Peter Facinelli: My Daughters Are Team Carlisle

11/13/2011 at 08:00 PM ET
Barry Brecheisen/FilmMagic

As Twilight fans declare their loyalty for Team Edward or Team Jacob, Peter Facinelli can rest assured: the actor’s three daughters are all Team Carlisle.

“My [8½]-year-old daughter [Lola Ray] sleeps in Carlisle t-shirts, so that’s kind of cute,” Facinelli, 37, told PEOPLE on Tuesday during a Breaking Dawn event at the House of Blues in Chicago.

Facinelli, who portrays patriarch Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the Twilight films, reveals his daughters have all seen the first three movies and enjoy the franchise.

“My 14-year-old [Luca Bella] has read the first three books, she’s just reading the fourth one now,” he says.

And while his two eldest daughters have become fans, it’s 5-year-old Fiona Eve who gets “a little confused at times” between life on and off the screen.

“[Once] she wanted to go outside late at night, and I said, ‘We can’t go outside, there are coyotes,'” Facinelli recalls. “She goes, ‘Dad, that’s not real. That’s only in your movies.'”

No word on whether his wife of 10 years, former 90210 star Jennie Garth, is Team Carlisle as well.

— Nadine Shabeeb

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Micheley on

I love Peter, and I love him and Jennie. This was a very cute article.

Hea on

“She goes, ‘Dad, that’s not real. That’s only in your movies.’”

LOL. Good one. 🙂

saydee on

He is super sexy!

Jay on

I love him. I hope him and Jennie can work their marriage out. Last i read they were still separated 😦

Amit on

Didn’t know they were seperated! It’s always sad when couples break up when there are kids involved.

Cali on

I hope, too, that they are able to mend their marriage. They seem like such wonderful, down-to-earth people. And i love that they are keeping it absolutely private, as it should be. I can’t imagine how hard it is on their kids. 😦

saydee on

I hadn’t read anything about them being separated. Hopefully they will work things out. They always seemed so cute together.

Jackie on

They are not separated. They are still married and live together. They were on a cruise earlier and celebrated Halloween together at their Hollywood home. Peter has tweeted about the cruise and spoken to the press about this year’s Halloween. I wouldn’t consider Perez Hilton as a reliable source for any gossip/rumors.

Jay on

hmm..i didnt see it on Perez, i saw it on tv (im sure not reliable as well). Happy to see its not true!

Maddie on

Is the last sentence in this article a reference to their separation?

yo on

He looks a mess. He looks like Bruce Jenner.


Peter and Jennie are still together,they were never separated that was only a rumor!

Kelly on

Looks like Peter got a hold of some of Selma Blair’s eye make-up.


I agree he looks a HOT mess he is channeling Adam Lambert from American Idol…lose Jennie’s eye makeup perhaps that’s why the marriage is on the rocks I wouldn’t want to share makeup with my man either

Anonymous on

This comment thread should be a perfect example of all us to take a minute to check our facts and read the other comments on the thread before posting! If we did that more often, perhaps celeb rumors wouldn’t spread nearly as fast or as far!

mari on

oh me too!!!! his character is my favorite of the Saga! love him!

Lola on

I met him last year and he really is hot in real life. I hope Jennie and him are together. Very nice guy.

Jillian on

He is at an event for one of the Twilight movies he is in…..hence the eye makeup. Geeze people.


canada girl on

I have loved him for years now!! RIP Fastlane…one of the best shows ever!! And have loved Jennie since 1990!!! Go 90210!!!

eirss on

I love Carlisle! Peter is a really good actor! I’m so excited for Breaking Dawn!!! 🙂



Emily on

Mreeeowww! He’s still looking good! I can’t believe he has a 14-year-old daughter!

Kathy on

Ok people – chill! Just spend 5 minutes doing research before you post something please! Perez Hilton reported back in JULY they were separated & that she was living alone in their Toluca Lake home. TRUTH – they rented OUT their Toluca Lake home to a 3rd party while the entire family went on a European cruise. After that, they went on another vacation to somewhere “romantic and tropical”. The articles I read didn’t say, but I’m assuming that was sans daughters, but who knows. They are NOT separated and have never been. I found a recent photo of them at a Twilight function just in the last week or so! And I literally spent about 5 minutes Googling and finding legit sources of info! If Perez Hilton told me it was raining, I’d get up and go look outside! Ditto for 99.9% of the celeb gossip mags & sites.

Liz on

I also remember reading that they separated so I just looked it up and it looks like it is something that Perez Hilton made up.

tessa on

WHERE ARE YOU GUYS GETTING THIS MARRIAGE/DIVORCE THING FROM? He and Jennie are still very much together. Don’t you think this article would have a link to another people article talking about their separation if it were true? Perez Hilton and some other TRASH websites were reporting a “break” and it was simply not true. They totally retracted the article claiming the couple was having issues.

Liz Stewart on

What an awesome family.

nikole on

For those of you that have posted that they are not separated, have you noticed that both peter and Jennie have not worn their wedding rings?? While they both avoid discussing their marital status, the absence of their rings says a lot.

karla on

I adore this couple. Hope all goes well with their life and family.

Tabloids are not worth the money its printed on and I never believe the hollywood gossip. Thank you for a well written article.

Jenn on

He wasn’t wearing a wedding ring last night on Jimmy Kimmel! What’s with that??

Nancy on

To the writer of this article: Why on earth would you even word that last sentence in such a manner? Do you enjoy creating celebrity drama? Is that how People goes about getting their information? Posting a puzzling statement and then seeing it unravel into marital issues that may not exist? Not very classy

RC on

In reference to the person who said Peter looked like Bruce Jenner: THAT is an insult. Peter F. looks far, far, far better than Bruce and his many cosmetic procedures.

Jan on

His daughters on that team because VAMPIRES are COOOOOL in THIS anyway.

They dont go after people. Which isn’t realistic but thats THIS story.

Mary_Hall_1990 on


Nina on

I love that he always includes his three daughters in his interviews. Hope he and his wife can work things out. If not, then I hope they can be good to each other and be civil. The kids seem so very well adjusted and proud of their parents. Dang, he is gorgeous!

Jennifer Rice on

Oh my. Went with hubby last night to see Breaking Dawn. There are those that love the movie, but I watched and was disgusted. How GROSS. This movie will be good for girls to watch that are cnsidering getting pregnant. This move is GREAT for birth control advertisement. Hubby enjoyed the movie, but even he thought some of the scenes were a bit much.

Anonymous on says they are not separated at all…

“According to our sources, Peter and Jennie have been renting out their Toluca Lake home to a third party, and the whole family has been living in the Santa Ynez home, in between their summer travels.

In fact, Peter is heading to the east coast in a matter of days, followed up by a big family vacay in Dubai and the Maldives.”

carrie on

yeah the Bruce Jenner comment was ridiculous. I think you need lasic surgery if you think Peter Facinelli looks anything like Bruce Jenner. Peter is adorable and so is Jennie, super cute couple.

D on

Jennie and Peter are still very much together.