Video: Beyoncé Gets Playful with Her Baby Bump

11/29/2011 at 01:00 PM ET

Beyoncé certainly seems to be having some fun with her pregnancy.

The singer, who’s due to give birth to her first child with husband Jay-Z early next year, puts on voices, laughs and jokes over her baby bump in new behind-the-scenes footage taken on the set of her “Countdown” video on Sept. 23.

Putting on a gravelly, Muppets-like voice and rubbing her belly, she chants, “Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby!” while holding up the day’s New York Daily News, which has a photo of her on the cover along with the headline — you guessed it — “Oh, baby!”

With a sparkling smile and a higher-pitched voice, she tells the camera with a giggle, “Right now I’m actually shooting the video … And I’m six months pregnant pretending that my stomach is flat in bodysuits!”

“But thank God, you can’t really tell from the front,” she adds, turning sideways to show the full size of her growing bump. “But we’re not turning to the side.”

She then laughingly finishes with, “Oh baby, oh baby!”

— Sara Hammel

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Lissette on

Take the padding out. No believes you.

That is all.

Lotus on

Congrats, Beyonce and JayZ. I can’t wait to see pics of the little one.


Lissette on November 29th, 2011
you seriously stupid if you dont belive shes pregnant HATER!!!

J on

We get it Beyonce…

Jeana on

No one beleives she is pregnant and the bump is inverted at times and she herself as a whole is not looking pregnant and I doubt if she is….>..sHe is another Hollywood liar like the Kartrashians

Why doesn’t she admit she is having a surrogate or adopting…Pathetic people

fan on

Just a question but why is her being PG such a big deal. She didn’t even tell anyone when she was getting married. Now that she’s having a baby, its all we hear about. I MEAN SERIOUSLY… Can you say “Asking for attention?”

nelle on

If she was six months pregnant in Sept wouldn’t she be due in December not next year

Shantelle on

I wish people get off that she pretending to be pregnant crap. But I guess she wouldn’t be as famous and popular if she didn’t have the same amount of haters as she does fans. Where is the world coming to where people always have something negative to say and cant be happy for people because their situation is perfect. Get a life people.

SN: This video is too cute. I am glad she is happy that she is becoming a mom…that baby will get a lot of love and that is all that matters.

Janella on

Their baby is going to be beautiful 🙂 Lisette…really?!?!?!

Erica on

Congrats Beyonce ❤ I hope you have a beautiful child even if everybody believes you aren't pregnant. You deserve it.

P.S. To all the haters if you don't believe she's pregnant then look again at the picture where she is wearing the white bathing suit and when she was in NY for her Live at Roseland DVD premiere . She's definitely pregnant.

Janella on

no wonder her and Jay-Z wanted to keep it to themselves, there are some nasty and pathetic people. CONGRATS to you guys!!!

Tiffany on

There are pictures out there of her in a bikini where her bump is fully visible. I don’t think padding can do that, but everyone has to find something to whine about these days.

Loa on

Her album came out June 24, 2011. If shes 6 months pregnant in that video and it was released a couple of weeks ago, then it would make her 7 months now. Why is it that we keep getting music videos from her (Dance for you) where she doesn’t have a baby bump, but her record is the same amount of months she’s been pregnant? When is she making these video’s, all at once? Was she already knocked up before the record came out? Nothing about this pregnancy is making sense. I’m not a hater, but if she’s going to flaunt this bump around like theres no tomorrow, at least let the timeline make sense.

anonymous on

She is a bad liar. Why would she have carry a magazine with her, to prove that she is really pregnant? To me that how to spot a huge lie. Video looked like it was made to show that she isn’t a liar and also seemed really fake.

Shanice on

I love goofy Beyonce. Just like she was back in the Destiny’s Child days.

SMH @ the crazy people calling Beyonce’s pregnancy fake.

