Bryce Dallas Howard: I Need a Permission Slip to Fly

11/18/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Kelly Jordan/Startraks

With her second child making his or her debut in a matter of weeks, Bryce Dallas Howard says her little one required a special request in order to make the red carpet.

“I’m just at the end,” the actress, 30, tells PEOPLE at the premiere of When You Find Me, a short film she directed and her father, Ron Howard, produced for Canon Imagin8ion.

“In order to fly here to New York, I had to get a permission slip from my doctor.”

Glowing in a bright yellow Max Azria dress, the expectant Howard says being pregnant won’t stop her from hopping around this holiday season.

“I’m actually going to be out of the country,” she says, explaining that her husband, Fringe star Seth Gabel, is working.

“I’m going there to be with him because it’s around the time of the birth,” notes Howard, already mom to son Theo, 4Β½. “The whole family’s coming with me.”

As for carrying around that baby bump, The Help star says c’est la vie.

“My first pregnancy I gained 75 pounds. I had every intention … I told myself, ‘I am going to be so fit this pregnancy,'” she laughs.

“But I have pound for pound been the same weight at every single milestone! I’m German — my body wants to carry like a tank. It is what it is.”

— Janine Rayford

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Mikaylah on

I had no idea she was married to Seth Gabriel. Crazy! She looks lovely. πŸ™‚

Mikaylah on

Correction: Seth Gabel. My bad. πŸ˜‰

Anonymous on

I’m trying to make sense of what she said. So she plans to give birth wherever it is that Seth’s working? Also, where do she and her family normally live. I assumed they lived here in the U.S., but this article is making it sound like that may not be the case. And then she mentioned that she’s German…So do they live in Germany, then? Hopefully someone can help me out! And if they DO live in the U.S., then I wonder where the “there” is that she refers to the family going to be with Seth? Hopefully someone can help me out! πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

Well, I just looked up Fringe on Wikipedia, and apparently the show films in Canada. So it sounds like Canada is where they’re headed. πŸ™‚

Maddie on

I had no idea she was married to Seth Gabel either! I still miss Dirty, Sexy Money 😦

Bryce looks lovely though, she’s carried so well during this pregnancy

Sue on

I am very happy for the “expecting couple”. Bryce has grown into a lovely lady and not spoiled by her fame, or her fathers fame. Down to earth. She is gorgeous pregnant!

kjc on

I’ve liked Bryce since I first saw her in The Village… And I think she is a lovely, down to earth lady. And while I think she looks beautiful pregnant, I have not liked her wardrobe choices at all. …but congrats on the babe! Can’t wait for the announcement.

Jackie on

Hello Anonymous,

I do not know Bryce personally but a friend of mine was working with her on this short film and they did at least one meeting at Bryce’s home in California but like many other people they could have a home or two elsewhere.

My friend also points out that Dallas is a lovely woman inside and out. Very down to earth and super likeable.

She’s of German decent. And as another ‘poster’ pointed out, her husband is probably in Canada working on his project.

Congrats, Dallas and Ron, on what ‘trailers’ as a beautiful touching short film.

Hope this helps.

Jackie on

I like to refer to her as “Dallas” because I think it fits her better than Bryce.

Debbie Jordan on

Nice to see positive comments, instead of the nasty stuff that often gets posted around many sites! Perhaps that’s because the Howards have always projected nice and never nasty. Bryce probably meant she has German ancestry, so her babies give her a little of that “zaftig” build, but she obviously gets back into shape beautifully once the babies are born. As for where Bryce, Seth, and their kids do/will live, if they’re like her folks, they have a home in the U.S., probably around L.A., but travel together as a family wherever either Bryce or Seth are working. Whatever works. That’s how Ron kept his wife and kids (3 daughers, 1 son) together no matter where he worked around the world. It was always a family-centered life, on the set while filming a movie, or touring to promote a project, or just relaxing at their family home. Ron and Cheryl were high school sweethearts, married 35 years, still go out on date-nights, and never a hint of scandal. Impressive!

J on

“I like to refer to her as β€œDallas” because I think it fits her better than Bryce.”

What?? LMAO!

Susan Lewis on

Her Dad looks so Proud! Nice going, Ron! She looks just like you! Ron Howard is the most successful child actor of all time, and he raised his children without television. You can look it up!

Kelly on

How is this news? Most women so close to giving birth are not allowed to fly. DUH.

Anastasia Beaverhausen on

I’ve always liked Ron Howard – he’s a class act. I like Bryce Dallas Howard, too. Great actress!! Congrats to her.

Jackie on

I have also liked the name Dallas and thought it would go nicely in Hollywood just as it goes nicely in Texas. Conjures up the thoughts of big hair, glitz and glam and a memorable name to boot.

Bryce is beautiful even with the additional 75lbs. Gotta love that hair. Few people could pull off that color. Gorgeous!

jennrae on

I saw another pic and she looked even further along than she does here! I don’t know how she’s going to make it very far into December, and I know it’s none of my business, but I worry about any woman flying that late into her pregnancy.

And I’m surprised that Seth Gabel is her husband, too, probably because when I think of him, I think of his character on Nip/Tuck (crazy kid with an incestuous love for his mother who was really a man and maybe not even his mother…? I never quite figured that one out). I imagined her with someone older, and not an actor. These two probably make beautiful babies, though.

And thanks to her performance in The Help, I will never again be able to look at chocolate pie the same way.

Jen on

I’m German too and also carried like a tank four times. Don’t worry about it–healthy babies, and the “tank” thing goes away!! πŸ™‚

Shalay on

I took her comments to mean that she’s due before Christmas and will have the baby here in LA. But after that they’ll travel as a family of four and celebrate the holidays wherever her husband is working.

