Niki Taylor Welcomes Son Rex Harrison

11/16/2011 at 03:00 PM ET

It’s a boy for Niki Taylor and Burney Lamar! The model, 36, and her husband, former NASCAR driver Burney Lamar, welcomed son Rex Harrison on Wednesday, Nov. 16 at 11:03 a.m., they confirm to PEOPLE exclusively.

Weighing in at 7 lbs., 5 oz., and measuring 19 inches long, baby boy joins sister Ciel, 2½, and twin brothers Jake and Hunter, 16.

Taylor and Lamar, 31 — who wed in December 2006announced they were expecting in May. The model blogged her pregnancy for — check out her entries here.

Courtesy Lamar Family

— Sarah Michaud

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Candy on

Awwww.. look at the smile on Daddy’s face! Congratulations!

Jen on

Love the name!

Rachel on

They must be big fans of My Fair Lady.


So cute…Blessing…congratulations

Amanda on

Wow, what a fast announcement! I don’t think we even told our whole family 4 hours after the birth, let alone the world!

Congrats!!! My little guy was that exact same length and weight at birth 🙂

Valerie on

She just gave birth and she looks that amazing???? I would hate her if she didn’t seem so genuine and sweet! Congrats on your new family member!

Brooke on

Rex Harrison??? Does he talk to animals? Does he have a Fair Lady??

Lucy NYC on

WOW!!! I always loved Niki…but for a second, I thought it was on of the twins holding the baby, but opps…it was her husband. Anyway, congrats!

robin on

She looks amazing for just giving birth. After what she’s been through in life, i am very happy for her. She has class, unlike the kardashians or Lohans, or Hiltons.

Nimrod Christ Nimrod on


Katie on

Congrats on your baby boy, he is adorable and such a cute name!!!!!

Gina Nicole on

I bet her teenaged twin boys are thrilled 🙂

Cheri on

Love Niki Taylor! Congrats on your beautiful baby boy!

Karen119 on

Rex Harrison? Are you kidding me? Will the next girl be Audrey Hepburn?This is as bad as Celine’s twins, Nelson and Eddy. Am I the only one who watches old movies?

Sarah S. on

Wow, she looks absolutely amazing for just giving birth just hours ago!! Congrats to the Lamar’s and welcome to the world, Rex!

Cyn on

“Rex Harrison”.


JJ on

My dad’s name is Rex-so great choice!

Misty on

Very sweet! I like the name. They seem like a great family, congratulations to them!

Erica on

Congrats to them! I delivered 2 of my kids at that same hospital.

Kelly on

Ouch, Rex is a bad name. And they got word out super fast. So much for privacy anymore these days………..

Katie on

I think the name is really cute!! She looks beautiful and they look so happy!! Baby boy is going to be soooo handsome! Congratulations to all the family!!

trishku on

Congrats but seriously Rex? you do realize this kid is going to be Rex Lamar? Sounds like an aging drag queen

Emma on

uhhh, Rex Harrison. Whatever

gottabelieve on

Wow……..she looks incredible after just having a baby. How does Niki always look so good 🙂

Sarah on

I love My Fair Lady, but I wouldn’t name my kid Rex Harrison.

Les on

Is he named after the famous late actor?

niman on

congrats !! mazal tov!!

MovieBuff on

I wonder if they know who Rex Harrison (the actor) is.

Lindi on

What a beautiful family. You must be the “fairy tale” Kim Wanted.

Diane on

Beautiful family, gorgeous baby! Love the name. Rex Harrison was one of my favorite actors, although the name may stem from family members. Why not shout the birth of your son to the world! The Angels announced Christ’s birth immediately.

Guest on

By looking at that picture quickly I thought it was one of her sons holding the baby….oops

Emily on

I love the name – admittedly I am a massive My Fair Lady fan, but even if I weren’t, I think I’d still like it. It’s got character!

I would be curious to know however whether the name was purely coincidental or if they are big fans too?!

Nichole on

Congrats!! What a sweet baby!!

And to you guys picking on their choice of name… NOT your child, NOT your choice. Keep your stupidity to yourself!

Kristina on

Cute pic! Congrats to their family.

PS: Love the hospital gown Nikki is wearing. Do you know where I can get it?

RKF on

Nichole – people are “stupid” because they don’t like a name? Can you be any more hypocritical? You say it’s their child, their choice. Well, it’s the public’s right to comment, and that’s OUR choice, as this information was made public. Imaginably people will have opinions on a name that is 1) A My Fair lady reference, and B) a dog’s name.

