Spotted: Julie Bowen’s Boisterous Boys

11/15/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

Her brood of blonds! Emmy-winner Julie Bowen, has her hands full with sons John and Gustav, 2½, and Oliver, 4½, at Saturday’s Baby2Baby and Huggies Santa Diaper‘s Winter Wonderland event in Beverly Hills, Calif. The boys are the Modern Family star’s kids with husband Scott Phillips.

Jerod Harris/WireImage

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Brooke on

I didn’t know that Gus’ full name was Gustav. Nice.

Miche on

I’d never heard him called Gustav either. I like that alot.

Angela on

I wish this hadn’t been posted as ‘Boisterous Boys’. The same wouldn’t have been said if she had three girls, so please let’s not add to the gender bias. Perhaps this should have been ‘Beautiful Boys’.

Micheley on

I love the names of all her children! So cute.

I also have never knew ‘Gus’ was really Gustav.

meghan on

Really Angela? Gender bias? There really is someone to to take offense over every topic, isn’t there…

Rosy on

Angela, I agree completely. Boys seem to get such a bad rap sometimes, it’s not fair.

Wendy on

Angela, I agree. The definition of the word is violent; Loud, noisy, and lacking in restraint or discipline; unrestrained or unruly. Whether talking about Boys or Girls the word should not have been used.

SadieA on

Such a cute picture!

Mallory on

Gustav seems like a strange name for a very American boy, but hey, whatever. They’re all very cute.

me on

Beautiful family!I love julie bowen and her boys are so adorable.I like their names -short,normal and masculine- is sooo my taste for boys names.I knew Gus was Gustav and I think his name is so much better than his nickname.

Y on

You people are so nitpicky it cracks me up! Lighten up ladies!!!

Sarah S. on

Her boys are so cute!

Jen DC on

Could the word “boisterous” have been chosen SIMPLY for the alliteration?

Karen on

Angela, I completely agree!!! And, look at her 3 boys….the only one that looks ready to be “boisterous” is the one on the left. The others are very well behaved. Love her!

A. on

People really get their undies in a bunch over the most trivial things… It’s actually quite ridiculous. Julie’s sons are adorable. Julie looks great too.

ej on

totally agree with angela….adorable family

S on

Well, since it looks like she’s holding onto one for dear life to keep him from running off, maybe the boys were actually being boisterous! That’s a thought!

Jessica on

Julie Bowen has also mentioned in other interviews that her boys are very rowdy. Boisterous can also mean that you are have incredible energy and high spirits.

I also agree with Jen DC. Boisterous was probably used for the sole purpose of creating a catchy title, using alliteration. Come on ladies!! Sigh… Where do you get the energy to nitpick everything?

KRS on

I don’t know…the first hit when I googled “boisterous definition” was noisy, energetic, cheerful, and rowdy – sounds like a pretty good description for a lot of little boys (and girls). Why on earth would somebody take this meaningless little two-sentence “article” and make it into something negative?!