Look for Less: Kingston Rossdale’s Dapper Edge

11/15/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
Jenny White/Broadimage

From his punk rocker days to his recent take on nerdy chic, Kingston Rossdale isn’t letting anyone cramp his mini style evolution.

Now, the 5-year-old is channeling his inner British dandy — with a twist.

On Nov. 6, we spotted the too-cute tyke heading to a birthday party in L.A. with mom Gwen Stefani wearing Tom & Drew‘s cozy Generals Jacket ($110), a black tee with a loose striped tie, Tom & Drew‘s Duke Plaid Pants ($70), cowboy boots and a classic newsboy cap.

Love his edgy schoolboy chic? You’re in luck. We’ve rounded up similar items — all under $43!

Courtesy KOHL’S


Keep your little guy bundled up in WeatherKidsFaux Suede Jacket ($42.50). Also available in beige, it’s lined with faux shearling for added warmth.

Courtesy American Apparel


Solid tees are a staple for every kid. Start his collection with American Apparel‘s Organic Jersey Short Sleeve Ts ($11). Not only are they super soft, but they’re eco-friendly too.

Courtesy Target


Gwen’s new Harajuku Mini for Target‘s collection includes cool Plaid Pants ($20), adorned with zippers and plenty of pockets, that your fly guy is sure to love. And it just so happens that Kingston already owns this pair too.

Courtesy Drysdales


Get your mini cowboy ready for the rodeo with Jama Children‘s sturdy Black Western Boots ($36), which feature convenient pull-straps, authentic contrast stitching and a sturdy heel.

Courtesy Janie and Jack


Polish his look off with Janie and Jack‘s fully-lined Glen Plaid Cap ($13). It also includes an elastic back for a more secure fit.

Courtesy Ties


Whether he wears it loose and dangly or properly tied, Tie‘s Red and Black Stripe Boys Tie ($16) will instantly add a posh vibe to his look.

— Anya Leon

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Stella Bella on

He looks awesome- love the outfit!

cct0303 on

I actually love the jacket of the cheaper version!

kendrajoi on

This. looks. ridiculous. He looks like he has a blind stylist. And if he picked this outfit out himself, it’s Gwen and Gavin’s job to tell him NO.

tlc on

I think Gwen tries too hard with Kingston. I’m sure he is not picking out these clothes himself….he is cute, but come on People, have some sense, we all know that his Fashion conscious Mom is dressing him and choosing these (overpriced IMO) clothes.

Ruthella on

He looks like Del Boy from Only Fools and Horses!

abbyc on

This is so pretenious! These parents need to let him be a boy.

Jazmine on

I love this outfit. He looks so adorable

Jazmine on

This is the cutest outfit ever! It resembles nothing like a gypsy tent….IMO.

tori on

I agree with tlc. It does look like they’re trying to hard with this kid. The coat and boots are cute, but all put together the outfit looks silly. I find it hard to believe that any young boy would put these item together.

Shannon on

He’s a handsome little boy but his parents’ focus on style and image is disconcerting.

Julie on

Seriously….just not a good look. I’m all for letting kids express themselves, but not at the risk of being made fun of……

momreviewx2 on

I think that Kingston is such a style-conscious boy because of his parents. Because of this he pulls off any style with a sense of individuality and ‘coolness.’ he dresses a lot like my son….I hope that he will one day be a strong and confident male.

Who says that boys or girls have to dress ‘cookie cutter’ and cheesy to be considered cute and ‘accepted’? rock on kingston!

Amanda K on

I like the coat and hat. The rest just looks mismatched like he just randomly picked items to wear as kids like to do.

anonymous on

This looks atrocious and hardly typical of something a 5 year old boy would choose and put together himself. Gwen uses her kids as accessories.

sushi on

Doesn’t anyone realize that kids are going to be teased no matter what? No matter how hard you try to dress the right way, kids are going to find something to pick on him about? People need to get over themselves. The last time I checked, Gwen was his mom, not you guys. He looks like every other five year old dressing himself.

me on

I could definitely see a kid putting this outfit together. Not, mind you to be fashionable. Just… his favorite pair of boots, dad’s tie, etc… Then someone sticks a coat on him because it’s chilly out.

