Fab Sale Round-Up: Gilt Groupe, Rue La La and More!

11/19/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Courtesy Gilt Groupe

Next week, Gilt Groupe is hosting loads a few drool-worthy sales worth checking out. You’ll find loads of chic home décor, toys, gear, footwear and clothing from Vilebrequin (11/21), Kingsley (11/23), Pippa & Julie (11/25), Creative Toyshop (11/25), 9 Seed Maternity (11/25) and more.

They’re also opening a holiday Gilt Kids Toy Shop featuring brands including TeguKidkraft and Melissa & Doug that will remain open until Christmas.

Our picks: The Nuka London Top (now $27, originally $70) and the LeapFrog Fix & Learn Speedy (now $19, originally $25), above.

Not a member of Gilt? Use our exclusive link to sign up. You can also shop their new facebook shop.

Courtesy Amazon

Amazon: As they countdown to Black Friday, this online superstore is offering all kinds of great deals including free shipping when you spend $25 or more on certain items. Make sure to check it out for all your family’s needs.

Courtesy Blik

Blik: Starting 11/26, they’re offering 20 percent off their fun, kid-friendly wall decal designs including their new eco-friendly pattern wall tiles that are PVC- and phthalates-free. Just enter code: LEFTOVERS at checkout. For more details, go to whatisblik.com.

Courtesy Britax

Britax: To ensure smooth travels for families with small children during day-to-day transportation and vacations, they’re giving away a free travel cart ($80) with the purchase of BOULEVARD® 70 car seat until Nov. 15 or supplies last.

Courtesy Burlington

Burlington: Love to give back during the holidays? Burlington Coat Factory has launched their 5th annual “Warm Coats & Warm Hearts” coat drive, where you can donate your family’s gently used coats at one of the store’s 460 locations until Jan. 16. The donated coats will be distributed to those in need within local communities.

Courtesy Final Inches

Final Inches: Still have a few inches to lose? Enter for your chance to win the chance to have them melted away in the Here Today, Gone Tomorrow contest. Just explain why you deserve to win in 100 words or less and submit your entry to submissions@finalinches.com by Nov. 30. For more info, go to their Facebook page.

Courtesy Giggle

Giggle: We love everything this children’s boutique stocks, so we were more than excited to hear they’ve launched Giggle Deals — a weekly deal on everything from gear and clothing to baby body care products.

This week, they’re featuring sales on  YBIKES (ends 11/29), iPlay Layette (begins 11/21), Lassig Diaper Bags (begins 11/22) and Graco Carseats (begins 11/23).

Sign up for daily Giggle Deals at giggle.com and receive $10 off your first order.

Courtesy HauteLook

HauteLook: Here’s what’s coming up next week at this private sale site: 11/20 — Baby Rhys Adventure Gear and Boys Club: Durable Designs, 11/21 — Angel Dear and Eddie Marc Kids (left), 11/22 — Barn Organics, 11/23 — TEDCO, 11/26 — Twirls & Twigs and All About the Boys event

Courtesy K&J Sun Protective Clothing

K&J Sun Protective Clothing: Winter is here! But you still need to protect your tots from the sun’s harmful UV rays. We love this company’s adorable 100 percent cotton tees. Created by a board-certified dermatologist (and mom-of-two), they provide UPF 50+ sun-protection with no added chemicals.

Right now, they’re offering 35 percent off when you enter code: back2school at checkout. With this kind of deal, we’re snapping up the super cute Dig It T-shirt ($25) for our little guy.

Courtesy Lazoo

Lazoo: Love bright kids clothing? Then make sure to check out this brand’s new e-shop, which stocks everything from striped giraffe rompers ($27, left) to monkey sweatshirts. Added bonus: They’re offering our readers an exclusive discount. Until Nov. 30, you’ll receive 20 percent off when you enter code: PEOPLE20 at checkout.

Courtesy Rue La La

Little Rue: Beginning Nov. 15 at 8PM EST, they are featuring its first-ever “Doing a Little Good” boutique curated by celeb mom Courteney Cox with proceeds benefitting her fave charity, EBMRF. The sale will include hand-picked items from Joe’s Jeans Kids, Kit+Lili and vintage Chanel.

To learn more about Courteney’s charity choice, personal style, inspiration, and the one accessory that she simply cannot live without go to: ruelala.com/blog. And to register & shop her sale or read her exclusive Q&A, please visit ruelala.com/courteneycox.

Courtesy The Mini Social

The Mini Social: Check out what’s coming up in this e-sample site: 11/19 — Scribbles, 11/20 — Gypsy05 Kids, 11/21 — Egg Baby (left), Ragg Shoes, Petit Collage, Motojaxx and Milo Paper, 11/22 — Knitwits, Deos Headphones, Brooklyn Junior and Maya Organic, 11/23 — Mixed Up Clothing, Lace Leggings and Vitamins Baby, 11/25 — LAMade, Wes & Willy, Paulina Quintana and Minimink

Courtesy of Nomie Baby

Nomie Baby: The cold weather is already here and they’d like to help you warm up & gear up for winter. Just enter code: OctSnow when ordering your little one a warm & cozy stroller blanket and get $5 off your entire order.

