Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Mini Line Debuts at Target

11/13/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Courtesy Target

After much anticipation and a fun sneak peek, we’re excited to share that Gwen Stefani‘s Harajuku Mini collection is here!

Available for preview online and for purchase in Target stores nationwide, it features everything from cropped leather jackets and leopard print minis to tuxedo bodysuits and graffiti-print hoodies that adorably reflect the pop star’s signature punk rock style.

So it’s no surprise Stefani’s boys are already fans. During a recent family trip to London, we spotted Kingston rocking the Boy’s Long Sleeve Bow-tie Shirt ($17) and matching Plaid Pants ($20).

“[Working with Gwen] has been such a collaborative partnership,” Brian Robinson, director of design partnerships, told PEOPLE at the collection’s launch party and fashion show on Saturday in Hollywood.

“Her eye for design and then the whole music piece that comes in — her take has been quite amazing. The partnership’s been great.” So great that Target and Stefani plan to roll out six more installments in 2012. Talk about bananas!

Shanelle Rein-Olowokere, with reporting by Marisa Laudadio

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jeepers on

That is one ugly outfit. The shirt looks like a pajama top and the skirt looks like something from my rag bag. And they don’t match either. I would never put my children in that outfit, and I put very little stock in children’s fashion. I can’t believe that Target chose these pieces to announce the debut of the clothing line…I seriously hope they are not the best pieces from the line.

Alexandra on

Gwen’s style is completely overrated! Never really liked it. The cutest thing about the picture is the girl. I do like the slogan ‘Love makes me cute’ though ^^

ELO on

Sorry but I do not think this outfit is cute.

cct0303 on

OMG that little girl is GORGEOUS!!

Barbi on

That is a gorgeous lil’ girl! Cute clothes too.

stacey on

i think the outfit is adorable.

Arlene on

The clothes are adorable, as is the little girl. This is what you would call style, something some people don’t have the ability to recognize as they’d rather look drab all the time. I am sure this clothing line is really cool! Going to have to check it out further!

You go Target!

Melissa on

To each their own. I personally love it. I’m so tired of seeing the same cutesy pink and blue crap out there for young kids. These pieces have a cute edge to them, it’s not too extreme but it’s not too dull. Adorable. 🙂 I’ll be buying stuff for sure for my nieces and nephew and for my friends’ kids.

Linda on

This child is beyond pretty with that curly hair! I don’t like the clothes though and agree that she looks like she dressed from a “rag bag”. I don’t think my Grandaughter would like them either, not girly enough.

Anonymous on

She only got a brand name cuz she is famous….if I put that outfit together, people would call homely and tell me to get out! It is stupid looking. Children that young dont need to be edgy, they need to be comfortable! If they want their own style they can choose their clothes and put them together themselves.

meghan on

So, Arlene, if you don’t like Gwen Stefani’s designs you must not like fashion? Thanks for clearing that up for us! That’s the point about personal style, not everyone likes–or should wear– every style. You can voice your opinion without trying to make others feel there is something wrong with them.

Angela on

She looks like she could be Kendra and Hank’s daughter. Just gorgeous. 🙂

Meela on

Love Gwen however her style is a bit much!

That little girl is way too cute for that silly outfit!

The shirt, the skirt and the shoes all togehter a NO but seperately maybe!

Lisa on

Really cute and finally something different than the cookie cutter stuff you see everywhere else. My daughter will love this!

Gigohead on

The boys clothes are cute and but not a lot of selection.

Lady on

I agree Angela lol, wow! She’s gorgeous.

cct0303 on

oh wow angela yes she does, this is what their daughter may look like!!

MikeAlike on

American retailers have proven to be a complete disgrace to their community-they rely on celebrity to sell their merchadise opposed to the merchandise selling themselves. With the amount of fashion design students in the U.S. paying exoberant tuitions often leading to dead end careers due to lack of opportunity, one can only guess why economic strife occurs so regualrly in America. Yet do retail chains house and showcase new design students or give the broader base of the economy is chance to expand. One would think the banks caused all the collapse, think again-it the way business is run and how our culture sold out to itself. I like Gwen Stafini for the record, she also had some interesting side remarks on the music industry as it looks like Interscope replaced her with a newer brand of design product titled “Lady Gaga”. Such a viscous cycle.

Beeno on

I actually don’t hate the dress, I think it’s kinda cute. However it could just be the gorgeous model that makes the dress. That little curly-top is cute personafied! She’s a gorgeous little quadroon girl! Just like Nahla, Honor, Haven, Stella Ivory, harlow, Hank Jr., Morgan Eastwood, etc….

Jane on

I don’t like the slogan on the top at all. What does it really mean anyway?

Shannon on

Beautiful girl, tacky outfit! Gwen’s “style” is so overrated! *gag*

J on

I was just at Target and when I walked by the kids clothes there were racks of hideous outfits. Sure enough, they were all the new Gwen Stefani line…lol!

Kelly on

I am a huge fan of No Doubt/GW but her clothing designs are terrible! The line for adults is super expensive and the these clothes look dirty and grungy.

really? on

@Beeno – “Quadroon”? Are you serious? This isn’t 1865.

atiya spence on

I loved the clothes at target. I work at target, saw the clothes and was so excited to see the jackets, skirts and the cute shirts. But i love the jacket. I wish it was in my size, an adult selection for target.

Jessica on

Gwen’s Harajuku line is sooooo cute! I am glad she is making it more available to big stores like Target!


AmandaK on

What a cutie the little model is! I don’t think the outfit is anything special though. I’m really loving the new Burberry Kids collection at the moment.

CraftyChicMom on

another disappointing collaboration. went to my local target to find a very small selection and you can’t buy it online.

Frost on

I think a lot of the collection is really cute. I LOVE Gwen’s style — it’s sophisicated, sexy, and unique and it’s definately for the woman who isn’t afraid to explore.

I bought four items: the plaid jacket with the matching pants, the t-shirt with the striped sleeves and the tie and pocket w/ pens print on the front, and the black hoodie with the fake buttons on the front.