Spotted: Jewel’s Son Kase’s Thanksgiving Smiles

11/28/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

It certainly was a happy Thanksgiving in Jewel and Ty Murray‘s house!

The singer posted a photo of her beaming 4-month-old son, Kase Townes, to her WhoSay page, with the caption: “Thought I’d share a pic of the baby taken on Thanksgiving – he is the happiest baby!”

The little guy appears to be growing up fast, seen standing up (with help!) on Turkey Day.

Jewel's photo Thought I'd share a pic of the baby taken on Thanksgiving- he is the happiest baby!
Jewel on WhoSay
— Liz Raftery

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Christina on

What a sweet little guy!

meme on

what cute little guy he is!

Brooklyn on

Sooooo cute!

Melanie on

Absolutely adorable!

amy on

how cute! you look happy jewel!

Lynn on

Boy he sure looks like his dad!

missy on

how happy Jewel and her darling baby look. She looks like a natural mom! Congrat

JulieA on

Darling! He sure looks like his daddy, but he has his mommy’s beautiful smile. 🙂

Melissa G on

Cute kid…but really? The boots are so unnecessary for a child that young. I don’t think my son had hard soled footwear until he was walking. Its cute to have them fully dressed from head to toe in something cute, but truly unnecessary. Only my two cents. For those fellow parents that put official shoes/boots on their children from day one, more power to you! 🙂

McCauley on

Too darn cute! Jewel has never looked so happy and angelic. Gorgeous phot:)

Donna on

What a handsome little guy! Beautiful smile!

Tara on

sure looks like a happy baby. glad he got his looks from his mom!

Colleen on

Kase my very well be my new fave celeb baby – adorable!!

Tammy on

He is absolutely beautiful!

Vanessa on

He’s darling!

Noneya on

What a little cutie!!

mrsw on

What an absolute cutie.

Courtney on

most people put shoes are their children because its cute…To each his own..No need to whine about it Melissa G..This is not your child so it doesn’t concern you

Lis on

I just love, love, LOVE Jewel and little Kase is TOOOOO adorable for words!!! Looking a lot like his Daddy!! What a darling picture of the both of them 🙂

Jennifer on

AWWW so precious and cute. Both Jewel and Kase look happy as can be. Happy Holidays to your precious family. Much happiness. Aren’t children just the best and make you so thankful they are around!

Rebecca on

He is soooo cute!!!

Janice Pielert on

What a beautiful, precious little boy. God bless.

Tammie on

What a sweet looking little boy… the best of both parents! Simply a very beautiful baby! So happy for the both of you! Enjoy your first Christmas with Kase… I know you will have an absolute blast with him. Please post photos of Kace playing with the paper after all the gifts are open… that`s my favorite time of Christmas with babies.

DProctor on

Melissa has a point. Most pediatricians recommend not putting hard soled shoes on a baby until they reach 1 year old to allow their feet to grow. People shouldn’t comment on things if they don’t know what they’re talking about!!!!!!!!!

stacey on

Oh my gosh, what an absolutely perfect picture!! It brought tears to my eyes! Mommy and baby both look so happy!!I’m a mom of 6, and seeing a precious baby is STILL the most awe inspiring thing to me! Congratulations Jewel!!

lorree on

Those are not hard soled boots, take a longer look and you will see the soft soles on them. They are a happy family and both love that baby so very much and will give him a happy home… let up on the shoes/boots please. IF that is all you can find to talk about, do not talk!!

Christina on

She looks beautiful, and he’s so adorable!!

Michelle on

What a sweet photo! He looks just like his daddy and sure does look very Happy!

Lisa on

What a fantastic photo! Mama and baby both look so incredibly happy!

jdrsmom3 on

Absolutely precious!!! Put a smile on my face…thanks!!!

kathy on

He is SO freakin’ adorable!!! He looks so happy and Jewel is simply beaming!!!

As to his shoes, there’s all kinds of valid reasons to put young babes in shoes, but I digress. What he’s wearing appear to be Robeez baby booties. From another site: “Perfect for crawlers and new walkers, the fuzzy lining keeps baby’s feet warm and cozy, while the soft suede soles prevents baby from slipping and sliding all over the floor.”

boohoobytch on

adorable little baby

Kendie on

From what it looks like to me they are soft shoes but the reflection in the wood makes it look like a hard sole,just look at whatever that white object is behind can see the reflection of that in the wood. Honestly though I really do not think it matters..if more people minded their own business and didn’t criticize and judge others the world would be a much nicer place. Baby Kase is adorable and Jewel looks so happy!

Amy on

I agree with Kendie, they don’t look like hard sole boots. Even if they were it’s not like most kids keep shoes on that long anyway. People always gotta find something to be negative about.