Courtesy of Patemm Pad

Patemm Pad: They’ve just launched their limited edition winter collection — Washington Square Park, Gramercy Park, Central Park Zebra and Rexington Avenue (left) — and to celebrate they’re offering them at the special price of $50 each for all their Facebook Fans.

Make sure to LIKE them on Facebook for the special price.

Courtesy of Polarn O. Pyret

Polarn O. Pyret: We’re big fans of this Swedish-based brand. Right now, they’re offering 20 percent off full-price outerwear and free shipping over $100 when you enter code: CBBPOP at checkout. Happy shopping!

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Mira on

The model in the first picture is scary skinny. I hope she’s not really pregnant.

Sloanesmomma on

i dont agree she is not scary skinny she looks healthy and fit!!

cct0303 on

I agree with you Mina, some people’s definition of looking healthy is looking anorexic!

Anonymous on

The model on the cover page looks sick, seriously, they need to invest in some healthy looking preggo models.

cn tower on

I agree – this model wasn’t the best choice to portray a healthy pregnant woman….doubt she’s pregnant.

River on

Anorexic? Seriously? Just because a large majority of Americans are overweight (and most developed countries are catching up to that percentage of obesity), does not mean skinny women are anorexic. Just because being thin, fit, and healthy is no longer the “norm”, does not mean it is abnormal or crazy. That model looks perfectly healthy to me. That’s how my sister looked when she was pregnant, and she is NOT anorexic or unhealthy. I am thin like that and plan on keeping my figure once I get pregnant, and I am NOT anorexic or unhealthy either.

anonymous on

Model looks seriously anorexic and inappropriate for a pregnancy ad!

Cassie on

Agree with River. She is not unhealthy or anorexic at all. It’s so sad that obesity is so accepted but someone who looks like this has the problem…right.

Mira on

I totally agree that the image of what’s “normal” has shifted in the wrong direction towards overweight and unhealthy bodies. However, this model looks like she’s in her last trimester. At that point, she should’ve gained at least 15 pounds in order to have a healthy pregnancy. How would she look 15-20 pounds thinner? She’ll look scary and in anorexic territory. If she hasn’t gained any weight, then that’s not normal either.

My SIL is normally 90 pounds on a 5’3″ frame and even she looked somewhat chubby in the last trimester of her pregnancy. It is NOT normal to look like you’ve swallowed a ball, without any extra weight on your face, thighs, arms, etc in your last trimester.

Carrie Jo on

Just because people are rejecting extreme skinniness as beautiful or healthy does not mean they think obesity is beautiful or healthy. Sure, there are women who are that skinny naturally, but most women are not. Not being skinny does not make a person obese and it is rude to say that it does.

River on

Mira, that’s ignorant. Everybody is different. Not everyone swells up in their last trimester. Have you seen Miranda Kerr? She was model-thin in her last trimester and she gave birth to a chubby, healthy baby boy. Selma Blair also remained thin throughout her whole pregnancy. As I said before, my sister is just as thin as the model in the photo and looked exactly like that in her 3rd trimester. She only gained 30 lbs throughout her pregnancy, and none of it was in fat. The weight gained during pregnancy should consist of the baby, the placenta, and all the fluids the mother’s body is holding onto, NOT fat! My sister went back to 5’8″ 120 lbs just one month after giving birth and her doctor gave her a clean bill of health. Her son was also in perfect health and she had an uncomplicated pregnancy. He is now two years old and thriving. I have a similar frame as my sister (5’7″ and about 115-120 lbs; I fluctuate) and I do not starve myself. I am a health conscious vegan and I lead an active lifestyle. I plan on having a child within the next 5 years and I WILL keep my figure throughout my pregnancy. Again, I look just as thin as the model in the photograph (minus the belly) and I am not “anorexic”. I have two doctor appointments per year and my primary care physician has never complained. All my vitals are fine, and all my tests always come back perfect.

Indira on

You know sometimes they put fake on straight sized models. I’ve seen pregnant women that were all belly but, this lady just looks unusual. Why is that area next to her right elbow so big and her belly is completely to the other side. It looks crazy. Plus the model looks about 8ft tall.

MiB on

She looks a bit like my cousin at the beginning of her 3rd trimester. My cousin is naturally thin and usually gets really sick in her 1st trimester, when she gains weight again, you only see it in her belly and boobs as the rest of her body only gains back her “normal” weight. And her last one was a healthy 7,5 lbs. 5 days after giving birth she looked about 5 months pregnant, 5 months later she looks as if she’s never given birth at all. That’s just how her body works.

People have different bodies, some are all belly, some hardly look pregnant, some gain a lot of weight, others loose weight or gain very little. An old neighbour, who was heavily overweight (borderline obese) already before getting pregnant, just looked like she gained weight all over, but that was just water retention, in reality she lost weight during pregnancy due to a combination of morning sicknes and a pregnancy realted diabetes that forced her to change her diet radically. A mother at the kindergarten I worked at looked really sick and drawn during her pregnancies (she was a mother of 3) as she lost a lot of weight at the beginning and then for some reason had a tendency to keep loosing weight in her face even when she started to gain weight again.