Samantha Harris Happy Her Breastfeeding Bust Is Gone

11/23/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
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When it comes to rocking voluptuous curves, Samantha Harris is no match for her celebrity peers — except when breastfeeding.

“There are a lot of women in Hollywood who are known for their bodies because of their cleavage — that’s something that I usually lack, and I’m okay with that,” the Entertainment Tonight correspondent, 37, told PEOPLE during the launch of The Beauty Book for Brain Cancer on Nov. 14 in Los Angeles.

“Except when I was pregnant and breastfeeding, there was an abundance.”

Fortunately, the sudden added assets shortly before and after the births of daughters Josselyn Sydney, 4, and Hillary Madison, 10 months, were only temporary.

“I’ve decided that cleavage is for the men, but in practicality, if you asked most women out there, dealing with a large bosom is difficult to do going through life,” she says.

“I don’t like the fashion choices I had to make when I was larger there … and exercise was no fun because you had to do double [the] sports bra and you feel constricted.”

Admittedly in a “much freer place now” since returning to her normal size, Harris is now sporting a new red carpet craze: dresses with drool.

“Usually there’s spit up on me or something happened with the kids,” she laughs. “Lately it’s been a lot of drool because my daughter really likes to gnaw on my shoulder.”

As for her girls, Harris reveals the “chase” is on in her household, with Josselyn in the lead and Hillary close behind.

“Hillary just wants to be around her big sister Josselyn and go wherever she goes,”ย Harris shares, adding her youngest is perfecting her wobbly walk. “Hillary is crawling up a storm so much faster than her sister did because she is constantly trying to catch up.”

And with Hillary meeting her milestones earlier than Josselyn, Harris and her husband Michael Hess attribute much of her success to one thing: second child syndrome.

“With baby number one my husband and I did everything for her, but baby number two doesn’t have that luxury because we’re constantly juggling two,” she explains.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Reagan Alexander

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blessedwithboys on

Samantha, why did you quit nursing so soon? A baby needs breastmilk for a minimun of 24 months for optimum health benefit! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Marky on

Maybe her baby weaned herself, like mine did. Mine was completely weaned to the cup at 13 months, and while I didn’t necessarily encourage that, it was what it was. She never took a bottle, even of breastmilk (though I always had one in the freezer), but she just moved on because she was ready.

What are moms supposed to do, force their babies to nurse even though they are ready to grow up? Why criticize, and force your views on someone else?

Milosh on

Everything about this woman annoys me.

Lala on

The breastfeeding debate goes on and on. I breastfed my daughter for 8 months and after an agonizing decision she was weaned off of it and now onto formula where she is thriving. I work full time and could not consistently pump at work due to my type of job and it was impossible to keep up my milk supply. It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make because of the guilt. This decision was fully supported by my husband and our pediatrician.

Then you read stupid comments from blessedwithboys who throws their view onto people. People make decisions that they have to make in order to live a full life with their baby, your judgement is awful and makes people feel so guilty. I for one am sick of it – you really need to understand that people can’t breastfeed for medical reasons, or they can’t for other reasons, all of which are non of your business blessedwithboys!

What is good for you and your family may not be possible for others so think before you speak!

Lisa on

Marky, it’s impossible for a baby to self-wean before 12 months. If they “quit” nursing it’s just a nursing strike, and yes, you need to keep offering until they get over it. It’s a phase.

Rahs on

Blessedwithboys, you are wrong. Studies have shown their are no benefits after 6 months-one year of age.

Rebecca on

@blessedwithboys – are you kidding me, 24 months still breastfeeding! My sister’s daughter bit her SO hard when she was still breastfeeding her at 9 months (when her teeth came in) that she actually had to have stitches. Lets just say that was the last day of breastfeeding for my niece (she was in the process of being weaned off anyway). So long as the baby has had the benefits of breast milk for some time they are doing well – 24 months is really pushing it.

Sarah on

2 years or longer (as is mutually desirable by both mom and baby) IS the world health organizations recommendation. My son is 17 months, and I am 12 weeks pregnant and we are still breastfeeding with no sign of stopping(and yes, he has bitten me, but I deal with it like we deal with hitting and taught him no teeth). I would love to nurse him through my pregnancy and tandem both babies! But it’s up to him. This doesn’t work for everyone (i am a stay at home mom), and people shouldn’t judge others for their choices. We are not them, we do not know why they chose what they did. Nobody should feel guilty for how they feed their baby, as long as they do feed their baby!

And rahs, you are wrong. The natural world wide weaning age is 2.5-7 years, a huge range, but based on the fact that we are mammels. Breastmilk is made for our babies. They continue to get the antibodies as long as they are breastfeeding, and it’s composition changes as baby gets older. Do some actual research instead of spouting off old beliefs.

M on

We should be celebrating any woman who breastfeeds at all. I think one reason women give up is because people, like some here, make it seem like an all-or-nothing proposition and many new nursing moms feel overwhelmed by that.

If a woman breastfeeds in the hospital, for one month, for her maternity leave, for six months, for twelve months–she should be congratulated. It’s hard. She’s done something wonderful for her baby. I think more women would try if they were being uplifted and encouraged instead of bullied.

Breastfeeding for as long as she did is something Samantha should be commended for (oh, and moms who choose not to nurse, like my best friend, deserve encouragement too–being a mother is hard work with or without nursing!). Sincerely, a breastfeeding mom of four.

Lala on

Well said M and Sarah! Let’s support and praise all moms its a tough job no matter what path you choose.

Dee on

Note to all you breastfeeding zealots – kindly keep your self righteous judgementalness to yourself.

Anonymous on

Get over yourself Blessed with boys!!!! Stop judging others!!!!

Sandy on

Blessedwithboys give me a break!! There is NO time frame on breast feeding- if you even choose that route! One month, two— it’s all up to mom. Most do NOT want a baby nursing up to age of two. If they have teeth- it’s time to stop. There are other ways to meet a babies nutritional needs.

Stop trying to lay guilt on another mother. Just because you think it’s right, does not mean it’s right for all mom’s out there.

laura on

I thought the World Health Organization recommended four years.

Anyway, it’s not just about health of baby; nursing lowers risk of nasty things for the woman too. It’s also economical (duh) and lower impact on the environment.

Anonymous on

Sandy- If it’s up to each individual mother as to when to stop nursing (or whether to nurse at all), then who are you to say that “if they have teeth, it’s time to stop”?

Lisa- Not neccesarily. My brother self-weaned at the tender age of five months. My mother gave him a taste of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving…and he never looked back! He was never a gung-ho nurser to being with, according to my mother, and once he tasted solids, that was it. He was done with the breast!

Rebecca on

The guilt some of you women put on BF mom’s is ridiculous. It should be celebrated, whether done for 3 mo, 12, or 24 mo. You do not know anyone else’s life situation. I would love to come into your home and point out all the things you don’t do that is recommended with your child.

And yes, a child can wean themselves before 2 years of age! So ridiulous! One of my boys refused feeding at the breast after 10 months. It was not a strike, he was just flat out done with facing inward to feed. No amount of time was going to change it. I am a nurse, and educate BF mom’s, so I am not some idiot raging on a blog. Samantha should get a pat on the back for BF her baby. SUPPORT each other.

Meaghan on

I remember when she was on Dancing with the Stars and you could always tell what side she fed off of last.

Monica on

I commend any mother who even tries to breastfeed. It is NOT easy by any means!! I nursed my 1st for 12 mos and my 2nd for 15 mos. By then I was ready to have my body back to myself. I do not feel I did any disservice to my kids or myself by weaning them when I did. And considering that we live in a civilized society where we have other options to feeding our children, I don’t think we should necessarily follow the World Health Organization guidelines that cover the ENTIRE world- including the over populated, poor countries where there are no alternatives to feeding children or keeping them healthy except to breastfeed.

D on

Yes there are benefits to breastfeeding for up to two years or longer. Research supports this, and this is the recommendation of the AAP and WHO. And no, that doesn’t mean that stopping before then means that you are a bad mother, or have failed in any way. Even an ounce of breast milk is helpful and wonderful.