And the only things they have to go off is a baggy dress and the fact that she “hasn’t gained weight”. I mean, the girl was stick thin in May. Nobody says nothing when Victoria Beckham and Rachel Zoe remains stick thin during their pregnancies. SMH

Jillian on

I don’t believe the pregnancy. And this doesn’t make me stupid or a hater! I think before calling people stupid, people should work on their grammar and spelling. And i cant hate someone i dont know. I don’t believe everything these celebs spit out of their mouths because so many of them lie/stretch the truth. It’s very easy to fake a pregnancy, even in a bathing suit! They do it all the times in the movies…… Just saying.

Trish on

She has truly got to be one of the most irritating, idiotic women ever.

Seriously Really on

You people have got to be nuts or the biggest haters on the planet! If any of you has ever been pregnant (I have) you can see that she’s clearly pregnant. Really people?!? You all scare me…

juana on

Umm okay no one cares anymore* all u look like idiots for arguing and defending someone who doesn’t even know u exist…think about it.

Seriously Really on

Congrats to Beyonce and Jay-Z! Love you guys…

shanda on

Her size has nothing to do with if she actually preggo. There have been models who were half that size days before giving birth.

I think this whole “fake pregnancy” thing is stupid.

So what if she filmed all the videos at once? Maybe she knew she was pregnant and wanted them done so she would have them and not have to film so soon post partum.

Guest on

Why did you look at this video if you didn’t care or were going to say she’s asking for attention? She looks sweet in the video, and I’m sure that she’s just giddy because this is her first kid. If you don’t like her video, then DON’T watch it. So much negativity from people.

Stormy on

I believe her and that is NO padding that is all baby , baby !!!

melanie on

Beyonce is pregnant and if you don’t believe her kick rocks!!! why would a person fake a pregnancy!!!! and if she wanted to adopt im sure she would sheesh Beyonce is nothing like the kardashians so for you to say that your lame!!! Bee got more talent than they would ever have and can’t wait to see her baby 🙂 so happy for you Beyonce!!!

Me on

you are pregnant for 10 months people (40 weeks equals 10 months)!!!! She is due in February or March so if she is 6 months now (starting into her 7th month), this time line would be correct. What does she have to do, pose naked to prove it??

Fatima on

Beyonce’s preganancy is real!!!!!!! Loa, if you don’t see a baby bump in her videos thats because she shot them back in july. if you still dont believe it then go google those pics her in Miami 2 weeks ago or those pics of in italy in september of her showing off her bare baby bump. and, another thing Bey never said that she was due in febuary the interviewer did and the media ran with it. so, stop hating on her let her be happy & enjoy her preganancy!!!!! I hope & pray that she has a very healthy preganancy and a very healthy beautiful baby 🙂

Stormy on

She is due in early Feb , she got pregnant sometime in May 2011 !
Why are so consumed with her pregnant belly ? Are we jealous or what?
I for one am happy for her and her husband , they deserve to be parents
and to be happy . It’s no wonder they kept this blessed event under
wraps for so long HATERS !!

Jillian on

And another thing, none of you know that she is pregnant. Were you there at her ultrasounds? Just like none us know she is not. We are all forming opinions based on what we see. But, I find it hilarious that some who think she is, are defending her o much that they resort to name calling! You do realize, you dont know her….right?

And I gotta love how the Kardashians keep being brought up on every other post! Hilarious. Whether you like em, love em, or hate em…..they are a huge success and aren’t going anywhere! But have nothing to o with anyone but themselves.

