Katie Holmes: Suri Loves to Dress Up

11/11/2011 at 10:00 AM ET

From picking out her own outfits to giving out style advice, Suri Cruise, 5½, is quite the budding fashionista.

But according to mom Katie Holmes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

“I used to change like five times a day when I was little and sometimes I still do,” revealed the actress, 32, during a Friday appearance on the Rachael Ray show.

“We are a glitter household and we are always dressing up.”

Holmes, who visited the show with Jack & Jill costar Adam Sandler, also dished on her favorite holiday movie (National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation!) and how her cooking takes too long.

“I made Bolognese and it took six hours and my kitchen was a disaster,” she laughs.

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chelsea on

This must be the only thing she talks about when giving an interview. And everytime a story get posted about it as if this was the first time she told it. Also in the pic, Suri is dressed like its summer and Katie like its fall. It just looks weird because they are always dressed like this.

Romy on

Chelsea, I was going to say something similar. All of her articles have something like this mentioned. Maybe they keep asking her, but it’s funny. And then they’re pictured and their fashion is usually so off. Katie looks nice here, but usually she’s talking about how Suri gives her great fashion advice and then she’s wearing some rags and Suri’s wearing a sundress in the winter.

Catca on

My first thought when I looked at the pic was that Katie looks really good. Suri looks cute as always. I also don’t think Katie is dressed like it’s fall. She’s wearing jeans and a t-shirt with mid-length sleeves. I hardly think it’s cold outside so Suri’s dress is probably just fine.

Katie on

Katie looks fabulous! Tom must have her on a strict diet! LOL Surry is adorable as usual but she must be very warm blooded because it could be a blizzard out and she’d be in a summer outfit. I wonder if the poor girl gets sick much?

Sarah K. on

Catcaa, that was my first thought too. I think Katie looks great here. It’s not like she’s bundled up in a hat and gloves while Suri is wearing a sundress. She’s just wearing jeans. It might just be that Katie gets cold easily and Suri doesn’t. The weather has been really great recently.

Stephanie on

If this picture is from this week in LA it’s been pretty darn cold to wear a sundress here!

Nancy on

Katie, you have an amazing figure. What do you do for a workout?

Nonni on

Blah, blah, blah…Suri…dress up…blah, blah, blah.

kim on

katie holmes is an amazon woman, she looks so huge!

Mrs.B on

The blurry woman in the back is wearing a short sleeve t-shirt so I guess it wasn’t cold.

Katie does look great and Suri is cute.

Sarah S. on

Katie changed 5 times day when she was little and still does sometimes? What a nightmare…

kjc on

I wear jeans all summer long, they’re just what I feel most comfortable in. I wouldn’t put too much stock in the outfit differences.

Shannon on

Dressing up, outfits, shopping, clothing, shoes. Is that all they focus on with their daughter in that household? She discusses the same topics over and over. What about learning, making friends, helping others, etc.? Surely the child’s life doesn’t revolve around how she looks? Or does it?

River on

I live in Los Angeles, and it has been pretty cold (for LA) the past week. It’s been in the 60’s, which is far too cold for a summer dress. I’ll never understand why Tom and Katie are always dressed appropriate for the weather, but Suri is always dressed in summer clothes. Poor child.

NTL on

Why must Katie still carry this child like she’s a toddler on her hip? Suri is ready for first grade…and Katie and Tom carry her around like a tot. I know she’s not in the picture above, but she currently is on the main People Magazine site page in recent photos. It’s like the blanket and bottle she sucked on…it just lingers way past the normal limits.

Mya on

You don’t get sick from being cold.. it’s uh germs that make you sick.

celebsarah on

Is there a vitamin that you can take that makes you stop talking (and caring) so much about fashion and clothes? There really is so much more to life than what you look like. I hope Suri is learning that somewhere along the line too.

missy on

@River and others who are questioning Suri’s attire, this is not a current photo. It was most likely taken earlier in the year. People doesn’t usually post new photos when they are posting articles and interviews. If it was a new candid, it would be larger.

It just seems like people are so eager to find any reason to criticize this family.

Anonymous on

NTL- And why shouldn’t they carry her? All too soon she won’t want to be carried anymore. I say Katie and Tom should cherish this time. They’re only little once!

missy- Thank you for pointing that out! I also want to add that in the latest photo of Katie and Suri on the main PEOPLE site, Suri is wearing a jacket! 🙂

Bancie1031 on

I think Katie and Suri both look great here …. I think this is an older photo … if you look behind Katie there is a woman half cut out of the picture but she is wearing a tank top so it must have been warm at the time this picture was taken …..

ELO on

Mya- Are you familiar with uh, hypothermia?

nikki on

Why is this child not in school? There is giving in to your child and then there is giving into to their every whim. Its fall for crying out load! Have her dress for the season! You and Tom are the parents act like them! Screw Scientology!