There is no reason to stop just because a baby has teeth. Every baby, I think goes through an experimental biting phase, and it is up to mom to gently guide baby not to do it. Usually just withdrawing the breast for a minute or two each time, and saying “NO!” is enough to show that the result of biting is not so good. My 14 month old has lots of teeth, but they are a non-issue.

Yes, it is up to mom and baby to decide together when to stop the BFing. For some moms, it just doesn’t work for them, and that is ok. Some babies do self wean, though I refuse to believe it happens before one year. It is ok to stop when it isn’t working for mom anymore. Nursing isn’t the be all and end all of parenting and nursing when you just don’t want to anymore, can interfere with your enjoyment of your baby, and who does that benefit?

Having said that, I still find this article really stupid and her comments to be quite shallow. And seriously, it is clear that she stopped sooner than some others bec it inconvenienced her sense of fashion. Not a reason for weaning that I agree with, but it is her decision as a mother.

Marky on

As a nurse and former La Leche League member who taught BF, gotta say, as gung ho as I was and am about BF, it is NOT for everyone. Neither of my daughters BF for different reasons. One just didn’t want to, was in grad school, and was a single mom. She had the schedule from hell and she could not even begin to see the benefit in her circumstances.

My other daughter was absolutely determined, but her daughter developed such severe BF-related jaundice, that after a month of her daughter being so ill she could not even be cuddled unless it was feeding time because she was in a light box, and reaching a point they were considering a liver transplant if she did not clear up when she stopped BF for the 4th time, she said , “How can this be better for her than a bottle?” My daughter was about to snap from worry, the doctor (who teaches in the med school, so he’s not stupid), and even myself, had to all say, “what is this for, anyway?” Baby was failing and mom wasn’t even bonding because she couldn’t hold her baby. In a couple of weeks, baby was better, mom was beginning to recover and bond, and i can’t say baby was worse off in any way. This situation isn’t common (jaundice is usually gone in about 3 days), but in the rare times it does, it’s devastating.

BF is what I always recommend, but people need to realize, sometimes it doesn’t work out, and no one has a right to talk smack to the mom who did it and quit before you would. We need to respect those who are taking care of their children well, BF or not.

skunknuggets on

She’s right – big boobs are awful. I’d love to be back to my pre-pregnancy size B cups instead of the DDs I have now.

D on

Mmmm. Still not convinced about the breastfeeding thing. I didn’t at all and apparently after reading the prior posts my kids and I are going to be sick with all kinds of illness in the future. However, I am 43 years old and have never had anything major wrong with me not even an allergy to anything and I was not breatfed. My children are 10 and 7 and again was not breastfed and have never even had strep throat or an ear infection. They get perfect attendence at school. My friends kids who were breastfed are sick All the Time! My husband who was breastfed has ashma really bad and gets bronchitis and the flew almost every year. Maybe we are an exception but I don’t get it. By the way, I commend those who do choose to breastfed but I am tired of hearing about how if you chose not to you are not doing what’s best for your kids. When in my every day world it totally condradicts that. My kids are very loved, healthy, cared for kids.

ClaireSamsmom on

D- same with my kids. I nursed a little at the beginning, but soon went to formula and my children are so healthy. But, I have friends with kids who were exclusively breastfed and they are constantly sick. One even has compromised immune system. I am a advocator of hand washing….and that keeps us healthy! ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t really think it matters in my opininon how a baby is fed..either by bottle or breast. I spent so much time cuddling and loving on my babies (and still do with my 5 & 2 year old now) that they were and are content and happy. I think this breastfeeding thing has become something that people can use to say, “well, I am a better mother than you…” type of thing. Which is ridiculous. Being a mom is hard enough without being judged on that topic! And it is a private personal decision. And one more thing….I really think it would be odd for a 2 year old child and up to be nursing still. At that point in a child’s life, what is the benefit? My pediatrician suggested bottle weaning at 12-13 mo….you want your child to move on, to start growing up and become more independent, right? There are other ways to have that special cuddle time: reading books together, telling stories, special quiet times together…..

anonymous on

D- ITA with your comment pertaining to Ms. Harris – she is self-absorbed and shallow and while I also agree with YOUR bf-related comments, I am inclined to think that Ms. Harris puts her own appearance and comfort and convenience ahead of others. This is based on what I’ve observed and read in previous interviews as well as her comments on-air.

Molly on

BF mother annoy me. They whine 24/7 and hate other mothers. I wasn’t a fan of Samantha but now I am thanks to the bashing of the “mothers” here. I have noticed that people like D bash any woman who is successful because they have nothing going in their lives but celebrity gossip

patti17 on

I was unable to BF my daughter and she was a happy, healthy baby girl. She always ate good. SO, that being said, I don’t appreciate judgmental people who say that I deprived my daughter and she did not receive the most benefit. If you saw her, you would be unable to tell that she was not breastfed! Seriously, get a life!!!!!

Anonymous on

Seriously people…..breastfeeding your TODDLER is completely unacceptable!!

CDNurse on

WHO (2011) Breastfeeding is the normal way of providing young infants with the nutrients they need for healthy growth and development. Virtually all mothers can breastfeed, provided they have accurate information, and the support of their family, the health care system and society at large.

Colostrum, the yellowish, sticky breast milk produced at the end of pregnancy, is recommended by WHO as the perfect food for the newborn, and feeding should be initiated within the first hour after birth.

Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended up to 6 months of age, with continued breastfeeding along with appropriate complementary foods up to two years of age or beyond.

However, with that being said, there are many reasons women can not breastfeed. It is beneficialfor the baby and mom for many reasons. it is not necessary alone and you should not feel guilty if you do not breastfeed or can’t. However, i believe no breastfeeding due to personal reasons of the mom, such as my boobs are too big when I do is unnecessary.

Jenn on

D, While I support a woman’s right to breastfeed or formula feed based on what she decides, what you report about your children and your friend’s children are called anecdotes. Which aren’t supported by the countless studies and research that has been done, because the statistics are overwhelming with regard to the benefits of breastfeeding over formula feeding with regard to health and intelligence. Of course there are exceptions, because there are always different factors at play. My brother was formula fed, I was breastfed, but he’s always been healthier than me. He struggled academically, I was always on the honor roll. Both of my children were breastfed and never had formula; one hardly ever gets sick, the other one seems to just see a sick person and has something. Different kids.

Breastfeeding is best, but choosing not to doesn’t mean that a mother or family doesn’t love their children, they are simply making a different choice. Formula is not bad, and most children will thrive on formula. We all make value judgements in terms of what is important in terms of our parenting, and the pros and cons of each choice and we make our decision. I know I have made decisions that may not have been on the side of “best”, but they were the better decisions for my particular family.

Formula feeding moms. No, breast and formula aren’t equal; breast milk is superior. You don’t need to downplay the benefits of breastfeeding (which I notice many many do) and justify your decision. You don’t have the explain or justify your choice, just say you made a decision that was the best for you and your family and leave it at that.

Also, Rah, your statement is ridiculous and completely false. And whoever said it’s time to stop when they have teeth, also ridiculous and false.


Some of us are stuck with large breasts and have to go through life with them. I’m not sure if I could afford a breast reduction, I would do one. I like myself.

Adrius on

I think we need to distinguish scientific facts from just other things…Research has shown CONSISTENTLY that infants fed formulas get more episodes of otitis and other respiratory tract infections, gastroenteritis, SIDS, and other long term effects as well.

People keep saying… “I was bottle fed and I’m OK so it must mean that there’s nothing wrong”. That’s the same thing as saying “My grandfather used to smoke like a chimney and he died at 85 of old age so it must mean there’s nothing wrong with smoking”.

Giving formula is definitely not a good decision for a baby, but sometimes we’re stuck. Many women have to go back to work and it’s impossible for them to keep their supply up because there’s no support for pumping at the workplace.

Being a parent is not easy. Sometimes we are not able to make the best decision for our children. Being a good mom entails a lot more than breastfeeding or not. A mom can be a good mom and not breastfeed. But that doesn’t formula OK for 99% of the cases.

