Lily Allen Reportedly Welcomes a Baby Girl

11/26/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
PA Photos/Landov

Lily Allen has a new reason to smile.

The pop star and her husband, Sam Cooper, welcomed a daughter on Friday, Nov. 25, according to various reports. And the well-wishers are already chiming in.

Her friend Sam Chew Tweeted this message: “sending out love to lily, sam and mini cooper…… YES.”

Another pal, Charlie Condou, Tweeted to his followers that the singer had a little girl.

Allen, 26, wed Cooper, a painter and decorator, in Gloucestershire, England, last June, when she revealed she was expecting her bundle of joy. She has also since taken his last name.

Her U.K. rep had no comment on the birth of their daughter.

The birth comes after several hardships for the singer. She lost a baby boy in November 2010, after contracting a viral infection six months into her pregnancy. She also miscarried her first pregnancy in January 2008, while she was dating British musician Ed Simons.

— Kevin O’Donnell

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Loa on

So happy for her!

klutzy_girl on

I am so happy everything turned out well for them! Can’t wait to hear her name, and congratulations to Lily and Sam!

Sarah S. on

What wonderful news–congrats to Lily and Sam!! Welcome to the world, Baby Cooper!

Rachel on

Could not be happier for her! She has been through so much and I’m sure this little girl is going to be incredibly loved. I hate that everyone is saying they welcomed their first child though… this isn’t her first child. She and her husband lost their first child. She was six months pregnant and he was stillborn. That is an incredible loss – this is their second child and I pray that they all have an amazing life together.

Tee on

Rachel, you’re right. If her stillborn son was with her husband, that would make this their second child together. That shouldn’t have been glossed over.

I’m so happy for Lily!

kendrajoi on

So happy for them. She so deserves this kind of happiness!

Maggie on

Congratulations! Hope this news is true and can’t wait to hear her name. I wish Lily herself would confirm though, makes me nervous after the past issues.

Rachel, who is saying that? I haven’t seen it in this story or in the comments. Are you talking about elsewhere on the Internet? I have seen that, and people saying her losses were “two miscarriages.” I think a lot of sites that don’t normally write about baby news aren’t exactly sure how to word it and end up doing it all wrong. :/

emily on

I wondered when this would be reported…I guess People won’t do a story unless it’s been confirmed?

Anyway, I totally agree that it should be mentioned that this is thier second child together. It’s an insensitive oversight to do otherwise.

ClaireSamsmom on

Congrats to her….I just can’t get that song..”it’s five o’clock in the morning…” out of my head.

Leigh on

I honestly just teared up at this news. Why in the world am I crying over someone I don’t – and will most likely never – know? Because I can’t imagine the pain Lily (and Sam) must have suffered just as I can’t imagine the pain my best friend and my mother went through in wanting nothing more to be a mother, so to hear that this wish, this desire, this *dream* has finally come through is amazing.

All the best wishes in the world to the Cooper’s times three now! What a wonderful Christmas and what an outstanding new year they will have together. I couldn’t be happier than if I actually knew them!

jordan on

Wow, slow reporting. I thought it was widely reported this weekend that she had a baby girl named Mini Cooper.

Anyways, congrats! Im so happy for them both ๐Ÿ™‚

Ella on

Jordan of course they would want to wait to post anything before they were sure, especially with Lily’s past heartbreaks. And the baby’s name isn’t mini, it’s a play on the car in a Tweet… sheesh.

Jordan on

The baby is not called Mini Cooper… That’s a car.

(another Jordan, I’m not replying to myself)

Rachel on

Maggie – I should have made myself clear. No, not in this article or in the comments, but in many of the comments made to her twitter (from other celebrities as well as fans) and in many of the articles I’ve seen it has said that the couple welcomed their first baby.

Anonymous on

Rachel- People were commenting on her twitter feed about the arrival of her “first child”? OUCH! Poor Lily! I completely agree that it’s in very poor taste to say this baby is her first child. It would be one thing if she’d had an early miscarriage the second time around like she did with her first pregnancy (obviously that’s still a child that was lost, but in most cases you’re going to refer to that as the first pregnancy rather than first child).

