Eric Church Reveals Wife’s Pre-Show Pumping Performance

11/19/2011 at 05:00 PM ET
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Before Eric Church hit the stage Wednesday night for his performance at the CMAs, the country crooner and wife Katherine were busy coordinating a side act of their own.

The couple spent the time prior to the awards show in a hotel room. The reason? Their 5-week-old son Boone McCoy — who was waiting at home — had to eat!

“This whole night, for me, is just rock and roll! My wife [was] pumping breastmilk at the Hilton next door,” Church, 34, told PEOPLE backstage.

But the pressure was on when things took a bit longer than usual.

“We were running late and had to get over here to play the show and she was on her left breast — we had done the right one. We were waiting for the pump to finish and I was like, ‘We gotta go!'” he laughs.

“And now we’ve stuck breastmilk in a car and the car’s on its way back to the house and then the car’s going to come back to get us. Then we’re going to go back [to the hotel] and pump again after the show.”

However, while Mom may be the one providing the milk, it’s Dad who has the magic touch to get his son to sleep.

“I’m going to wear a ring around our dining room table just walking around it,” Church shares, adding Boone enjoys being bounced best of all.

“It’s a pretty cool feeling when no one else other than me can get him to go to sleep. I’m the guy who gets him to go down.”

The proud papa jokes that when it comes to his son’s sleeping schedule, Boone is already a boy after his own heart!

“It’s great because he’s got entertainer’s hours — he sleeps all the time except between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m. and then it’s rock and roll. It’s show time,” Church jokes.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Eileen Finan

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Leslee on

They sound like very loving parents. God bless her, I can’t even imagine trying to pump under those circumstances. I guess it’s like any other job but you just have to hope you don’t have some huge letdown while performing. OMG, that would be so embarrassing.

Anonymous on

Leslee- He was the one performing, not her. But I agree with what you said. I’m sure she probably spent the whole night thinking, “I can’t wait to get out of here so I can stop worrying about leaking all over the place!”

torgster on

GAG. Too much information.



blessedwithboys on

Has she never heard of a double pump? But honestly, the baby is 5 weeks old…stay the freak home and just nurse the baby. You have a lifetime to go out and party, but your baby is only a newborn once!

KJC on

Katherine and I were best friends in kindergarten and Friends in high school until she decided she couldn’t fraternize w poor white country folk.she is a sweet girl at heart, I believe or hope.I wish her all the best even though she was bought her fame and seemingly has no time for her old’s nice to see Adamsville tennessee made it on the map.Bernard Blasingame succeeded in something other than selling off people’s jobs.yay!

KJC on

I didn’t mean that to sound snarky.just want people to realize she actually is a country girl.a rich country girl with a dad as crooked as a dog’s hind leg,but she is just real people on the basest level and I’m happy to see her trying to do what’s best for the baby.I wish them all the best.I actually yesterday was telling my son about her and I getting in trouble for talking in kindergarten. She was my best friend in kindergarten until she got her a financially compatabile buddy.I really know this girl and she does have a sweet heart and since when is breastfeeding “too much info”it’s how children thrive and haters that don’t know her,just day in order to foster material for Eric’s songs maybe she’ll come back down to earth and seek the friends she knew before Nashville royalty.