Lau on

I don’t particularly like the name, BUT I do believe that all four kids’ names flow together REALLY well.

Also jumping on the “How can she look so amazing when she just had that baby today?!” bandwagon.

jo on

Yay! She gave birth to a crotchety, English actor!

heather on

so beautiful!! Niki looks amazing!!! Congrats!!

sandi on

Each child is a gift from God, a blessing to appreciate for a lifetime. Their new baby boy is certainly adorable.

I wonder what her child with Keith Urban would have been like.

Abby on

I think Rex Lamar sounds like a future NASCAR driver, which is perfect for these two!

Ashley on

Nichole: No no…NOT “stupidity”, just OPINIONS. That’s what this board is for, yes? And just to chime in, it is a ridiculous name. Just MY opinion. So there ;—)

Big Fan on

Congrats, I love Niki. She’s poised, successful and beautiful.

Ashley on

Rex Harrison? Someone loves their theater! Four? Time for a new hobby.

JMO on

Rex would of made a cute nickname. Harrison sounds so much better! Congrats to the couple!

Shari on

WOW, her hubby looks all of about 16 yrs old! Yet, he was born in 1980, which makes him 31 this year! he looks realllllly young! googled pics of them together and she looks like she’s standing next to one of her kids! crazy!

ann on

Congratulations!! you are so blessed and everyone looks fantastic!!! 🙂

LC on

She has always been my most favorite model. I have followed her career, moves, struggles, kudos, and personal life since we were both still just liek aged teens. She is a beautiful person inside and outside and has been through so much. I wish them all the happiness on Earth in the birth their handsome new baby!!!!

Aimee on

Congratulations!!! What a beautiful family you have!!!!!

Traci on

Congratulations to Niki and Burney.

Rex Harrison is absolutely adorable.

Love the name and Niki’s such a classy lady.

Kristin on

@Kristina…She is wearing a Cure-Couture gown. I just saw on twitter that is was from a Cure-Couture gown from a Jules and Pinstripes celebrity gift bag.

Nikki on

Finally, a happy story to read about. Congrats to both of them!

Annia on

She is a lovely lady with class. I’m so happy for her. Congratulations. Nikki!

mp on

She’s probably too young to remember the actor Rex Harrison — probably just picked names she & her husband liked. Gillian Anderson claimed she’d never heard of The Odd Couple when asked if she’d named her sons Oscar & Felix after the Neil Simon characters.

Justme;) on

Is that her son or hubby holding the baby? I wonder if he will go by Rex or Harrison? I mean, her other kids had cute names (Ciel, Hunter, Jake) Why Rex?? It’s like Tori Spelling, cute names (Stella, Liam) Then Hattie?! Oh well, must be a new trend or something?

Lilakg on

The model gave birth to Rex Harrison. Ouch! Hope they name the next one Christopher Plummer!

cupcake on

Ha! Rex Harrison. May as well have named him Stewie Griffin. LOL

ItsMe on

Rex was Burney’s Grandfather’s name. Good Choice. Great way to remember a great man.

kjc on

I don’t know who Rex Harrison is, so my first though was ‘great name!’. I still think it is adorable!

Harley on

There is a HUGE difference between giving your opinion on a name and bashing a name choice; most of you are bashing. Learn some manners and try to remember what Thumper said.

Congratulations Niki, Burney and the rest of the gang and the addition to the family!

megan on

Congrats. But that’s quite a random actor to name their kid after. They must have really loved My Fair Lady!

Denise on

What a beautiful baby. Precious

Anonymous on

Ashley- If by “four” you mean the four kids that Niki has, Rex is actually only her second with her currnt husband. The twins were with an ex-boyfriend. Anyway, congrats to them!

Minami86 on

Congrats to the Taylor-Lamar family!!

I like the name. I dont know if it was coincidence or intentional but I like his name. Also, Rex is Latin for King. It’s not a stupid name, it’s a great name you dont hear anymore! I’m all for it! Baby names are a subject where no one is satisfied & someone always complains. As Mr. Shakespeare once wrote, “what’s in a name?”.

Becky Davis on

Congrats Burney and Niki!

Ginger on

Congrats to Niki & Burney on the birth of their adorable son! I wish the whole family lots of love, health, and happiness 🙂

Susan on

Everything about her makes me happy. Congrats!!!! That is one lucky baby.