Jillian on

People will complain no matter what is pprinted here. This picture was taken on October 10, 2011. So…..over a month ago. It was warm that day in CA, so don’t worry, Suri was fine. Plenty of us in and out of the picture were in short sleeves and tanks that day.

Nikki, how do you know she is not in school? No one is in school all day! But my daughter wasn’t in school this day either bc it was closed for Columbus Day! All our schools were closed. We were out shopping and at the park.

RKF on

Beautiful little girl, though it’s too bad she’s being raised in a horrific cult. As for Katie, she looks great, but her consistent robotic responses are… creepy.

Dottie on

Katie Holmes was on Rachael Ray show. When Katie came out I thought where in the world did she get that homely hidious dress. Katie later told Rachael it was from her Collection. That was sure proof to me that money could get anyone a clothing line. Sorry Katie but this middle class girl from Va. could do better. Even Katie’s sweet smile could not save that ugly dress.

Jess on

I am in Florida and it has been in the 50s and 60s here for weeks and we are still running around in shorts and flip-flops..Neither myself or my kids (4 yr and 18 months) get cold, I try and put socks or a jacket on the baby and she takes them off and says “No mommy, hot” but if she is cold she will ask for socks or a blanket. Suri is probably naturally warm while her mother is one of those that wears a sweater in 80 degree weather.

tlc on

I hope you criticize Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Garner, and many other moms who also carry their older kids. Or is your disdain only reserved for bashing Katie? Wouldn’t surprise me, Katie is bashed for every bit of her life on here.

I wish People would stop referring to Suri as a “fashionista” because all it does is fuel the fire and nastiness.

kimmie on

She’s 5 and half so she’ll go to school next year. She will probably be homeschooled as well.

MiB on

That could have been a picture of my mother and me, she’s always cold and I’m always warm, which means that she is usally wearing a layer more than most people around whereas I’m wearing a layer less (if appropriate). I never wore as many layers of clothing as my mother would have wanted me to when I grew up, but she was wise enough not to force me to wear an extra sweater just because she was cold (and I wasn’t). And no, I’ve never suffered from hypothermia, it’s really not that common, and certainly not as common as hyperthermia. The reason people get sick during the cold season is that they stay inside, thus getting exposed to more germs than they would if they spent more time outside. (That is also the reason why it’s not advisable to take a newborn to the mall, but totally fine to take her on a walk in the park.)

Anonymous on

nikki- Katie has explained before that Suri is homeschooled.

Cecilia on

Katie had said in the articles, which were posted on this website, that Suri doesn’t like to wear jackets, and she just let Suri dress whatever Suri wants to and she (Katie) will get the blame for it. So, for those ppl who are making up excuses for Katie (eg. it’s not that cold out), stop deluding themselves. It’s cold out, and Suri isn’t dressed appropriately. That’s a fact.

Jillian on

Cecilia, it was NOT cold the day this picture was taken. That is a fact. I live near where it was taken. But, agree that Kate has said Suri doesn’t get cold. Irrelevant on this day cause it was beautiful!

missy on

Nobody’s “making excuses”. The fact of the matter is that the photo was taken several weeks ago when it was hot in L.A. As I mentioned before, PEOPLE usually does not post new photos when they post celebrity interviews, so I’m not sure why people assumed that it was new. But if you want to pretend that it was cold outside so that you can have something to complain about, then go ahead. SMH.

Tigerlee on

Go sanctimommies. Savage Katie. Considering the babies above her have on not much clothing either. Katie keep giving the same canned response. It’s smart. Should you truly express yourself about anything publicly these sanctimommies will rip you apart like hyenas on a zebra. Express your opinion to the people who truly care about you.

Crystal on

Cecilia and Jillian- Katie didn’t say Suri doesn’t get cold. She says she refuses to wear a jacket and to teach her a lesson she lets her go out in the cold without one. When Suri starts complaining it’s cold she says you should have worn your coat. Katie stated she does read some of the comments and they are embarrassing to her but she’ll take the hit because Suri needs to learn. From the looks of it I don’t think she’s gotten the memo quite yet but she will.

Jillian on

Crystal, that is sorta what she said. The point many people are making is that Suri, like MANY children doesnt get cold. Kate said that she will wear a coat when she gets cold. The child rarely wears a coat. So that means the child is not cold.

I have yet to read her say the comments are embarrassing. She said the pics of Suri in winter not wearing a coat are embarrassing. She said she tries to not go on the Internet bc of the false stories and comments.

Kate doesn’t have to “get the memo” from people on the Internet. She needs to do what she and Tom want. Smh.

Anonymous on

kimmie- Most kids start school at 5 here in the U.S., and that is the case with Suri (who is indeed homeschooled. Katie has mentioned it.). 🙂

$lick on

Suri just seems really spoiled

Silly Person on

Her life is sooooooooo very busy – I almost fell to sleep reading the article…snore…snore…