Spotted: Victoria Beckham and Harper Take Flight

11/14/2011 at 01:00 PM ET

Pretty in plaid!

Victoria Beckham totes dressed-up daughter Harper Seven, 4 months, as the pair made their way through the Los Angeles International Airport Sunday on the way to the U.K.

“#todayimwearing a dress from my winter collection with @LouboutinWorld,” the Spicey mama, 37, Tweeted. “Harper is wearing @Maison_Bonpoint x VB”

The fashion designer and husband David Beckham are also parents to sons Brooklyn Joseph, 12, Romeo James, 9, and Cruz David, 6½.

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Mommyof2 on

She is a darling baby girl!! I see her dad in her. Victoria looks fab. Can’t even tell she had a baby let alone 4 of them! WOW! You rock it, girl!

kjc on

Victoria looks great! Love her hair! …and Harper is getting cuter and cuter.

Lisa on

I agree! Victoria looks great and it seems like she loves the addition of having a daughter dressing her all up! It’s great to see them out with the boys as well as I’ve seen especially David taking the boys to play sports or to the ocean etc. I know David has expressed an interest in one more kid so I guess we shall see!

ClaireSamsmom on

Harper looks just like a little babydoll. Sooo adorable!

cris on

Who tweets what designer’s clothes their 4 month old is wearing…, seriously, who does that?

Lau on

Harper is ALL Victoria, in my opinion at least.

Tee on

Harper is so stinking adorable!

RFC on

Too cute. In my opinion, Harper looks a lot like her daddy, but so much like her brother, Romeo. They certainly have some beautiful kiddos. 🙂

abbyc on

To Lau- agreed, in that they are both NOT smiling!

Karen on

Cris, I was JUST thinking that. I really like Victoria & her family, and that picture is SO CUTE!, but I hope she doesn’t start saying what her baby is wearing all the time.

candykane on

Harper is adorable. I think she looks just like mom.

People ask all the time where to get the clothes they see on celebkids. This page posts all the time where to get them or similar. So much easier to tell right away where to get them.

Sarah K. on

She clearly doesn’t tweet Harper’s outfits it all of the time. But, she is a fashion designer and knows everyone was curious about how she would dress her daughter. She got asked that a lot in interviews. At least the designer is getting free advertising!

Anonymous on

What a cutie pie!

me on

I love Victoria’s look nowadays. She’s got a little more meat on her bones than before, and her long wavy hair looks much more natural. Motherhood really looks well on her.

And that baby, what a doll!

Janna on

I’m more curious about how she’s holding that baby. Are 4-month olds really strong enough to support their own heads while being carried like that?

Ali on

What a little cutie! I think she looks a lot like Cruz actually!

cara on

She is a little doll, gorgeous. I too think she resembles Cruz more than the other boys.

Have to say, it really is laughable how VB dresses for the airport, she should take a leaf out of the absolutely classy style of Marion Coutillard, who looks far more stylish and MUCH happier than VB.

OF course it’s not surprising that she tweets about her daughters high end brand clothes, she appears to appreciate very superficial things, it’s all about the clothes, the hair extensions, the fake boobs, etc. and now the baby girl accessory. She comes across as very fake and very shallow, nothing natural about her at all.

Allegra on

I’m assuming Harper can, Janna, or Victoria wouldn’t be holding her that way.

A on

Definitely a girl version of Cruz 🙂

Hea on

@ cris and cara – People who work with fashion for a living I suppose. Which Victoria does, she is a successful designer after all now and she is hardly the only one who tweets stuff like that.

Victoria rarely smiles in pictures but that doesn’t mean that she’s not a happy woman. I doubt she needs leafs from anyones books. I bet she just doesn’t like her own smile, which is kinda sad if it’s true, but it doesn’t mean much else. I, for one, think she has a great smile.

cara on

I love the Victoria Beckham collection, however there are very strong rumours that Roland Mouret is the REAL designer behind VB. IF he wasn’t he would be suing the hell out of her for copying his designs!