Liz on

OMG wow such important news! Yawn!

Sara on

I agree with you D and M, thank you for putting it so well. I was unable to breastfeed my daughter, I couldn’t figure out how and she was not thriving. We went to the bottle after 3 miserable weeks and I hated it. But the point is to have a healthy, happy baby and mom.

When I became pregnant with my twins, I was told by so many people I wouldn’t be able to do it. I started meeting with a lactation consultant before I had my boys, and I had her support as I worked with them. We had a few hurdles (mastitis five times and thrush), but I was able to nurse them without supplementing for 20 months. Am I looking for recognition or a pat on the back? No, I was looking for what I wanted, and I am proud to be able to say I did it when so many people told me I couldn’t.

I’m sorry if the mothers who did not breastfeed feel like nursing mothers make them feel worse. That is not acceptable, no one should be judged on that. But I have also met a lot of mothers who don’t breastfeed who judge me for my choice, it goes both ways. I would hide in bathrooms (gross!) and still get dirty looks from women, even though I always covered myself. Believe me, I do not want other people viewing my private areas, but I also do not want to let my baby go hungry. Non nursing mothers are also defensive, trying to say their children are healthier than mine because they have perfect attendance and their child has never had an ear infection. It would always make me feel like they were trying to put down my choice to nurse, even though I don’t judge their choice to not nurse. This is a very sensitive topic, and I think it is sad that mothers are so harsh to one another when we should be supporting each other in the hardest job in the world.

I have been on both sides, formula and breastmilk, and I am proud of my children for who they are, not what they ate.

heather on

24 months? lol, okay so now I have to breastfeed my babies for TWO YEARS to be a considerate and “good” mom? Give me a break. I breastfed my babies each for a little over 4 months. I assure you they are not walking around cross eyed with a limp *rolling eyes*

sal on

Im sorry but I think two year olds breastfeeding is ridiculous..time to wean, serously.

sal on

I hate my giant boobs, lol…I swear I would look 10 lbs skinnier with smaller breasts

Karen M. on

Boy, nothing like that title to get people to click on the satory link, obviously myself included! UGH! :/

sal on

Sarah…its that age for the WORLD…NOT THE USA. Third world countries breastfeed their children for well over the average here because they HAVE to, they have no choice because of poverty and not being able to provide nutrition otherwise to their children. I watched that documentary on children who are 6 or 7 and still breastfeeding…their is NOTHING special or normal about that, Im sorry. It was disturbing and gross.

Jester on

I have never been able to tolerate this woman. She always appears as a real wicked and jealous human being. I could care less about her bust, but being a pop culture addict, I had to read this article.

Virginia on

24 months? I would have died. I did three times 12 months. That is enough!! And most of us have to go back to work and pumping is difficult.

Meg on

Ugh. I’m so over the breastfeeding debates that plague all the sites. It is nobody’s business if I breastfeed or not; or WHY I breastfeed or not. Before people run around judging others for what they do or don’t do; please think about the circumstances you may not know about…the mastectomy that prohibits breastfeeding; the medications the mother may need to be on to keep her alive that prohibit breastfeeding, etc. The constant bombardment of “breast is best” is tiresome and overdone. So far, the righteous comments serve to make people feel bad, sad, defensive, or MORE righteous. Let’s just leave it alone already!

Amy on

I was unable to breastfeed my daughter at all. I met with a lactation consultant numerous times and was never successful. My daughter was not getting any milk because my breasts never let down. I cried every time I tried to feed her – it was humiliating. Imagine how defeating that felt, especially with all the pressure women put on each other to be able to breastfeed?! The lactation consultant said it was OK if I didn’t breast feed. Finally having someone with common sense say to me it was OK let me enjoy nuturing and caring for my daughter, instead of being in constant state of worry and stress. I think feeling calm, relaxed and loving and giving that to your child is just as important and what he/she eats. She has grown up healthy and strong and with no allergies. Oh, and she brought home a 4.0 her first grading period of her freshman year in high school. I think she’s going to be OK! I just wish women were nicer to each other!!

shidley on

Breastfeed, or don’t breastfeed. Your baby will be fine. Geesh, the bickering goes on and on and on…

Do you really think minds are being changed here? Breastfeeding isn’t feasible for everyone and every situation is different. Just because a child isn’t breastfed doesn’t mean he’s headed for disaster.

Fiona on

24 months? why so long?

Lena on

I completely agree with her my boobs got huge while I was nursing twins and I was so happy to see them go back to normal when I stopped. I don’t know how big breasted women do it because it was horribly uncomfortable and nothing fit right.

J on

Funny how the breastfeeding nazis never have one study that shows any real, statistical evidence of what they preach. I was never breastfeed and I am 42 and never get sick and my doc says I am his top 10 healthiest patients out of 2500 patients.

Same with my hubby, same with tons of people who were never breastfed. I know countless people who exclusively breastfed for 18 months and their kids are sick constantly.

Breastmilk does protect you from anything, it is a healthy diet and lifestyle, period. Formula fed babies are just as healthy and everyone I know who formula fed seemed to have no issues with their kids getting sick.

Sarah on

I actually understand her relief to have smaller boobs back – I have always been a “barely B” and now I’m a D and have no clue what to do with them… and sometimes left is DD and right is C, so it’d be nice to have them the same size, lol!

Before I breastfed, I had no clue how hard it could be. Now I know. My first baby is one month old and I have had a lot of pain due to a few problems. Right now he is eating 14+ times a day! I barely have any time to do anything between feeding him and getting him to stay asleep. I go back to work in 3 weeks and as a full-time working mom, my goal is ONE year of breastfeeding and “yay” if I make it longer. Ms. Harris is a working mom as well.

Two years of BF’ing may be the WHO recommendation, but for a mom working 40 hours a week is not very realistic. There are laws supporting moms who work hourly jobs that their employers have to give them a time and place to pump, but they don’t have to pay them. There are NO laws in place for salaried moms (which I am). I fortunately have a great boss, but I am a healthcare provider and have to block off time that would go to paying patients in order to pump… and I feel badly having to do that 3x/day.

And I want to say THANK YOU to those who stated that ANY time spent BF’ing should be celebrated, and moms not punished if they don’t make it. Not every woman has the great support and resources that I have and, as gung-ho as I am about the need to breastfeed, I almost gave up because of the severe pain I was experiencing and because that pain was hurting my early bonding with my son. Always remember, you can never truly put yourself into someone else’s shoes.

Ty's Mom on

I do agee with her. It’s kinda awkward when your girls suddenly swell. I was an E when my milk came in and they just seemed to be in the way all the time.

As for the breastfeeding. It really gets me angry when Mom’s who exclusively breastfeed act like Mom’s who formula feed are bad mothers who don’t care about their children. My sister didn’t and people acted like she was “poisoning” her daughter with formula. I was the first person I knew who breastfed. I am a very healthy person (who was formula fed) and I figured I’d give it a shot. I breastfed for 10 days and then for medical reasons I stopped. I felt awful, but my son took the formula and never looked back. I was still able to bond with my son and he is now 16 months old and is thriving. I have great respect for mom’s who do breasfeed, especially those who stick with it. But, it doesn’t give them the right to make others who don’t or can’t feel bad. Believe me, I felt bad enough when I made the decision to stop.

Alia on

Yes Samantha, I totally agree that big boobs are harder to stay “in fashion” with, especially when all the models that clothes are made for are stick thin in all areas. That’s why I love Jessica Simpson’s fashion…she seems to wear supportive bras and fashionable clothes…I wonder where she buys her bras from?

Piccollo6e on

Maybe blessedwithboys wasn’t getting any and that was the only way to have someone paying any attention to her chest. For real.

MD on

from WHO’s website:
As a global public health recommendation, infants should be exclusively breastfed(1) for the first six months of life to achieve optimal growth, development and health(2). Thereafter, to meet their evolving nutritional requirements, infants should receive nutritionally adequate and safe complementary foods while breastfeeding continues for up to two years of age or beyond.

