi. When we see pictures of celebrities, we never see them hounded by photographers, we always see them walking up or across a street like Joe Somebody. What we aren’t seeing are the thousands of flashes going off, the photographers that get in their face, people in the street staring, cars slowing down to see what’s going on, etc.

Yes, celebrities should expect that their level of privacy will be compromised, that’s just a fact. But, this? It’s stalking. This is the type of thing normal people can get protection and restraining orders from. I think part of it is the paparazzi and part of it is us. The paparazzi are vultures, and I think part of the demand for this level of invasion is because they offer up EVERYTHING. Orlando bloom picking his nose while holding his car keys? Check! The other half is us, continuously driving the need to see pointless things (Look! Celebs buy toilet paper, too! Who knew they had normal bodily functions like us!).

Our lack of understanding and empathy, our ability to revere and horribly malign at a moments notice and blame them for all their choices… We are the one’s that made them celebrities with our interest (there are plenty of people who are actors/models/etc. who aren’t very famous and who could pass through a crowd unnoticed), I don’t see why we then have to abuse them too. We seem to forget that they are, in fact, human.

And just to add, I don’t think it’s bad to have interest in a celebrity. I mean I’m here on this site, am I not (I find it one of the least stalker-ish sites)? I just don’t think we should to make them pay so dearly for it.

Anyway, I hope this doesn’t sound like I lecture, I intended it to be more of a discussion. Thank you both for your accounts :).

mayra on

This photo is so cute I had to save it on my laptop (-.-)

Michelle on

Oh he is super cute! His cheeks are sure similar to his mother’s!

What an adorable baby!!!!

Candice on

How does she know that induced labor is more intense than going into labor naturally? She’s only had one kid. I experienced both, and trust me, the pain is blidning regardless. With my first, I was induced and it was so painful that I was delirious. With my second, I went into labor naturally and went from 1 cm to 6cm in a matter of three hours and then to 9cm 1.5 hours later…talk about contractions so fast and hard I could barely breathe or move. Even though it was short, it was no more enjoyable because it was natural.

Avery on

I have to agree, he is one ADORABLE baby!!

Olivia on

You had him in your UTERUS, NOT STOMACH

Lisa on

That’s an adorable baby. I see more of Orlando in his face, but babies always change I notice. One day they look like dad and then a few months later, they look like mom. At least, mine all went through those phases. Anyway, God bless them and their family 🙂