Emma Bunton Designs Kids Collection for Argos

11/18/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Courtesy Argos

Victoria Beckham isn’t the only Spice Girl alum entering the fashion world.

Emma ‘Baby Spice’ Bunton has teamed up with UK retailer Argos to create a 99-piece kids collection, which will debut in early 2012.

“As a mum myself I’m forever searching for fun and fashionable clothes for my boys, that are comfortable and practical too — clothes they really want to wear,” the mum of two, 35, told British Vogue.

“[And] working with Argos has given me the opportunity to create exactly that. I’m so proud of the outcome.”

Lucky for Bunton, she didn’t have to look far to find the perfect model for her new line.

Son Beau, 4, will be the face of the collection. And it seems he is following in mom’s footsteps.

“As a child, I [was] featured in [their] catalog several times,” Bunton added.”It’s great to make a return appearance, this time with my own range — it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.”

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lol on

awwwww he’s so cute!!!!!

olivia on

loveeeeee Emma!!!!!

olivia on

he is ADORABLE!!!!!! Emma is amazing!!!!

Mira on

He is extremely cute indeed!

chelsea on

Is that her son in the picture cause it looks like a girl?

Anonymous on

I thought her kid was darker?

Tanya on

What a gorgeous little four year old boy she`s got! And he surwe looks like his mummy!

Leah on

He was a baby the last time I saw his picture. He is really cute. I am looking forward to see her younger son 🙂

Daze on

Her little boy is the spitting image of her and cute as a button. Not a girl, just a very cute little boy. But I thought I read somewhere that her son was part African. That little boy is clearly not.

Rosy on

I love the outfit her gorgeous son is wearing. I always find I have to really hunt around to find cute clothes for my son so good on her for designing some lovely items.

Amy on

@Daze: The baby’s father is half white so Beau is only 1/4 black. Genes is a funny thing.

Anonymous on

Daze- Techinically Emma’s boys (she also has a younger son, Tate, who was born this past May) are more white than black. Their mother is white and their father (Emma’s fiance’) is biracial. So the boys are only about a quarter black. Therefore, it’s not all that surprising that Beau looks 100 percent white. Mixed race children can and do come in all colors of the rainbow (Kendra Wilkenson’s son is another example. Hank Sr. is also biracial, yet little Hank has his mommy’s skin color and a head full of beautiful blonde curls!)! 🙂

Anyway, Beau is adorable, and I hope we get to see a current picture of Tate soon. I don’t think we’ve seen him since his introductory photo, and I’m sure he’s grown and changed considerably sincce then! 🙂

Maeve on

That isnt her child, just a model.

She has two adorable little boys who are mixed.

Eliza on

@Maeve That is definitely her son Beau, who, as the article says, is the face of the collection.

Anyway, he’s totally adorable!

Vanessa on

patti on

If they ever cast Dennis the Menace, this son would be a shoo in.

I’m not at all surprised that he looks like you basic white child.

White dominant bi-racial people who procreate with Anglo’s tend to make white children.

Sarah Beth on

Hah, just realising her sons have the same names as those of Constance in American Horror Story. Tate and Beau!

patti on


If you acknowledge that he’s a quarter black–why are you labeling him as “mixed”. Perhaps his parents are framing him to be British. And fully British. To fractionate him denies him the dignity of a full national identity.

Shannon on

You can be mixed and British, just like you can be white and British, black and British, etc.

Cute kid.

Anonymous on

patti- I think you just answere your own question. He is one quarter black, so therefore he is mixed race.

Lissette on

There is ABSOLUTELY no way that boy is not hers. He is a boy Baby Spice in the flesh. A spitting image of her.

Genes are a funny thing. Just look at the parents who have brown hair and their parents and grandparents too but somehow they end up with a red head because somewhere down the line the gene was there and passed down.

Helen on

He is soo cute!

chelsea on

It looks like a girl cause of the hair. The kid looks like he has a pony tail.

NickyAngel on

Both Emma’s boys are so beautiful 🙂

Ashley on

Wow, he has a girl face and hair!

Julianna on

He has her smile.

joan on

its just the haircut and the view in the picture.

It appears to be shorter in the back than in the front.

Maeve on

im sorry I was wrong. the only pictures I’ve seen was when he was younger and he was a little darker

B.J. on

I had to read the comments to figure out if this was her son or a random little girl. Whoops! He really is a Baby Spice clone! Very sweet.