Fatima on

I Think she will have the baby in January!!!!!!
And, I think & hope its a Girl 🙂

May God Bless Beyonce,Jay-z & Baby Carter 🙂

JJ on

Ok, we get it, you’re pregnant. I’m happy for you, but enough already. Women are pregnant every day, and give birth every day. You aren’t doing anything that other women haven’t done since the beginning of time. We all don’t need to hear about it EVERY DAY.

sunny on

I want to see beyonce play basketball with the bump

sadese on


sadese on


gina on

Hey ‘me’ check a calendar, 40 weeks do NOT equal 10 months, because not every month has 28 days(=4 weeks), in case you haven’t noticed…Is this how you estimate your age?If so, then I’ve got good news for you, you’re younger than you think!!!

mom on

seems like shed include the pregnancy in the video. She also copied that girls dance moves, and tried to pass them off as her own. Not cool. Hope shes not faking her pregnancy. but it has been strange, as has she.

randi on

Funny thing is when she has her baby they will say it is fake as well, if any of you loosers ever had a baby then you would no that she probably just turned 6 months in the video and you dont have the baby as soon as you turn 9 months you usually go thru the ninth month and the baby is born anywhere between 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after which can carry you to your 10th month. Congrats B haters will be haters you see they took the time to watch the clip lol loosers.

mona 1973 on

People People, before you criticize, look at the video and do the math, she gave the date basically on a silver platter, if she say she is 6months pregnant on sept 23rd then count oct 23 and nov 23 and dec 23, she is due give or take weeks before xmas or two weeks after, so all this will finally be over by the first or sec week of jan. First of all beyonce nor jay told when that baby is due, press and kelly put those stories out there. The same people that criticized will be the same ones clicking on that first photo when it is released to criticize a innocent child. Sad smh

CR on

I’m confused.. she’s 6 months pregnant, on September 23? Shouldn’t be able almost due then? I was due in early February with my daughter, and I was barely 20 weeks in September.. which is 5 months, and that was closer to October.

mona 1973 on

@ jeana speak yourself not everyone feel the way you feel about beyonce and her pregnancy, just remember your not in the majority but minority, basically what you need to do is take a wait and see attitude before you make assumption, on something you have no proof about. If she is pregnant, trust we will all about the birth, what birthing method she used and everything else thanks to the media.

Amanda K on

Pregnant or not, she’s still one of the most annoying celebs out there.

ellie on

wasn’t she 5 months when she introduced her bump? and what pregnant woman can hold her stomach in at 6 months???????? just asking

MsJ on

Congratulations Beyonce! I pray you and Jay are blessed with a beautiful healthy baby! 🙂

Kelsey on

Just google Beyonce bare baby belly. You can tell her baby belly is real. It’s horrible that some people want to say she’s not really pregnant! I think its funny how most people will say “congrats” to other celebs that announce they are pregnant, but want to say “oh she’s not really pregnant. she’s lying” about Beyonce. Sounds like some of you are jealous and just being haters.

Anyways congrats to Jay-z and Beyonce on the pregnancy! I can’t wait to see what their baby is going to look like. I’m sure he or she will be gorgeous!! Also “let your haters be your motivators” Beyonce!! (:

MsJ on

Too cute! Congratulations Beyonce. Enjoy this pregnancy, Girlie. I pray you & Jay are blessed with a healthy beautiful happy baby.. :0)

learntocount on

Hello! women are pregnant for 40 weeks. so that means between 9-10 mos so she can be due in December or January!

Happy for B on

So Happy for the proud Parents to be! All you haters need to leave B alone, she is such a great person!

public consensus on

The padding looks good, B! B always like to show off with tight little mini skirts, shaking and gyrating her big o’ butt in public, and showing LOOOOOTS of skin. Why so shy with the coverup clothings all of a sudden? BTW, her voice is not high-pitched. She actually has a low, rough voice like a man. Pregnancy induced extra estrogen and progesterone would NOT give her that nasty voice.

jenn on

i like how someone posted “no wonder they wanted to keep it to themselves”

haha REALLY?! she goes on and on and on and on about it every day. She doesn’t want to keep it to herself, she wants us all to pay attention to her!

Marge on

While u are correct Gina in how you calculate months….u are wrong when it comes to counting “pregnancy months” I’ve had a baby and that is absolutely how you count the weeks of a pregnancy.

