Mini Must-Have: Theodore MacArthur’s Cool Sneakers

11/21/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
Denis Castro/Beverly News; Inset: Courtesy Rileyroos

With trendsetter Ali Larter for a mom (check out those bright shades!), it’s no surprise that son Theodore MacArthur is also quite the dresser.

On Oct. 15, we spotted the stylish duo at the pumpkin patch in Los Angeles.

And the towheaded 11-month-old was rocking a pair of Rileyroos‘ adorable Aspen Sportie Shoes ($32).

Crafted with super soft suede, Teddy’s footwear is designed to imitate mini bare feet, which makes them ideal for baby’s first steps.

See more of the company’s fun styles at

— Anya Leon

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Showing 26 comments

Anon on

Cute shoes, but sizes are on the small size, and they don’t answer their emails.

Lissette on

Ali doesn’t look too pleased in this photo. And baby looks like he needs the shades and not Mommy.

Jenna on

LOVE these shoes, my son has 3 pairs. Very comfortable and unique!

Ana on

Great that she’s got her son at the pumpkin patch. I personally love the glasses! Cute son. My son wore the Rileyroos, we liked them a lot.

Kat on

Good lord, last photo she was awful because he didn’t have shoes on – now sunglasses. Try putting sunglasses on an 11 month old, if they are anything like mine the sunglasses are on the ground in seconds!

Cute shoes, and love her hair!

J on

Oh please Lissette.

Lissette on

Oh please yourself. Pink has her daughter in sunglasses. Its possible. That poor kid is squinting and she is just absolutely perfect with her shades on. Despicable.

Kris on

Adorable kid and rockstar shoes! Wow….will check them.

amw on

love the shoes. love the mom. adorable kid. but i NEVER see him with a hat and he always seems to need them.

Siera on

@Lissette. So what if Pink had sunglasses on her daughter? That doesn’t mean Ali has to put them on her son. Like Kat said, most babies throw them on the ground before you know it. I swear some people just nitpick at the smallest little things. Maybe you should worry about your own kid(s).

cn tower on

“October 15”, People? There have been much more recent pictures of her on several other sites… seriously,what’s so special about the Halloween theme?

meg on

my kids never wore sunglasses because they never kept them on. guess that makes me a bad mom, lol.

we love riley roos, they are fantastic!

River on

He’s such a plump baby–so cute! He reminds me of my nephew at that age. My nephew was also a blonde (he’s now brunette) with the cutest chubby cheeks and “rolls”. Awww!

Alexandra on

I love his name! It sounds so regal.

Sarah K. on

Lol so glad he’s wearing shoes after the ridiculous comments on the last Ali Larter post about how she was “too lazy to fully dress” her non-walking baby. Of course now it’s the sunglasses. Someone call CPS!

Holiday on

I have 2 kids. My son sometimes kept his sun glasses on and my daughter has would wear them maybe 2 minutes tops before tossing them to the ground. Most babies will not tolerate sun glasses.

JLL on

Beautiful mom, and beautiful baby!!!

Maddie on

I can’t believe Teddy is 11 months already! Crazy! He’s a cute wee guy 🙂

Vanessa on

What a cutie! But I definetely agree that this child needs a hat! My son is never out without one!

Sarah S. on

Teddy is adorable, and those are cute shoes. Ali’s shorter haircut is awesome on her.

Siera on

Wow…first shoes, then sunglasses, now hat. Way to prove the point.

kendrajoi on

No hat, no shoes, no sunglasses…yep, future serial killer for sure!

More on topic, MILF alert! The baby is cute, too.

Helene on

Love her new haircut. He is so adorable. People humor me. Some children do not like hats and sunglasses, my daughter included. Since neither of them are required to keep her safe, I don’t force her to wear them. Bigger battles to deal with in this world.

Siera on

@kendra joi and @Helene. I know I agree, some people on this site only find joy by nitpicking at every little detail of a picture.

mypiecesandbits on

Its funny the things people notice and decide to comment on. The things I thought of when I saw this photo were how pretty Ali looked with her new haircut and how adorable Teddy is. Not once did my mind go to the fact that Ali was wearing glasses and he wasn’t, or that he wasn’t wearing a hat, or that he finally has shoes on. I’m sure Ali knows what is best for her own child. Why do people have to pick at the itty bitty insignificant details? This is a cute photo of a mother and her son out having a nice time together.

MHeart3 on

I think it very sad and pathetic that there are that many people who nitpick about a photo of a woman with her baby!! They obviously have nothing better to do than post rude comments, I can only imagine what these people look like!!! Mind your own business and worry about your own kids…..if you even have any. Every mother can chose how they want to dress they’re babies 🙂