Amy Adams: ‘I Believe I Can’ Balance It All

11/15/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Courtesy InStyle

As an actress, a fiancée, and a mother, Amy Adams is confident there exists the perfect balanced blend of all of her roles — and she is determined to find it.

“I have to trust that I can prioritize my family and myself while still finding the energy and focus for my work,” The Muppets star, 37, says in InStyle‘s December issue. “And I believe I can. I know I can.”

Part of her secret is that Adams chooses not to stress over the small things in life. Despite a few lingering pregnancy pounds, the first-time mom — she and Darren Le Gallo are parents to 18-month-old Aviana Olea — is in no rush to tone up.

“I read about these actresses who get on a stationary bike two weeks after giving birth and I’m like, ‘What? Where did you push your baby out of?'” she says. “Since having Aviana, I have a muffin top, and that’s okay right now.”

For Adams, motherhood has meant forgoing the makeup, putting off the pampering, and embracing the dried cereal all over her car. Fortunately, she adds, it has all paid off in the long run.

“I’m definitely not one of those women who make it look easy. I’m always running late — and look, there’s guacamole on my purse!” she reveals.

“But I’m more patient than I ever thought I would be, and I’m not so hard on myself anymore.”

And while she and Le Gallo have yet to tie the knot, the couple — who divide household duties between themselves; Adams does laundry while he washes bottles — admit the nuptials are likely to be sooner rather than later.

“I’ll say to Darren, ‘What do you think of May?’ and he’ll say, ‘May. Ha, ha. You just let me know.’ I just can’t decide!” she laughs, despite her opinion that marriage is not “the only way to sustain a relationship.”

“I am putting more pressure on myself now that we have Avi. I’ll figure it out soon.”

For now, Adams and Le Gallo are enjoying time with their baby girl — and savoring the weekly date nights.

“[They include] a lot of food and maybe a glass of wine,” she reveals. “We’re always like, ‘It’s 11:30! Woo-hoo! We’re crazy!'”

— Anya Leon

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Angi on

She seems normal. More reason to love her.

cn tower on

Muffin top, what muffin top? Unless it’s been airbrushed out, I’ve never seen her with a muffin top.

NM on

Oh, nooooooo, not the muffin top! Welcome to body after baby!

Skye on

I like her attitude as well; hopefully she stays normal, as much as you can be normal in LA.

And the Hollywood version of a muffin top is much different the the average joe’s.

Andrea on

Is that supposed to be her on the magazine cover? It doesn’t look like her AT ALL!

Mommyof2 on

I think she’s the only celebrity to admit she has a muffin top!! I like it!! So many of us woman get one after a baby. 😦 I’d like to think its like a “tattoo” if you will of my precious angels! I tell myself older ladies look good with a little meat on their bones! LOL

Coco on

The stationary bike comment – totally! Haha!

Siera on

@Andrea. I agree, like any other magazine cover with a celebrity on it, that photo of her has been photoshopped to death!

Sophia on

I really like her. She seems really down to earth and real. Don’t sweat it, we all get muffin top after a kid. lol

Adah Kile on

Wow. It’s so refreshing to hear a celebrity be normal!

my2cents on

I LUV this girl! She is a rare breed in Hollywood. So down to earth and not afraid to expose her vunerability. It’s too bad that more actresses can’t be like her. I think we as the public would admire them so much more! KUDOS to you Amy!

Monie on

Well since cn tower has never seen her with a muffin top, she must not have one then. *rolls eyes* There ‘are’ articles of clothing designed specifically to hide those things, you know? Maybe she wears spanx under her dress(es) on the red carpet, or something. Did you stop to consider that possibility before you put up your comment, or did you immediately just type out the first thought that came to mind?

I do NOT get people. If she talked about “eating right” and “working out”, you would get on her not understanding that the average mom can’t afford the luxuries of a personal trainer or chef.

She tells the truth about her body, and the immediate reaction is to doubt her. Talk about having issues!

jenna on

Her muffin top is all that, whole grain, low fat.

Bzey on

Spanx, baby!

Lee on

@Andrea, I was just thinking that photo looks nothing like her. I will never understand magazine editors. Presumably, they’re putting her on the cover because people like her, no? You’d think they’d want to make sure we can recognize her.

Dawn on

No, muffin top is not the end of the world, but it is always nice to hear a beauty like Amy Adams or Jessica Alba say that their bodies are normal like mine. TGFS! Thank goodness for Spanx! ♥

Aly on

She seems like a lot of fun and like a normal, down to earth parent. I LOVE her quote about ‘Where did you push your baby out of?’ because it is so true. It is not healthy to start exercising immediately after having a baby, your body needs to heal. I admire her for being honest that losing her baby weight isn’t her main priority right now. She seems great!

Anonymous on

what is a “muffin top”?

amw on

love her honesty. and her parenting approach seems grounded, something that celebs and non-celebs alike are often missing these days. kudos to her. and loved the stationary bike comment. lol!

Susan Lewis on

That’s a nice, healthy attitude. One little thing, though, at 37, you better tone up that muffin top pronto, or the sag will be permanent. Muscles are not as resilient at 37 as they are at 27. I agree about the bike, no flipping way after only 2 weeks.

Krista on

I just love Amy Adams…she honestly seems like the kind of girl i’d be friends with.. it’s nice that she hasn’t let fame and fortune ruin her personality and personal life. Great actress…even better person.

Guest on

You all need to exercise. I hate whining women!!!!

kim on

lol, a muffin top??? I adore amy adams but she is like a stick, I highly doubt she has a true muffin top lol.

heather on

lol, I agree Kim! I have the dreaded muffin top…Ive lost all my pregnancy weight but I think my skin stretched out so much that is permanantly flabby…aka…permanant muffin top!

