Selma Blair ‘Going to Be Bald’ After Post-Partum Hair Loss

11/21/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Frederick M. Brown/Getty

Selma Blair wants to keep it real.

Just like all new moms, she’s experiencing the joys — and also the pains — of the hormonal changes that come in the first few months following childbirth.

“This is so not glamorous, but it’s true: I need to take longer showers so that I can collect the hair that falls out and throw it away so I don’t clog the drain. Why do actresses never talk about that?” she tells PEOPLE with a laugh before the Nov. 12 launch party for Gwen Stefani‘s Harajuku Mini for Target collaboration.

“It just started falling out at the three-month mark,” laments the actress, 39, whose son Arthur Saint is now four months old. “And I’m not a girl who likes extensions, so Selma’s going to be bald!”

All shedding aside, Blair is relishing her son’s latest milestones.

“He rolls over now,” she says of her baby boy with fashion designer beau Jason Bleick, “and he got a bouncy toy! It’s like the biggest moment of your life: ‘Oh my gosh, I get 10 minutes free now!'”

“Before, he had a playmat, Mommy or Daddy or now a nanny that comes for a few hours in the daytime, to hold him. But now, autonomy! He got a Fisher-Price Jumperoo — I wish I had one for every room!”

So what does Blair try to do in that 10-minute window of freedom? There’s only one thing, of course: “Shower!”

— Marisa Laudadio

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kendrajoi on

This is so true! I didn’t lose a single hair from my head the whole 9 months, then awhile after he was born, I lost all of it I hadn’t lost, plus some! Crazy!

StephyDoesHair on

This is a great article on WHY you lose so much hair after giving birth! It is very important to maintain your vitamin intake after baby is born. To help with the additional loss, you can try giving yourself a scalp massage as often as you can. This will stimulate circulation and increase the amount of vital nutrients being received by the follicle. But don’t worry! Your normal rate will return, and a few months after seeing all the loss, you will start to see new hair growth coming back. It just takes time. Good luck mommies!!!

melissa on

Selma is not alone… Between my first son and the depression i had being with his father and then the birth of my second with my current husband… my hormones just didnt like me…. I used to have thick beautiful curly hair…. now i have thining… not so pretty hair and being that i am not from alot of money and just a reg working class mom, i cant afford anything to even try to help … there is many vitamins to help, and stress is a big factor…

Selma youre beautiful no matter what.. I cherish my kids.. i knew my body would never be the same i am so happy to see a celebrity be so real for once… god it good to know their HUMAN! 🙂

Li-Li on

@ Stephy, I’m not a mommy yet but my hair falls out like Selma’s and has been falling like that since puberty. Will your suggestions help me too?

megan on

I’m sorry, but I really don’t like the name Arthur for some reason. Yes I know it’s a great name in history with King Arthur, etc but still. My boyfriend’s name is Arthur, and I NEVER call him by his name, because I don’t like it, problem is he LOVES his name, and of course wants an Arthur Jr. Just random.

Christine on

I lost a lot of hair…I chopped my very long hair off because of the frustration of constantly thinking about it and playing with it. I have been sporting the pixie cut for 3 years now andnever even think about my hair.

Jennifer on

Ughhh… the awful postpartum hair loss! The only thing about pregnancy I hated! it also happened on the 3 month mark everytime on the dot for me too!

Sarah S. on

So very true…it happened to me twice and at the 3 month mark after my kids were born. In fact, at 46 it’s happening again because of my severe iron-deficiency (3 mos. after I was diagnosed). Whatever happened to your body 3 months ago is affecting your hair now. Selma don’t worry, your hair will return. Just make sure to keep taking your vitamins, try to sleep more (I know it’s hard right now because of the nursing) and keep eating well. Three months from now or earlier you’ll see little hairs growing in again.

Ethel on

Selma is beautiful. Just a beautiful gal that is so honest. I adore her. Hair loss is frightening. I admire her for speaking out about it. Thank you Selma Blair.

I wish People-Moms&Babies would have given her a nicer headline. Not so sweet of you Marisa Laudadio, and not too late for you to change it to something nicer.

Yes, hair loss can happen after any type of trauma, depression, illness or pregnancy. Our hair runs in a 3-month cycle so it’s a delayed effect. Selma has such gorgeous thick hair to begin with. I think she will have a full recovery once she starts receiving adequate rest and adjusts to motherhood. The first few months are so stressful. At times you want to rip it out if its not already falling out!

