Spotted: Paula Patton and Michelle Monaghan Launch Laughs

11/15/2011 at 03:00 PM ET

Lovely ladies! Paula Patton and Michelle Monaghan pose with their little ones — son Julian Fuego, 19 months, and daughter Willow Katherine, 3, at the Target launch of Gwen Stefani‘s new children’s clothing line, Harajuku Mini, held Saturday in Hollywood, Calif.

John Shearer/Getty

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River on

Julian is so cute! But he is so pale and blonde, I would have never guessed he is mixed had I not known who his mama is. Maybe he’ll get some color and look more like mama when he’s older. Either way, he’s got great genes and will be a handsome grownup!

kaitlyn on

Those are two cute kids!

NickyAngel on

2 of my favourite actresses…and the kids are so adorbs 🙂

Ali on

Julian looks just like he is supposed to look. His mom is bi-racial. Dad is white. The genetic metrics of a child who is greater than 75% white would predict a Caucasian featured child. He is an American. The term mixed is a degrading reference to humans.

Tisha on

Paula Patton is mixed also, so it makes sense that he has the coloring he has. Genetics work out differently. Look at Halle Berry’s daughter.

anonymous on

True, Ali. The other comment was not only ignorant, but very annoying.

Shannon on

Mixed is not necessarily a degrading term to many people. Paul and Julian look just alike. Cute!

Beeno on

@ Tisha…… just how does halle’s daughter look different? She’s 75% white,…..and she looks it. Genes don’t have directives! Lovely Willow (pictured) is 100% white, but she and Julian have similar skin tones, but Julian has lighter hair and eyes. Any thing can happen. Also, Paula is bi-racial, and has very obvious caucasian heritage, and Robin has dark hair and eyes. Julian looks the way he’s supposed to look. How many of you guys know that Carly Simon has the same/similar genetics as Julian Thicke, Nahla Aubry, Boris Beckers 4 kids, Honor & Haven Warren, Jennifer Beals, etc……….

olivia on

emma buntons son is mixed and he looks more white, he is the cutest little boy!!

J on

Mixed is not a degrading term. And I’m not sure by what River mean regarding Julian possibly getting more color and looking like mama later. Is he not fine the way he is to her?

AllisonJ on

cute kids. I love Julian’s blonde hair! I don’t think I’ve seen a pic of Willow in a long time. She is cute, too.

Dee on

Cutie pie Julian is a big 19 month old!

RKF on

“Mixed” is not a degrading term whatsoever, Ali. We’re all mixed in some way, shape, or form – that’s a reality. Why make a non-issue an issue?

River on

Wow, you people are way too sensitive and try to turn every innocent comment into something negative. Sounds like some of you are starved for drama and WANT to fight. “Mixed” is not a degrading term at all! Seriously, stop trying to find something negative in everything. Nothing I said is offensive or racist or “degrading”.

Is it such a crime that I was surprised to see that Jules is so pale and blonde? I expected him to look more bi-racial like Nahla Aubry, for example, who is also 1/4 African-American.

No, there’s nothing wrong with him being pale and blonde, the only reason I said he MIGHT get darker when he gets older is because most children (regardless of race) tend to get more color as they age because all of the melanin kicks in. Where the hell do you get the idea that I said there something wrong with him being pale? I said he’ll grow up to be beautiful no matter what.

Sounds like some of the people on here need to go back to English 101 and gain some reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.

Sophia on

Willow and Julian are both gorgeous! They almost look like they could be brother and sister. Very cute 🙂

yo on

Jennifer Beals is biracial. Her father is black, not biracial.

Ashley on

Julian looks just like his father! I love this picture of all of them! :]

Mia on

While both Patton’s son + Berry’s daughter are the same mix-3/4 white + 1/4 black–they do look different.

Nahla is has coloring like HB–but has the same facial features as her father.

I think JF-looks a lot like his mom in the face–but obviously favors his father’s coloring.

HB 4th is another example-3/4 white + 1/4 black + he definitely favors his mom in both features.

Genetics are amazing! 🙂

Jillian on

Those who think “mixed” is ignorant can you say why cause I, and clearly others, don’t have a clue why?


River on

@ Jillian

Its not ignorant. The ones who say its ignorant are just attention starved drama queens who try to pick fights out of sheer boredom.

MelOnTheRidge on

Does anyone know where Michelle’s daughter got that coat?! I absolutely LOVE it and my little Emma would look too cute in in!