S/N why is everyone so irritated that she’s giddy….I’m not very emotional but at times I was quite giddy about having my FIRST kid…it happens…she’s not a robot she’s allowed to show emotion lol…let her be happy it’s not her fault that the media publishes everything she does so we hear about this a lot.

Hannah on

C’mon people, it really isn’t that hard…obviously she knew she was pregnant way beforehand, so she filmed all her music videos in advance when her bump wasn’t that visible. Now that it is, she’s just taking a backseat and releasing all the videos at once. She is pregnant, it’s just that she’s smart and all those shots were pre-made. It really isn’t that hard.

L on

simple math, people. if she said she was 6 months, then she was around 24 weeks. a woman’s due date is calculated 40 weeks from the first day of her last menstrual cycle (meaning when a woman conceives, she is actually considered already being 2 weeks pregnant). a woman is considered “full term” when she is 37 weeks pregnant (even though the baby has only existed for 9 months & 1 week at that point). everything adds up if you’ve actually ever been pregnant & know that’s how the weeks & months work…duh.

Anonymous on

Did anybody listen to the video? She said she was six months pregnant and it was September. That means she is due in December not February!

serwah on

FAKE… This fool B knows her ass can’t get pregnant. She is a fake, her marriage is a fake and her damb hair is also fake. Period.

MJsMom on

If she was 6 mnths pregnant on 9/23 that means she was prego before 4 even came out. I highly doubt that she would have danced as hard as she did for the “run the world” video & performances if she really was. This is a poorly thought out fake pregnancy. PEOPLE DON’T LIKE LIARS!!!

Shannon on

This is really weird. I’m starting to believe the rumors.

mari on

people are so stupid sometimes!! how can some of you be so ridiculous and not see how she is glowing with this pregnancy!! i, for one, love the fact that this huge star–whether you like her or not she is one of the biggest in the music business!!- is taking this pregnancy with so much excitement! she is showing her belly every chance she gets and you can tell both JayZ are super happy about this pregnancy and enjoying every second of it! i wish them all the very best!

marian on

Whatever pleases you and make you happy, please grab it with both hands. And let Beyoncé have the same. We should stop judging the way she laughs, walk, eat, pregnant or not pregnant; let’s focus on ourselves and stop judging others.

oh baby =) on

Those hormones are really getting to her, lol.

TXCatlady on

The “Oh baby” over and over is really creepy.

trishia on

Some women get very large some you can barely tell they are pregnant.
She has a little belly, small figure, I honestly didn’t care too much for the video, but yeah some of the comments about her not being pregnant are just dumb.

02@ccord on

Let’s see: six months pregnant in September and has been telling everyone that she is due in February. Math was never my strong suit but that would be 11 months pregnant.

Suddenly she is everywhere taking photo opportunities whereas before she was oh so private. Something ain’t right here. Her stomach is always lumpy and she doesn’t carry herself like a pregnant woman. Sorry, I don’t believe it.

Marky on

Are you people really unable to see this whole video is meant to be silly? It’s a behind the scenes joke, for goodness’ sakes! Of course she’s pregnant, and try to remember that not all women gain 60 lbs+ when they are pregnant. I know lots of people who don’t get a round face and get so huge they can’t lose the weight for a year.

It is mind-blowing that so many of you actually think she’s faking! Do you have a life at all?? People did the same thing to Nicole Kidman, and it seemed so cruel to try to take the joy out of someone’s very special time. Do you pull the wings off butterflies, and cyber-bully people all the time, too?

Lola on

I don’t understand why people are so nasty about this issue. When she gives birth the same media that are blowing everything out of proportion will tell you the way and manner in which she gave birth. It’s very difficult to go through a pregnancy for any woman talk less of someone who is always in the public eye. People should leave her alone and let her get on with her life. She has the right to be happy and giddy about her first pregnancy. We don’t have the right to judge her or post hateful comments. It’s not fair.