Ethel on

I’m sorry, but I really don’t like the name Megan. I think I’ll call you dummy instead.

Tina on

Wow, I never knew this happened to women. My sons are now men, and I read everything I could absorb on pregnancy, babies, birth and I honestly did not know this is an issue. Obviously it’s more common than not. I scoffed at a recent local news story that claimed stress will not cause hair loss in women, but any of us who’ve experienced it know better. Thanks for sharing ladies.

Jackie on

Ethel, lol, well said!

On a serious note, I’m becoming a huge fan of Selma Blair because since she had her son, she has been nothing but honest and embraces the reality of post-partum and motherhood the first few weeks/months, regarding exclusively breastfeeding, sleep deprivation, hair loss, and just the fact that she doesn’t sugarcoat anything, even stating how her body hasn’t jumped back to pre-pregnancy form.

It’s refreshing.

Lonnie on

Selma, you should have your thyroid checked. Many women develop postpartum thyroiditis but don’t recognize the symptoms as being unusual (tired, losing hair). Sometimes this reverses on it’s own while other times it’s treated with medication. Beautiful baby son!

NeeNee on

ok , word of caution…I seriously hope she isn’t leaving a baby in a jumperoo alone while she showers, a baby should be supervised at all times in play equipment.

Before anyone gets up in my face about this comment, my friend lost her baby while she was using her jumperoo as a baby sitter so she could get herself a “quick” shower. He manged to scooch down enough to get the blanket she was using as a buffer for the excess room and he suffocated. Since she was in the shower she couldn’t hear him struggling for his last breath.

Eileen on

For fear of Hair loss, I discussed the situation with my OBGYN and she advised me to not stop taking the prenatal pills directly afterbirth. She rather told me to continue taking them.

Eileen on

OBGYN advised me to continue taking the prenatal pills to reduce the hairloss. That was the best advice

Silly Silly on

Ethel, that is one funny post!

NeeNee…I am sorry for your friend…

Erica on

I too lost some hair (and still am) and it’s been 15 months. But like she said, it’s worth it for that bundle joy you bring home.

Ethel on

@Jackie, Isn’t she the greatest? So down to earth and honest about every topic and so gracious and affable with her fans and press. I just love and adore her to pieces. Selma Blair is not only one of prettiest and stylish mommies of Hollwood, she’s also very underrated and underused as an actress.

Kitty Taylor on

No one prepared me for the hair loss. I had two back to back prgnancies…both girls born 11 months apart…and come the third month with the second child….I woke up one morning to discover 30 or so of my lengthy brunette hairs on my pillow case. I thought it was a fluke because it didn’t really mention this in What to Expect, When you are Expecting. I took a shower and another 50 hairs came out, and continued for months. When it was said and done I lost about a third of my volume.

It was hillarious because I had a lovely summer tan, and now my new hair line was a white stripe that circles my head where hair used to be be. I cut it off to my shoulder had a hair dresser show me how to mock volume and zig zag my part give allusion of a fuller head of hair. I always had a full head of hair but to lose so much in one month freaked me out. It grew back eventually, so Selma just hang in there.

Heather on

I agree with a previous poster…if this happens, you should have your thyroid checked. 4 months after I had my daughter, I found out that the cause of my hair loss was hypothyroidism.

ClaireSamsmom on

this happened to me, too after both of my pregnancies. But, after the shedding stopped, the new hair grew in much thicker and healthier. Strange. I lost alot of it!

annachestnut on

nice pic of her. I liked her in “Legally Blond”.

heather on

NeeNee, i don’t think anyone should get on you for saying that. It’s very clear that you shouldn’t leave babies unattended in those things. Why not just leave the baby in the crib instead?

KarenB on

My hair was thick and shiny while pregnant (my nails were great too). Then I gave birth, and all those extra locks went bye-bye. Then I started on a medication that actually causes minor hair loss, so it’s even worse. I look at the clogged shower drain every morning and wonder how I’m not freakin’ bald. Oh well – sigh.

Sugemom on

NeeNee – Two things:

1. We have no idea where her baby jumper is. I installed one in the threshold between my bedroom and the bathroom just so I could get a shower in peace!

