Piers Morgan Welcomes Daughter Elise

11/25/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Michael Buckner/WireImage

Piers Morgan has added a girl to his brood.

The Piers Morgan Tonight host, 46, and wife Celia Walden, 34, have welcomed daughter Elise to the family, Morgan confirms.

“It’s true. I’ve become a dad for the fourth time, to a baby girl called Elise,” he Tweeted Friday. “She’s absurdly beautiful and utterly adorable.”

A feature writer and columnist for the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph, Walden wed Morgan in June 2010.

He is also dad to three boys – Spencer, 18, Stanley, 14, and Albert, 11 – from his previous marriage.

— Sarah Michaud

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Colleen on

Many congrats to them on their baby girl!

dancer1098 on

congratulations mr.morgan and ms.walden!

Alma on

Congrats. I love the name Elise.

jenny on

I can’t believe that guy is 46. He looks at least 56. Surprising

fanofboardwalkempire on

How lovely to add a beautiful baby daughter to the family.

Congratulations Piers- Wishing the entire family great holidays!

NM on

That’s my oldest daughter’s, middle name. I bid them congrats, but sure hope that she doesn’t turn out to be like her dad!

Mom Of Twins on

Congrats to the Morgan Family.

Erika on

How awesome that he got a little girl after 3 boys! Congratulations to them! Elise is a beautiful name.

catherine on

to piears and ceila,
con gratulations on the birth of your baby girl.

Smokin Granny on

We need a picture of the wee one, please! Congratulations!

Lynne on

whoa… I always thought he was in his mid 50s!

River on

Whoa indeed! I thought he was at least 55. Its a pleasant surprise that he’s younger than that though because it would be sad for a newborn to have a father in his 50’s. Well, congratulations to Piers and Celia! Cute name.

Romy on

I thought he was older too! His wife looks very pretty and such gorgeous hair in that pic! Elise is a nice name.

maggie on

Congrats, Elise is a stunning name!

gutsygirl on

Brits don’t age well. He looks 56, she looks 46.

Anonymous on

Awww, he sounds smitten with his baby girl already! Congrats to him and his wife! As an aside, does anyone know how Elise is pronounced? I’m guessing ot rhymes with “release”, but I’m not sure.

Jess on

Congrats to Piers on the birth of his baby girl!!!

Lisa on

OMG–I thought he was in his 60s!!! I CANNOT believe he is only 46.

scorp6997 on

I hate this media puppet. He’s arrogant and looks like Humpty Dumpty.


Nice..I love Piers Morgan…Best of Luck!

aggieannie on

Babies are sweet. Let’s hope she doesn’t turn into an obnoxious snobby Brit, but her chances are slim. I’m so glad he has removed himself from the judges table of America’s Got Talent. The show deserves someone you can understand American humor. Just sayin’

Gracie on

Congrats! So enjoy your show on CNN.

idhe on

that baby is gonna be so pampered, she’s going to be daddy’s little girl.

Cesa on



Shannon on

Elise is a beautiful name.

Kit on

Lovely name, happy baby was born healthy. Happy for the parents. Unfortunately though….poor baby Elise has a pompous, self-important buffoon for a father.

scorp6997 on

I can’t stand this Media Marionette. Piers your show sucks!! It is nothing but a big Pr Show for the Elite.

DD Smith on

How is it possible that this guy is 46??? Has he had a supremely hard life? He looks 56 at best if not older.

Anonymous on

Congrats! But, wow, 46? he looks much older….always thought him as 55 or so

JJ on

He’s 56 not 46. Must be a typing error.

Congrats Piers and Celia

houstonej10 on

Elise is my name 🙂

Samy on

I don’t think he looks that old…and I wear glasses! LOL

I love the name Elise! Congratulations on the wee one!

pookiewookie on

Now if he was a woman, there would be lots of public backlash. Like she is too old for him or shes too old to be having a baby.

Marky on

For those talking about the stuck up Brits, etc. My DIL is British and she is a wonderful, straightforward person who can do almost anything, including remodeling a house, is one of the most amazing mothers I’ve ever seen, and is raising 2 lovely girls who know how to behave both in public and private, and always look appropriate to the occasion. She does all this with a smile on her face and without raising her voice. She is very loving, funny, and everyone who knows her, loves her.

Brits may sometimes seem a bit reserved, but at least they have manners, know how to present themselves, and are much kinder than any of you are giving credit for, especially with friends and family. What he does for his job is what he’s expected to do. Remember when Susan Boyle was on “Britain’s got Talent”? Who was the one she liked best, and who was the one who was kindest to her? Piers Morgan.

Congrats to this family, and I hope they raise Elise with love.

dsfg on

really, idhe? How do you know that? Do you know Piers Morgan?

Not all females are “daddy’s little girl.”

Anonymous on

pookiewookie- I agree with you, but I think most of the backlash against women in their 40s having babies is because pregnancy at that age is so much riskier, and there’s a much greater chance of the baby ending up with birth defects or a genetic condition such as Down Syndrome.

Also, I think society tends to think women should stop having children at a certain age because, quite simply, women are only biologically equipped to have children until a certain point. Once menopause hits, that’s it (without medical intervention, that is. I realize that it is now possible in some cases for doctors to reverse the effects of menopause). Men, on the other hand, don’t have such a clear biological cut off for having kids. A man’s fertilty DOES diminish with age, but unlike with women, there’s no specific point at which a man suddenly becomes unable to reproduce. So as a result, society is a bit more lenient on them.

I’m not saying I agree with all this, mind you. I’m just saying that that’s the way it is, whether we like it or not!

Anonymous on

aggieannie- Wow. Way to generalize an entire country’s population!

Ashley on

Wow, she looks MUCH older than 34!!!

cn tower on

Cesa, my sentiments exactly. There are plenty of talented people at CNN alone who are far more deserving of that covetted time slot than him. How did he get this gig anyway — anyone??? Oh, if he’s 46, I’m writing a letter to Santa..

Anonymous on

First off, there is no way in h*ll this dude is only 46 and anyone who believes otherwise needs their eyes tested. Secondly, someone please tell me what he is doing on CNN? When Larry KIng left, there were plenty of credible candidates here in the good ole USA that should have been considered before a relative unknown (in the US) with zero talent and no charisma…

This is beside the point and probably irrelevant, but he definnitely married out of his league — wife is smart and attractive and from what I understand, popular in the UK.