Thandie on

I find it VERY odd when she is gets silly…it seems ingenuine to me. Its in her voice but the eyes tell me she is forcing it.

Lani on

Lisette you idiot. she is obviously pregnant. stop being a hater and go have some babies.

HH on

I’m not going to speculate whether her pregnancy is real or not because it’s such a strange topic to debate. What IS weird is how public she and Jay-Z are making the pregnancy. They’re beyond secretive.Their marriage was kept tightly under wraps. Jay-Z was even on edge when Beyonce told him she loved him during her Grammy acceptance speech. I feel like if there is anything you’d want to keep under wraps as long as possible it would be your pregnancy. While people will eventually find out, if you do all of this publicity now then people will just expect more when the baby is born.

Bianca on

She does not look pregnant at all-no weight gain anywhere else-look at others who really are. It just doesnt add up – she does not talk about stuff-why the need to keep going on and on about this?

Mom Of Twins on

I’m very happy for both of them! You can tell that she very exicted, and has every right to be like most first time mother. No matter how far long she is, she won’t be contacting anyone of us to help support their child. This world is so full of hate!!!!

babs on

always a class act–not

Carmen on

Watch how beyonce’s body was photoshopped to NOT look pregnant for Harper’s Bazaar magazine’s October 2011 cover 

Airbrushing in media must be stopped, it’s destroying body image perceptions of millions of women. 

JustMe on

Love her make up! Wracking my brain to see how I could achieve this look…

MollyFa on

Those who don’t believe she’s pregnant are haters and should shut up.

Nicole on

Wait, the woman in that video is Beyoncé? Why does it not look a THING like her????

Anonymous on

if she was six months pregnant in September , wouldn’t she be due in December or early January????

L on

She is so incfredibly obnoxious good lord

MollyFa on

I don’t get how people are getting all upset over someone they don’t know anything about. And Beyonce attacked you personally, is that why you all hate her and personally attack her? I am happy for her and Jay-Z. I still think the haters should just shut their mouths. If you don’t have anything good to say, keep them shut.

D on

You people do realize pregnancy is 10 months.. if she was 6 months at the end of sept she will have that baby sometime in january.. Why would she lie about this.. its the greatest thing in the world being a mom.. let her enjoy it however she wants…

Lady on

Some of you people are really disgusting, why so much hate for this woman?! She has NEVER been in magazines for anything negative or bad & she’s an amazing & talented artist…yet so much hate. Your lives must really suck that’s for sure….

Congrats to the Carters, can’t wait to see your little one!!

Stacy on

I must say that at 6 months pregnant with my 1st child, no one knew/believed I was pregnant b/c I could still tuck my shirts in and wear belts and had zero bump. I gained 10 lbs during one weekend during my 7 month and all of sudden I had huge bump. With my second child, I only gained 14 lbs. so at 8 months people still didn’t know I was pregnant. Even my second line boss was questioning me when I told her i wold be on maternity leave the following month. The point is everyone shows differently. I will say that my breast were a B cup and went to a DD but my stomach was still basically flat.


Jillian on November 29th, 2011



Troy on

She is the most irritating, fake, annoying person I’ve ever seen. Talk about an idiot. Now first she claims that she shot all 4 of the videos around the same time, but in this one where she claims if u look at her sideways she’s pregnant as oppose to her facing forward where u see no baby bump, and then if u look at her latest video, dance for me, she’s gyrating and pumping like a cat in heat with no signs of a baby bump anywhere, it’s clearly a lie that she was pregnant during the making of any of the video’s. I’m sure she had everyone sign a confidentiality clause so not to expose her fraudulent ass. If she had done all the video’s around the same time she would not have been able do all that gyrating and then come up with this fake video “Oh Baby” that she went into a studio and shot, and try to deceive people. And there are some idiots out there, her fans who believe that this crazy b*tch is legit. I’ve know from day one she was a deceitful, selfish, attention seeking con-artist who only cares about making money and being on top. She could care less about her fans, but she will use them to her advantage, thinking she’s the new Michael Jackson, b*tch please. Michael was real, and was a great musician/artist, he wasn’t fake and condescending like beYAWNcy. She will however reap what she sows for trying to deceive her fans with this pretentious nonesense.

