Jennifer Garner: Rachel Zoe Won’t Let Me Wear Maternity

11/14/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
Pete Mariner/Photoshot/AdMedia

When it comes to red carpet appearances, Jennifer Garner relies on stylist Rachel Zoe to work her magic.

However, even though she’s expecting her third child the actress has so far avoided wearing any mom-to-be styles — but that hasn’t been exactly by choice.

“[Zoe] is so determined to not put me in maternity clothes,” Garner, 39, told at the AFI Fest’s screening of Butter in Los Angeles on Nov. 5.

“I think because she was so little when she was pregnant, she didn’t wear them.”

So, does the expectant star see pregnancy apparel in her future?

“I have four months to go,” she laughs. “Sooner or later, she is going to have to put me in a maternity dress.”

Well, it looks like Garner’s wish will come true — soon. This weekend, caught up with the celebrity stylist to get her take on pregnancy fashion.

“Jen knows that I’ll want her to look amazing throughout her pregnancy, so of course that is going to involve maternity clothes,” shared Zoe at Saturday’s MOCA Annual Gala in Los Angeles.

The new mom even hinted that she may get into the maternity business. “I might design something. You never know!”

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Kelli on

I’d have to slap that bitch. Here’s an idea. Dress yourself. Find something that you like, fits well, and TADA! you’re not in an ill fitting outfit that some size 0 who went all the way to a size 2 when they were pregnant feels you should wear.

Olivia on

That’s weird. I think I’d be telling my stylist to get me a chic maternity dress, STAT. Especially on my third pregnancy.

Sarah S. on

Jennifer sounds so passive (and a little dumb). She either needs to tell Rachel her needs and not accept what Ms. Zoe gives her unless it’s fits her properly OR just find something herself!! Surely, there’s maternity red-carpet dresses available!!

martina on

Goodness, what’s wrong with maternity clothing? The woman is on third pregnancy, knows her body well – she should be telling the stylist what SHE wants to wear. Stylists are there to help, that’s it…

Jennifer on

Yeah that sounds horribly irritating. I don’t care for Rachel Zoe, she is stuck up. She sounds like she has a “too posh to push” attitude. Now with Jennifer, I’m surprised. She has always come off as a more down to earth celebrity to me. I know it’s not that big of a deal, but it’s definitely not appealing.

Miche on

Oh come on. How do the rest of us dress ourselves without someone telling us what to wear! Really. She’s a grown woman. She needs to go to a store, try on a few dresses, find something that makes her feel beautiful and buy it. Then let Ms. Zoe help her accessorize it.

Isn’t that why Heidi Klum and all these others celebs and designers have create maternity lines anyway? They ought to be upset that Ms. Zoe is declaring maternity clothes so unchic.

Cristin on

Hello – She pays Rachel extra to make her look good – and she does! Jennifer knows she can wear what she wants… she wants to wear what Rachel puts her in for a red carpet event duh! Lighten up people, she wasnt saying Zoe was the boss of her..

Laura on

How stupid. Jennifer can get nearly any designer to make a custom maternity look for her. Whether they call it maternity or not, it is. But regardless, this sends a terrible message to women. There is this negative connotation to maternity wear. There are plenty of stylish, flattering, and comfortable maternity clothing out there. And Rachel’s implying that there’s something wrong with maternity clothing. She’s an awesome stylist, but this is just an ignorant comment.

Sarah K. on

Cristin, I agree. And, it sounds like she was trying to tell the story in a light-hearted way, as if she’s laughing Rachel’s quirks off. Jennifer didn’t seem annoyed or irritated at all.

Maggie on

Jennifer, Rachel is actually pretty laidback and cool – if you watch her show, you’ll see a totally different side to her. I didn’t care for her until I watched it. And no, she’s not too posh to push – she had a vaginal birth with Skyler.

Jen Garner is clearly joking around – obviously if she didn’t like the clothes she wouldn’t wear them.

Megan on

Am I the only one who read the words “SHE LAUGHS” Jennifer was just telling a funny story–I hardly doubt Rachel put a gun to her head and told her what to wear–settle down people lol goodness…Jennifer is adorable and I think she looks great!

Story on

Maybe she should wear maternity clothing. I saw a picture of her from some event and her dress looked awful. It was way too short in the front, which happens with a big belly!

annachestnut on

I agree with Marina. Jennifer should be thinking for herself on these issues.

tara on

I don’t understand the whole Rachel Zoe thing in general. The women is creepy looking, way way to skinny, and can’t even dress herself……

jessicad on

Good lord some of you are ridiculously angry over this haha. Sounds like she was telling a silly story! I like Rachel Zoe and her style is super cute, in my opinion. I didn’t wear many maternity clothes either because I didn’t like them, so I just bought bigger sizes in cute regular stuff.

cct0303 on

I couldn’t agree more w/ Cristin.. I don’t think this story was suppose to be taken as seriously as some ya did.. Jennifer is old enough to know what she wants BUT on the other hand there’s ppl like Laura that may consider herself a grown-up but is worried about what kind of message Jennifer is putting out for “adults” to read, If you “women” were mature enough to read in between the lines, Ya would know she wasn’t really serious about the whole situation!!!

Jessica on

Totally agree Cristin. Jennifer can wear whatever she wants. If she doesn’t like it, she doesn’t have to wear it!


gimma a break on

She should have the clothes altered,cuz the last few outfits she’s wore looked a mess.

me on

When are actors going to learn that they can’t use humor in interviews? The majority of people don’t seem to get it, take it as gospel and are outraged. Add in the people who are always looking to be outraged and it all gets blown out of proportion.

mary on

seriously, (most) of you are idiots. It was obviously a light hearted comment.

and I agree to whomever said Rachel is very laid back (albeit, a workaholic)- she was had a vaginal birth and breast fed her son, so “to posh to push”…please. Maybe frightened by the idea of pushing out a kid (hell, so was I) but when it came time to you know, give birth, she did what millions of women do. She gave birth.

