Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Sweet Treat? Birthday Cake!

11/16/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Courtesy SELF

Forget having it, Sarah Michelle Gellar is all about eating her cake — at least every now and then!

Busy taking 2-year-old Charlotte Grace to weekend birthday parties, the actress admits the sweet treat is sometimes just too tempting to pass up.

“Every weekend we’re at two or three parties. Now I’m not going to eat the cake at every one, but when it is homemade or looks particularly good, I’ll indulge,” Gellar, 34, tells the December issue of SELF.

“Really, how is eating a piece of cake bad? Being bad is murdering someone. That’s bad. Don’t do that.”

Gellar works off the extra calories with Pilates and exercise, but refuses to put any pressure on herself to maintain an ideal weight.

“So I don’t rock a bikini on Wilshire Blvd — but I don’t know many people who do!” she says. “You can’t live your life by the scale. We don’t even have one in our house. I’ve never believed in them because your weight fluctuates.”

Instead the Ringer star prefers to focus her attention on her family: husband Freddie Prinze Jr., and their daughter.

“Charlotte is my best friend and any free time I have, I want to spend with her. But … I can’t define myself as only Charlotte’s mother — one day she’s going to be an adult, and then where am I?” Gellar explains.

“Freddie and I get our time together, too. Relationships are like flowers: They need attention to grow and develop.”

And for the couple of nine years, time spent together often means getting groceries “probably every day” for fresh produce.

“People think it’s so expensive to eat like that, but there are ways to do it so it’s not as pricey. We shop at Whole Foods, but we ask which fish is on sale,” she reveals.

“And I clip coupons all the time. Why should you pay for something that someone else is paying less for?”

— Anya Leon

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Maryann on

Nice interview. Sarah Michelle comes off as really low key and relatable. They seem like a cool family.

Karen on

Kim Kardashian could take a huge lesson from Sarah. What a grounded, humbled lady, who knows what is important. Very refreshing…

jones on

I have liked Sarah since she was on All My Children and it is great to read about a celebrity who is down to earth and knows what is important in life.

Heather Lynn on

What a great outlook on life! Sarah seems like she has her life together… so nice to hear, especially in Hollywood.

Anonymous on

Watched her new show Ringer the other night and LOVED IT! I definitely need to catch up on the previous episodes. I have also referred to my boys as my best friends because they are!!! With me all the time, we talk to eachother about most everything, yet they totally know who’s boss. I find her prespective on coupons, food shopping and relationships to be very refreshing and relatable.

Lauren on

wow, she is so down-to-earth! just love her!!

Anonymous on

Kim Kardashian? Seriously – what does she have to do with this interview or this site? If you want to draw comparisons, I can think of plenty of celeb moms featured on this site…

lisa on

I love her and I love her show, Ringer!!!! That show is sooo good, and I really hope it doesn’t get canceled. She does seem so much more down to earth than most celebrities.

amw on

im liking her more and more as the years go by. cool lady. thanks for being real.

Tara on

I totally get that, cake is my weakness!

Kristy on

This just made me love her even more! She comes across as very humble and real- she doesn’t seem to live her life defined as a celebrity. And for those that haven’t checked her out on “Ringer”, do so! Such a fun show to watch.

Lauren on

haha she’s great! i love her comment about the scale…..makes me like her even better than i did before! 🙂

Linda Whisler on

why brag about clipping coupons ? Alot of people use them, but ,don’t talk about it in interviews. I’ve always liked The Prince/Galler on scooby doo. I wish they would’ve done more together. They’re very talented. She looks like she wears the pants in this relationship though. In other words, what she says goes.

jennrae on

I’m a big fan, but I have to say it, her two-year-old is her best friend? I hope she just meant it as more as in, her favorite person. But she definitely doesn’t strike me as the type to serve alcohol to her daughter and friends when they’re in high school, she’s definitely more level-headed than that, and definitely more so than other Hollywood moms. I just hope for her own sake she’s got a good group of girlfriends, because she deserves it for always being a good role model to me and other girls. I’m the same age as the Buffy character, and Buffy was a strong girl, and SMG has always carried herself in a way that should make her family proud.