showbizmom on

Can I suggest that some of you calm down? You really don’t know her, so to make all these assumptions and being down right rude is really uncalled for. Who cares?! How is this directly effecting you and your family? I hope you all are this worked up about the state of our country because that effects you 100% more then Beyonce and her baby bump!

Yes, I think she lied, she lied because most celebrities in her situation have learned to lie about the things in life most people don’t have to lie about. She’ more then likely guilty of lying about her due date so to protect her and her family. If the press knows everything, you better be sure they will be camping outside the hospital waiting and even going as far as trying to get into labor and delivery. I work in this industry and know first hand what goes on when a famous person has a kid, it’s not pretty, it’s a blood sport.

showbizmom on

Also, not to be rude, but just because you’re pregnant it doesn’t mean you have to gain a ton of weight! I’m about 4 months and I’m maintaining a healthy weight for me and my child. If you were to look at me you wouldn’t be able to tell I was with child. Just because gaining a ton of weight is your reality doesn’t make it everyone else’s reality.

heather on

Me, she was 6 months in this video and she said the date was september 23rd. It’s now the end of November so she’s not 6 months anymore.



misshonneyblaq on

You guys are crazy! Number one the reason why this has drawn so much attention is because she made a public announcement which means she wanted the attention on her pregnancy but here is how the rumors start:

1 you mean to tell me that the PAPARAZZI missed Her belly for 5 months!!! Heres the math: she is 8month (nov)- august 28,2011 vma’s announcement of pregnancy making her at that time 5MONTHS..
do you know this people are professional stalker, they can tell when a celeb is pregnant by month 3!

3. she claimed that she is now 8months pregnant and the baby is due in december but last month she stated that she would be having her daughter in feburary.. What mom doesnt know!

4. For the fans that are pregnant, answer this are you wearing heels?

5. Jay-z concert was at the verizon center in washington dc On november 3,2011 and beyonce was there dressing in all white, hair was in a ponytail and she was moving like a sprinter at the olympics. Wait NNovember that makes her 8 Months…

She might be pregnant but she has some unhumanly abilities.. Thats all!

JustMe on

Great vid, Carmen! Loved it- and so true.

Jillian on

I love what you said and it should be thrown t the fans who are calling people names for voicing their opinions…”Do you pull the wings off butterflies, and cyber-bully people all the time, too?”

Calling someone stupid because they don’t think she is pregnant is cyber bullying. Saying Beyonce is not being truthful about her pregnancy is not cyber bullying. I don’t get how thinking she is not being truthful about everything would mean someone doesn’t have a life. We all have opinions. It’s a shame some of the fans are the real haters and real bullies on this page. Not you. But many others.

Showbiz, I agree with you all the way! Paiges’s all capital letter rant calling me stupid over and over and over is an example of bizarre behavior to me. I don’t know why people act this way when they don’t personally know the person. Baffling and childish.

Ella on

People are so pathetic. Do you really spend all your time speculating about whether her baby bump is fake or not. Even if it is, I’m sure she doesn’t give a crap about what you think. She’s gonna be a happy new mom with a loving husband and a kajillion dollars either way.

Loa on

She was 6 months on September 23 (accounting for if she just started her sixth month or is going into her seventh) . She said it herself. It’s November 30th now and even if you are pregnant for 40 weeks (10 months), she would still be due sometime in January, or even December if the baby is early which they tend to be. People saying that we’re haters for believing in SCIENCE and not her drama are the true haters and truly ignorant. I dont care what the reasons are for “faking” this bump or anything she’s doing, just dont expect me to dispell logical science for you. I’m not a hater or jealous and I really shouldn’t care but this is bugging the hell out of me.

