Hilary Duff’s Baby Bump Is on the Move!

11/20/2011 at 12:00 PM ET
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Mom-to-be Hilary Duff may still be pregnant, but her baby boy is already set on stealing the spotlight.

“Today I got out of the shower and one side of my stomach [was] way bigger than the other side. It was the first time that I saw the baby actually moving in there!” the Devoted author, 24, told PEOPLE Monday at the launch of The Beauty Book for Brain Cancer in Los Angeles.

“It was like I had a little alien inside! I was hoping that the baby would move back over by the time I had to go on the [red] carpet.”

And after keeping it under wraps, Duff — who stepped out in a green sequined mini dress — is finally ready to bare her belly.

“At first I was wearing looser things because you’re a bigger version of yourself and you’re not really showing,” the actress shares.

“But now that I’m showing I’m kind of like, ‘Well, it’s there, and everyone knows it’s there,’ so I think it looks better to wear tighter clothes.”

Despite an easy pregnancy, Duff — who will welcome her son next year — admits she has had a few self-imposed scares along the way.

“I feel like the first pregnant woman on Earth. Every time I feel something, I’m like, ‘What is this? What’s happening?’ And I’m Googling and finding out that everyone has had the same symptoms and I’m totally not original,” she laughs.

But even though the expectant mama is generally simply suffering from ligament stretching, “which sounds really scary, but which isn’t scary at all,” she is ready for husband Mike Comrie to carry some of the load — literally!

“You know what I heard? I thought this was so funny — people actually have these prosthetic bellies that they can put on their husband that weigh as much as the baby does,” she says.

“[It] pushes on the bladder and strains the back so the husband knows what the wife is going through.”

Although Comrie has “definitely not agreed to do this,” Duff jokes he’s not completely off the hook just yet.

“I might give it a shot later on because there’s sympathy, but I want him to deeply understand what this is like,” she explains.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Reagan Alexander

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Miguel on

Hilary is such a cute pregnant lady, and is going to make a beautiful mother. 🙂

kendrajoi on

Could she be any more self-involved?????

nadya on

Well she is pregnant for the first time. It should be about her like all pregnant women. Let Hilary enjoy every moment..

Amanda K on

she looks so cute

Heather on

How is she being self involved?! She’s talking about her pregnancy… and she sounds like most other pregnant women to me.

emily on

I feel very connected to Hilary because we are the same age and both expecting our first child. When is she due? I feel like we look simillar.. She is a bit bigger…but I totally understand her saying that she wore looser clothes because basically….you just look fat! I find her very relatable, personally.

Kiki on

Self absorbed?! She’s a young woman who is experiencing a 1st pregnancy! If anyone claims to have NOT done similar things or felt similarly, you’re fooling yourself! The 1st is your learning curve for any future pregnancies – I think she’s just being honest and trying to enjoy the journey!

Good for her! And I say, make him wear the pretend baby belly! 😉

RKF on

What an asinine comment, @kendrajoi. Absolutely NOTHING about Hilary sounds self-involved, and what new mom isn’t somewhat absorbed with excited pregnancy talk? Nothing is more important than a woman taking care of herself (and baby!) both mentally and physically.

I wish Hilary the best – she’s adorable!

Anonymous on

She looks great!

Silly Silly on

She should be in listed in the dictionary for the definition of cute!! She is carrying like she is having a boy – perfect skin, no butt, and glowing! If you think she is being self-absorbed, then go ahead and “self-it”!

Susan Lewis on

Just wait til you’re in labor! Make sure he is there to hold your hand, so you can inflict a bit of pain on him! (kidding) as for the jealous fools who call her self involved: please do get a life. She is perfectly normal or a young first time mom to be.

Angela on

I was excited when I heard she was pregnant ’cause I loved watching her on Lizzie McGuire. She looked so adorable and simply glowing. I pray for a safe and healthy pregancy;and delivery of a healthy baby boy 🙂

JCool on

She. Looks. Fabulous.

Self-involved? Get real! She’s even poking fun at herself in this article. Perhaps you are a troll or have really poor reading comprehension skills. She is a breath of fresh air.

wearitOWNit.com on

Congrats Hilary! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy… She definitely has that pregnancy glow about her.

kendrajoi on

Like I said….self-involved people!!

LizA on

@kendrajoi-pull the stick outta your butt & say something nice. or nothing at all. geez!

geena on

what does she do again?

she’s so boring..

mommy3 on

Self-involved?? really? wow i didnt know being pregnant was anything other than self involved….having a baby is an amazing experience..youre bringing a life into the world! so yah kendrajoi take the stick out of your butt or just go away! Hilary is so adorable and she is so down to earth and she like all young firt time mothers is enjoying her pregnancy!!!


I actually agree with the comment about her sounding self sbsorbed, she got on my nerves!