K on

MP – She didn’t claim she’d never heard of them, the comparison just didn’t come to her when they came up with Felix until someone told them they “couldn’t” name him Felix because of the Odd Couple. She talked about this on her most recent appearance on Leno.

Sophia on

Gorgeous baby boy! The name is very cute but it’s a little odd to choose a name that’s already the full name of someone noteworthy. The combination does sound nice though. Nice to have another boy in the family 🙂

Ade on

So cute!!! Great day to be born NOV.16. My birthday ….watch out for Scorpio’s!!!!

Cody on

I love the idea of naming children after cherished loved ones. Since Burney’s Grandfather’s name was Rex, I think it is the prefect name! I also think Harrison flows perfectly with the name Rex. What a fabulous pick. I will also name my children after the people I hold dear. It doesn’t matter in the slightest what others think of a name as long as you are in love with it.

Congratulations on a beautiful and healthy baby boy!

Kaycee on

At least Rex is a normal name that has been around for ages… Apple, Knox, Morrocan… those are really POOR choices for names. She’s been through a lot in her 36 years and she has showed class, determination and grace. May she and her family be richly blessed.

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations … cute family pic ….. cute name ….

Ashley on

I actually like the name! It sounds good idea who the actor is, never heard of him. Congratulations to this family!!

Heather yocum on

Congrats to Nikki Taylor and her family!!! Wish them happiness!!!

Lady on

Lindi, please…i’d like to go somewhere without hearing that disgusting human beings name, thank you.

She looks stunning…congrats to their family!

Mother of 2 on

Hes a cutie! Congrats on the new bundle of joy! I dont think his name is so bad…unless you guys are referring to some horrible movie that I have never seen.

Gwladys on

I don’t like the name, for me, it’s a name for an animal but it’s their choice! Congrats to the family and welcome to this cute baby boy!!

tessa on

Love the name!! Every1 is right…she looks AMAZING for just having a baby!! Congrats (:

jessicad on

Congrats to them! I think the name is adorable and it flows well. I also think it’s fine to have an opinion but you don’t have to be rude about it, especially to someone you know has a blog here and will probably read these comments. She’s still a woman who just gave birth and has feelings!

Jodie on

That baby is purple!

Susan on

I’m about to have major foot surgery, and I’m so dreading it. But when I think of Niki Taylor, I stop whining. What I’m about to do is nothing compared to what she’s gone through. She’s succeeded in a rough business at a young age, gotten married, given birth three times – the first time to twins, at age 20 – lost her sister, gotten divorced, had a major accident that could have killed her, and done a damn fine job raising her kids. This lady is sweeter than sugar…but tougher than nails. She’ll inspire me during my recovery from my foot surgery.

Kat on

And Celine Dion named her twins Nelson & Eddy, it is the return of the classic matinee idol!

Congrats to Taylor!

ELO on

Jodie- That baby is a newborn. All newborns are a purple or reddish color.

Congrats to Niki, Burney, and their family. Your new addition is adorable. I have a feeling that the name Rex Harrison is purely coincidental and isn’t connected with the actor. Niki doesn’t strike me as the type who would take that naming route.

nona megal on

Rex Harrison was so much more than my fair lady – pls check him out he was an excellent actor – he was tagged “sexy Rexy” many moons ago I like the name Rex Harrison Lamar. Kudos to the parents

Linda Whisler on

Hey , Congratulations to a healthy baby. I like the name too, Rex Harrison, A star is born.

Deb on

Congratulations to the newest addition to the Lamar family….cute family!

As for her kids, the twins were from her first marriage when she was very young….it didn’t work out and they divorced. Ciel and Rex are her children with Burney Lamar….I think they make a wonderful blended family.

As for the baby’s name….how many of us walk around and use our first and middle names together? He’ll most likely be known as Rex, a tribute to Burney’s grandfather….which is very sweet.

At least she didn’t name him after a fruit, or comic book character or beach, like some other celebrities!!!!

Cherie on

Congratulations! I love the name, can not believe all these people saying negative things about it. Rex Harrison equals good classic movies that even kids could see.

Rachael on

Beautiful picture, congrats to them both!