2. Those bouncers and jumpers are really safe, it was because your friend used a blanket (probably because the baby was too young and wasn’t large enough with strong enough neck muscles) that the baby smothered. I’m not advocating leaving a baby unattended, but you need to blame the real cause of that horrible accident.

J on

Ethel, grow up.

Whirling Dervish on

I would like to know if Marisa has beautiful, lush hair.

Bugsmum on

Ugh I have the same problem with hair loss and my Bug is a week older than Arthur. All the girls at my ante natal group have the same problem it’s so common and hardly ever talked about.

Good on Selma for being so real about life after pregnancy.

Cheryl Butler on

My hair grew so long when I was pregnant with my last baby..and as soon as I started falling pissed..

candykane on

Whenever my kids turned about 5 month old I started shedding worse than a dog. My hair would be everyware. When I got of an office chair at work I would have to roll hairball from the backrest. And of course its always nice when your boss picks up your hair off the overhead projector 🙂

Debbe on

I remember when my son was 6 months old and I would see hair left on chairs from where I was sitting. Not just a few strands but globs of it. I was terrified and had not heard about that before.

Anyway, I don’t know how women who have muliple babies do it because my teeth were perfectly white before he was born and now an offwhite, still decent color but not what it was, and my hair has never come back to normal since it fell out, I would never procreate again because it messes me up. (I don’t mean appearance wise, just the thin hair, the teeth, I mean just does too much damage)

Ethel on

J, bite me. on

I don’t remember much hair loss with my first child but now that I am pregnant with my second child, the impending postpartum hair loss is not something I am going to look forward to!

Pam on

Take 300 mcg of Biotin daily, along with a multivitamin.

Also, be sure you have a healthy diet and do something for stress relief.

Be patient, in time, your hair will go back to normal.

Kelly on

I have 4 kids and this happened every time for me! The first baby I thought it was due to a lack of vitamins or stress. By my 4th I was using every vitamin and supplement possible… But it all fell out! I think this is something that just happens for certain lucky people. 🙂

My youngest is 1.5 and som elf the shorter pieces are still growing out but it does come back! Just a couple of awkward stages where you need to experiment with a new do!

j on

I had this happen when I had my daughter. At first I blamed my husband, who is balding, until he pointed to my brush that was full of hair! It does end and your hair will be back and thick as usual. My hair color changed a bit too – got darker. And now with an 11year old it’s got a lot of gray! Enjoy the baby.

Ty's Mom on

I know how she feels. I have thin hair to begin with, and I totally thought I was gonna go bald after I had my son. It was awful, but eventually it went back to normal.

And Bugsmum, I love it! I call my son bug too!

Danielle on

It’s also possible that there is a problem with your thyroid.
Need blood tests to check T4, T4 free, T3, T3 free, TSH.
Most Doctors will only check one and that really doesn’t do much to figure out if that’s the problem.

Kathy on

Did you all not notice how thick your hair got while you were pregnant. With all three of my pregnancies my hair became very thick and luxurious. Once I delivered and quit nursing all that new growth fell out quicker than it came in, leaving me with major snarls when I would comb out my hair in the morning. I made the mistake of cutting my hair short when my daughter was about 7 months old. She did not recognize me for two days and screamed when I held her. Everyone assured me she would adjust and she did, but it was two for difficult days for me.

Erin on

Good grief… there is nothing you can do to prevent the hair loss. It hasn’t got anything to do with vitamins or your health. It’s simply that the hormones that are present during pregnancy, which women think make their hair thicker, simply cause you to shed less hair while pregnant. Then, some time after the baby is born, once those hormones are depleted, the hair that you retained during pregnancy is shed. It seems like you are shedding enough to go bald, however you are just losing what you would have lost during the previous year or so. It can last a few months, and then everything will be back to normal.

tracy on

i really think some of you have too much time on your hands. is it really necessary to bash people who express their opinions? yes ethyl i’m talking to .

Beth on

Use Nioxin Hair System for Noticeably Thinning Hair – works really well. I used after birth of my two children, and the hair grew back rather quickly. I also continue to take a prenatal vitamin.

Chelsie on

I lost lots of hair from months 4 through 6. Very traumatic. I remembered seeing celebrity moms with babies the same age as my new baby and wondering, “How do these women look so GOOD?? Am I the only one experiencing this?” So, thanks Selma. Your honesty is refreshing and encouraging to us “regular” gals!

