Jeffrey Dean Morgan: Gus Answers ‘No’ to Everything

11/21/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Jill Johnson/JPI

It looks like actors Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan aren’t the only ones who can put on a good show.

The parents of son Gus, 20 months, admit their “rowdy” baby boy is already giving them a run for their money.

“He learned how to say, ‘No.’ He used to say, ‘I’m done,’ and now he looks at you and says, ‘No!'” Morgan, 45, told PEOPLE during the Breaking Dawn – Part 1 premiere on Nov. 14 in Los Angeles.

“It’s like, ‘Gus, can you come here?’ He’s like, ‘No!'”

But, for now, Burton, 29, adds that Gus’s newfound defiance is all fun and games. “He says it with a laugh, like it’s hilarious,” the White Collar star says.

The tight trio recently spent time in Miami Beach as Morgan filmed his new STARZ show Magic City and, despite the constant juggling of job and baby, the couple coped — mostly — on their own.

“It’s hard. Between the two of us, we’ve had our hands full. But we’ve managed to do it without any help,” the actor reveals. “We have babysitters now and again, but we don’t have nannies. We wing it, man.”

However, their no-nanny stance hasn’t come without the occasional sacrifice. “This is our second pseudo adult-night out,” he laughs.

“I’m going to say pseudo because I’m not sure if Twilight is an adult night. It’s a night out.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Jessica Wedemeyer

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klutzy_girl on

These two are so adorable together! Can’t wait for Magic City and for White Collar to return in January!

Swart on

Wow….way to lie there Jeff. Yes you do have ‘help’… it is not just you two raising that kid and you know it! I can’t believe how many lies these two are playing out. Fakers!

Swart on

Wow Jeff….those are some lies you’re telling…you do have ‘help’…it’s not just the two of you raising the kid. I can’t believe the lies these two are playing out. Fakers!

JayJay on

These two kill me with their fake shit. There is no relationship between them, he’s been seeing someone else all along. Don’t know why they keep on with this act, it’ll come undone sooner or later and they will both look real stupid.

Kris on

Someone has a PR team working over time right now. This interview took place on November 14th and suddenly it’s here, 17 days later! Was the attention not enough two weeks ago, that someone had to milk it for a little more.

Kris on

This is a link to a video from August 2011 staring Hilarie where she clearly states she has a nanny around the 2:50 mark you will see she mentions watching White Collar with her child’s nanny.

So yet again it seems that she and Jeffrey are singing from very different hymn sheets. Like back in 2010 when she said she wouldn’t say the kids age or name because she wanted to protect him, then a few months later he goes on TV and names the kid and gives his age. I have to wonder if these two even communicate? They never seem to act very naturally around each other and are always contradicting one another.

Danielle on

jealous much people? ever heard of, If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all? just because you wish you had their lives doesn’t mean you have to be bitter. No I am not saying something mean I am stating the obvious which apparently you can’t see. My cousin has known Hilarie since they were kids, they don’t have nannies, they do have babysitters every once and a while, but they are always friends of the family.

Sarah on

Jeff and Hilarie did NOT film “Magic City” together!!! ONLY Jeff is in the show, he actually is the star of the show!!!

Sarah on


Kris on

Danielle, you are absolutely wrong. They do have nannies!

Hilarie even admitted as much herself. There is a video on youtube, go search for “Hilarie Burton’s White Collar Dream” and watch until around the 2:50 mark, she mentions her child’s nanny. So get your facts straight before claiming you are on the inside. You clearly are not, because right there is proof from Hilarie herself that they DO use a nanny.

Also, do you seriously expect people to believe that they have “family friends” in NYC, New Orleans, Vancouver and Miami etc. Highly unlikely and family friends don’t give up their lives to look after someone else’s kid.

kendrajoi on

I have no idea who she is and I had no idea he was in a relationship. I’m jealous, he’s hot!