Sandy on

Pregnancy is not 10 months, it’s about 9 months and a week (40 weeks). BUT many women get to 24 weeks and say they are “six months pregnant”. My guess is that on September 23 Beyonce was 24 weeks pregnant, which makes her due around January 13.


Beyonce’s baby is now due in December! I am the first to discount rumours and such, but there are too many inconsistencies with this
pregancy. In addition every other tiny pregnant model or actress shows pregancy in other places icluding around their face. She only has a belly in what is supposed to be her 7th month.


I am the last to take stock in rumours.But to date Beyonce’s baby is
now due in December and she does not even yet she pregnacy around her
face like even the thinnest of women do so late in their pregnacy. I am on the fence. But i wish her and Jay Z the best!!

looolo on

if she is in 6 month why she has same size, why she not put on weigt? why she is not Big mama? cos don´t be silly people, she has it in her genes…to be a big mama…

JMO on

well to this day people swear she lies about her birthdate as well. So for them to say she’s lying about being pregnant comes as no surprise. I’m not a fan but not a hater. I mean I dig her music but I would never pay to actually see her. I actually did meet her once many years ago when she and Destiny’s child first got together. She was very sweet so I can’t hate on the girl.

I would say then a late dec or jan baby is due then and if the baby doesn’t come until march then we know something is up lol

Alexandra on

She “flaunts” her baby bump waaaay too much. Like, okay, you’re pregnant, we get it……..It’s probably real, but doing things like this kind of fuel the opposition’s fire.

Janna on

She’s “flaunting” her baby bump?!?! That’s rich!! She got her photo taken every 10 seconds BEFORE she was pregnant, it stands to reason that she still would, or even MORE frequently.

The woman is a high-profile entertainer. She’s not flaunting it any more than Jessica Simpson.


Jillian on November 30th, 2011

take the stick out your ass how you like that for cyber bulling..
ohh what you can have an opinion but i cant if i think your ignorant for not seeing that someone is clearly pregnant my opinion is your stupid now how you wanna justify that is all up to you but i rest my case!!

“It’s very easy to fake a pregnancy, even in a bathing suit! They do it all the times in the movies…… Just saying” and im the one thats crazy you really belive someone would wear a fat suit in italy in 100 degree weather just to fake it hmmm… get your facts straight boo boo #stopit5

Larissa on

Some people here are really ignorant, if she was 6 months pregnant in September she will be due sometime mid-end January! As for the release of her album and video clips, puh-lease, the release date has nothing to do anything, there is something called production, post poduction annd then release, and most artists record their video clips before the album is ever released in the first place! I do find her annoying at times but she is pregnant and leave the woman alone, even tho women do it all the time we do enjoy attention, stop the bs.

J-Lin on

Why would a woman fake a pregnancy? Marvin Gay’e wife faker her pregnacy because they were adopting and he thought it would hurt his masculine image. JayZ has had tons of women and maybe one child to this point. Sounds fishy.

Besides, Bey has fat genes. Everyday is a battle for her to stay thin because she should be at least 30 pounds heavier if she wasn’t pregnant. If she was really 6 months pregnant, should would be so big that she could barely walk.and you would see it her face. She has picked up some weight, but I think it’s been just her regular splurges to Popeye’s.

showbizmom on

Wow, all I can say is wow!

Pagie, I wasn’t bashing Beyonce. I’m actually not a fan of her’s, but I respect her and I wasn’t agreeing with the fake baby bump folks. At least that’s what I think you were accusing me of. I couldn’t follow much of what you wrote, with it all being in CAPS.

I do know what I’m talking about because every day I deal in Hollywood and celebrities. It’s my JOB! So I’m not saying I know more then you or anyone else, I’m just stating that I might have a better understanding of how this stuff works because it’s what I do.

