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11/21/2011 at 12:00 PM ET

Happy Monday! Kick off Thanksgiving week with today’s links:


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Tee on

Got to tell you, I’ve never heard anyone compare breastfeeding to slavery before. That really bothers me.

Sarah K. on

Children who are read to by their parents score better on tests…that’s news? Lol I was pretty sure that was just basic common sense.

Amanda on

Read the article Tee- I think they translated what he was saying wrong, he definitely didn’t say it in a negative way he was just talking about how his wife was worried about having enough milk. Either way, people will think what they think about breastfeeding. You can’t let it get to you.

I agree Sarah LOL There has been a ton of hype on the benefits of reading to your kids since at least the 90s

Rachel on

I think my favorite ever toys growing up were my doll strollers! My brother (a year younger) and I used to spend hours out strolling our dolls up and down the street in matching green dinosaur strollers 🙂 When my godson turned two I bought him the red and black version of the graco doll stroller pictured above (hate the pink… blah.) and he and his little sister – now 5 and 7 – have both loved and used that thing like crazy. One of the best $10 I’ve ever spent. Great toy for boys and girls!

Anonymous on

I was bothered a bit by Nicolas’s comments about breastfeeding too…but not the slavery part. What bothered me is that he mentioned that, when women breastfeed, men are freed from the responsibilities of feeding because they don’t have to worry about bottles.

Well, newsflash for him, breastfeeding doesn’t automatically mean bottles aren’t part of the equation. Thanks to a little thing called a breast pump, it’s entirely possible for fathers of breastfed babies to give their babies a bottle from time to time! That comment seemed not only ignorant to me, but also like Nicolas was saying that it’s good for men when women breastfeed…because that means they don’t have to help out with baby duty as much. I can’t stand men who have attitudes like that!

Having said that, however, I realize that it could just be bad translation (i.e., the way his comments are printed in the article may not be the way he originally meant them, as another poster pointed out), cultural differences (maybe, for example, pumping isn’t as common over in France as it is here in the states), or some combination of the three. So I’m not judging him for what he said, just saying that his comments rubbed me the wrong way!

Anonymous on

Okay, apparently I can’t count. Obviously I meant “Or some combinaton of the two” not three! Whoops!

Anyway, about the other articles:

The reading one may not exactly be news, but I’m all for anything promoting reading making the news. I love reading, have ever since I first learned how to read (and enjoyed looking at books even before then!), and it saddens me that a lot of kids today don’t seem to be doing much of it. So yeah for promoting reading!

And the doll stroller story makes me smile. When I was six, I wanted a doll stroller more than anything. So, needless to say, I was overjoyed when my grandparents bought me one for my seventh birthday! 🙂

Janna on

He’s the president of France, Anonymous #1. How much time do you think he’d spend on feeding the baby anyway?

Anonymous on

Janna- Being president doesn’t mean you can’t be hands-on with your kids. President Obama is proof of that! 🙂 I do see and understand your point, though.

Tee on

Yeah, I read the article. I suppose it’s possible that it simply came across wrong with translation. The wording bothered me, that’s all. But I’ll admit that I’m pretty serious when it comes to slavery. I don’t like comparisons.

Janna on

LOL… you think Obama is cooking for his kids three times a day?

Helene on

Janna, you can be a hands on parent and not cook!! I don’t consider cooking to be hands on parenting…..I think of that as more of a household chore, as non parents are doing it, too!

Sarah K. on

Helene, I think the point that Janna is trying to make is that, as the President, Obama does not have a lot of free time on his hands to spend with his kids. He has to travel internationally and domestically very very frequently, attend numerous meetings, etc. He doesn’t have time to help with homework, do school drop-offs, play outside everyday, and just have a long chat. Quite frankly, he wouldn’t be a very good president if he was doing that.

I see what you’re trying to say in the sense that Obama clearly loves and cares for his children. He tries to be the best father he can be. But, as far as free time, he doesn’t have a lot of it. Even when he is with his family, he’s available to the rest of the world at a moment’s notice. It’s just a fact of his job. But, just because he doesn’t get to be a hands on father while he’s in office doesn’t mean he isn’t a good father.

Jillian on

Sarah, I disagree with what you are saying. I believe our President is a hands on father….when he is around his girls. That was the point of Jannas conversation, that a President (or at least the ones she mentioned) don’t help out around the house. Even if you look at your regular parent that may travel a lot for business. They can still be hands on when home and then there are some who are not, I remember watching a Supernanny episode where a dad came home after traveling for work five days a week and doing nothing!! That is horrible! Some people feel it’s beneath them to be hands on. Anyone watching Dr Phil, Marriage Meltdowns?

Jillian on

The Helene post is me Jillian. I am assuming my second one will come through with the same name. I have never heard of a Helene and have been posting here as Jillian on my iPad for over a year!! There are several other people whose names pop up as Jillian but say they aren’t her. Can I please keep my name? What’s funny is I have not entered my name, email or location in probably a year. Not understanding why this is happening……..


Sarah K. on

Jillian, I understand what you’re trying to say, but we don’t know how hands on Obama is or if he helps out around the house, even when he’s home. The President of the U.S. doesn’t have a lot of downtime. He’s never not on call. He can’t refuse to answer his phone or rush to an impromptu meeting. Michelle has even said that at dinner, if he is there, he has his phone in hand and uses it. She said he was the worst offender of her “no phones at dinner” policy. That doesn’t mean I think he’s a disinterested parent – but, running a country means your attention is usually divided

Sarah K. on

Oops, sorry I hit submit by mistake. My last point was, being a hands on parent means being present frequently. You can’t call yourself a hands on parent if you’re not helping with homework, eating meals together, talking face to face, playing together, etc. Parents who are not hands on obviously still love their kids and do the best they can. Of course, most people have to work, so it’s a reality of life. But, let’s be honest – you can’t be “hands on” if you’re never there. Not being physically there is the definition of “hands off.”

Jillian on

Thanks for fixing my name!

My point is that a person can be hands on when they are home even if it’s for one hour a day.