The whole “Victoria Beckham is now a designer” smacks of being as fake as she is. Same as the fake boobs that for years she swore were natural, until she was forced to disclose it in a court case.

Victoria Beckham has a fantastic PR team behind her and lots of backers cashing in on the David / Victoria brand they have created. While he is/was a talented soccer player, their PR team must hold the gold standard for taking her as far as they have by changing the perception of her from that of failed solo pop star to successful fashion designer.

Good luck to her I say.

cara on

Hea, those are fantastic photos of her. She really looks gorgeous when she smiles and is relaxed.

Hea on

Rumors are rumors until they have been proven true. Her boobs are her business and the fact that someone dragged her to court over them is just silly although it was always obvious that they were fake. Fake boobs however doesn’t make her fake.

chelsea on

i’ve never seen a picture of this baby in any girly colors (pink, purple)she’s always in a brown tone. Not that there is anything wrong with that. she’s very cute. I’m just surprised it not more girly stuff

Sarah K. on

Cara, she has said that she changes as soon as she’s on the plane into sweats or pj’s. She just looks stylish for the airport where she knows she’s going to get photographed. But, even in her stilletos she’s gotten down on the floor to crawl around with her kids. Maybe she really is superficial, but to me it seems like she’s actually quite down to earth in her real life.

Janna, 4 month olds can support their heads. This is baby #4, so I’m sure Victoria knows what she’s doing 🙂

lola on

Victoria looks great. I had a baby on the same day she had Harper and I have to admit I’m a little jealous haha. Maybe she’s just wearing some super, extra-strength spanx, and when she takes them off she has the same flabby belly I do!

Lady on

Goodness she’s adorable!!!

MariBee on

Oh that baby is very, very cute!

I identify with Victoria because I also have a face, that when relaxed, looks unhappy. Which is the complete opposite of what I’m usually feeling.

From everything that I’ve seen and heard, it appears that both Victoria and her husband are very good parents and it seems they have a happy family.

Gossip on

Cara you are jealous and foolish or just plain silly! Go Vic and I love all of the fashion she is dressing her sweet baby in! Cara you lack a true knowledge of what goes with being a celebrity and name branding! Vic Beckham is doing whatever it takes to satisfy herself in life for a very long time…the fashion industry and the buying public loves her!

mypiecesandbits on

To all of those who comment on the fact that Victoria is never smiling: That does not necessarily mean that she is miserable in her daily life. I am a very happy person and love my life but rarely have a smile on my face in public. I have been told many times that I look like I’m angry at the world. Even though its been brought to my attention and I try to put a smile on my face I end up back with my usual stern expression. It is just what is natural for me. Yet inside I am full of giggles and bubblyness.

Amanda on

Harper is adorable!!

She shares what clothes the baby is wearing because I’m sure people are asking. Easier to just put it out there than answer a million people’s questions. Just like she dresses up because she’ll be photographed. I rarely dress up but you bet if I’m going somewhere I’ll be photographed I do, just like most other women I know. Difference is most women, myself included, aren’t followed by the paps!

And yes, most 4 month olds have enough head control to be held that way. I have a son born at the end of August and he’s almost there and Harper was born early July.

noa on

“Maison” Bonpoint… ??? huh??? I happen to live 5 meters away from the boutique in St germain Paris and nobody calls it “maison” like it was “maison chanel” or some haute couture BS. It’s JUST Bonpoint and it’s “just” expensive kids clothes, like Jacadi or Tartine & Chocolat. Not special.
Now if homegirl knew her “french kids couture for snobs” she’d have that child in Baghere…

noa on

and for crafty mamma’s out there, the creator of Baghere , Sylvie Loussier has 2 books out (amazon) with knit and sewing patterns so you can make her styles yourself.

