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11/23/2011 at 12:00 PM ET

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Brittany on

I think its funny that Tori is talking about this, especially after nipplegate 2011. I do love that family though:) I still change in front of my 3 1/2 year old, and sometimes he jumps in the shower with me. I see nothing wrong with it, until the child is uncomfortable with it.

Steph on

It’s LUDICROUS that airlines think splitting up families while on flights, is okay! Our kids are all under 7 and it’s a huge safety issue to have them flying in another part of a plane with strangers…there are bathroom breaks, they need help to eat their meals and organise their toys. I pay FULL price for them to fly too. Not to mention…if something bad should happen, who is going to look after my child’s safety? Airlines used to be so customer friendly, now they just seem to hire inept people to run their customer service. America West/US Airways is the WORST I’ve ever encountered. I will go out of my way and pay more to avoid their awful service!

cn tower on

Steph – ITA with your comment. Notwithstanding what they said in the article, I would hope that “common sense” would prevail in cases where the system has assigned a young child a seat away from his parents — it would behove the stranger to switch seats with the parent and the flight staff should intervene if necessary. These seat assignments are not written in stone and I can’t imagine a traveller not wanting to switch if he/she was seated beside a parentless child. Seriously.. Just out of curiosity, how many children do you have and have you ever flown with the kids but without your spouse?

mary on

Boy do I have stories to tell about flying. 1st two out of four of our kids (they are both boys) are on the ‘Do not fly list” they somehow share names with two folks from the IRA! But of course NOT the same birthdates. And when we have flown in the past we used to fly with Midwest Airlines. And we were split up most of the time. I was annoyed and voiced my concerns. But two times I actually lost it. They split us up and one time they actually had our toddler flying alone! They overbooked the flight and bumped 5 out of 6 of us. Since I made the reservations 8 months in advanced I politely but with a hint of anger told them under no circumstance was my 2 year old going to fly alone and in fact we were all going to be on this flight one way or another. And we were. Another time they put our baby, (yes I paid for her even though I could hold her) and our 4 yr old together but the rest of us were to be seated with total strangers. This of course was NOT going to happen! I was again upset! Why let us pick our seats when we purchase the tickets, but when we are about to board change it!!!! I am one of those who actually get to the airport 2 and a half hours early almost 3 hrs depending where we are going! This is a must given our family size and I always know that stuff will happen.

Common since with airlines….. An oxymoron!

We now fly airtran and have not run into too many problems. Except for the boys…..

Erika on

I think it’s terrible that airlines would split anyone up from their family after already booking seats, including, but not limited to children. I have an extreme fear of flying, and if I wasn’t with a family member or friend, I would probably have to leave the plane. Why would they split people up, after seating arrangements have already been made? That seems very disorganized and irresponsible.

Mary- I have always thought the ‘do not fly list’ was ridiculous. Most of the names on it are fairly common and someone who was already known to be a terrorist would likely find a way to make up a different identity anyway. Sad, but true. The people they are really keeping off of planes are average, everyday people.

Steph on

CN Tower- I only have 2 kids, but one more on the way. i have flown without my spouse and have been split up from one kid (she was 2)! I kicked up a big stink and so did she. The woman sitting there didn’t want to give up her seat (apparently she had more rights than my full priced toddler)! Finally, an older couple moved for us to sit together! They need to have some system which doesn’t allow for young children to be split from parents. What angers me most is that now they try to make you pay for your seat assignments, but still get it wrong sometimes! We fly at least 3 or 4 times a year to see family- between 3hr and 10 hr flights! It’s getting more and more unpleasant to deal with the airlines every time! I don’t actually like flying either and to be split from a family member ruins the whole trip for me….and I am very organised about my booking tickets and seats well in advance!

anon1 on

steph, i would have said to the person who wouldn’t give up their seat “well, have fun dealing with my 2 year old…she gets airsick very easily and gives no warnings”. Who is soo insensitive to families, the airlines need to do a better job of making sure families sit together. fellow passengers also should be more accomodating when situations like yours occur.

Holiday on

We fly on South West for the most part and sometimes Jet Blue and have never had that experience thankfully! That is just insane to try and have small children sitting by strangers on an airplane flight! No way would I let my 6 year old or 18 month old sit by anyone but family.

Jillian on

We only have one child and another on the way. We fly a lot and have never even been approached about being separated. I don’t know anyone that has either.