But she didn’t. Instead, she gave birth to a stillborn baby boy…at a point in the pregnancy where there’s a good chance that he would have been viable had he been born alive. That little boy was her first child, and to say otherwise is just cruel, in my opinion. I am very glad that PEOPLE got their facts straight and didn’t call this her first child or call her second loss a miscarriage!

With that out of the way, congrats to Lily and Sam! They deserve all the happiness in the world after what they’ve been through!

Anonymous on

I also want to say that I really hope the baby is okay. The fact that Lily’s rep won’t confirm the birth is making me a little nervous, especially considering Lily’s history!

Amber on

Have been waiting for CBB to make this announcement. So happy for her and I can only pray that this baby is as healthy and happy as she should be.

To a previous comment, I’m thinking the family wants some alone time to bond with their baby before making it public. After two very public losses, I’m sure they may want to keep this wonderful blessing and miracle to themselves for a little while and enjoy her like anybody would want to.

Congrats to the happy couple, may this little girl live a long and healthy life and be everything you imagined! You deserve it, Lily! Congrats on your miracle baby!

alicejane on

I am thrilled for them! Lily’s pregnancy was one I have followed and I was wondering about it in recent weeks as her due date was coming up. Best wishes to the family, I hope everyone is healthy and happy!

Anonymous, I too hope things are alright with their little girl, but chances are they’re just laying low! A lot of celebrities take a few days or weeks to themselves before they make an announcement. And on Friday she did tweet “Totes amaze” which I can only assume means she is totally amazed – presumably about her baby.

Harley on

I don’t think the “first child” reference was in poor taste; more in “ignorance” for people who don’t really know what they should say or how to address it.

My mom had a stillbirth, two miscarriages and two children (myself and my brother) mixed in between those. She constantly ran across people who didn’t know how to refer to her lost son and it’s just something she never took offense to – she’d simply redirect the reference after she mourned his passing and had my brother; people ventually figured it out and these days people don’t know unless she feels like telling them – it’s also been some 30 years.

People aren’t doing it to be insensitive.

Regardless, I wish Lily, Sam, and their little mini-Cooper all the best in the world.

JMO on

I’m so happy for her! I am sure it doesn’t take the pain away of losing her son last year but hopefully this little girl can fill a bit of that void! Can’t wait to hear the name.

Ms. Button on

I am so glad to hear this. I’ve been a fan of Lily Allen for a long time and felt genuine sadness when I heard about her miscarriage and then her stillbirth. Those events are so hard to cope with and then having to do it in the public eye takes the pain to a new level. A thousand congrats to her and her family. I know this baby will be especially cherished.

kjc on

Congrats to the Coopers! I am so happy they’ve welcomed their baby girl.

As someone who has suffered numerous miscarriages (all in the first trimester) before finally welcoming my son earlier this year, I can truly say this is incredible. I still look at my boy in amazement, and can’t believe after years of sadness and despair I’ve been blessed with such an incredible gift.

Words can’t express how happy I am for Lily and her family.

Anonymous on

I was just re-reading this post, and it says Lily has taken Sam’s last name. So she’s known as Lily Cooper now? Or does she still go by Lily Allen professionally? The article didn’t really make that clear.

Remy on

Congratulations to Lily and Sam.

I absolutely adore her, and her music.

Jillian on

I am surprised People reported this since they only do so with confirmed reports to them… least they used to. My how things have changed over the years. Sorry…..Wonder what name you will give me today. Smh


The US weekly announcement called the baby boy she loss a miscarriage. Blows my mind how ignorant people can be!

Maddy on

I literally got goosebumps seeing this headline. So thrilled for Lily & her hubby! Amazing, amazing news!

Reese on

Congratulations to Lily and Sam. After such terrible hardships, I wish her and her new family the best.