ClaireSamsmom on

She looks great! If she has a muffin top, then I have a muffin top, plus a danish and cupcake top, too. Let’s just call it a food baby.

Alisha on

OMG!! Not the dreaded muffin top! Say it isn’t so!! Not right after having a baby. Wow, that is just unacceptable. blah blah blah

ej on

that does not look like her in the slightest. can’t believe they airbrush someone that is so gorgeous to the point that she is unrecognisable….WHY?????

whitney on

Amy Adams looks great, if not better in my opinion, after having her little girl. I don’t think there’s a muffin top at all on her. I agree that it’s insane to read about stars working out right after having a baby, but their body is their business (unfortunately). Kudos to Amy for taking it slow and realizing that her family is more important than looking toned one month post-partum. I also think that the women who pose on the magazine covers weeks after having babies are full of crap. Who do they think they are fooling with liposuction, airbrush, makeup and fancy clothes to suck everything in?

Maggie Santangelo on

Good for her for not running to a plastic surgeon to have it sucked and tucked. Welcome to the real world of mommyhood, it aint always pretty! (but it’s always worth it!)

Just Lise on

Muffin top must have a different meaning in Hollywood , because there is no way a muffin top on Amy Adams in that pic.

nat on

she seems really down to earth and sweet:)

Miche on

I like Amy Adams. Enjoy her interviews, enjoy her movies. I think her daughter is adorable.

I’m just wondering who the person in the picture is on that magazine, because she looks nothing like Amy – that face has been so photoshopped! They don’t think her fans won’t recognize her features…that’s not her face! Where is our sweet Amy?

CelebBabyBlogAddict on

Would just like it to be noted that her daughter Aviana is probably the cutest little girl everrrrr!

Me on

Ha! I can relate to the 11:30 comment. With 4 kids if we stay up past 10PM I feel like we are getting away with something!

Liz on

ugggggh..i love her so much! GO AMY!

Anonymous on

I’m sure the muffin top has either been photoshopped out of the magazine cover pics or she wore spanx for the shoot. 🙂

christine on

WOW looks nothing like her at all!!! and why is her 18 month old daughter still drinking from a bottle?

Anonymous on

LOVE HER!!!!!!! She seems so genuine and down-to-earth. Saw her on Ellen today; she was sweet, funny, and adorable! Great actress too! 🙂

TJ on

That doesn’t even look like her! Geez, when will the crazy over-the-top airbrushing stop? And yeah, she looks really chunky here…not!

Jill on

No way Amy has a muffin top. She’s a size 4-6.

Kaycee on

Love my Colorado girl! Must be a mini-muffin top… not seeing alot of extra fluff on her.

Allison on

I love Amy Adams

ASH on

There is a flipside to everything as not every woman gets a muffin top after birthing children. I happen to be one of those who doesn’t have one, and I’m in my late 30s. To make such a general statement is rather naive considering we live in a large world filled with many mothers. I’m not boasting about my body, but I am pointing out that just because you birthed children is no reason to have the said “muffin top” and think you can’t do anything about it. I exercise an average amount, not over the top, am careful about what I eat, but not obsessively, and I probably have some good genetics.
Kudos to Amy for telling it like it is!

Sandy on

Muffin top???? NOT
come on- she looks fantastic and has no business complaining that she has what she believes is a muffin top. Give me a break!! News must be SLOW today.

PFG on

On my 3rd pregnancy 8 years later after the first two did I get challenged with a muffin top. Worked it off & the 4th child it was on me definitely waistline bulge, now in my mid 30’s. Crud had to work it, as it was work. Agree, got to work everyday for what we want n definitely humor, chiming with your children is vital & being the “can do”. Holding baby while we workout (no seats, chairs or apparatus) cook, clean, feeding, walk, talk as it’s amazing & exhilarating with just playing, singing as they’re just the right weight & size u need to lose excess weight. The grow leeps & bounds too…what’s better than that. Should be ready to go by the time you return back to work at 6 to 8 weeks fully amped ready to go. Never got to that place where I gained excessive weight with having eating issues trying to love, please & trick self with food.

ray on

I’ve always hated her as an actress: boring, trying too hard, always lacking. Unfortunately, Aviana is a terrible name.

anonymous on

Muffin top? Come on, really? I hate false modesty

Anonymous on

Love Amy Adams! And while she may not have shed that last baby pound off (nothing spanx can’t help with), I think she looks great!

Lee on

I don’t make it look easy, either.,.so it was nice to see someone else is a hot mama mess. But I have to say the pic doesn’t look like her, which is a shame cuz shes cute!

heather on

ash…I agree, not every woman looks the same after giving birth but for you to say that working out will work for every woman is a big I said before, I have lost all my baby weight and work out regularly but my skin stretched out soooo much that I am left with a flabby stomach. Not fat but droopy skin.

ASH on

@ Heather… My point wasn’t that exercise is the cure all for a muffin top, although it certainly helps. My point was that not everyone is doomed to a muffin top after giving birth, which seemed to be the consensus in earlier posts. Sorry for the wording if it led you to believe that was what I was getting at. : )

Anonymous on

Unless Amy poses nude (and without any air-brushing done after the fact) we’re never going to know what her post baby tummy really looks like….because there’s this magical thing called “spanx”. 😉

Janna on

Jane, that’s bull and you know it. Look around you. Most women do have to balance it all. They have no choice. No one picks what’s important and preserves it (what a stupid expression).

You’re suggesting that she can’t have a successful career, good marriage, be a great mother and maybe have a hobby or time for herself? Which one of those do you think she should “pick and preserve”?