She owes you, me and everyone else nothing! It’s her life not mine. Why folks care, is beyond me. I’ll never understand this hate that people seem to have for people they’ll never know just because their in the spotlight. Is it jealousy? I don’t know, it’s sad.

There is no such thing as a ‘fat gene’ look it up!!! or I don’t take a basic Biology class. You don’t have to get FAT when you get pregnant! She and many other women have gotten pregnant and managed to not get fat. It’s called discipline and healthy eating. You’re Fat pregnancy reality isn’t mine Nor will it ever be. I’m healthy and the baby in me is healthy too!

Jillian on

Wow is right! I see the schools got out early again today.

Doreen on

The ‘Oh Baby’ statement over and over by her is REALLY annoying!!

uMMA on

Beyonce is so annoying and a disgusting role model for females. And so is her nasty pal Lady Gaga. and i hate Rihanna too. Just felt like saying that. Any female who admires them are really sick in the soul.

LadyJ on

If she was six months pregnant on September 23, 2011, then she was four months pregnant when she performed on Jimmy Fallon, July 28, 2011. I just don’t see it!! Google this video and everyone will see that she was not 4 months and 1 week preggo. Her stomach was completely flat. Not to mention all the varied sizes of camel humps she has been wearing. Beyonce got caught in a lie, she is really embarrased, and does not have the integrity to tell the truth. Everything about her is fake, so why would her pregnancy be any different? And check out the latest pic of her on Nov. 1, 2011. The bump is much smaller than it is being portrayed here. Whatever, Beyonce, educated people don’t believe you.

LadyJ on

Educated people don’t believe you! How was your 4 month old fetus as you danced on Jimmy Fallon? Looks like you removed it to perform.You have been fake from day one, so why is this any different? And why so many different camel humps? Didn’t anyone tell you that they were all different sizes? LOL! You just got caught Beyonce and you are too ashamed to tell the truth. Have a little integrity please.

Dee on

Add me to the list of those just not buying this pregnancy. Something is just off. Beyonce is not a small woman naturally and she has admitted that she loves to eat and gains weight very easily. It doesn’t look like she has gained a pound to me. I guess it’s possible Jay has her terrified to get fat.

But what really did it for me was a picture of her wearing a shear blouse. I guess she was supposedly 4 or 5 months at the time. She is wearing a clearly visible nude colored bra underneath…BUT she is also wearing something black around her waist that comes all the way up to her bra. Maternity pants do NOT go up that high, and you do not need to wear belly support that early in a pregnancy. No one has been able to explain it to me.

Also, as someone who has been pregnant, no…a full term 40 week pregnancy is NOT 10 months. Your doctor adds 9 months and 7 days to the last day you started your cycle. I know exactly when my child was conceived and she was born one day past her due date which was 9 months after conception.

nunaya on

She does a really good job at faking her pregnancy. I bet she has a surrogate!

janelle on

If she claims to be 6 months pregnant,then that means she conceived in march. The reason people don’t believe her is because she announced her pregnancy in august of this year,then she’s 6 months in september? that does not add up at all,if she announced it in august that would mean that she was only 1-2 months pregnant and not 6,people are forgetting that she announced it this year in 2011 not last year. Do the math if she was also 6 months then her due date is not in february

Debra on

now I know for sure she was never prego. just heard yesterday that she had the baby and JayZ closed off the entire floor for the birth. there is a big secret going on here. and he had all employees who come onto the floor to give their cell phones to the hospital. there is a girl on that floor who gave birth to that baby and it was not Beyonce. I seems like she just announced she was having a baby and that bump was just a big steak and potatoes for dinner…come clean JayZ & Beyonce. you fan base would have still loved you had you not given birth yourself!!!

Debra on

the girl asking questions on the attached video is so annoying. didn’t anyone ever tell her to not “chew gum”. she looks like a friggin’ cow chewing cud. go back to etiquette school girl!!!