HC on

I’m with you, Debbe. I had every kind of awfulness during and after my pregnancy. 9 full months of morning (all day) sickness, plus carpel tunnel in both wrists, daily bloody noses, it was SO not pretty or fun. Pneumonia 3 days after giving birth. Severe colon trauma requiring a colon resection 2 years after (not a result of pregnancy so says my doctor, but the pregnancy definitely made it worse.) Everyone keeps asking me when I’m having #2 and I’m like… ummmmmm… I would love another baby, but I don’t think I can do another pregnancy.

Oh, and yes, I had the rampant hair loss, too, but it honestly didn’t really bother me considering everything else. Haha! Finally feeling back to normal now that my son is almost 4!

coretta mae gipson on

leave Ethyl alone SHE’S FUNNY!

Donna on

First of all, most women’s hair becomes thicker during pregnancy, because of hormones and vitamins. So when their hair starts falling out after the baby is born, its mostly just that “extra” hair and change in hormone levels.

Secondly, why does she say “actresses never talk about taht”? “Women” talk about it. Doesn’t she know regular women?

Holly on

I was losing a lot of hair too. Babies are 6 months old now and my hair has finally stopped shedding so much like before.. I had my long hair everywhere in the house and it would get wrapped around babies fingers and toes. Terrible!

chris on

At least it grows back after post pardum. I have a hormonal imbalance that causes my to constantly shed and doesn’t grow back. My part is so wide and there’s nothing really that can be done. So it could be worse!

Julie on

Megan I can’t believe you don’t like the name Arthur. At least Selma gave the baby a normal name. Another celebrity years ago named her baby Audio Science. She’s a great actress and I adore her. She probably needs to stay on vitamins and should ask her doctor in the future about what vitamins she should take.

NoAdditives on

My eyelashes fell out a few weeks after my son was born. It was frustrating and sad, because I have really thick, really long eyelashes. People have always asked me if they’re fake. So having them all patchy and mostly gone was devastating.

KJ on

Biotin! It’s in your vitamin section. It has done wonders for me after the birth of my 4th child.

Shelly on

Hey ladies,

I had the misfortune of having some stress related Alopecia this year and, along with injections to help stimulate growth, my doctor told me to start taking Biotin daily. This worked like a charm!! Biotin is produced naturally in the body so you should already be getting your daily dose, but you can also take it as a supplemental vitamin to give you extra help. My spots are gone and my new growth is growing like a weed. Overall, my hair is thicker and stronger and I can skip a day of washing where I couldn’t before. This vitamin also helps promote healthy, strong nails.

Please check it out or google it if you’re having hair issues. I swear by it now and wish that I could shout it from the rooftop!

Jen on

@Stephy – Vitamins and scalp massage will not prevent postpartum hair loss.

Flipper on

i lost my hair and it never came back so i would start massive vitamins such as biotin and msm is good for hair loss also rogaine to jump start the growth again, TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY you really could go bald

Laura on

I actually suffered from Alopecia after my first child was born. I had a COMPLETE bald spot in the front of my head, right wear the hairline starts. My father, who is a doctor, injected that spot with cotisone to stimulate growth and VERY fortunately, my hair did grow back. Luckily, for me at the time, my hair was all one length, so I could just flip the part to cover the bald spot.

sous chef on

She’ll be gorgeous no matter what. A true beauty IMO.

No No on

The reason why most women experience hair loss after giving birth is because most stop taking their prenatal vitamins. Birth shocks your body beyond belief, then some breast feed and you make it worse by not taking your prenatal vitamins. You should wean off the vitamins if you have to. I still take my vitamins even after suffering a miscarriage 24 years ago.

Jessica on

I am bald too!! And with each pregnancy, I was balder and balder afterwards. Beware for your next pregnancy….

Marla on

How refreshing to hear a celebrity being real with the public. Selma looks great. I’ll take her over someone like Gisele Bundschen anyday. 🙂


I was always told it was because of the epidural that you loose hair.

Ethel on

@Coretta Mae Gipson, Thank you. I’ll be here all week.

