LeapPad: A Cool Tablet for Kids

11/28/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy LeapFrog

If your child reaches for your iPad more than often, it may be time to get them a tablet of their own.

Lucky for you, Leapfrog’s LeapPad ($99) may be just the answer.

Kid-friendly and chock full of apps and activities, it’s perfect for mini hands.

It also features a built-in camera, video recorder and two stylus pens — in case one goes missing.

Plus, it’s compatible with the games from Leapfrog’s Leapster Explorer so you don’t have to buy loads of new ones if you own both.

We also like that you can auto-adjust games to your child’s level and that you can follow your child’s progress online through the company’s learning path software.

The only hitch: At $10 to $20 a pop, it can get pretty expensive to download games and books.

For more info, go to leapfrog.com.

–Nancy Johnson Horn

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Maryanne on

It looks cool but, good luck finding one! Sold out on leap frog, amazon, tru, ect. Wait until next year they will be super cheap and everywhere then!

Mom*of*boys on

Yeah can’t find them anywhere!

Jessica on

Can’t wait to see my son’s face when he gets this for Christmas!!! I’m glad I ordered it a month ago!!

Y on

With apps that expensive, it is cheaper to just buy a regular (adult) tablet and download the free childrens apps…jmo

Gordo on

Totally ordered ours early. Can’t wait to see how happy our boy is when he sees this present! He will then know how truly awesome his parents are, and how much more we love him than those parents who didn’t think about it early enough to secure one.

Amanda on

Agree with Y, buy an inexpensive adult tablet and download free/cheap kids apps. This seems very overpriced, especially since you then have to buy apps too. If it were closer in price to the Leapsters I might give it a try, otherwise no thanks

Dominika on

Great idea but way too expensive when getting the apps. And it uses a lot of batteries.

Kirby on

Got my daughter one for her 5th bday end of Sept & she loves it. Only complaint is no AC adapter yet & none of the ones with our other LeapFrog items work with it. Otherwise it’s lots of fun and the games that are available have lots of progressive levels & maintain her interest.

Lucy on

My niece got one for her 4th bday and it seems like something she will outgrow FAST. You’re better off springing for a Kindle Fire which has equivalent age appropriate apps for cheaper or free AND the ability for e-books as well as really long battery life and an AC adaptor. Or really be a hero and get them an ipad 😛 My 7 year old has hijacked ours.

Jillian on

Gordon, how sad that you define love with a Leap Pad!

nc girl on

we looked at Leappad, but liked the V-tech Innotab better. We bought one of each then returned the leappad after we playd with them for a few days. Innotab doesn’t have a camera, my only negative comment. But you can use memory cards (can’t on leappad) so movies, apps, ebooks, music, all that can be used on Innotab. Apps are cheaper, too. And the innotab actually has more to do on it than the leappad did. We were surprised leappad didn’t win out.

Anonymous on

Our 3 year old got a leap pad from his grandmother. He loves it. If you buy the bundle pack you get 4 free apps with it and Leap Frog also send you an additional app for free. So that is 5. There have also been coupons in the paper for $4.00 off a game. All of the children have enjoyed playing this, even the teenagers. The game is sturdy and built kid tough. You can also get a case that has added protection. My favorite part is the video and pictures he can take and then edit on the leap pad. And all of the games are learning games and he doesnt even realize it.

Natasha on

Does anyone know what age this is for.. My daughter is 6.. Is she at a good age or is she too old

kimmie on

LOL JIllian you didn’t get that Gordon was being sarcastic? I laughed LOUD !

Mom*of *Boys on

So maybe going with the Innotab would be a better option rather than being on a mad chase to find the sold out Leap Pad.

Jillian on

Kimmie, not everyone is sarcastic. There are plenty of people who speak like this on here and elsewhere. There is nothing in the post that shows me it was a joke. I will not assume so. You can….

Jessica lee on

Jillian, I posted similar comment but it is not showing? How would anyone who doesn’t know Gordo personally know He was being sarcastic? I really hope he was though.

happymom on

I had to order mine from VentureBridgeElectronics.com. Couldn’t find a unit anywhere. I paid a little extra, but was happy to at least get one.

discouragedgrammy on

happymom..just went to VentureBridgeElectronics.com and yikes! I think that $100.00 more is more than just a “little more money”. The granddaughter will just have to wait ’til her birthday. They are ripping us off with this years “hot item”. People buying them up to resell for 2-2 1/2 times it’s worth.

Anonymous on


ReadingMom on

What is wrong with you parents? Buy a book for your children or take them to the library, which is FREE. Why would you want this for your children? Have you ever seen someone on a bus, eyes fixated on their phone or other electronic device? They all look like mindless drones staring off into space. This is the look you want your children to have on their faces? Have you all not read the latest research that electronic devices impair memory and concentration? How about the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation to limit TV and other media for children? Hello, this is a little portable boob tube to turn your brood into mindless boobs. There is no substitute for hands on learning by interaction with a real live person, period. This is the WORST gift idea I have seen this year! UGH!

John's Mom on

@ reading mom: I completely agree!!!!!

lily on

I was very excited about getting this for my son.Believe me, we read together constantly and I am very involved with him.My son has a developmental disability and it has been shown that certain assistive tech devices are an excellant supplement( not substitute) for our kids to learn.I just ordered this and am very excited to see if it will help my son.I give credit to any parent who wants to get involved in finding out about different types of learning devices for their kids.I do not think”there is anything wrong with my parenting skills” in trying to provide my child any available options to help work with both his strengths and weaknesses.As a parent of a child with special needs, you have no idea what we are faced with every day to provide all we can for our kids.Thanks!!!