Theresa on

Seriously people, some of you really think that it’s time to stop breastfeeding when a baby has teeth??? No way! Some babies get teeth as early as 3-4 months old! My baby is 16 months and has 16 teeth and nurses just fine! My oldest self weaned at 14 months. My youngest has no plans to stop yet and would really hurt his feelings if I refused him so we keep going, for now, it’s not hurting anything! And to the people trying to prove that breastfed babies are actually sicker than formula fed babies, this is proven to not be true, however some kids will be sicker than other kids, but as a statistic, breastfed babies are healthier. Just saying, there are always going to be exceptions.

Cath on

Wow! Thanks for taking a shot at larger chested women – you know what? We do what we reasonably can for our kids, even if we have to ‘double up’ on the sports bras for several months – child rearing is not all about your profile..

Cath on

Maybe we can all agree that a woman whose job totally depends on appearance should not be the person that we are taking nursing advice from…just saying

jennrae on

You can’t take anything Samantha Harris says seriously. She has got to be the dumbest, most useless entertainment host in the history of television. Whenever she has to adlib it becomes obvious that she was hired because she’s pretty, the exception being in the above picture in which she’s wearing far too much makeup. Everything about her is shallow and superficial.

I mean, she says “cleavage” is for men. It’s that kind of mentality, the sexualization of breasts, that encourages people to shame women who breastfeed in public. I don’t eat with a blanket over my head, or in the bathroom, so why should babies? You don’t have to breastfeed, but it is the primary function of breasts, and there’s nothing more natural.

The sad thing is that it’s usually women who are the hardest on other women. We seem to take it to heart when other women make different mothering choices than we do, as if different choices are a condemnation of our own choices. Parenting is so hard, if we could only work together and give each other the benefit of the doubt, maybe it could be easier; for example, upon learning that a mother doesn’t breastfeed, why not assume that she has a good reason for it, rather than assuming the worst?

wearitownit on

Agreed…blessedwithboys needs to stop being so judgmental!

Anonymous on

@ Marky: Thank you! I too tried to BF both my children only to have them hospitalized because of being both premature and jaundiced. I did not get to hold my oldest until he was 3 weeks old! After they were released from the hospital I was often told by unaware BF mothers I was harming my children by feeding them from a bottle and not the breast. I applaude women who can and make the choice to BF but please keep in mind not everyone can BF.

Anonymous on

whew. moms are so hard on other moms, that’s for sure.

guest on

24month? wth? 12month at most. and the kids are still ok with less. the first 6 month are the most important.

guest on

breastfeeding longer than one year? no way. And while there are advantages, formula isn’t unhealthy. many woman can’t breastfeed. how about we stop making each other feel guilty about breastfeeding (fine either way), our weight (fine in many sizes) and whatnot. how about a little bit support ladies?

Anonymous on

Marky- Thank you for pointing out that breastfeeding is not always what’s best for babies. My mom nursed me for three months…until she had stop because, for whatever reason, I had stopped gaining weight (in fact, I was so small that, at three months, I could still easily fit into newborn sized clothing!). And when she switched me to formula, I began plumping up almost right away. So in my case, obviously formula was what was best, not breastmilk.

Point being, not all mothers stop nursing because they simply don’t want to anymore or because they got discouraged because of supply issues or something. Some stop because they know that their baby’s health will suffer if they don’t!

A on

My son refused to nurse at 11 months and was weaned by 12 months. How could I force him to take the breast? He literally refused and cried when I tried to nurse him.

EJ on

Ew, seriously breastfeeding a 2-year-old? Do you also do it out in public restaurants and let your breasts flop out on the table where people are trying to eat?

Arun on

D, I agree with your entire post. Especially this: “Having said that, I still find this article really stupid and her comments to be quite shallow. And seriously, it is clear that she stopped sooner than some others bec it inconvenienced her sense of fashion. Not a reason for weaning that I agree with, but it is her decision as a mother.”

There should be no required time for breastfeeding. I personally am what’s known as an extended nurser, but that’s my choice for me, not anyone else. A woman who chooses to not breastfeed shouldn’t be looked upon negatively anymore than I should because I chose to breastfeed my kids until they were 24-38 months. Certainly there are proven benefits (and yeah, the person who said there’s none after a year is completely uninformed) to breastfeeding, there are also proven benefits to happy mom/happy child, and mom choosing her feeding style helps bonding, regardless of whether the feeding is from a breast or a bottle.

Sara on

@ Sarah: the WHO’s recommendation is SIX MONTHS, this is the period that they consider the minimum time needed for the baby to acquire the antibodies and other health benefits from breast milk. Don’t get me wrong, I think breastfeeding is best for baby and mother. But TWO YEARS? Come on, some of us have lives!


For all you quoting WHO statistics, how about someone actually looks them up! What a novel concept!

According to WHO: Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended up to 6 months of age, with continued breastfeeding along with appropriate complementary foods up to two years of age or beyond. (Source: and

The key word above is RECOMMENDED! Not required! And those recommendations are based on scientific studies related to mortality due to gastrointestinal issues in infants in that age range.

When and how a mother CHOOSES to stop breastfeeding is completely up to her, it’s no one else’s business!

And, those of you complaining about a CELEBRITY magazine reporting on a CELEBRITY…maybe you should go read a different website…like Discovery Science, or National Geographic…

Mia on

Why would you breastfeed up to 2 years + over?-That is creepy + bizarre–breastfeeding is necessary because a newborn can only handle that (or formula for some babies that can’t digest breast milk)–while gradually moving to solids around 1 year old.

I think anything over a year old is pushing it-it’s just not necessary when the baby can hold a bottle, cup, and feed itself….

Sunny on

Blessed with boys needs to get over herself.She was probably one of those self rightous crazy moms breast fed until the kid was 5 years old,and does not believe in immunizations for tots.

Renny on

Cracking up laughing over the poster who advocated breastfeeding up to ages 4-7. Hope you are home schooling!

Anon on

I never comment on these things but this woman is the biggest no talent I have ever seen. She couldn’t even do the meet and greet on Dancing with Stars without screwing it up. No brain, no talent, and from her own words superficial.

C Klark on

Bottle feeding all the way! My kids turned out just fine, smart as whips, healthy, hardly ever get sick, growing in the 75th percentile. Dispute that!

Boxingwangels on

Who’s business is it how long she breastfed? Seriously, shut up.

Anonymous on

I think what people are forgetting is that BF or formula use INCREASES THE CHANCES of a child getting or not getting x. It’s not a guarantee one way or the other, and anecdotes are not hard scientific data.

That being said, women should be free to make the choice that is best for them and their child/ren.

AW on

It is so irritating to read these comments…why start a war on who can breastfeed the longest? It’s RIDICULOUS! We as women should be supporting each other in whatever our decisions are. Women have to do what is right for THEM and their family. Everyones situations are different and I find it so disrespectful when other women get on their soapbox and put down women for not breastfeeding a certain amount of time. The most important thing for a baby is to have a loving and stable environment…THAT is how they will thrive. And because I’m sure the “haters” will just assume I never breastfed…that’s not the case.

I nursed both of my daughters until their first birthday, no bottles, etc. I support women in WHATEVER decision they make for feeding their children…it is THEIR decision on what works for them and their family and their situation. Nobody needs to be put down or made to look like a “bad mom” because they don’t nurse for whatever time frame people feel is the “best”. Please respect women’s rights!!!!!!!!!!!

Millie on

Every drop of breastmilk is beneficial for baby. Not all Moms who wish to breastfeed CAN, by the way. Certain meds pass thru breatmilk and if the Mom needs those meds, then she has no choice. I bf’d my daughter for just 3 weeks, which was as long as I could be off my medication. I loved it, I cherish the memory, and I KNOW she benefitted from it.

Roz on

You know, there is an invention called the breast pump, so you don’t have to breastfeed to give your child breast milk. But, I agree, its an individual choice, and some women have no choice for one reason or the other.

anna on

D and Claire – I’m with you! My niece who is six weeks older than my daughter has been breastfed and my child was not. My niece has been constantly sick and my daughter has not. This breastfeeding debate wears me out. To each her own… you know? Breastfeeding has been a trend, just as most other popular ideas. At one time, breastfeeding was a sign of status; it was considered only for those who were disadvantaged. It became a “popular” idea again in the 70s with the “natural” movement. So, we’ve managed as a society with and without it; no need for judgment on personal decisions.