Jennifer on

Wow, apparently these two have some stalkers!

FYI – plenty of people use the words nanny and babysitter interchangably.

And I know plenty of people who have family, friends, and family friends in several cities. Just because you guys have never left smalltown Hicksville…Get over it kids!

Cassie on

Attention Mr. Morgan.

The woman who is not Hilarie, not your mom, not your sister, not your granny, not your neighbor, not Hilarie’s mom, and who you pay ever two weeks IS the nanny. Just thought you might need a little help sorting that out because maybe your new bifocals aren’t strong enough.

soph on

“jealous much people? ever heard of, If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all? just because you wish you had their lives doesn’t mean you have to be bitter. No I am not saying something mean I am stating the obvious”

No, you’re not stating anything obvious. Criticism does not equal jealousy or bitterness. If you didn’t have anything nice to say — which you didn’t — you could have tried taking your own advice then, eh hon?

LO on

I watched the you tube video and I do not think that she’s referring to her child’s nanny. a lot of people call their grandmothers nanny, and I believe that’s what she’s referring to. The timing is off for her to have thought that before auditioning for the show.

Jen on

Didn’t know about this pair, but LUV these two together! What a beautiful couple. They definitely seem to fit like a glove in personality. Wish them and their baby all happiness and success. xoxo

tamara on


tamara on

he is hot

Horton on

LO, you missed a step in there. Hilarie left OTH, and her first audition was right then. She did an audition video in Puerto Rico with JDM, for Grey’s Anatomy. They like 90% of her other auditions weren’t interested, but that’s the way it goes. Certainly once she knew there was a baby on the way she didn’t audition further. Why would she? She stayed there, blogged and vlogged, then moved to LA for a few weeks and did the same there. Then she went back home to hide out. Talk of meetings, work, and graphic novels were false, as they were all through the pregnancy. After the baby she had a few more auditions, one of which was for White Collar. After that there were a at least a dozen video auditions none of which resulted in her getting work. When she was talking in that video about being on WC, it was about just when Gus was born or in the weeks before him being born. She made this interview in August of this year.

Honora on

LO, Hilarie told the exact same story in an earlier interview calling the person she watched White Collar with her “friend,” “Claudia.” Do people usually call their grandmothers’ their “friend” and by their first names too?

“friend” Claudia = nanny.

The timing isn’t off because Hilarie had Gus in mid March 2010 and she didn’t start on White Collar until late May 2010. She obviously had a nanny since the baby was born and was talking about something that happened in the weeks before she was cast.

Cassie, do they still use Claudia as the nanny or do they have someone else now (you seem to know their nanny).

The whole claim of not having a nanny or ony using sitters “every now and again” is ridiculous when you consider that Jeffrey has been in Miami for Magic City since the June 2nd 2011 and Hilarie was in NYC working on White Collar most of the spring and summer until they wrapped in the last week of August 2011. THEN Hilarie went to Wilmington, NC to do a movie which wasn’t wrapped until late September. Jeffrey was in Miami that whole time so it really stretches credulity that not only did NOT have a nanny, they didn’t have help and they only used babysitters “now and again.” Very hard to believe or take that claim seriously. Sorry, buddy. LOL.

jennrae on

Neither of them is a particularly big star so why would they lie? Furthermore, why would anyone care?

Normally, fake Hollywood relationships consist of one big star and an almost unknown for the purposes of launching the latter’s career. The bigger actor usually has something to hide, usually being gay, and the mutually-beneficial relationship obviously serves to cast doubt on any rumors or rumblings of homosexuality that might come up.

That could be the case here, since JDM has a more promising career than HB, but he’s not exactly on the A-list.

Mo on

Wow… these are the craziest comments that I have ever read on a story

Tara on

sounds like a one-night stand that ended in pregnancy. now they’re toughing it out together for the sake of the kid.

