5 Tech Items to Add to Your Nursery

11/29/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
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Nowadays, having a crib, changing table and some pretty décor just isn’t enough for a baby nursery.

Technology is a big part of our lives and now it’s a part of our children’s lives, too.

And since nurseries are not just baby bedrooms, but actually much more (it’s where mother and child bond, it’s where you feed and change your baby, etc.), there are certain tech items you should consider when designing your tot’s room.

According to celebrity designer (and mom of two!) Courtney Cachet, the key is to seamlessly incorporate electronics so it doesn’t feel more like a media room than a nursery.

“They should be small, attractive and whenever possible, unseen,” she advises. “But remember: no tech item can ever replace the warm embrace of a mother’s touch.”

For an idea of what to add, we’ve tapped Cachet for her top baby tech recommendations. Check them out below:

Baby Motion Monitor. All parents are constantly worried about SIDS or anything happening while their baby is sleeping. These monitors, which hide under baby bedding, detect whether there is a lack of breathing. If there is no movement after a few seconds, you are alerted by a beeping sound. Until I bought one of these, I never had a good night’s sleep. Cachet’s Pick: Angel Care Bebe Sounds

Video Baby Monitor. This is another fabulous invention for new parents. The latest variations are wireless, touch screen and project images over three inches. I say, if it calms your nerves, you should definitely get it! Cachet’s Pick: Baby Touch by Summer infant

Temporal Thermometer. Ask any mother what it was like the first time their baby had a fever and they had to take their temperature. I’d venture to say it was on of the top 10 nerve-wracking experience for most moms — including me! These thermometers work by just pressing it on your baby’s head. Can you say, genius? Cachet’s Pick: Exergen Temporal Thermometer

Wireless Music. This is a definite must have. Have your playlist ready with lullabies, classical or rock and roll — basically whatever soothes your baby. The best part: You can control it from another room in the house via your iPhone. Hmm, smart! Cachet’s Pick: Sonos PLAY 3

Television. Ten years ago this would have raised eyebrows, and perhaps it still does. However, a lot of parents like to play videos for babies and there are ways to do it without slapping a 50 inch flat screen in the nursery. If you do go this route, why not make it look like a toy? I found a great TV that comes in a variety of animal shapes: zebra, giraffe, polar bear to be exact! And at 19 inches, it’s big enough without taking up too much space. Cachet’s Pick: Hannspree Animal LCD TV

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megan on

“But remember: no tech item can ever replace the warm embrace of a mother’s touch.”

well, gee, I never would have guessed that until Courtney brought it up *eyeroll*

PS Somebody please remind Courtney that white push up bra + semi-see through shirt + flash cameras = not a good combination

Ash on

I work with nurses and physicians, and they said they wouldn’t recommend temporal thermometers because they’re not as accurate.

Jane on

these items are all hilariously unnecessary

stephanie on

Maybe they missed all the recommendations from US Paediatric society, Australian Government and a range of other associations about NO TV / DVD’s SCREEN time for children under 2 – It’s detrimental to their development. Wont need a TV then I guess!

denise on

temporal thermometers aren’t exact, we tried it but they’re no way as good as the old fashioned digital ones.

and I am more than a little shocked by cachet recommending a tv in a nursery!!! this ist beyond ridiculous. my kid won’t have his own telly for quite a while especially not in his room! if he ever watches tv it’s together with one of us, supervised and talking about what we see. and we’re talking about a 2 1/2 year old and not a baby!

lac's mom on

I know that baby monitors are very popular but that was the first thing I threw out in my babies’ rooms. Babies make too many noises in their sleep and I couldn’t sleep with the monitors on. Plus, if my children need me, they cry loud enough to get my attention no matter where I am. I have very few items in their rooms – no technology at all except a clock.

brandi on

A TV in a babies room? Are you kidding? That is a TERRIBLE suggestion.

A temporal thermometer, like others commented, is not nearly as accurate. My daughter has medical issues, and we frequently take her temperature, but the temporal thermometer we got before she was born is useless. The basic digital thermometers work much better.

Generally, another useless article for this site from someone who has no idea what they are talking about.

Amanda on

I’m with everyone else, a tv in a nursery?! Crazy. No tv in bedrooms in my house, bedrooms are for sleep. The kids get real toys in their room, ones they can play with and use their imagination with just like kids are supposed to do.

The only one I agree with actually is the angelcare monitor, those things definitely help new parents rest easy. In my house my babies aren’t far from my room so I don’t really need a monitor, I have a cheap one that works well if I need to do yardwork or something during naptime.

I do have the forehead thermometer and like everyone else, it’s very inaccurate. Just the other day I used it on my youngest and it said his fever was 101…took it with a digital thermometer immediately afterwards and it was 103!

Julie on

I use the forehead thermometer as a quick check to decide if I need to go through the struggle with a real one.

I LOVED our Angel Care monitor. They arent for everyone but for a mom of premie twins, one of which would only sleep on his belly, it offered me some peace of mind. A neighbor of mine swears it saved her sons life. Others think they are a nusance. Whatever makes you feel safe and comfortable…

Bren on

I have the motion sensing monitor, its amazing but the rest of the items I found ridiculous. A TV? Seriously? It is suggested not to even let a baby watch tv till they are 2. Wow, do your research. Oh and you can actually mute the monitor or turn the volume down on the sensing one but if your baby stops moving/breathing for 5 seconds it notifies you and if there is nothing after 20 seconds the monitor goes crazy to warn you to check on your baby. Best invention ever.