Marley Shelton Expecting Second Child

11/29/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Michael Buckner/Getty

If Marley Shelton‘s been crying lately, it’s with joy.

The Scream 4 actress, 37, and her husband, What’s Your Number? producer Beau Flynn, are expecting their second child in the spring, they confirm to PEOPLE exclusively.

The couple tell PEOPLE they “couldn’t be more excited” to welcome a sibling for their 2-year-old daughter West.

Shelton, currently appearing in The Mighty Macs, will next star in Decoding Annie Parker.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Julie Jordan

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Tara on

she certainly looks good for her age!

Ella on

Great news! Loved her in Sugar & Spice.

MiaSara on

For her age? She is only 37 and yes she looks great.

Arun on

I never would’ve guessed she was 37. She looks incredible. No wonder she and James Marsden were able to play high schoolers even when they were in their late 20s. Congrats to her and her husband!

Alexis on

I hope they name this kid East.

boohoobytch on

…what are 37 yrs supposed to look like? If you hydrate, moisturize and have good genes, 37 SHOULD look like 20 something, and 47 SHOULD look like 30 something, etc etc…not sure what kind of haggard, leather bag friends/relatives you have but my 52 yr old mom looks 35 on a BAD day…Lindsay Lohan and her nasty skin is not the norm

ruby on

HAHA East would be an amazing name

Kendie on

I really think their daughter’s name is adorable!

Isabella Marcos on

Um, I just turned 39 and people never believe me when I tell them I’m 39. I take care of myself, I dress appropriately and I laugh a lot…I’m a joyful person. It is nice to hear that people think you’re ten years younger though. Age is not a number…it’s an attitude. I wanna be 29 for the next 15-20 years!

cn tower on

“She looks great for 37?” ????? When did this become a teen site?

Jane on

WEST? They named their daughter a direction. Idiots. What’s this next baby going to be named? EAST? Something is really wrong with fool people who do that to their kids. All the pretty names to choose from and that’s what they give their little girl, it’s pathetic.

Anonymous on

cn tower — you’ve obviously not come to the site very much recently. It’s not the same as it was before and has changed for the worst, in part due to the type of people who visit.

It used to be a place for moms to get their celeb fix for the day and debate and compare notes about various topics relating to kids — everything from breastfeeding vs formula, potty training, c-sections, you name it. Things got heated every once in a while and everyone had their own opinion on what a celeb was doing with their child (is she botttle feeding, etc.), but for the most part it was civil and mature.

Now, the site seems to attract a younger crowd with a much different take on things and it’s more about style over substance. I wouldn’t be surprised myself if there were in fact a lot of teens and by their standards, I am probably old too.

emily on

I know plenty of 37 year olds who look haggard. This woman looks more like 27. There is nothing wrong with pointing that out. Defensive much, ladies?

River on

“she looks good for her age” really?!! REALLY?!!

Are you 12 years old, Tara?

Its so offensive that people always say a woman over, say, 30 looks good “for her age”. Since when is 30+ old? This is also sexist because no one says George Clooney, for example, looks good “for his age”. Same goes for other middle aged actors.

37 is too young to be saying “looks good for her age”. Even 47 is too young to be saying “looks good for her age” because the average woman lives to be about 80, so its quite sad that a person would be considered old when they still have half or more than half of their life to live out.

This also bothers me because it implies that all young women look good. There are several 20 something year old women that are out of shape, do not take care of their looks, wear sloppy clothes, etc…

And there are also plenty of middle aged women who are hotter than the average 20 year old, yet they still get plagued with the “hot for her age” comments. UGH!!!

Anonymous on

I thought all these comments would be congratulating Marley and Beau on expecting their second child. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to find that instead everyone’s arguing over whether it’s approprite to say Marley looks “good for her age”!

Sara on

@jane West has been used as a first name for hundreds of years. Its most often a boy’s name but I hardly find it that unusual.