Julia on


Kay on

Sounds like there must be a reason to lie so shamelessly…

Marty on

WHOA! Why is everyone so angry? Personally, it doesn’t matter to me whether they have a nanny or not, and really it is none of my business, and it really has nothing to do with any of you either. I think all of this negative energy could be put to better use saving the world or something….just sayin’.

Amy on

Wow, someone commenting on this thread must have been personally screwed over by one of these actors. I can’t imagine holding that much venom in regards to either of them or about the fact of whether or not they have a nanny. Why do you know so much about their filming and/or traveling schedules? Get a life and post only under one name, please.

Amy on

@Marty, I think the “everyone” you’re referring to is one person posting under multiple names. I cannot believe that there is more than one stalker out there regarding either of these two or anyone else who might know so much about their filming and traveling schedules. It’s a little frightening.

nicole on

Wierdos. Why the hell do you care so passionately if this couple has a nanny or not? Who cares?! There are people dying in Afghanistan!!!

Jesse on

Sarah, learn to read, no where there does it say she is staring in his show.

Mama lady on

Who cares if they have a nanny or not anyway? So what if they lied about it or not. Do any of us.know them personally and therefore have reason to have hurt feelings over it? I don’t give a rip if they have a nanny or a dog watching over their kid. I think they are cute and hope their kid grows up happy.

J on

Well said Soph. 🙂

Jordy on

They were only dating for a few months before she got pregnant. They kept the pregnancy a complete secret and didn’t even publicly step out as a couple until a few months after she had the baby. She also said in an interview that she wouldn’t talk about her child, they wanted to shield him from the public spotlight, like they are that huge of stars anyways (I am a fan of JDM so I’m not bashing them). I find it odd that now they are publicly speaking about him when they both were so high strung on keeping him to themselves. And they do have a nanny, she wouldn’t say nanny if she didn’t mean nanny. If you called your grandpa Pookey would you say that in an interview without clarifying?

SoapBoxGirl on

Agree with Mo and Julia – What is up with the hate for these 2 in the comments? Geez, so sad how easy it is for people to spew hatred, especially when the comments are coming from people who do not know these two personally.

mezie on

It doesn’t matter if anyone knows them personally or not, it’s naive to assume people here actually don’t know them directly in some way. The original rumor of her being pregnant began in comments like this. So I would not be at all surprised if the things said here are true.

The fact is, if they have a nanny and claim they don’t, they are lying. And if they are lying about that, what else is a lie with them?

I think Sarah was right, they are both actors and it’s a pity that most people take actors at their word and never look below the surface. Kudos to those who do! If more people actually took the time to see what had been going on with these two (Hilarie in particular) from the get go, then maybe you’d all be on the same page and see that the so called “hate” is actually quite justified.

PS…if you don’t care if they have a nanny or not, why take the time out to bother reading and replying to comments?

MR on

OMG the people commmenting on here are crazy.

Betty Finn on

Ha! Some of you are seriously coo-coo for coco puffs. Who gives a crap if they use a nanny or said they did and now say they don’t? That’s a really ridiculous thing to spend time worrying about. And to go so far as to refer to a specific time marker on a youtube video as proof? Wowsers. You’re a weirdo.

MJ McBelle on

I loved him in Grey’s even though he and Heigl’s plot lasted too long. I liked him in The Losers and PS I Love You. I hope he gets more stuff.

Goldie on

I have never seen so many ridiculous comments on something so totally insignificant. Who gives a rat’s butt whether they have a nanny or not? Come on people….get a life!!!!

boston on

Wow, you people have way too much time on your hands worrying about whether or not they have nannies. If I could have afforded a part-time nanny after my 2nd, I would have gotten one in a heartbeat, and after the 3rd, probably increased her hours!

Willow on

And most of you have WAY too much time on your hands to be here reading, leave alone commenting on how other people are crazy and wasting their time.

Makes hypocrite of you all when you to say it’s sad for others to do it, when you’re reading, replying, and wasting so much of your own time on it too. Get a clue!

