BumpWatch: Robert Downey Jr.’s Beach Babe

11/13/2011 at 05:00 PM ET

Hand in hand!

Dad-to-be Robert Downey Jr. stays connected to his expectant wife, Susan, during a romantic stroll on the beach Friday in Kauai.

The couple, married since August 2005, will welcome their first child together in February.

The actor, 46, and film producer, 38, know the sex of the baby and have also picked out a name, but “I am under strict orders to discuss neither,” Downey told E! Online.

He is already dad to son Indio, 18.

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Ali on

I can understand keeping a name from people since you can get so many negative opinions on it if you just throw it out there before the child is born but WHY hide the gender? I never understand that.

I have three kids and found out with each of my pregnancies and I couldn’t imagine my knowing yet not wanting to share it with everyone else or feel the need to keep it from people. Hmmmm! So interesting!

emily on

Ali- it’s probably different when you’re famous. I suspect privacy takes on a whole new meaning.

Maryanne on

I agree in a way. I told everyone but, I can understand where they are coming from. It is tough when everyone knows everything when you are a celebrity.

Anonymous on

Ali- It could be that the baby-to-be’s grandparents, aunts, uncles, or other family members don’t want to know his/her gender before birth, so Robert and Susan are keeping quiet to insure they don’t spoil the surprise for those family members! 🙂

Or perhaps they’ve told their family and close friends, but would rather not share that information with a bunch of complete strangers (which is what we are to them). Their celebrity status means they are going through this pregnancy in the public eye, and perhaps they just want to keep some information to themselves.

Oh, and for what it’s worth, I like it when celebs don’t reveal the gender of their babies before they’re born. That means we get to have fun guessing! 🙂

Holiday on

I told everyone the genders of my kids (boy first and then a girl) but I understand couples who do not want to tell anyone. After I had my son I really really wanted a girl and everyone around me wanted a girl. If I were to have had a boy it would have been hard to tell everyone I was expecting a second boy and hear all the pity they would have for me. Its sad that people would act that way but my friends with 2 and 3 boys have said the same thing happened to them.

Sarah M. on

I think some people like to avoid the gender stereotypes, as well. The “Oh. You have a boy for baseball and fishing. Now you’ll have a girl for shopping.” and the like.

He sounds like he is excited to tell! For his wife’s/families sake I hope he can keep it a secret!!

Hea on

I agree with Anonymous and Sarah M. And I also think that they might want to avoid being bombarded with gifts they don’t want from all over the place. Perhaps they, for example, don’t want ten different pink strollers just because they’re expecting a girl. Maybe they don’t want their baby to be swamped with PR stuff.

Silly Silly on

One of our friends were were expecting a girl, then at the 7 month they were told it was a boy. Of course, this was after the baby showers and decorating the nursery in pink. The second time around they did not tell anyone until it was out.

Shannon on

Good for them. No need to share details if they don’t want to. We don’t have a right to know anyway. It’s their family, their business.

Kat on

Ali, because it is one of the few secrets an expectant couple gets? Soon everyone will know, so for a bit it gets to be your special time.

I told everyone myself, but I could never keep a secret! Haha

kendrajoi on

I think celebrities who are more private (obviously like Susan Downey- who isn’t as recognizable as her hubby), struggle with all the attention. I think that so much of their private lives are out there, that if they have a very personal secret (like the gender of their baby), they want to be able to keep it private, and not share it with the whole world. It’s an important piece of information that they can have just for themselves.

I respect Susan for that. We will find out sooner or later! LOL Of couse I would love to know what they’re having, but not at the cost of her privacy.

Miche on

Maybe they picked a wretched “Hollywood name” and don’t want to hear the complaints until it’s too late to change it 🙂

No, I’m happy for them. If they want to keep it a secret, that’s their choice. Everyone is different. Pretty soon, the whole world will know anyway.

We found out for my daughter and told everyone. We didn’t find out for my son, but told everyone what the names would be either way. To me, it was more fun to anticipate and plan so I would find out again if we had a third.

Sarah on

Susan’s a Jew. Long tradition, especially in Ashkenazi households, not to reveal any details or prepare for the baby before it’s born out of fear of jinxing the pregnancy.

It’s weird to me that mere mortals reveal any details before the baby is in mom’s arms, let alone a celebrity talking to an international entertainment organization.

Anonymous on

Sarah- That’s an excellent point! Often times we forget to consider the fact that religion might be factoring in to a celeb’s decisions.

Silly Silly- You have a good point, too. Ultrasounds can be wrong (it’s pretty rare, yes, but it can happen), and that can be another reason people don’t want to reveal the gender before birth.

Sandra on

I like the guessing part – and when I am lucky enough to be pregnant, I want a delivery surprise.

Susan looks so cute pregnant.

Angelina on

I guess I don’t understand why anyone cares whether or not they reveal the sex of the baby. I didn’t find out with my boys, other people in my life did…to each his own. It’s that simple 🙂

cj on

it’s called being Surprised! most do not wish to know the gender beforehand, some do (the planners) and some have to (the older crowd).
to each their own! am so happy for Downey Jr having turned his life around like this. congrats.

Jillian on

Holiday, that is such a shame that everyone reacted with pity to your friends. I can’t imagine. My group of friends and family have never had that reaction to anyone. We are all happy that a child is being born and excited regardless. No pity parties here 🙂