Family Photo: The Burtka-Harris’s Lil’ Lunch Dates

11/11/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
GSI Media

Day out with dads!

Harper Grace and Gideon Scott were scooped up by Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka for a family lunch at the Marmalade Cafe on Wednesday in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The 13-month-old twins‘ casual outfits were quite the change from last week’s crazy Halloween costumes!

Harris, 38, is currently appearing in A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas, starring his How I Met Your Mother costar Kal Penn.

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AshleyB on

So cute! Love this family.

Just want to point out that NPH is holding Harper … oh no, what will the commenters be able to argue about today?! 🙂

Anonymous on

They are a lovely family. They seem so genuine and happy.


I bet the commenters will find something to complain about. Some people tend to just invent things up, so they have something to complain about!

TC on

Ashley I came on here to say the same thing!

I can’t believe they are 13 months old though, man time flies.

ney on

Not every observation is a complaint 😉 I confess it was the first thing I checked on the photo and was pleasantly surprised.

And those twins are getting cuter and cuter!

Matea on

They are sooo cute! 🙂

Sarah K. on

Ashley B, I thought the same thing! It’s like every celebrity here loves one child more than the other. It’s ridiculous. Anyways, this family is absolutely adorable.

Amanda S on

I’m thinking the whole ‘Neal only holds the boy’ thing was maybe a phase on the baby’s part. For a while, my now 21 month old went through a phase where he would go to his dad if he got hurt or sleepy after being a mama’s boy for so long. Maybe the little girl was just closer to David, or the little boy preferred Neal so that’s how they held them in public to minimize tantrums? Just a thought…

I can’t believe they are so big!

Sam on

Adorable babies! Looks like a fun day for all. I am one of many that said NPH is always holding his son in pictures that I have seen. It’s true. I never once said he favors or loves the boy more (or less) just that he is always holding him in the pictures I have seen here.

This time he is not, so naturally I (and others) won’t be commenting about it. Some of you read much too deeply into some posts. Perhaps you need to relax, read the post and not add anything to it but what it actually says.

Anonymous on


wpsegura on

So happy for NPH and David, the family seems so happy.

Erika on

AmandaS, that’s what I was thinking. We don’t know what their work schedules are, but it is very likely that one is home with the twins more often and one of the babies is very attached to that parent.

Very cute babies! I didn’t even realize that they were already a year old!

Maddie on

Amanda S, i totally agree with you. Well said! Those babies are such cuties!

SS on

they must have picked a very good looking mom (egg donor) because these two babies are super sweet

Anonymous on

SS- That may be true, but the dads certainly aren’t bad looking either! 😉