Julianna on

My brother went through the same phase a while back – he’s now 23 months old. It was funny because his answer to everything was no. Now, he talks a lot and even smacks my door down until I open it up for him.

I had no idea they were still together – I knew they had a son, but since they had never mentioned when the baby was born and how they had named him (and since they lay really low), I thought they had broken up. Good to see they’re still together, if they are.

Hil on

I do not have a Nanny. Period. End of discussion. Quote me on that.

Mikaylah on

I love these two! I wasn’t a fan of Hilarie before she was on White Collar (I never watched OTH), but I am a huge JDM fan. They seem like happy, down to earth people.

Sammie on

Man I am tired of these stars thinking that they are just wonderful people not having a boat load of nannies. They have ONE KID! OK Lets all say “good for you” and pat them on the back. Come into the real world bozos. It would be a hell of a shock that is waiting for you.

salem light on

Wow!! reading these comments, it seem that some people/fans have taken serious offense to these two and it’s not just here on this post others posts have been really brutal towards these two, I personnally don’t give a Sh%#, but I am a huge JDM fan and I’ve been pissed with him since he and Mary Louise Parker broke-up,(but I still think he hot), now those two fit like a hand in glove, him and Hilarie I’m just not feeling it maybe it’s the age different or they seem like they are in two different worlds especially when they are out in public, but “cest la vie whatever will be will be”. Like one of the comments said..these two are actors, they are professional bullsh&#ers that what they get paid the big bucks for so if they are living a happy life or a life of lies who give a sh#t. For the comment here that threw out the insinuation of homosexuality on one of their parts if you were talking about JDM may you burn in H%ll for even thinking that.

Honora on

If it’s silly, obsessive and a waste of time to point out lies told by celebrities, that would make taking the time to post oddly defensive comments in support of these lies….. what exactly? Sillier, also obsessive and a bigger waste of time??? Naive and in need of celebrity romance fairytales, in any case. I don’t know what’s going on with Jeffrey and Hilarie, but this story about not having nannies and doing it all themselves is a huge falsehood that I felt the urge to point out. So shoot me. Scratch that, some of you are probably such big fans of these people that you might take me up on that just for pointing out the obvious. And yes, it IS obvious to anyone who takes off their rose colored fan-glasses while reading celebrity statements.

Jesse, when this article was first posted it read that Jeffrey AND Hilarie starred in Magic City. Someone corrected that mistake after Sarah posted.

Hmm on

Hm, they dont have nannies huh? Thats why I have seen them in NY multiple times with nannies. That is all they do, is have nannies to raise that child.

salem light on

Wow!!!people these two are professional actors at least he is, I’m not familiar with her, which in turn means they are nothing more than professional BS artists, that what they get paid the big bucks for (the comments are rough here but other posts have been down right brutal toward these two). If they are living a happy life or a life of lies, get over it who give a crap about a nannie or anything else. I’m still pissed he and Mary Louise Parker broke-up (but still I’m of huge fan of his), I love her and they always looked so good together, this chick…who the heck is she anyway???, she don’t look like she going to be a career booster for JDM(like Mary Louise was) so it’s must be something else that keeping them together and I don’t believe the homosexuality insinuation especially about JDM, her I don’t know enough about her to said one way or the other but I will defend him.

KMD on

I wish them well with their bundle of joy! It’s wonderful that they are spending as much time as possible with little Gus. Soon enough, they won’t be able to. And if they need a “nanny” or “sitter” occasionally, so be it. I wish their little family well. Being an older father has obviously made JMD want to spend as much time as possible with Gus. Some younger fathers should take a page from his book!! Then maybe they wouldn’t be so jealous of him.

Whatever on

Oh, hi there Hil! How nice of you to take time to comment on this article. Just like you to get involved with petty fan drama, isn’t it? Maybe you should go do another vlog or blog to set the record straight (or a bit more crooked than it already is!)