Jennifer on

Robin you are spot on, she has class, unlike the kardashians or Lohans, or Hiltons. She represents grace and beauty both inside and out. She found supermodel success at the young age of 14 and suffered tremendous grief after the loss of her sister and best friend by the age of 20. 6 years later fought for her life following a accident that left her in a coma. It seems that she has found peace and joy in her personal life and I am so happy that God has blessed her with four healthy children. And I LOVE the baby’s name, good choice!

michelle on

Love the name! very good strong name for a boy! Congrats to the happy parents, Niki is one of my all time favorite models! Please comeback to VOGUE NIKI!!!!!!!!!!!!

B.J. on

I rather like Rex, and Harrison I adore. Congrats to that family, they seem so sweet and loving!

Daze on

About every name you can imagine or have heard a person named has also been bestowed on a dog. I have a dog named Tyler. Yet it is a popular boys name as well.

michelle on

congrats nikki. he is precious

withheld on

Gotta love all you idiots giving ” props” to yourselves for …eh hmmm thinking you figured out “the name”. Rex was his Grandfathers name . That baby would have been named whatever his Grandfathers name was and YES I do know this for fact. I think most of you need to get lives especially the ones who ” follow Niki” ( that is called stalking) and the one who needs to have the LMAO hospital gown just like her. Good Lord. Ya Loser.

Marky on

Oh, please; why do you people get on here and criticize the name someone chooses for their child, and have the unmitigated gall to claim it’s just “giving (your) opinion”. What a bunch of baloney! It’s not just “giving your opinion”; it’s being rude while you hide behind your computer and bash whoever you please. At least stop the BS; how would you feel if you announced your new baby and everyone said, “Wow! What an ugly name! It is just silly, stupid, lame”…. whatever hateful adjective they can come up with. It’s pathetic to act that way toward someone, whether you now them personally, or not.

queenofhearts on

Congrats Niki & Burney!! Love love love the name!!

Carol on

I HATE the name,yikes,imagine when he gets to high school? Although I do like Niki Taylor.

Guest on

Rex is a dinosaur, not a name!!! Stupid.

Lee on

Congrads to the whole family and who are we to pass judgement. WE all
should be thankful and blessed in our lives. Her family is growing and
they are all very very proud, I think the world would be a better place if we all were kinder and nicer to each other and kept out the remarks
that are not needed. Again best of luck on the new baby……

MCB on

Well, well, it seems that we no longer have to worry about a child going off to school to get picked on about their name by other children. Bullying is alive and well in the hearts and minds of so many of you commenters – you do realize this baby is only hours old right? How old are you people?!? Show some respect – your children learn from you, you know.

Alexandra on

Rex is a common dog name in Germany. Seriously. By the way Rex is Latin and means ‘king’. The X names still seem popular. A lot of people over here call their kids Lennox. But I doubt anyone would name their son Rex, the poor kid would get picked on his name his whole life :O Thank God Americans don’t have the dog association 😉 Anyway, beautiful family and cute baby. It’s their choice and I think it’s a sweet idea to honor the grandfather 🙂 WE don’t need to be a fan of the name. THEY need to love it…and they definitely need to avoid moving to Germany 😉

Kit on

Happy for her and her husband. Glad it was a healthy baby. But seriously? Rex Harrison? Oh man….what is with naming your kids after old movie stars? Nelson and Eddy? Mariah’s daughter “Monroe”? Ridiculous.

Marisol on

I love the name. Has anyone else seen picture of Niki and her husband…they look alot..which is odd to me..

Stephanie on

Wow….such a normal/great name coming from a celebrity. It’s refreshing!

Terri on


Knox is a family name that has been around for ages.

Margaret on

Congrats!! He is sooo adorable and love the name no matter how the name came about weather it may be from my fair lady or from family names its great!!

lola on

she is so cute lol just have fun with her!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

lisa on

why are poeple being so mean…? i mean like its just rude i hope u like and love your baby she is really cute well live a good life with her well hope u see this comment well nice talking…………….. bye

sage on

Wish i looked like that after giving birth…HA! she is gorgeous. congrats.

Alison on

She’s beautiful. And so is her entire family 🙂

dsfjklaldkfj on

lols madd cutee… so special! congrats!!…she is really pretty and the baby boy is so cuteee!!! and they look like an amazing perfect
family,,,!!!couple!!awesome!! definitely looks like they are happy look at their face lols!! again congrats!!

Nat on

Isn’t the name of the actor who played Professor Higgins in My Fair Lady?

calibre de cartier copie on

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