RachelfromBoston on

oohh she’s got mommy’s signature pout! – so cute!!

stacey on

She’s adorable-looks like brooklyn. The first thing that came to my mind when i saw this picture was that she was carrying her like a 7 or 8 month old. I’m a mom of 6, and i did not carry my 4 month olds like that. I think she’s too little. She’d probably be more comfortable with a little more support.

olivia on

she is actually a very funny person, i have a dvd of the spice girls before they were famous, and she is really funny, she makes fun of herself because she looks mad, but she isn’t

kelsey on

Noa- she’s tweeting their name. Maison_Bonpoint is their twitter handle… it’s not how she’s choosing to do it, it’s the name they’ve chosen to use on twitter. But jeez, everyone always has to find a way to criticize every single thing she does, don’t they?

Brooklyn on

One word: ADORABLE!

Emma on

That baby is ADORABLE!!! OMG she’s a cutie 🙂

RealityCheck on

Please! This woman is NOT a fashion designer and to give her credit of being one is insane! She may come up with “ideas” about clothes and how to wear them, but it is not her who is actually designing, sketching, stitching, those so-called designs, all she does is put her vapid name on the label and laugh her unsmiling self all the way to the bank thanks to all those foolish beckham “fans” who see her and her silly husband through rose-colored glasses and not for what/who they really are: fake, selfish, greedy, vile… BTW: Baby is soooo NOT CUTE!

RealityCheck on

I see she has put down her Hermes bag to tote her newest accessory.

Maggie on

Go away RealityCheck. You post the same crap on every Victoria post. We get it, you don’t like her.

Holiday on

Harper is really cute! I love her dress. BTW I think that after 4 kids Victoria knows how to properly hold her child.

La La Outlandish on

Anyone who posts negative comments about a baby’s appearance should be banned. Venomous comments against an innocent child are completely unacceptable, and I look forward to the day when this site takes measures like being able to hide certain people’s posts or report abuse of terms and conditions.

Hea on

@ RealityCheck – And what are you?

JillB on

Adorable baby! Does that woman ever smile?

Brooke on

I love that Victoria is giving us updates on she and Harper’s wardrobe….This will be fun to watch this little girl grow up.

SushiMonkey on

Wow seriously???

1. Victoria and many other people who were on the same flight as Victoria have said that as soon as she gets on the plane, she changes to something comfortable and than changes back just before landing. Victoria has been dressing like this for the last 14/15 years, it’s nothing new.

2. Victoria does design her own stuff. She has designed her own jeans and now her own clothing line. Insiders (not from her camp) say she is far more involved than most people. And she surely is not copying anyone. Please.

3. Victoria doesn’t like smile cause she doesn’t want to smile for the paparazzi. Anyone who would smile widely while a thousand flashes are going off is more of an attention seeker. Just watch her interviews. She’s a very warm and down to earth person.

4. Harper is a gorgeous gorgeous little girl. Victoria said before Harper was born that she likes how the French dress their little girls…..very old fashioned. And she only tweeted about what Harper is wearing TWICE.

Anonymous on

Cara- I think I remember reading somewhere that Victoria had her implants removed before her pregnancy with Harper. 🙂

Indira on

who walks around smiling? who??

ham on

WHat a beautiful new bag she has!

Arewa on

Harper is so adorable, but Victoria should really learn how to do her hair…it’s all over the place!

Just thought I’d throw that silly, ignorant comment on the picture of child who is 100% Caucasian, since poor Heidi Klum gets it all the time.

Bugsmum on

Harper is beautiful!!! I’m seriously jealous of the good genes or awesome Spanx Victoria has got going on. My daugher is the same age and I carry her like that all the time, she’s always had great head control. I’m willing to bet with 3 older brothers to watch Harper’s had her head up and has been looking around from very early on.

Denise on

The baby looks just like her. Her boys seem to look more like the dad

Lucy R on

I wonder if she’s still nursing. It would be kind of hard in that outfit. Not bashing her in any way, just curious.

Maddie on

Harper is tooooo cute!!

Momma looks amazing too.