Maggie Rizer Welcomes Son Zander

11/24/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Matt Baron/BEImages

She’s a model mommy!

Maggie Rizer gave birth to a son, Alexander Rafahi Mehran III, at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 23 near San Francisco.

Weighing in at 7 lbs., 13 oz., the new addition “has 10 fingers, 10 toes, sandy hair [and] deep blue eyes,” Rizer writes on her blog.

“Alex and I are very proud parents and incredibly excited to get to know our new little lad. We feel tremendously blessed this Thanksgiving!”

Zander, as he’s being called, is the first child for the model, 33, and her husband, businessman Alex Mehran, whom she wed in September 2010.

— Liz Raftery

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Anonymous on

Congrats to them! I love the fact that they’re calling him Zander. One of the things that always comes to my mind when I hear of a baby being a Jr., the third, and so on, is how the parents will distinguish between the father and the son when they’re calling them for dinner or help or whatever. That doesn’t seem like it will be an issue in this case (since Maggie’s husband appears to go by Alex). 🙂

Having said that, I believe that babies should have their own names (and that if you want to honor a family member, you should give the child the family member’s name as a middle name) rather than being Jrs or thirds or whatnot. But that’s just my personal preference, and I’m sure Maggie and Alex could care less what I think! The important thing is that the baby is healthy, and I’m sure he’s a cutie! 🙂

Amanda S on

If his given name is Alexander…shouldn’t the name he goes by be Xander? I’ve never seen it spelled Zander before, considering there is not even a Z in his name too.

cct0303 on

Never heard of her but on that note, CONGRATULATIONS!! Nothing is more important than having a healthy child!

Shannon on

Zander? Or Xander? o_0

bea on

Congratulations! A friend of mine is a friend of hers and says she is a very very nice person. I hope she continues to model. She has a very unique look and she is very beautiful although I do prefer her natural red hair over the blond.

ForeverMoore on

I think honoring a parent or loved one is so special. My husband’s father passed away last November (almost a year ago, sigh) and our second son, who will be born next week, will have the middle name Mitchell, which is a variant of Michael, my FIL’s name. Our boy will still have his own identity but there is something special woven in too.

Thelma on

My son went to school with Maggie. She is a beautiful young lady. We are so happy for her. blessings, Thelma

Julianna on

I have no idea who this woman is, but her baby seems to be adorable.

Angela on

Congrats to them! I am also not a fan of naming a child after the father. I feel like it is both sexist AND unoriginal. I dislike it but everyone is different. My husband wanted me to name our son after him and I asked him if we could name our future daughter after ME and when he laughed and said, “That would be dumb.” I had already made my point. I carry his child and he wanted to be honored in that regard yet didn’t want to return the favor? Needless to say, our son is NOT named after him but he DOES have his first name as a middle name. I settled on that. 🙂

Tara on

she’s a model? ewwww

mindy on

Congrats to the new parents. I’ve never heard of her, but a I’m always glad for new parents. I do agree with those who have said that they don’t like the idea of giving a baby his/her parent’s name. I come from a Jewish family, so that would not be done unless the baby’s parent was deceased. I have two children. I don’t believe that our kids are “mini me’s” and I feel that they should have their own name and identity.

Lissette on

Deep blue eyes already? Aren’t babies born with gray eyes and then it changes as the months go on?

Bzey on

If you don’t know who she is, find her story in the People archives. It’s fascinating and she’s had to go through a lot. Congrats to them both!

Amanda on

Congrats. However, I’m not a fan of boys being named after their fathers, as it takes away from the son’s individuality.

bevvie on

Congrats a lot!

Kelley on

seriously people — wish her the best and move on. I’m sure you didn’t appreciate people putting down your choice in baby names. It is an honor to be named for someone, and since Zander is the 3rd, he’s not only being named after his father. My brother is the 4th and if he ever has a son, he will be the 5th. It’s called carrying on the family name!

Ashley on

Definitely hear you Amanda and am with you 100%! I think everyone should have their own individual name.

Felicia on

My 1st son is also named Zander, he is a Jr. and Daddy is Alex too.

ellise on

know so many xander’s. It was one of my name choices for my son (now 4). So glad I didn’t name him that since it apparently is on trend. LOVE the name though.

NNY Local on

Congrats Maggie,

I am from Maggie’s hometown and have actually met her in our family store, and one of her beautiful goldies also.

She is not your idea of a super model (unless your idea is a down to earth girl next door who loves dogs and family)

Good for you Maggie!

Tee on

Lissette, not necessarily. While the bluish gray eyes are common for babies, there are children that are born with deep blue eyes. My second born niece was. Nine years later, and they are still that color!

Mira on

Julianna’s comment takes the cake for useless comments on this extremely useless forum. Hilarious.

Congrats to the new family.

MB on

My son is Alexander and goes by Xander. Alex is too ordinary of a nickname. I find the Zander spelling odd too but he is her child. There are twins in my son’s daycare named Zander and Zoe. I thought that was cute.

jennifer on

My son is named Zander too

charmaine on




Ashley on

I think it’s sweet that he is Alexander after his father, with daddy being Alex and baby being Zander :]

Anonymous on

Kelley- I hope that your brother made (or will be making, depending on whether he’s married or in a serious relationship yet) the decision for his future son to be the 5th with his wife. I understand it being important to some guys to carry on their names, but the mom should have some say so as well, especially considering she’s the one carrying the child!

ForeverMoore and Angela- I love the way your families have handled the naming issue (giving the son the father’s first name as their middle name). My parents and paternal grandparents did the same thing, and I think that’s the best of both worlds, really. The child gets his (or her. I’ve heard of girls being given their mother’s first name as a middle name, too) own name and the father (or mother) still gets honored and gets his/her name passed on.

Anonymous on

I also meant to say that I like the way naming after a family member tends to be done in slavic countries. When people in one of those countries name a child after a family member, they tend to use the diminutive form of the family member’s name. Basically, a diminutive form of a name is a nickname, but generally one that works for an adult as well as a child (one example: Sasha is the diminutive form of Alexander). So there again, the child gets his or her own name, but the family member still gets honored.

Sunny on

Congrats! Never heard of this model.

Colleen on

She does realize that all babies are born with blue eyes doesn’t she?

Guest on

She’s a model??????

me on

Love the name Zander!

ryan on

I went to school with this young lady. She is a great all around person. Her beautiful looks are only matched with her inside beauty. She’s had a tough life and its heart warming to see that shes become a mother. Congrats to you and Alex, I’m sure you’ll be awesome parents as I know u are because of your other “children”. Good luck and again congrats.

Barry Cummings on

Maggie was a good friend and fellow classmate of my stepdaughter Brooke Rich when we lived in Watertown. She use to come to the house and is a very sincere and down to earth girl. she never forgot where she came from. Congratulations Maggie to you and Alex on your new addition. Best of luck in all you do

Anonymous on

Colleen- Most babies are, but not all. Some are born with grayish eyes. And some babies (particularly those of African and Asian descent) are born with eyes so dark that it’s hard to tell just what color they are! Also, just a little fun fact to throw out there: As a general rule, if a baby is born with dark eyes they will remain dark. But if a baby is born with blue eyes, he or she may very well end up with brown or green eyes later on.

This is because the pigments that make eyes brown or green need light to fully develop…something that babies obviously can’t get in the womb! I’m not completely sure, but I think the pigment that gives Africans and Asians their eye color is of a different type, hence why they can be born with dark eyes.