Vanessa on

Jewel is absolutely beautiful & glowing! And that little man looks just like his daddy! 🙂 So sweet!

Jester on

For all of you who seem to be concerned over the little’s guy’s boots, did it maybe not occur to you that these are not worn at all times and maybe just something cute for a photograph? My son had a pair of leather Texan boots at around the same age that a relative purchased for him as a gift when visiting Houston. He may have had them on his feet maybe 3 or 4 times and this was before he started walking. A baby’s feet grow fast. He’ll probably be lucky to be able to wear them again at Christmas! LOL!

Michael on

The post in regard to this picture are a total example of why we will never have peace in the world, why brother fights brother. A person post an adorable picture of her baby, expressing how happy he is and by looking at their face we can all see that. But instead of saying…”OMG what a cute baby, makes me smile on the inside”, we start criticizing the mother for her choice of shoes…goggling the brand…referencing doctors opinions…and putting our own two cents in. GET OVER IT PEOPLE…just enjoy the simple things in life…like a babies smile…and leave them alone…mind your own business.

Heather on

Jewel and son look so sweet together! Bet she sings some good lullabys! My daughter listens to her Lullabys CD every night, though neither if us has the benefit of the live version like Kase does! Lucky boy!

Ty's Mom on

What a sweet photo, a happy little man and his proud momma. This photo makes me wish my son was that little again.

Melissa G on

Ha…sorry who knew my comment about footwear would cause such a tumult?

He is beyond adorable and I think Jewel seems to be a really level-headed mother (a rarity in the celeb world)– in fact I should send her my cleaning bill since my ovaries exploded seeing that little munkin of hers…the boot thing just caught me offguard as it was one of those things I heard time and time again “don’t put heavy shoes on your little guy” the first year of his life. Including from my pediatrician. He *lived* in Robeez (or a store version from Target) for the bulk of his infant/early walking era.

I thought my comment was pretty lighthearted and just a statement. I wasn’t saying she was some horrible mother or like hurting her child…. To come back and see the reactions…..again, to each their own.

mypiecesandbits on

Why must someone always interrupt a chain of sweet, positive comments with some miniscule nitpicky thing that doesn’t even need to be said? All that does is snowball and grow into many unnecessary comments.

Who cares about the little boy’s shoes? Its Jewel’s baby & Jewel’s choices. I’m sure she is a wonderful mother and would not do anything to endanger the physical growth of her son.

Kelley on

Don’t rush him with walking Jewel! The left/right crawling develops his brain. I always cringe when parents think it’s sooo awesome that their little one is walking early. They crawl for a reason-it develops the way the brain processes input. Crawl as long as possible=smart kiddo!!!!!

Cheritina on

OMG such a cutie and wearing little wranglers…awww so sweet!

Sarah S. on

Awww, what a little sweetheart!

Harley on

My gracious – is it just me or does that photo give her the air of “happy mother”? They are absolutely adorable and Kase looks like a happy little munchkin. I adore this couple and hope for continued happiness in their lives.

sharon on

I just love this youn family… you can tell she’s in love with her husband and he with her… this little angel is so beautiful nice to see a celebrity couple that is happy… god bless this sweet lil family!

Linda on

Very cute baby. He looks just like his dad. He also seems very strong for only four months old. Mom looks great too.

Someone You Know on

What a cutie…that smile is so precious!!

Many blessings to this family!

Jill on

He is sooooo cute!!!

Meela on

Rushing him to walk, WHAT!

He is only 4 months and just taking a picture with his mother and seems to be enjoying it very much!

Never a dull a moment, he is not wearing steel toe construction boots.

It just looks like a part of his outfit and to be festive for his first Thanksgiving.

Li-Li on

now that is one handsome lil boy!

Dana on

What a happy family, which is something to be thankful for! Kids are truly a blessing! Happy Holidays everyone!

Kathy on

What a little doll very cute and strong for that age!

Anonymous on

When I saw that there were 53 comments on this post, I thought, “Oh, boy, what’s the argument about this time?” I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there really isn’t that much of one and that the vast majority of the comments are positive. Anyway, Kase is adorable!

txlady on

That smile on his face says “I am loved so much!!” Adorable!

mandysandy on

very cute!!

Anonymous on

He is too adorable, and you can tell he is one happy & loved baby! On regards to his “shoes”…They are booties and Features:

Easy on, stay on elasticized ankle design
Flexible, non-slip suede soles
Approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association
Washable for easy care

Kathy & Amy were right!!!

KT on

So happy for them. After seeing both parents on TV, they seem like genuinely nice and down-to-earth people. Cute kid, too!!

stacey on


Bugsmum on

Sooo cute!!!! My wee Bug is about the same age and she loves standing up like this.

They look so happy, huge congrats.