Shelly on

Selma, if you read these comments… don’t fret .. it happened to me. I had a c section and was told by my Ob/Gyn that the anesthesia + hormone flux can cause hair loss. It’s VERY common, although not talked about in your circles I bet. It WILL grow back, be patient and I promise, you won’t be bald! : ) Congrats on the baby!! : )

joanne on

I am currently using Nioxin and it is wonderful! It’s been about four months and you can really see the hairs coming in. It also makes the hair you do have, appear thicker. I wish I had known about this stuff sooner…hope this helps.

jti200 on

That’s so true! My hair began to fall from my forehead and sides. I was told it was due to baby sucking his/her thumb and also breastfeeding. After 2 months my hair began to grow again

soph on

Ha, Ethel. Great name. Are you in your 70s?

Lee Bartholomew on

Hey come on.. 21 yrs old I start going gray. Late 20’s I start losing my hair. Selma, just hold this one guy idea my grandpa had around. God only made so many perfect heads. The rest he covered with hair. 😛 Besides it’s okay to have a change once in awhile. 🙂

meellzzz on

MEN’S Rogain worked WONDERS for me! i used it about 2 years after birth b/c my hair thinned tremendously..

vera_beach on

who cares – she is a nut job before she had a baby!

Suzy on

This happened with all 3 of my kids. We’re at 3 months postpartum right now, and my hair is everywhere! The shower is the worst–hair clogging up the catcher in huge volumes. I don’t think it has anything to do with thyroid or vitamins. The other times it eventually went back to normal, with no other sign of a thyroid problem. And I’m still taking my pre-natals every day due to nursing.

Ethel on

@soph, No. I’m 106.

Yay a on


I was reading along, thinking omg that’s sad… And that’s sad…

Then I came across ur comment and giggled out loud.

pattycake on

I wish more women would speak out about this! After the birth of my last child six years ago, my hair fell out by the fistful. I was in the shower one day and shrieked when I looked down and saw a HUGE hank of hair on the shower floor- I almost fainted. I went immediately to my GYN who then sent me to a dermatologist. After spending hundreds of dollars on meds and vitamins, the result was: no improvement whatsoever. It’s hormonal and it just takes time. I lost so much hair I honestly thought I would be bald at one point, but gradually the hair loss stopped. My hair is not as thick and shiny as it was before all of this happened, but I never went bald :-D. I encourage anyone going through this traumatic experience to just relax and wait for it to pass- it will.

Jeanette on

I had the same problem after my daughter was born. My doctor did a blood test that showed I was low in an amino acid called “L-Serine”. This is not a prescription, nor an over the counter drug. It is a nutritional supplement. This is a naturally occurring substance, but for some reason after pregnancy it gets low. I took it 3 times a day and in less than a month, my hair stopped falling out. He ordered this from Douglas Laboratories..I still order it, as it seems that about once every year or two or in times of stress, my hair will fall out again. I hope this information will help you and anyone else who has had this problem.

Bev on

I went through this as well with both of my kids after they were born. At about the 2 1/2 -3 month mark I was losing so much hair it was ridiculous! At pregnancy we keep so much of our own and its healthy shiny and thick( for me it was) But wow i really thought I was going bald after about 2 years of it falling out … but I did not go bald my hair did thin out alot though.

b on

biotin makes it stop after taking it for 2 to 3 months – like 3 bucks at good ol walmart

Nunya on

Oh Selma, I love you! Thanks for being so down to Earth. I totally feel your pain at hair loss and your bliss at being able to get a shower and/or 10 minutes to yourself!

Lucy on

Ethel is an AWESOME name. I always wanted a friend named Ethel (I’m sure you can guess why.)
…and you’re one to talk, SOPH. at least Ethel is a whole name.

Thank you Selma Blair for causing this discussion! I just had my hair cut REALLY short because it was SO thin and getting thinner… (I asked the stylist for the “Rihanna” but instead she gave me the “Justin Beiber”)

thanks for the tip, Jeanette, about the L-Serine. I have tried Biotin (for a YEAR) and it didn’t do anything. I have tried almost everything! I don’t have any kids, but suffer from hair loss nonetheless. Do you think L-Serine will work for non-moms? Should I take it with a multi-vitamin? I’ll try just about anything at this point.

I’m still hopeful there is help out there for baldilocks like me, that doesn’t involve looking like a teenage boy…

soph on

Aww, why so cranky, Lucy?

Celi on

Ladies! I am terrrified!!! I can see bald parches!!! My baby is NOW 4 months and still losing hair. Im taking prenatals and nutrilite hair and nail vitamins but nothing seems to help! All I do is cry…