Kathy on

Is 37 old? She is very attractive

Hea on

So “for her age” means “she’s so old”? No. But she is almost 40. At 40 your body definately starts to change whether you like it or not and a lot of people need a lot of hydrating products and all that to stay “youthful”. Without them, most would age more prominently. There’s nothing wrong with aging so relax. If you take care of yourself then you’ll look good at any age but don’t try to be 20 when you’re 45. It almost always looks like you’re trying too much. Be a hot 45 year old instead.

rafiki on

West? I can’t believe it. The names people plague their children with… it’s so unfair. Adults on this blog are already teasing her saying “will her next one be East”… so can you just imagine what kinds of abuse that little girl will endure at the school yard. Poor baby!

Maggie on

@anonymous- Really, People used to be a site for moms to come and criticize one another for their parenting skills? Can’t say I’m too sad for that to be a thing of the past. And here’s a news flash for all you moms- it’s none of your business whether other moms breast feed or bottle feed or co-sleep or don’t or whatever it is. So unless someone is asking you for parenting advice, there’s no need for you to come on a website and give it unsolicited.

cn tower on

Maggie, the site was acquired by People — it used to be owned and run by a mom (Danielle?)

Jen on

Well, now all she needs is 3 more kids and she’ll have all the directions covered, lol 🙂 j/k…there’s nothing wrong with West. It’s certainly better than Apple or Moxie Crime Fighter…celebs can be SO cruel to their kids.

Stacy on

I guess people here believe 37 is old? I’m reading how she looks good for her age? She looks her age. She’s not old. She’s 37 and looks like a 37 year old woman. I’m around her age and I am hardly old! Why can’t people just comment that she looks nice or that she is pretty? Instead, it’s like they’re appalled by her elderly age. LOL. She is not old and she does look like other 37 year olds. You guys who find her old will be 37 someday too!

Ed on

I’d smack a b!#$h if she told me “You look good for your age.”

Shannon on

Ladies, only one person said “for her age”. That person could be 17. To a 17 year old, yes 37 is old. I am 26. If you’re older than me, my age sounds young. If you’re younger than me, my age sounds old. It’s unfortunate but true.

For the record, I don’t think she’s old by any means and I think she’s beautiful! You can be beautiful at any age.



Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Marley 🙂

Jillian on

I like the name West. I think it’s cute that her husband had a dream 7 years before the baby was born and he called the baby West in his dreams. Cute!

I take the comment, “she looks good for her age,” to mean she looks good and younger than 37. She does. I don’t think it’s offensive. I can’t believe how worked up some ppl get.

Anonymous on

Jillian- Thank you for posting the explanation they gave of how West got her name. Sometimes people forget that sometimes parents choose names because they have a lot of meaning to them.

rafiki- If people let whether or not a name would get teased dictate name choices, then none of us would have names! The fact of the matter is, there is no name on this Earth that’s tease-proof. Kids can and will find a way to tease ANY name! And if it’s not the person’s name then it’s age, gender, skin color, sexual orientation (mostly for the middle and high school crowds, obviously!)…need I go on?

River on

I usually don’t get bothered by peoples’ comments, but it amazes me to see women being so harsh on other women. Haven’t we suffered enough throughout history (and continue to suffer) by being discriminated against, usually by men? I just find it incredibly sexist that women are so quick to judge other women, etc etc.

As I said before, nobody ever says George Clooney or Brad Pitt or any other middle aged male star “looks good for his age”. Because people have this notion that men are “distinguished” gentlemen no matter how wrinkly and old they are, yet women are haggard and past their primes once they start showing any signs of aging. Women need to start being more sensitive towards each other and more careful with their language. It is simple, seemingly innocent comments such as “looks good for her age” that perpetuates the myth that only young women can be attractive. Language actually has a big effect on society, and until we start eliminating certain words and expressions from our vocabularies, the sooner we will change our ways. It is similar to how calling things “gay” or making gay jokes is still perfectly acceptable; but is it really acceptable? No! As I said before, seemingly harmless comments, even ones that can be seen as jokes, really do have an effect on society.

robin on


darla on

its an old photo.