Kara on

75 lbs??? Holy cow! I’m 35 1/2 weeks along and I’ve only gained 13 lbs. My Dr would flip if I gained any more than 20.


The Village is one of my favorite movies. She was great in it. The scene on the porch where the character played by Joaquinn Phoenix tells her that he will dance with her at their wedding was sooo romantic.

C-Bear on

Fringe is shot in Vancouver, BC, Canada so I guess she’s headed up here to the Great White North for the holidays. Best wishes to her and her family as they get ready to welcome the new babe.

Sarah K. on

Lol Jackie, it’s harder than you think to change your name on here. You just agreed with yourself fyi.

I think Bryce looks gorgeous. I never would have guessed she gained 75 lbs.

Siera on

@Kelly. It’s celebrity news because Bryce Dallas Howard is an actress, and obviously someone interviewed her, it’s not like she just volunteered information. This article is under the Moms and Babies section because she is close to delivering her second child. If you’re looking for real news, try CNN.

Holiday on

Kara are you overweight? Overweight women should not gain more than 20 pounds but a woman of normal weight should gain 30 or even 35. If your doctor says no more than 20 you must be very over weight. I gained 30 both times but I was really small.

bellamama on

…their baby will have dual-citizenship..great hospitals in B.C.

good luck..!

whatever on

she’s insanely gorgeous

ruby on

“I like to refer to her as β€œDallas” because I think it fits her better than Bryce.”

Well I like to refer to you as batsh*tcrazy because I think it fits better than your real name HAHAHA

Kerry Crowley on

Nice to know that there are normal “Hollywood” families who do not pimp out their kids just to get attention and fame. Loved Ron in Happy Days!
Congrats Bryce you look awesome

Jan on

wow, father and daughter

Anonymous on

jennrae- From what I understand, the doctor’s note requirement in late pregnancy is mostly just a way to release the airline from any liability should anything happen (i.e., the mother going into labor) during the flight. Flying in late pregnancy actually isn’t all that dangerous from what I’ve heard.

CelebBabyBlogAddict on

Shoot! For a second there I saw their picture and thought… OMG she is married to Ron Howard – but being his daughter makes much more sense LOL!

Wow 75 pounds is on the higher side – but she looks really good and like she is glowing in the picture so I’m sure she knows what she is doing!

Sunny on

75 pounds? I don’t think I gained 75 pounds with all FOUR pregnancies put together. I’m have those same germanic ancestors.

Dana on

“my body wants to carry like a tank. It is what it is.”

Well put! I love that she is taking a healthy approach to the weight gain and putting her health and the health of her baby before vanity.

Sia on

LOVE BRYCE! Cant wait 2c what she has! Hope its a little girl, but it will be so cute whatever. All the best to their whole family.

Marky on

Love Bryce and love her movies! Her hair is gorgeous, and her whole family just seems so loving and caring. She has a flair for the off-beat, slightly different, but good movies.

Can’t imagine gaining 75 lbs+ during a pregnancy! That would be a lot to carry around, and Dana, why is gaining that much thinking about her health and that of her baby’s when excess weight gain encourages gestational diabetes and hypertension? She did alright the first time, except for PPD, and I don’t think weight has anything to do with that, really.

cn tower on

Sorry, but gaining 75 pounds is NOT taking a healthy approach to weight gain and putting her health and the health of her baby before vanity. Far from it. It’s asking for complications like gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

Anonymous on

I have to agree with Dana. If you read the article carefully, Bryce makes it clear that she had no intentions of gaining that much weight this time around. She even says, “I told myself, ‘I am going to be so fit this pregnancy’,”. That, to me, indicates that she HAS tried to watch what she eats and to make sure she exercises and such this time around…but yet still ended up gaining the same weight she did the first time around.

So it seems like this is just the way her body carries pregnancies…and she’s decided not to sweat it and instead embrace it! Keep in mind that everyone has a different body type and hers might be a bit beefier than some. πŸ™‚ Bottomline: I think we should leave the worrying about Bryce’s weight to her and her doctor!

meghan on

Why don’t we let Bryce’s weight gain be a matter for Bryce and her doctor to be concerned about. It’s nobody elses business.

Sunny on

75 LBS? Whoa that’s too much!

Amanda on

I haven’t gained 75lbs but I gained close to 50lbs with my first child and my dr was actually very happy about that. I was underweight to begin with, not helped by the fact that I swelled an insane amount at the end (I left the hospital only 20lbs above my prepregnancy weight and by 6 weeks was back to it).

I’ve gained a little less with each pregnancy since but you can gain that amount while still being healthy. My 4th pregnancy I gained 35lbs, I ate healthy and exercised the whole time and again my dr was happy with that weight gain. Any dr telling someone not to gain more than 20 is crazy…or the woman is overweight, in which case I think 15-20 is the reccomended amount.

Elle on

I gained 80 lbs with my pregnancy…not a big girl when normal, but yes, I was a tank, too!

Kat on

I had no idea she was knocked πŸ™‚ She was great on ‘The Help’

Maria on

oh- at first I thought Ron howard was her husband and I was gonna make a snarky comment. I know who he is but not who she is but I will say she looks WAY older than 30

Anonymous on

Uh, Megan, Bryce disclosed this information publicly and by doing so, invited the onslaught of opinions and criticism about her excessive weight gain. We can do without the moral superiority — it’s a gossip site for goodness sake, relax.

Marky on

There are wayyy too many people on this site who think being snarky, cruel, and hateful is to be equated with “giving their opinion”, and the “celeb asked for it”. Just because someone announces their pregnancy or how much they’ve gained, doesn’t mean others should be waiting to pounce and be rude.

It’s one thing to point out the dangers of gaining too much, but it’s another to be hateful and mean. These people have feelings, too.