CelebBabyBlogAddict on

I think this is a funny story – haha. People shouldn’t be so serious! Clearly Jennifer likes Rachel’s work, hence why she hires her as a stylist. I’m pretty sure they were just joking around. Some people take things far to seriously! Although I understand, weight, pregnancy, money, clothing etc. are a serious/important subject for some women, hence probably why some women get on the defensive so quickly.

Gossip on

@Cristin you got it right! Thanks for being the voice of reason! I like Rachel Zoe and she has paved the way for people to create successful careers doing stuff you like! Jen is a comic at heart and often makes comments for tongue in cheek and to not take herself too seriously! Blogs brings out the best and worst in all of our comments! We are looking at others life and comparing it to our own which is not at all like Jen or Rachel. Lighten up! Go do something fantastic become a star and we will be watching and commenting on you too!

alicejane on

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen people say here that Jennifer needs a stylist because she apparently looks awful, in public and at red carpet events. I disagree, I pretty much always like what she’s wearing, but oh well.

Now she confirms that she HAS one and I would put money on the idea that most of the people telling her to dress herself have told her to hire a stylist. It’s ridiculous and childish, but it seems that that’s how many of the posters here make themselves feel better.

Indira on

Out of all her pregnancies this is the worst style choices she’s made yet. Zoe can barely dress herself IMO and, she was no better at her own pregnancy. For this time in her life, she’s better of hiring another stylist. Whoever styled Halle Berry, Selma Blair and Nicole Richie during their pregnancies.

Gigi on

Doubt that Rachel Zoe nursed her baby even if she said so on her show. No way she eats enough to produce milk & she probably had a surrogate like many in Hollywood do. There was at least one picture of her taken where she was obviously wearing a pillow under a dress.

Megan on

OH COME ON. Really?!

Anonymous on

Apparently nobody else noticed the really exciting thing about this article: For the first time in any of her pregnancies, Jennifer has pretty much told us when she’s due. She said she has four months to go, which means she’s due sometime around March (meaning she didn’t waste any time announcing the pregnancy, as she announced in August when she was only two months along!). 🙂

JC on

Celebrities have stylists so they can get in contact with the appropriate people to borrow clothes and jewelry for events. That is not that hard of a concept to figure out. They don’t buy all these various things they wear especially when they have to promote a movie with talk show appearances, junkets, interviews and the million other things that each require a new outfit.

Anonymous on

Gigi- Jennifer herself mentions Rachel being pregnant in this article. Jennifer doesn’t strike me as one to lie for a fellow celeb.

me on

I kind of agree with the comments here that it’s surprising to hear from Jen. She does seem like the most down-to-earth Hollywood mom- I mean in most pictures she’s wearing regular clothes to go out with her kids. But then she talks about relying on someone else to dress her for events? Kinda lame.

Marissa on

Welcome back CelebBabyLover!

Julia on

Gigi, you can’t be serious.. Really?!

annachestnut on

I am disappointed. I thought she had a head on her shoulders. Who said “vanity, vanity, all is vanity”?

Sarah K. on

Me, she’s a celebrity so she needs to look good on the red carpet. Every major female celebrity has a stylist. Why is this at all shocking?

Laura on

She may not be serious but Rachel is. My comment wasn’t directed at Jen. It’s directed at Rachel. As someone who watched her TV show, I was horrified by how she portrayed pregnancy. She’s a really talented stylist but is way too vain for my taste.

anonymous on

Jen is obviously joking around but I think she should find a new stylist anyway. Looking at Zoe and her own appearance – haggard, sloppy and emaciated – it’s very surprising that celebs actually hand over money to her for fashion advice!!! Ugh.

anonymous on

Jennifer, get yourself another stylist, please? Oh, and while you’re at it, give Ms. Zoe some of your delectable chocolate chip cookies I’ve heard so much about. God knows, she could use the calories.

Jillian on

If she likes the clothes, why should she get a new stylist? Because some of you don’t like the clothes? Smh at some of these comments….

Jen looks great!


Anonymous on

Jillian/Mary — expressing an opinion is allowed. IMO, Zoe has awful taste and looks like a mess herself. I can see others agree…

ruby on

Normally I’d say “dress yourself” but I’ve seen what Jennifer picks out for day-to-day wear and … she needs help. o_0

Sarah K. on

Anonymous, Mary was also just expressing her opinion. It works both ways

mrsw on

Jennifer. You are a grown woman who is letting somse “stylist” determine what you wear while pregnant? “Woman Up” and make your own decisions.

jennrae on

I’ve only ever heard bad things about Jennifer Garner. Things like she’s not a girl’s girl, she’s bossy, an emasculating control freak. Who knows if it’s true, but just don’t let those dimples fool you. And of course celebrities lie for one another. That’s how you get them to keep your own secrets, quid pro quo.

And to Anonymous, Jennifer was way further along than two months when she announced her pregnancy. More than likely she’s just lying about when she’s due. I hope for Ben’s sake they’re having a little boy–he’d be SO cute! I saw a picture of her younger daughter the other day and she looked like exactly what you think of when you think of sweet and pretty. I hope if they have another little girl that Ben knows he can teach his little girls to throw a ball and take them to Red Sox games, just like he would a son.