It does, I’m sure, have health benefits, but formula has provided with my children very adequately. They are healthy and very smart kids. i don’t push my choices on you, so I would appreciate all of you to keep your decisions to yourself. No one wants to hear about it; it seems you want accolades of some sort. Call your mom; I’m sure she’d love to hear.

Elle on

selfish people think nursing is “up to the mom.” On the contrary, the baby should decide when nursing is done. There are huge benefits of continued nursing but of course, our society us more concerned with their own convenience vs. what is best for a baby. The six month rule is old and ridiculous — its 2012, do some research!

Elle on

Selfish people think “moms decide” when nursing ends — that’s the baby’s decision. And the “6 month’s is enough” is old and outdated. People, it’s 2012. Do some research. It kills me that our society is more worried about their own convenience and their stupid boobs to do the right thing for their baby.

tillie on

If she was so worried about her breasts why did she bother breast feeding. could of had them back the way she wanted them in a week

Beth on

I am big busted to begin with, so nursing boobies are redonkulous! But I will BF as long he wants, even though as a back to work mom, it is stressful to make sure I am pumping enough so that he does not need formula supplementation. That being said, as long as a baby is being fed, is happy and thriving, who are any of us to judge?

Breck on

blessedwithboys is constantly posting judgmental, self righteous things just to get a rise out of people. I am rarely on this site, but when I am I constantly see negative comments from her. She apparently thinks that she is without any fault whatsoever. Maybe she should stop wasting her time cutting everyone down with her comments on here, and go and raise those super super blessed boys.

Jessie on

My daughter was never breastfed. She has been on formula since day 1. Has never been sick, sleeps from 9:30 pm to 7:30 am EVERY SINGLE NIGHT since she was 3 weeks old…and is always happy as a clam. She is right on track as far as growing and development.

I was given formula from Day 1 as well and rarely get sick.

But I don’t have any men I know telling me I am doing it all wrong. It is always women who criticize other women. ALWAYS. That is why I cannot stand them.

Arun on

Why is it ok to say 24 months is pushing it, but not ok to say someone should breastfeed for a certain amount of time? That’s a huge double standard.

In my opinion, both statements are out of line. I breastfed my kids for ages ranging from 24-38 months. That’s my choice for me, not anyone else. Someone who doesn’t breastfeed at all shouldn’t be put down for that anymore than I should be put down for choosing extended nursing. Forcing a mother to breastfeed isn’t going to promote bonding. Let the woman make her choice as to how long to breastfeed, whether that means never latching the baby on at all or whether it means nursing that child for four years. That’s what’s going to make a happy healthy mom and child.

There are a lot of blatantly incorrect statements here though, such as there being no benefit after a year and it being time to stop if a baby has teeth. Also a child with an autoimmune disorder shouldn’t be included in the whole “breastfeeding fights illness” statistics, considering it’s a totally different issue.

Melissa on

So because my breast milk never came in, according to some of you I’m a terrible mother? Was I suppose to let my kid starve? Give your head a shake and realize that not every woman can bf! My baby girl is 21 months old she is healthier than most kid I know that have been breast fed!

amystery on

I’m a grandmother now, but I can tell you looking back–nobody, including your children, will give you a medal or “atta-girl” for breastfeeding or having natural childbirth or any of these things. They remember you for different things, as does your husband.

I was a working mom before it was “fashionable” but what hasn’t changed in 30 years is the “I’m a better mom because I stay home, I nursed for 2 years, I had natural childbirth, I grew my own food,” arguments. Let’s support each other ladies.

ltz400gal on

Oh geesh, here we go with the judgemental breastfeeding moms. Please! Blessedwithboys and some others need to get a grip. While breastfeeding until 12 months is commendable, going until 24 months or longer is whack to me. That’s too old.

I have 4 kids (14, 11 and 5 yr old twins). I only breastfed until 3 months for each of them *GASP* THE TRAGEDY!! LOL My 4 kids NEVER get sick. Haven’t gone into doctor for sickness in 2 yrs. And guess what?? My 14 yr old is in honors classes in high school and 11 yr old is in the gifted and talented program at school. Both pulling straight A’s! So much for the theory that breastfeeding until a year or more makes them smarter and less sick. Please! Everyone does what is best for them and their family.

Mama Lady on

Lord have mercy, 24 months of nursing? There is no way I could ever do that. I am pregnant with my 3rd now, bf’d my 1st for 6 months, and am still bfing my 8 month old, but come on now, if you read studies, breastfeeding is recommended until at least 6 months, and then beyond that, its a mothers choice to do what is best for her baby & herself.

I get so tired of all the militant, hippie nipple weirdo’s getting on women for not breastfeeding their kids til they go to kindergarten. I know plenty of people who were bottle/formula fed, and they grew up to be healthy, smart, upstanding citizens of this earth. So leave this poor woman alone, I think its great that she breastfed at all, being that she has a pretty busy & demanding job.

Kerry Crowley on

@blessedwithboys- maybe she still pumps and freezes her breast milk for her younger daughter, because she is a working mom.

dsfg on

blessedwithboys, why are you so annoying and judgemental? Or are you a doctor?

Me on

Okay so how did my generation ever survive childhood? Breast feeding was not a big deal back in the 60’s when I was a baby, they fed us karo syrup and water and my 6 siblings and I were rarely ill. I didnt nurse any of my 4 kids by choice and the only time they have been sick is the ocassional stitches/cast from face planting on a bike (but maybe their balance is off because I didnt nurse?) or not paying attention to the ice on the steps in winter. None of my kids have allergies, or chronic illness and are athletic and healthy. But hey to each theor own.

Kar on

geeeesh, I am glad I’m not a celebrity. They can’t say anything without offending someone!

While it was important to me to breastfeed my little ones, breastfeeding, like all aspects of parenting is a personal choice and everyone has to do what’s best for their family. I think it makes a big difference whether the mother works outside the home, or is at home with her baby full time. Keeping up a milk supply while working full time can be a huge struggle for women, and I know from personal experience how much guilt I put on myself for not producing more milk, no one needs someone else opinions making them feel even more guilty. I think we can all agree there’s enough mommy guilt to deal with already!

ClaireSamsmom on

I would NEVER call a Mother who loves, cares, nutures, feeds her baby…selfish. Just because she didn’t breastfeed. That is a very ignorant thing to say and also quite hurtful to those of us who are devoted Mothers to our children. I give my children 100% and more of me every single day…they are my world!

I am very offended by that comment, Elle. I would never, ever judge a Mother for breastfeeding her child, and it is very unkind of you to judge me and others for bf-ing a little, or none at all. Maybe this is why alot of Moms feel so worked up and anxious…it is because we don’t have support from other moms out there….thank goodness I have support and love from my husband, family and close friends….

ClaireSamsmom on

one more thing….when my son was a newborn baby, he was diagnosed with severe milk protein intolerance. This caused him to have blood in his diapers, severe belly cramping or pain and awful reflux if he drank any tiny amount of milk that contained dairy. Devoted to making him feel better, I started feeding him prescription (as per Pediatrician) Neocate formula which is amino acid based formula…his colic stopped almost immediately and his belly pain was gone and no more blood. He was finally able to relax. This formula was not covered by insurance and was extemely pricey…but we did what we had to do for our baby.

Am I a selfish mommy? I don’t think so. My baby needed help…I had to do what I could do to make him better. Every situation is different.

Katie on

The woman who said optimum milk for 2 years? You must have lost your mind. 2 years is way too freaking long to be nursing, god I hope your kidding. I nursed my son for 9 months and that was long enough for me.. jeez. It’s sick and disgusting for those who do it longer than a year.