Maria on

He looks fab, I love his sense of style and hope my boys are as willing to go against the grain.

plannbb on

This kid looks ridiculous. Trying way too hard.

Hea on

What’s a gipsy tent?

I think they try too much. I wish I’d see him play and get dirty from time to time. I hope he does when the paparazzi aren’t around at least.

anonymous on

ITA with the other posters — he looks ridiculous!!! Most other celeb tots his age do not dress like this, it’s doubtful he comes up with these outrageous outfits by himself. At any rate, it’s a safe assumption that he doesn’t have a credit card and not the one making the purchasing decisions.

claudiazz on

how refreshing to see a kid that looks like an individual not like another blue jeaned, t-shirted billboard for something Talk about Stepford children—most of our kids look like they come off of a conveyor belt—one looks as bad as the next

Catca on

I’m not going to join in the chorus that Gwen is trying to hard with Kingston. I do think it is possible that Kingston picked this outfit out, perhaps with influence from his mom, but he may have picked it out nonetheless. I’m not a big fan of Kingston’s style mainly because most of the time what he’s wearing looks uncomfortable for a little guy to run around in, but this looks like he can move around like a kid his age should with no problems so hey – why not?

Maggie on

Poor kid

Mollie on

Eh, just doesn’t seem like something a normal kid would wear to a birthday party. And really, since when are 5 year-olds supposed to be fashionable and setting trends? They should be running around playing, not trying to impress us with their “style.”

Lady on

Sindrii chill out, comments take a minute to post.

Who cares, he’s 5 & he’s happy & healthy. I think the outfit is horrible & wouldn’t WANT my kid wearing that but if it’s what they wanted..who is it hurting…good for you kid.

Jillian on

What bothers me is that posts like this continue to pop up, with the intention of judging how the child loils and any and all comments allowed. Children everyday are being ridiculed and bullied for the way they look, choose to look or the way their parents dress them. I will never make a negative comment having anything to do with a child even if I dont think they will read it today… Because you never know. I attending a 10 yr olds funeral this week. She took her life because she was bullied. I am not saying any of you are, but I have seen it on here. Posts intended to get feedback on a child are wrong and I really hope people stops or starts deleting the comments at least.


MiB on

I have seen plenty of kids in creative getups, and they are usualy inspired by people they are surronded by. The people who surround Kingston are probably a bit edgier than the people who surround most other kids, so his creative outfits would naturally gravitate to the edgier.

I have taught 5 year old boys wearing checked button down shirts every day, because that’s what their dad’s wore, I had a 2 year old who insisted on wearing a knitted bobble hat well into summer because that was the coolest thing he knew. I’ve seen kids wearing baby legs on their arms, pulling their socks over their trouser legs, loving scarves, wearing summer dresses over roll neck shirts in winter, different shoes or the shoes on the wrong feet. I had a kid who loved suspenders and would sometimes combine them with bow ties because he thought that was stylish. I once asked him if they where not uncomfortable, and his answer was in the lines of “I think they are pretty”, and since they would have snapped open the moment they got caught into something, I didn’t take an issue with them anymore than I took issue with all the little girls and boys who wore necklaces. Kids this age will definitely let you know if they find something uncomfortable or ugly.

Hea on

I think it’s funny how the person posting as Jillian, who appears to call herself Mary now, keep saying she’s not Jillian but I’ve never seen Jillian say anything about the fact that someone else is posting in her/his alias.

Anonymous on

Mollie, as the parent of a 5 year old boy myself, ITA with your post and with what others have said too. This “look” is totally bizarre and I doubt the child marched into a store and came up with it himself!

Jillian on

I am Jillian and I am not on here everyday, so I don’t see what everyone posts. I also am not going to comment every single time that person posts and say it is not me. Then there is someone lse who signs Jillian but is not me. People probably don’t believe me, I don’t care. But since we all have different opinions and have our “favorite” celebs, I don’t know why or how this is happening. In the beginning I posted messages every single time, as did they, saying it was not me. I even called the magazine….I know, sorta desparate. But,nothing has been done. So, sorry that I don’t comment everytime but I will not be speaking about it anymore. There is nothing I can do or care. If they want their names changed, they need to figure it out.

lora on

Is this an outfit for a 5 year old boy? really?

anonymous on

Maybe by the time he’s 6 he will grow some and demand to be dressed like a normal boy.