Julia on

Iยดm so happy for her!

luvmylife on

So happy for her! Congratulations Lily and Sam!

Janna on

I don’t think it’s the average person’s responsibility to figure out your reproductive history to make sure they’ve counted all your miscarriages, stillbirths (or even the death of a child after birth) in the way that *you* want them counted.

That being said, a magazine reporting on the birth of someone’s child *should* do this research and report correctly.

But maybe, just maybe, this woman would prefer not to have the tragedies of her past pregnancies brought into every announcement or conversation surrounding this baby’s blessed birth.

TJ on

Hurray! I struggled for years to have a child and finaly did. It’s a spectacular accomplishment and feeling. He’s the joy of my life. She will be so in love. Congrats!

Mira on

Congrats to her and her husband. Wonderful news!

It sure would be super funny (in a good way) if they named the kid Mini Cooper.

Whitney on

Congrats to Lily and Sam – I would consider this her first child. My cousin had a child and two years later suffered a miscarriage then had to have a dead fetus removed from her body. She finally had a second baby and a third is on her way. She never says she had a baby before her second and after her third.

I know Lily had given the baby a name an what not but the baby never breathed air so really can she say it was her first child. I guess that is her choice to make. And in this case I think they should name the baby Minnie Cooper – that would be awesome!

Jen on

Blessings Lily and family! Much love to her brother, he’s a doll in GOT!

Anonymous on

Also tearing up! Congratulations! After a miscarriage and a stillborn daughter of my own, I have prayed a lot for Lily and her baby.

Sarah Beth on

Whitney – wow…. what an ignorant thing to say. Lily didn’t have to have a “dead fetus removed from her body”, she had to GIVE BIRTH to her DEAD CHILD.

Lisa on

Geez Whitney, you obviously don’t have a clue.

Eileen on

Your post was the most offensive, insensitive thing I have ever read on CBB. Could you be any more graphic, rude or disgusting? Maybe your “cousin” doesn’t mention that first CHILD because you would say something to her like you posted. You CLEARLY lack any compassion, understanding or couth in situations like these. You should do every one a favor and just not speak, write or give opinions on subjects you know absolutely NOTHING about.

eribri on

So SO happy for her! She had such a heartbreak with her pregnancy before, I’m glad all turned out well. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anonymous on

Whitney- Where did you read that Lily gave her baby boy a name?

dsfg on

Wow, I disagree with Whitney’s post, but really, why do you guys need to be rude to her? She doesn’t sound to me like she’s trying to offend someone.

Eileen on

dsfg – Did you actually read her post? The majority of the posters here are parents and at least a postion are people who have lost a child in some fashion, whether that be a miscarriage or in another, unfortunate, way. How can you read how she described both the loss of a child and how they should not even be considered a person and state that she is not being offensive. If you think I am being rude to her, good. She deserves a wake up call in sensitivity.

AllisonJ on

So happy for Lily and Sam! Praying for her baby – that she is healthy and happy. Best wishes and much love to them.

Anonymous on

Eileen- You are so right. Whitney’s comment was completely uncalled for. What especially got me was the part about her cousin “having a dead fetus removed from her womb”. What a horrid thing to say (even if she was referring to a D&C being done- she wasn’t clear on whether the “dead fetus” removed was from her cousin’s miscarriage or a later loss-, in which case she would have been techinically correct, she was still being awfully insensitve!)!

Lily’s little angel wasn’t a fetus. He was a baby. You don’t call a baby who had likely reached the “viability point” (meaning that he probably would have had at least a chance of survival outside the womb had he been born alive) a fetus! Not to mention that comments like that are just plain insensitive and hurtful to say to ANYONE who has ever lost a child (no matter what stage of pregnancy that may have been).

To quote my mother (who’s had two early miscarriages, and had to endure her fair share of ignorant and hurtful comments about it being “for the best” and such), “It doesn’t matter how long you were pregnant, or if it wasn’t “meant to be”. It was a child to you, period”.