Rose_43 on

I breastfed all three of my children and stopped at different ages with all three and that decision was based on their personality and the demands on myself at home. Maternity leave was only 4mos when I had my first and being a nurse who did 12 shift work I wasn’t going to start pumping in between emergencies. My second child I did it for 6mos….he was colicky and cried nonstop……he only slept for 2 1/2hrs in a 24hr period and I wanted a break from him….so I stopped and guess what? His crankiness ended….I think the poor thing was hungry and I wasn’t giving him enough. With my third it ended at 7weeks because my son was only 17 mos at the time and a handful and my oldest was busy with school activities and I had no help.

Now for the health score….my oldest had recurrent ear infections and she developed pneumococcal meningitis, my second had asthma, two surgeries on his hernia and was born with one side of the body larger than the other, my youngest ended up with RSV virus…so there ya go. Leave it to women to always criticize another woman. There is no right or wrong way about breastfeeding and kudos to anyone willing to try it.

As for breastfeeding a two yr old….well all I can say on that one is that when child can climb up onto it’s mother’s lap and latch onto her boob…it’s time to stop.

Stefanie on

@Sarah…2.5-7 years???? That is just disgusting!!!!!! I could not imagine picking my first grader up from school and then letting her suck on my boob. GROSS!!!! What do we send them in their lunchboxes…a thermos full of breastmilk?

I formula fed my babies and that was my choice. They are all so smart, straight A’s, and hardly ever sick. I don’t care if people breastfeed, it doesn’t bother me. Well, it does if you just whip it out in public. As long as they are covered I’m fine. I don’t walk around with my boob out and I expect breasfeeding women to do the same. But, come one, when a child is old enough to eat solid foods, they need to be off the boob!!

Anonymous on

I think everyone needs a fuckin life!!!!!!!!!!!

The Truth on

I’ll take womanly full breasts any day over her over-excercized, over-muscley, tendony body. I cant see her on tv without staring at her manly shoulders and arms.

Get out of Hollywood and see what real women look like.

AnneSL on

I am so amazed at the hateful and judgmental comments sparked by the statement of a celebrity on her post baby and BF body. I had 4 children and was fortunate enough to be able to stay at home to nurse them but each of them for a different amount of time. My oldest daughter was able to BF her daughter but my middle daughter tried BFing all 3 of her children but was not able to for varying reasons. That did not make her any less of a mother or my older daughter a better mother it is just the way things worked out.

But this article was about body image not the joys or drawbacks of BFing. I remember how glad I was that my body was back to “normal” after each pregnancy and BFeeding ended. I also know that it the case for many of my friends and family members. We ALL try to get back in to shape.

While the benefits of BFeeding are too numerous to count on both sides of the breast, for mother and baby, that is not what Samantha Harris was even remarking on. All of you who have posted comments on how shallow she is, are being just as shallow and you should be ashamed of yourselves. That she was even able to BF her children is a wonderful thing. This is the point that should be taken from the article. Come on people how about a little bit of compassion??

omg becky on

eye roll. ugh why do people like you always point fingers. so annoying

anon on

I think that there is no right or wrong answer in the debate to breastfeed or formula feed. Women should make the decision that is best for them without ridicule.

That being said, I am seeing a lot of ignorance on the subject. At least educate yourself when you make your decision. Breastfeeding IS best. That doesn’t mean that formula is the devil. Anecdotal evidence means nothing in how things really are. Babies should be breastfed for 2 or more years. That doesn’t mean that they ONLY get breastmilk. You don’t give your 4 year old only cows milk do you? Why substitute another animals milk when you have your own milk created specifically for your child. You do not need to homeschool a 5 year old who may still be breastfeeding (as a previous poster suggested). They don’t rely on it for sole nutrition as an infant would.

Babies do NOT self wean under a year old. Just because you insist yours did does not mean that it happened. That is called a nursing strike. It is a phase. If you want to stop, if you don’t want to force it, not a big deal. Just don’t make stupid excuses. There is no reason for a mother to feel bad if she stops nursing at anytime.

Also, I notice that formula feeding moms are just as judgmental as they claim breastfeeding moms are. Just because you chose not to breastfeed, or extend breastfeeding does not make it a bad or wrong thing. Don’t judge others for the decisions that they make for their children especially when they are backed by science and proven to best.

Betty on

@ BlessedwithBoys – You’re so right! For more “optimal health” we all need to skip vaccines, give birth at home in a pool, eat the placenta, feed the baby only organic food, sleep with our babies, wear our babies 24 hours a day and eventually home school them. Oh, but wait, didn’t they do all that before the 20th century and the average life expectancy was what? Less than 50 years?

CB on

Elle – you have my vote 110%. I see many uneducated and ignorant comments on this topic.

There is not a single thing wrong with nursing your baby until THEY no longer want to nurse. And Oh my Goodness – FEEDING a baby (or two year old) in a restaurant where grown-ups go to eat??!!! What an utterly ignorant comment that was. I actually laughed when I read it.

GA Mom on

I agree that as moms we all do what is best in each of our situations. I breastfed my first for over 2 years because he and I still enjoyed the bonding time. But breastfeeding a toddler is different from a baby. After one we only did it at home at bedtime and/or in the morning and not everyday. Yes there are other ways to bond with a child, but I don’t see why some people are so troubled by continuing it if both mom and child are happy.

Jennifer on

I don’t get why so many of you are criticizing her for how long she breastfed for. If you are Mother’s, than you should know how difficult it can be and that it not always up to you to decide when or when not to stop. I unfortunately had to stop due to medical reasons when my daughter was only 5 wks old. I was devastated. You don’t know her, nor do you know her circumstances. She seems like a pretty healthy person to me!

Jennifer on

We should all be happy and condoning breastfeeding, no matter how long. It’s pretty sick the judgments I have read on here about this. I normally don’t ever leave comments, but this upsets me. She is breastfeeding, I know many women who don’t even give it a chance…

KD on

I can understand what Samantha is saying about the sudden increase in breast size once you have a baby (or during pregnancy, especially when you are small-chested. With my 3rd child I went from an A cup to an E during pregnancy and then up some more with milk and I had no idea what to do with the “girls.”

I pumped because my daughter refused to latch (pumped for six months, she would not latch) and yes, I was very happy to go back to the small chest I had groaned about for so long. With my other three kids I didn’t get anywhere near that large, usually leveled out at about a C cup (which wasn’t too bad). That experience convinced me to NEVER get implants:).

As far as the breast feeding debate goes, I am a firm believer in MYOB and tired of the judgement. My best friend had a baby a year ago who was a poor breast feeder and she had a very low supply, but she pumped until his first birthday and gave him anything she produced. I was holding him, feeding him his bottle of supplemented breast milk and had a woman begin to comment to me on how “breast was best.” I first laughed and let her know that he was not mine and two, made it clear that it was none of her business how he was fed. Thankfully my youngest is 8 because I wouldn’t be able to control my temper.

Anonymous on

Stefanie- “But, come one, when a child is old enough to eat solid foods, they need to be off the boob!!” Then most kids would only be breastfeed for six months, since that’s the average age to start solids. So I don’t follow your logic.

anna- It’s not a trend. It’s what humans were designed to do. We’re mammals, and one charecteristic of mammals is that they feed their young with milk they produce. I WILL agree that breastfeeding has been popular and not popular at different tims throughout history, but I would hardly call it a trend. In fact, the human race wouldn’t have survived if it wasn’t for breastfeeding, as that was the only way our early ancestors could nourish their babies!

That being said, I agree with everyone who has said that we should support each other, not put each other down for breastfeeding or not breastfeeding, or for how long we may or may not have breastfeed. I also don’t think a woman should be put down for choosing to nurse in public. I mean, if we were hungry, we wouldn’t wait to eat, would we? We’d get something to eat…and we wouldn’t go eat it in a bathroom, either! So why should we expect a baby to do any differently?

kay on

Breastfeeding is disgusting!! It’s embarrassing to watch a woman do that in public!! GROSS!! It’s a personal choice and if you decide to do it, then go somewhere in private. We don’t want to see it!!

For all you people with facts about how much better it is for a baby, can anyone look at grown adults and determine which one was bottle fed and which one was breast fed when they were babies?? NOOOO!!

