Christina Applegate: Having Sadie On Set Is My Priority

11/13/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
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Night owl Christina Applegate is no match for her 9-month-old early bird Sadie Grace.

“We wrapped at two in the morning on Friday [but] Sadie doesn’t care what time you get home,” the Up All Night star, 39, said during a Monday appearance on The View.

“She’s up at 6:30, she doesn’t sleep in because you got home late!”

To offset her late-night schedule, Applegate spends her mornings with her family before heading to the set, where she’s later joined by her daughter.

“My whole thing was, ‘I’m not doing this unless I can bring her.’ So they had to build me a room for her and it’s got her toys and a crib and she takes her naps there,” the actress explains.

“That’s called a crazy mother who said, ‘No, I’m not doing anything unless I can be with my baby.'”

And with her fiancé Martyn LeNoble as the show’s musical composer, the couple find themselves longing for a date night, but too exhausted to actually leave the house.

“We’re like, ‘When did we even go anywhere, outside this house, without Sadie?’ We don’t want to anyway, we’re sort of obsessed with her,” Applegate shares.

“Every weekend we’re like, ‘We have to, we have someone who can watch her, let’s try to go out to dinner.’ But by the time it’s 6:00, we’re so tired no one wants to do anything and I just want to be in my sweatpants.”

As a first-time mom, Applegate has offered many of her own experiences as material for the show’s storyline. Scenes from the birth episode, she admits, were taken directly from her own delivery room.

“I talked to the writer and I said, ‘Look, I’m going to give you some hints: I needed a headband,'” she recalls. “It was my obsession to have a headband and it really was about my own having to have control of the situation. I would even send texts to myself, ‘Do not forget the headband. Do not forget the headband!'”

Applegate admits she also found herself vying for the doctor’s praise for her stellar pushing powers.

“I had this whole competition thing with the pushing in my own head,” she laughs. “When I was there, I was like, ‘I’m going to be the best. I want my doctor to tell me, “I’ve never seen anyone get a baby out that fast.”‘”

One aspect of motherhood Applegate’s not so proud of? Her potty mouth, which has led to a few slips around Sadie.

“Has Sadie heard a couple of things? She has heard a couple of things, she has,” she says. “But you know, her language back to me is, ‘Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba!’ That’s all she’s got. So right now, I’m good.”

— Anya Leon

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blessedwithboys on

Christina, I was (and still am!) a super attached mother. You sound like an awesome mama! Any chance you could call up Elisabeth Rohm and give her some pointers?

Holiday on

Get over yourself blessed with boys! You are not a better mom just because you do not work and stay at home. I am super attached with my nearly 6 year old son and 18 month old daughter and do not work or leave them with anyone but does that make me better than a mom who has to work or chooses to work? Not at all!

Tee on

Blessedwithboys, why on earth would you feel the need to compare these two women?

Holiday, where did blessedwithboys say she was a stay at home Mom? I’ll admit that it would be great if she was but she didn’t say that. She just said she was an attached parent. For what it’s worth, I agree with you that working Moms can be attached parents. Personally, I would stay home with my child but that most certainly doesn’t mean I would be a better Mom!

This was a really nice interview to read! I am so glad that Christina has the availability to bring Sadie to work with her!

mypiecesandbits on

Women are perfectly capable of being close with their children whether they have jobs or not. My mother and I are extremely close, have been for as long as I can remember, & throughout my entire childhood she held a full-time job.

Holiday on

Tee she said it on some other post.

Tee on

Holiday, I must have missed that post! Thank you!

Michelle on

Love her and her show!!

Nunya on

You chics and your caddiness!! LMAO

Sunny on

Well Christina do you allow your housekeeper or nanny to bring their kids to work with them? Didn’t think so!

And to the others: Simply because you don’t work does NOT mean you are a better parent.

christy myndzak on

haha blessedwithboys is crazy and like some of you probably had one kid with no dad thats why shes at home..prob a single child jus judging from how crazy weird she sounds..her kid will most like be one of those screwed up socially retarded creeps..who cant even fill out an application without mommy! Coming from a home with 2 parents who worked me and my sister are both well off and happy..with no big issues in life. from my experience my friends parents who stayed home really had no lives as there kids get older they only get less and less involved in new things.Your kid doesnt have to be with you 24.7 to be a good mom. kids need to experience friends other grown ups and grow..And so do parents.I never thought my parents were gone alot at all i wish they went out more ..i hoped for a divorce cos i loved the freedom my other friends had and as a child its normally to see ur parents goto work and play with friends.Dont be a babymaker and stay home boring ur kid each day and blaming them or make it sound like its what is right,sounds a sleepwalker relationship.

s on

Love her on this show… so glad there is finally something original and funny to watch!

Amy on

Wow, so much judgment. Why can’t women be supportive of each other? Some of us stay home, I do, and some of us have to or want to work. One choice is not better than the other necessarily. Each family is different and has their own needs. We are all mothers-single, married, divorced, working or stay at home–does not matter. As long as we love our children and spend time with them and they know how much we love them, nothing else matters. Everything is about balance.

Jeannie on

I think there is attached and then there is attached. I once worked with a woman who bordered on obsession with her daughter. She would carry around pens with her daughters name on it that said I Love You and had hearts all around her name. She would doodle her name and draw hearts on scraps of paper. It was quite creepy.

Steph on

@Nunya: It’s ‘chicks’ and ‘cattiness’ . . .

cj on

her new sitcom is awful. it also depicts parenting ONE child like it was a hard job! which with 2 parents it is not. too goofy a show IMO, they could have kept Witches Of Eastwick, or Pepper Dennis or even October Road, all 3 had good acting too.

jennrae on

That headband business really confused me. Why would she need a headband while giving birth? What am I missing?

Sarah S. on

I absolutely LOVE her show–she is so hilarious!

alisha on

the whole tone of this article kind of bothered me. I feel like she almost thinks she is a exceptional mother because ‘she’s that kind of mother who has to have their baby with them’. I’m sure most mothers would love to ‘have their baby with them’. I don’t think ‘one of those crazy mothers’ is an exception, its more of the rule right now, being the child is only 9 months. just a thought.

Anonymous on

jennrae- I just re-read that part of the article, and she admitted that the headband thing was mostly a control issue. The way I took it was that she wanted to have some control and insisting on a headband was a way to do it!