Libs on

Salem……clearly you do give a massive s**t because you’re more opinionated than most any other poster here! Saying you don’t care or don‘t know details, when clearly you do, makes you as big a hypocrite as the majority of people here. Quit pretending to sit on the fence, you obviously chose your side a long time ago. Pretending you are above it all just makes you look as childish as the freaks in question!

Tawrens on

Salem where you been? He boosted her career. Everytime a reporter talked to him she looked pissed and hung all over him. He hit it big in 1996 when he starred in Burning Zone long before he ever met Parker. GA was tiring and I only watched the 2nd season becaude JDM was in it and I still fell asleep. After 6 times I rewound and fast forwarded to his parts which were good until Izzy started whining when he told her he’d be fine. The cutting of the LVAD wire just proved how truly unstable mentally she was and was a total jump the shark moment. Best role? John Winchester in Supernatural although he rocked as Clay in the Losers.

Nina on

These comments… Geez!

Denise on

Yuck! He’s 16 years her senior. Demi Moore was crucified for being 16 yrs older than Ashton. Such a sexist world we live in. Jeffrey you’re too OLD for her. And she’s not very pretty compared to many other actresses.

KR on

I could care less if they have a nanny or not, but I find it a little bit hard to believe that they don’t.

What concerns me is, if he’s lying about this…what else is he lying about?

Lies are generally magnetic and you have to tell more and more to explain the preceding lies. I can’t help but wonder if this sudden change in approach to the media regarding the baby is some kind of deflection or cover up. It’s certainly very strange to go from silent and private to vocal and public in this way (well over a year after the fact) without just cause.

salem light on

It’s sad that people cannot come to a post to read an article about a star they like and express them self in comments without being suddenly part of a vast conspriacy, people are taking this issue to darn seriously. Hopefully these two are not like their looney-tune fans on both side and @Libs you are assuming a lot and you know what they said about people who assume, take a breath IT IS NOT THAT SERIOUS..crazies are on both ends of the spectrum here. Boy these two bring out the disdain in people to the extreme, that’s not good.

Kay on

And what’s the purpose to let people believe there is no nanny? I really can’t understand it!

Libs on

I know some people, who know some people. The general concensus is that if these two no longer have a nanny, it’s down to Hilarie’s controlling nature. Pretty sure she would hate to allow Jeff the freedom to do as he pleased while in charge of her kid.

I’ve been told he was sleeping with someone else when she got pregnant and that he continued to do so all through her pregnancy and to my knowledge, is still sleeping with someone else even now. I expect this strange turn of events is all somehow down to that little known fact. I expect she knows he doesn’t love her and is only playing along with this to maintain contact with the kid. She is probably trying to make life hard for him by allowing no outside help, to prevent him from having the life that he clearly wants without her.

Pretty sure that’s what she did with her ex hubby too. Tried to make his life revolve around her and when she got bored, she cut and run and did the dirty on him. Thus destroying his poor ass. I just hope the kid doesn’t get caught in the middle when she gets bored of Jeff.

ArmyOfOne on

Let me see if we have this straight. He said there is no nanny and Hilarie has said there is? Obviously he’s saying that with a purpose and call it a hunch, but I think he’s doing it for the fact that they have a baby and it could screw her up for getting work. I’ve had it happen to me. In an interview and I’m asked if I have kids. I say yes, and the next question is whether or not I have back up child care if my sitter bails on me, or if the kids are sick are they in good hands so I won’t miss work. If Hilarie is hired for a job, she might want it known that she’s not going to be a whiner about when the baby has a cough or whatever because she’s all super capable and whatever. The problem they have is that she has already said they have a nanny so now they’re into a situ where they have to lie. They might not also see that her being all able to work and take care of the baby isn’t a problem. Admit you have a nanny and people know you’re set up to work full time. They screwed up in reverse almost.