I know a woman who breastfed until her child was 6 years old. The mother actually came into the school at lunchtime to feed her child! That’s sick and perverted!

My husbands company had to add a “nursing” room onto their business for ONE breastfeeding mother. It cost them a hell of a lot of money to do that. By law, they had to do for that one woman. That’s when you bottle feed or stay the hell home and raise your kids!!

Canada on

Women in the USA have the odds stacked against them when it comes to bf. You deserve a maternity leave that allows you to establish bf and not be forced to attempt to pump at work at a time when e mom should not even be separated from her child. Some women are successful limpets, but I cannot imagine how difficult it is and I can see why women choose not to.

Any amount of bf is beneficial, but the longer the better. In Canada we are encouraged to bf for at least one year. There are so many benefits, too many to list here. One of the biggest discouragements to women trying to bf are other women who attack them should they need to give their baby a bottle. You do not know another persons situation and should never think it’s your place to judge. The most helpful thing you can do to promote bf is to bf your baby in public. The more it is seen as normal, the more women will feel like it is something they would like to do for their baby and their self.

Betty on

@ Elle – I hate to break it to you but the available research proves you wrong. Let me guess – I bet you are also a home birthing, anti-vaccine, babywearing, cosleeping, homeschooling, all natural organic parent. Everybody parented like that prior to the 20th century. The average life expectancy was about 40 years old.

Emily on

All you bitcy women are saying the same thing over and over again. Holy cow.

Mel on

I breastfed my 4 babies for:

#1- 3 years
#2- 20 months
#3- 10 months
#4- 16 months

Every one of my children self weaned. Not one of them had a drop of formula, not one of them ever had a bottle. BUT I’m not so ignorant to assume that my choices are what will work for everyone. I have no problem with formula or a mother’s decision to use it.

Kara on

I wonder why the breast-feeding debate brings out such heated emotions? I personally nursed all three of my children, but respect the rights of others that have chosen not to do so.

For those that say it’s impossible for a child to wean themselves before 12 months…not so! My son weaned himself at 11 months. We should stop judging others for their breastfeeding/non-breastfeeding decisions.

Mel on


Why is it sick and disgusting? To us who choose to breastfeed for over two years, it’s like saying cuddling and hugging your child is gross and disgusting. My children chose to breastfeed for comfort and close contact. I can assure you that neither me nor my children ever got off on breastfeeding. Just like hugging my husband is different than hugging my children, breastfeeding is different than sexual foreplay. Ugh, I think your disgusting for even making the comparison.

Sarah on

Listen everyone. Breastfeeding is an incredibly wonderful thing you can give your child. Whether it is for 24 hours, 24 days, 24 weeks, or 24 months. Yes, breast is best, but no reason to attack those that choose different. Any breast milk that any child receives is beneficial.

Kudos for this woman, and any woman that gives her baby the liquid gold!

julia on

World health organization breastfeeding recommendations:

Read it: recommends 2 years or beyond, exclusively (no milk or formula for 6 months), barring medical reasons to interfere with breastfeeding, and feeling that “it is disgusting” beyond a certain age was not listed as a reason to stop, also no mention of stopping once teeth come in.

Ms.Smith on

I chose not to BF. Both of my girls are healthy, happy and normal. I don’t regret my choice. That’s exactly what it amounts to is a choice!!! And not wanting large breasts is also a choice. We don’t walk in anyone else’s shoes so give the woman a break!

Lala on

WOW so judgmental some of you are. who cares how your baby is fed as long as they get fed and are loved. there are many ways to do lots of things and feeding is one of them. formula is good and so is breast milk. i think most of you moms forget you were most likely formula fed and you turned out just fine. i did both for my son and he is fine.

even though i think its gross and extremely weird to breast feed a kid who can talk, its not none of my concern if you like to do it. like many of the other poster have said why not support moms instead of knocking them down. and all the mom who feel guilty for not bf get over it. your baby will be ok. stop beating yourself up!! its a hard job and its not for everyone.

boohoobytch on

I find breastfeeding almost as weird as I find childbirth…I’ll pass but I make one heck of an auntie ๐Ÿ™‚

boohoobytch on

ps – I don’t find pumping weird, what’s the big effing deal as long as the kid gets fed

Maggie on

24 MONTHS!!!??? Wow thats just crazy! Not everyone does that and its completely ok. Studies have shown that there are no added benefits after 6 months! PUT THAT BABY ON SOLIDS!

Joy B on

Studies have gone back and forth for 50 years, bottle vs breast. Guess what, you can’t tell a breast fed toddler from a bottle fed toddler. Don’t buy into the hype, whatever it is, and do what’s best for you and quit using your standards as definition for what’s “right”. Not everything has to be a competition.

Melissa on

I never breastfed my daughter and she grew up very healthy and she is now 25 yrs old. as a matter of fact she was on formula for about a month and then went to regular milk and baby food. SShe wouldnt drink formula and the doctor said Mothers know best and he didnt worry she was very healthy

Jeri on

Yes, breastfeed the kid til s/he’s 7 years old. There’s nothing like seeing some 4 year old riding his mother’s hip and sticking his grimy little paw down into her shirt and bra to get a taste of breast milk on his fingersto lick off. I’ve seen this. It was disgusting.

canadianmomma on

I think it’s so horrible how judgmental people on here are. Do what you feel is right for yourself and your family and don’t criticize others for feeling differently. It’s this pressure and criticism that contributes to women feeling depressed, overwhelmed and guilty at what is already such a crazy time in their life. Like other people have touched on, how is breast feeding better for the mother and the child if it puts so much pressure on the mother that she can’t even bond with her infant?? And to judge people for how long they breast feed is even crazier! I exclusively breast fed my daughter 6 months before introducing solids. I continued breast feeding up to ten months and then I dried up. I took herbs recommended to me by my physician to increase milk supply which worked for a couple of weeks before I just simply dried up. Does this make me a failure as a woman and a mother? Give me a break! I have a beautiful, intelligent toddler and I don’t regret a thing. My god, should I be instead thinking every day about what a horrible person I am because my body decided that ten months was it?

ruby on

Dear blessedwithboys,
Not everyone can nurse. Some women have to work. Pumping is difficult to keep up supply. Some kids wean themselves. Some of us have medical conditions that require medication that shouldn’t be passed on to baby (and definitely will be) through breastmilk. So shut your trap and keep your opinions about breastfeeding to yourself.

Samantha on

I BF my son for 5 months and loved every minute of it. I work full time and it was hard to pump (I am a nurse) and I wasn’t able to pump enough to keep up with him. My SIL nursed my niece until she was about 4, which I think is totally crazy! If a child can ask for it and access it themselves, it is time to stop! She used to say “Titty now” when she wanted it, but I think it a security blanket for her. To each his own, but any amount of time that you can nurse your child is well worth it. Me personally, I wouldn’t have nursed my son longer than a year, if I was able to.

arlene rodriguez on

any mother still breast feeding after 2 yrs has issues that should be addressed by a “PROFESSIONAL” head shrink

JustMe on

And THIS piece of news under “Giuliana Rancic to have a double mastectomy”…. kind of puts things in perspective, don’t you think?

Ame on

Whatever you choose, I think the most important thing is you’re a happy mommy. The mother’s happiness will affect the child more than the breast milk/formula.

Some claimed — and I will paraphrase many statements here — “if you don’t breast feed, you’re being selfish.” That’s ridiculous. You do need to look out for yourself too. Many moms think they have to sacrifice their happiness with everything when they have a child. Wrong! A happy mom will foster a happy child. If it makes a mom unhappy to breast feed, it is perfectly fine to choose formula.

So…do what makes you happy. There is a choice of breast milk or formula.

Breast feeding two of my three children did make me happy. It made me happier than I realized it would, so I would recommend moms try it. But I won’t criticize moms who choose otherwise.

I tried to breast feed my firstborn, and I tried for 3 months — pumping and feeding it to him as he didn’t latch on. It was exhausting and and awful experience. I wasn’t happy until I gave up and went to formula. Then, we bonded more and he thrived. (He was premature.) He’s a brilliant kid now, and I wish I gave up trying to breast feed him a lot earlier than I did.

