Family Photo: Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s Lil’ Rockers

11/14/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Frederick M. Brown/Getty

Love the leather look!

Mark-Paul Gosselaar, fiancée Catriona McGinn and his children Ava Lorenn, 5, and Michael Charles, 7, attend the premiere of The Muppets, held Saturday at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, Calif.

Engaged in August, the Franklin & Bash star, 37, and McGinn are still in the planning stages.

“Once we find a place where we want to have it, then we’ll set a date. But it’ll be a grand event. A lot of family,” the actor tells PEOPLE.

“I feel fortunate enough that I found her and we found each other and that we can start a life together.”

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Brittany on

Oh my goodness, his son looks just like him! Perhaps they can cast him in Saved by the Bell the Newer New Class when he gets older? Lol. Cute family!

Rachael on

What beautiful children! I’m not familiar with Catriona, stunning family!

Anonymous on

I think the PEOPLE staff may want to consider re-wording the article. If you click on the link to the story about Mark-Paul’s engagement, it says the mother of his children is his ex-wife. The way this article is worded makes it sound like his fiance’ is the childrens’ mother. Also, does anyone know how old Catriona is?

Anyway, the kids are cuties!

Anonymous on

Oh, and I have to say that I lost a little bit of respect for Mark-Paul after reading the article about his engagement. It quotes Neil Lane (who created Catriona’s engagement ring) as saying: “He was so excited to have found the woman of his dreams.” Hearing that couldn’t have been very pleasant for his ex-wife! I realize he didn’t make that comment himself, but odds are Neil was just repeating what Mark-Paul had said to him when he came in to have the ring made.

Show a little respect, Mark-Paul!

meghan on

Anonymous, it clearly says HIS KIDS, not THEIR kids. And you lost respect for Mark-Paul over something that Neil Lane said? You have no idea what he said to the jeweler or if Neil was giving his own impression of the situation. Lighten up.

Marky on

Anonymous, did it occur to you Mark-Paul might have thought his ex WAS the woman of his dreams, until she started sleeping with Jeff Probst? Maybe you should check the facts before you get upset with someone. The divorce wasn’t his fault, after all.

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Mark-Paul and Catriona (I don’t know much about her either and would love to learn more if anyone has any information) on their engagement …..

Mark-Paul has some beautiful children! I hope him and Catriona decide to have more when they get married 🙂

Bancie1031 on

Oh and in my opinion I think Mark-Paul Gosselaar is just as handsome/ good looking now as he was as Zack Morris … Other than losing the blonde he looks the same, just an older version 🙂

NickyAngel on

His kids are so beautiful 🙂

SadieA on

Anonymous, his ex-wife moved on with Jeff Probst long before he did with Catriona. I’m happy for him, the divorce must have been hard given the circumstances.

SadieA on

For those of you asking, Catriona is an ad exec in LA. She works for a company called Media Monitors.

Lady on

He still looks good & his children are very beautiful…his daughter is gorgeous too!

Hea on

@ Anonymous – How can you lose respect for him for something someone else said? And since he and his ex divorced and found new love – I’m willing to bet neither were the love of each others lives.

WaterGirl on

His ex-wife cheated on him and ran off with the Survivor guy?! That’s just so wrong on so many levels… Glad he’s found someone to share his life with. Good for him!

Anonymous on

Marky and Hea- I didn’t realize that Mark-Paul’s ex-wife cheated on him. And yes, obviously they aren’t the man and women of each other’s dreams anymore. But presumably Mark-Paul’s ex-wife WAS the woman of his dreams at some point. It just felt to me like Neil Lane’s comment was tossing aside Mark-Paul’s ex-wife as though the time she spent married Mark-Paul didn’t matter.

But that being said, you guys are right. I over-reacted there. I shouldn’t have read so much into the comment, and I apologize.

Jillian on

We don’t know know the facts and if there was an affair. It’s all speculation like half the stuff in Hollywood! Here is a statement released when they announced their separation,”They have been separated for a couple of months,” Gosselaar’s representative told Us. “There is no third party involved. They are working on their marriage.”


Melissa on

Mark still looks great after all these years, I had such a crush on him when I was a kid watching Saved By The Bell! His little boy looks a lot like him. 🙂 Congrats to him and his fiance!

Jane on

Genes are so interesting because I know he is white and asian mix but his son looks white well the daughter looks mixed.

Terri on

Awww, his son looks just like him!