Personally I think they do have a nanny because I can’t see how they would do their work without one. Somebody reliable has to be there for that baby. You don’t trust your baby to just anybody. Does it suck that they lied to cover all this up, sure it does. They had to know they’d be caught.

What really bugs me to hell about this whole thing is that they didn’t do anything publicly until now, and now it’s like they’re everywhere with baby this and baby that. That doesn’t sit right with me. If you want to protect your baby you don’t advertize him to the world and you don’t suck face on the carpet of a movie that isn’t even yours. Nobody else did that. So I can see why they might have lied about the nanny part of it but I can’t really forgive the stuff they’ve done all around that. If Hilarie weren’t okay with this she wouldn’t have played along with it, so I have to assume that she wants this attention on them as a couple and the baby too. Same for him. It’s kind of sad because I didn’t think either was that self serving and attention hungry.

salem light on

@Tawrens I fell in love with Mary lousie Parker when she was in Fried Green Tomato, she also was in a movie Long Time Companion and played a excellent part, I didn’t know who JDM was until the Watchman and then I thought it was Robert Downey Jr that when I started watching his movie and developed my crush. Sorry Mary Louise has been a talented movie star much longer than JDM and to be honest he still in the novice stage of his fame and the weird sh** he keep doing he going to stay there, it seem like he just can’t catch lady luck and hold on to her but have no trouble catching as I seen on one post “a clinging Mama Wolf”.

ArmyOfOne on

This whole thing is so dumb. He said before that she’s all amazing because she’s doing it all and now he has to say they don’t have a nanny because if he told the truth everyone will know he lied before. It’s a reshuffle to cover his a$$ but me messed it up. She was in NYC working. Someone was looking after the baby and it wasn’t some occasional parachute in babysitter. She’d have someone locked in and on the payroll so there wouldn’t be any surprises. Makes sense, right? If you look at the big picture, 100 years from now nobody will even know who they are or even care. Gus’s grand kids might know about them but that’s it. So how special are they? I think they just fooled around, he got caught, and now he’s on the hook. He isn’t the first, he won’t be the last. He could have been a bit more choosy though. But then, so could she. LOL

Dg on

Prove it

Kay on

This is not a trial. Why should people prove what is just an opinion?

There is an article here and a proper space for readers’ comments. Not necessarily they have to give their approval.

Personally I don’t care if they have a nanny or not but I think this is a pretty odd contradiction inside a couple in harmony.

@ Sarah, what do you mean by saying REMEMBER THEY ARE ACTORS ???

Chrisie on

OMG I can’t believe the hate around here. I love JDM and have since the first time I saw him as John Winchester on SPN (I then watched him on GA and fell in love with Denny as well) I’ve enjoyed pretty much everything he’s done. As for Hilarie I always liked her on OTH though I stopped watching regularly in mid S3 I did go back to watch her and CMM in their final season to see them ride off into the sunset. All I can say is who gives a crap if they use a nanny or not? As for him and MLP I couldn’t stand her. She dumped him TWICE and anytime she was seen in public with him looked liked she’d been sucking on a lemon. He deserved to find someone who loves him just like everyone else in this world. I’m thrilled he now has a son as he has always seemed very good around children. I’ve seen interviews with him and his mother raised him to be a gentleman. I admire and respect that! I will continue to support his career and can’t wait to see him in Magic City this spring. Maybe I’ll even head over to Miami to see if I can get a glimpse of him. I’ve met (and have friends) who know a lot of the cast of SPN and they have all been down to earth and very humble and adored working with Jeff. I wish him all the happiness in the world. To the rest of you who prefer to spew hate – karma is a bitch.

Karma on


alltheworldastage on

I guess Karma is a “bitch” because everytime he’s seen in public with Hilarie he looks like not only is he sucking on a lemon but he had a double doses of Cymbalta

Ed on

Kay you are wrong prove it

Ed on

Kay you are clueless