You know, younger celebrities often say they didn’t sign on to be anyone’s role model, but it doesn’t matter–as a person in the public eye, you have a responsibility to behave in a way that would only make the world a better place. If you can’t, then move out of the way, because there are plenty of other people who are eager to do so. The Kardashians come to mind as the anti-SMG, when fame and fortune comes before good sense and integrity. Sarah Michelle is proof that goodness and integrity and celebrity can co-exist in one person.

Sarah on

When someone comes on here and says, “…but I have to say it.”

1) they’re about to be a know-it-all
2) they don’t HAVE to say what they said

Misty on

I love her! Buffy is my all-time favorite show, and I’m also digging Ringer too. 🙂 I like how her family is low-key and down-to-earth.

Anonymous on

She is a class act- absolutely no doubt!

Jesse on

Someone must be obsessed with Kim K to have to add her into a article that has nothing to do with her. Geez… Sarah Michelle has always seemed like she was a good mom and that her and Freddie are a sweet couple…

TC on

Wow she seems so relatable. I really like her but man she’s got more patience than I do, no way I’d go to that many kiddie birthday parties. I’d probably have a yearly limit and that’s it, once I meet my quota no more!

kayakkimi83 on

OMG she clips coupons?! Thats is SO cool!

Lauren on

Love her!!! Great interview!

Alisa on

She is my all time favorite actress! She always seems like a very nice person! Love all her shows and movies, Ringer is very good too!

Lisa on

The thing that I love most about SMG is that she’s not only a fabulous actress, but she also stays out of the “limelight”! We don’t see her or her family splashed across tabloid magazines all the time, which is great. Per this article, she seems to be very down to earth and family oriented, and I applaud her for trying to keep her personal life as personal as possible.

alicejane on

Linda Whisler, I’d hardly say she’s bragging about clipping coupons. But she had just finished saying that she buys fresh produce pretty much everyday, which at first thought does sound really expensive. She’s trying to say it doesn’t have to be, by using coupons. It’s called giving a tip.

I have loved her since I was 13 and started watching Buffy so I’m very excited that SMG is back on TV! Ringer is definitely picking up speed and I’m loving it. Sarah and Freddie have a beautiful family.

Lillian on

Love SMG! She always seemed more grounded than other female celebrities her age. I’m so happy her and Freddy are still together,and have been together that long. Nine years is pretty much the equivalent to the golden anniversary in Hollywood…

Anonymous on

Sarah and Freddie seem like such a lovely couple. I wonder if they’ll have another baby someday? 🙂

Amanda K on

I love her show and she seems very likeable judging by the interview.

CelebBabyBlogAddict on

I love her! She was on Chelsea Lately and so laid back and funny – not at all what I was expecting. I guess because she stays out of the public eye and seems very private I assumed she was a bit conservative or quiet or something…. but not at all. She’ll really funny and seems like a nice person.

Jillian on

There are so many things I like about SMG….The Ringer, how she keeps her family out of the limelight, how she is so down to earth, and just how mushe loves her daughter!!

What a great interview!!

Krystal on

@Linda Whisler, last time I checked, they were interviewing her, not you. She’s pretty much allowed to say or talk about whatever she wants. That’s the way it works.

Beth on

Wow, she rocks!

amy on

she is beautiful, and her and her husband seem to be happy and down to earth, which is soooo refreshing! lots of love to you and your family sarah michelle!

Margie on

I love Ringer, one of my new faves!

Kat on

I’m glad whole foods stores work for her. I’ve been there and I know they are not for everyone. Nothing against her though.

Jonelle on

Love Sarah and nice to see some actresses are very down to earth and I love how she keeps her family and personal life on the low!!!!!! Love the Ringer and love seeing Sarah-Michelle Geller on tv again!