-Mom of 3

Jen on

You formula feeding mom’s are just as judgemental as you claim breastfeeding mother’s to be.

Pot meet Kettle.

But to correct some inaccurate information:

-the official recommendation from the AAP is exclusive breastfeeding for *at least* 6 months, then continuing on until the child is a year of age, at which point the recommendation is to continue based on the needs of the mother and child. There is absolutely nothing about no added benefits beyond 6 months.

-2-7 years is the international average, that includes children born in developing countries and Europe where children breastfeed longer. FYI: extended breastfeeding is sometimes what saves children in developing countries due to poor access to clean water.

-Jeri, that’s not the way it works mechanically, so I’m thinking you’re making that up

-Nor do I think any school would allow a mother to come into school to feed her child.

Think of it this way folks. Breast milk is the organic, locally grown version of babie’s milk. Formula is the processed, factory produced stuff. Processed foods with added preservatives can still be healthy, just not in the same way that organic, pesticide free stuff is.

To those of who suggesting women go somewhere in private in public to nurse. It’s a breast, I’m assuming most of you have them right? So nothing new there. Otherwise, use your neck and turn your head away so you don’t have to see it. Otherwise, I expect you all to start eating your meals in public bathrooms or with blankets thrown over your head.

Jen on

I find reading some of these straw man arguments somewhat amusing.

-who has called anyone a bad mother for nursing or not nursing?

– who suggested that anyone should nurse until their children are in school?

-who suggested that someone should “whip” out their boob and flop it on a table?

Here’s what I see in these comments:

-*most* of the breastfeeding mother’s talking about the benefits of breastfeeding and why they did so, but supporting other mother’s right to choose what worked best for them and their families

-formula advocates calling breastfeeding “gross”, “inappropriate”, and calling people Nazi’s, and downplaying proven medical studies

justjen on

The one size fits all approach to breast feeding really needs to stop. The WHO my recommend mothers breast feed their babies for 2 years or 4 years but regardless the WHO is not the end all be all of knowledge. A mother is the one one to make that decision based on different reasons and as long as the child is gettting fed with proper nutrients either through breast milk or formula; it really doesn’t matter in the end. Does it? If you breast feed-great-keep up the good work and if you don’t-that’s great too-bottom line is the babies will be fine.

Lara Kolmetz on

Breast-feeding is a great choice, but it is a choice. I didn’t have ANY milk with my first daughter, due to a hormone imbalance. I didn’t have a choice but to use formula. And, with my 2nd, we adopted, so breast-feeding was not an option either. I have a perfectly healthy 6 year old and 1 year old. It is up to the mother, and no one should be made to feel like a terrible mother depending on how they feed their child or for how long.

Heather on

I think I would be more worried about why on earth she looks SO scary! Look at her crazy eyebrow. She probably should not be breast feeding if she is injecting herself with botox, or whatever it is.

megan on

“if you asked most women out there, dealing with a large bosom is difficult to do going through life” I’m sorry, but I completely disagree with this!! I have “a large bosom” DD, and I love them!

As far as fashions go, there are many out there that look better on someone that has larger boobs than one that doesn’t! Of course that goes the other way as well.

As far as exercising goes, yes you have to splurge more on a sports bra, at least $50, but they are soo worth it! You can get a sports bra that stops the bouncing and doesn’t feel like you’re being squished! Which is why when I watch the “Biggest Loser” and all the women working out and bouncing all over the place, it ticks me off, because they are on TV for goodness sake, and the producers could at least buy them decent sports bras! So I can workout pain free, wear many fashionable clothes, have no back problems, have no sagging problems, and I love my big boobs and cleavage, and so do the guys!!

But if the small breasted people want to generalize a women’s thoughts or “issues” on/with bigger breasts, perhaps to make them feel better, then by all means do so. But most women that I know that have bigger breasts, like them and don’t have complaints. In fact my smaller breasted friends seem to have more issues. But in my opinion boobs are great in many shapes and sizes and you will find that guys agree with that statement as well!

TEXAS13 on

What makes her think this is news that we all want to hear. Next we will be hearing she wants everyone to respect her privacy…make up your mind

Holiday on

I only nursed my son for 6 months. I was 22 when I had him and felt uncomfortable nursing in public because of some negative remarks “Gross, why dont you just give him a bottle etc” So I did start using a bottle and never nursed in public because I was embarrassed. Sad but thats the truth.

With my daughter I decided I could care less if people do not like me nursing or want to see me nursing her. I was discrete as possible and from day 1 nursed her in public. She is now going to be 19 months in 2 days and I still nurse her and we have no plans on stopping soon. I hate it that moms judge each other on this. I have a great friend who never even tried nursing her daughter but that is not mine or anyone else’s business. I have another friend who nurses her 3 year old all the time in public and again no ones business!

Sarah on

I hate judgemental people!!

Why do people feel they have the right judge how someone else raises their children?

Amy on

I know I tried with both of my children and my body just didn’t produce enough milk, hardly any. That being said my daughters are healthier than some breastfed children I know. It’s not just breastfeeding, it’s their diet after as well.

ashlieb on

i breastfed all 3 of my kids for alittle bit… not long at wasnt for me..i did however like how i lost the weight pretty fast though!! my kids were all healthy formula fed babies after i stopped!! no regrets!!

Shannon on

Ummm, do y’all not understand that the WHO recomendations take into account all the 3rd world countries where babies would starve if not for breastfeeding? And also, that the worldwide age for weaning includes said 3rd world countries into the calculations when figuring out the averages?

I also agree with those women who have said all mothers need to be supportive of each other, no matter how they choose to feed their babies as being a mother is difficult enough without the judgement of other women. There are many MANY woman who are simply unable to breast feed. I have a sister in law who had a very large baby and could never produce enough milk to satisfy his appetite, so after months of struggling and dealing with a super grumpy crabby HUNGRY baby she had to move him to formula. It made him a completely different child and made life easier on everyone.

Mothers judging other mothers on the VERY personal choice of how to feed their babies make me just as angry as women who judge other women on their choice to have or not have children. There’s enough against us as women as it is without us judging and turning on each other.

Alyson on

Wow. We women are ridiculous. She did not even say she stopped breastfeeding because her chest was large and she did not like it. She simply said she prefers her smaller size chest and is happy to have it back! Comments here are making it sound like big boobs was her reason for stopping, which I did not take from reading her comments. I do not believe she stated her reason.

I just spent an hour of my time reading comments that are always the same in any article about breastfeeding. We are very judgemental of one another, but at the same time, everyone should be free to give their opinion! Women should do what is best for them and try to support one another, but please stop taking such offense from these comment sections! I have done both breastfeeding and formula and I see benefits and drawbacks for both.

If everyone could agree that loving, supporting and spending quality time with your child is what is most important (which I think all agree on), maybe these debates could end and all feeding choices would be accepted!

Anonymous on

Jen- Thank you! Finally a sane voice in the crowd! You are absolutely right (I especially like what you said in regards to nursing in public. A baby shouldn’t be forced to eat his/her meal in a dirty bathroom or under a blanket anymore than an adult should!), and I’d like to correct two other pieces of inaccurate information that has been thrown out.

-Toddlers who are still being breastfed at 2 years actually get very little, if any, of their nourishment from breastmilk. By that age they are eating solids and getting their nourishment from that. And they get their fluid requirements from water, juice, and other beverages. Breastmilk at that point is more of a snack or treat than anything.

-Most kids who are still nursing at 2 years aren’t doing so every few hours or so the way a baby would. Some might, for example, breastfeed only at bedtime, while others may do so only for comfort when they fall and skin their knee or something.

I think a lot of people think that toddler nursing is the same as infant nursing, and that’s why they find it weird or gross. If more people realized just how different toddler nursing is than infant nursing, I don’t think we’d have nearly as many people getting up in arms about it. But that’s just my opinion, and I could very well be wrong! ๐Ÿ™‚