Sarah Drew Celebrates Her Baby Shower

11/11/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
Anna Morente Photography

Welcome baby!

Sarah Drew celebrated the upcoming arrival of her delivery surprisedue in January! — with a shower held at her Aunt Rosa’s home on Saturday in Los Angeles.

The Grey’s Anatomy star, 31, and husband Peter Lanfer were joined by castmates Sandra Oh and Chandra Wilson, Grey’s creator Shonda Rimes, as well as family and friends.

Designed by Jayneoni Moore and hosted by Daddy Scrubs, the black, white and purple shower centered around a vintage silhouettes theme.

Guests enjoyed a cake from The Sugar Fairy Bakeshop.

How did you feel after your baby shower?

I felt so incredibly loved. I was surrounded by all of my favorite women and was just so cared for all day. I felt so grateful to have such an amazing community of friends and family. It was so special to have my mom fly out from N.Y.C. for the shower, and I had the wonderful surprise of my aunt and cousins flying in from San Francisco as well.

What was some of your favorite parts?

Karl of Cut Arts silhouettes was the hit of the party. He made these beautiful silhouettes of all of my guests and they each took one home while a copy was put into a book for me. I spent an hour looking through all the pages of the book that night. It was so special.

My mom made a really special slideshow for me that featured baby pictures of myself and Peter, along with pictures of us dating, to when we married to now — it was amazing! And The Sugar Fairy Bakeshop made the most gorgeous cake I’ve ever seen. It was so delicious.

Anna Morente Photography

Why did you decide on a delivery surprise?

There are so few surprises in life that are really worth looking forward to, and we decided this is one of them. We were excited to be surprised.

I also thought it would be a good idea to wait to find out because I am a control freak by nature. I’m about to walk into a chapter of my life where I have no control over anything anymore, and I figured I’d ease myself into it by not allowing myself to plan for the gender of the baby. I’ll just go with it when the baby arrives. It’s good training for me!

You sang “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan at your shower and dedicated it to your baby. What inspired you?

I heard a version of it on Sons of Anarchy right at the beginning of my pregnancy. I fell in love with it and couldn’t stop crying every time I listened to it. There are so many blessings in the lyrics of the song, and I just wanted to bless my baby with those words.

I had my dear friend Kate Kilbane learn the song on the guitar and play and sing it with me. It was such a sweet moment.

Anna Morente Photography

What were some of your favorite gifts from the shower?

I was overwhelmed by the gifts I received. I was truly “showered” with gifts at my shower. I was so excited about the iCandy stroller! It’s fantastic! Also, up until the day of my shower I wasn’t sure if I’d want to use cloth diapers, but Happy Heinys gave me a whole set of cloth diapers and now Peter and I are really excited to try them out! We also got some awesome scrubs for Peter from Daddy Scrubs. He’s so excited to wear them when our little one makes his/her appearance!

You’re donating products from your shower to Baby2Baby. Why did you make that choice?

I went on their website to read about their mission and I just had to get on board. Peter and I have been so incredibly blessed with the resources to prepare for our little one, but there are so many new moms out there who do not have those resources.

Baby2Baby provides for these women, and since I’ve been given so much, I really wanted to give back. I’m so excited to be supporting this amazing organization.

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Kayte on

I find it so odd that celebrities have their baby showers sponsored by companies for advertising. It’s such a personal, intimate celebration with family and friends; why turn it into a freebie so a company can make money off of your shower? I really don’t get it, but it definitely seems to be the norm for the rich and famous who can well afford their own private celebration.

Abbie on

@ kayte – I think it is so because they know they can afford everything they need for a baby and the sponsered companies end up donating the gifts to worthy organizations like Sarah and her husband are doing.

megan on

“You sang “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan at your shower and dedicated it to your baby.”

I would find it so weird and awkward if I went to a baby shower and the guest of honor decided to sing for everyone. I hope this doesn’t become a trend.

Harley on

@Abbie – I believe you’re right.

Either way, congratulations to the happy couple on the impending birth of their child.

Tee on

It has been so much fun watching Sarah’s pregnancy. She really does seem happy! I love her attitude about delivery surprises and look forward to seeing her little one when he/she makes his arrival!

Kayte on

If what they really want to do is donate gifts/money to those less fortunate, why don’t they just do that? They don’t need a company to do it for them. There are plenty of ways to donate to charity without using your friends, family, and unborn child for advertising.

Ali on

Megan- I totally agree! I went to a bridal shower once where the bride’s sister decided to perform interpretive dance for everyone and it was BEYOND awkward. No one even clapped at the end of it. We were all just dumbfounded. I really don’t like when people decide to use a special occassion like a baby-shower or bridal shower to display some form of vocal or dance art. It’s just strange to me.

Sara on


no way!!!!! SERIOUSLY!?!?!? I would have fallen out of my chair laughing if I saw something that ridiculous! 😀

I mean, what are you supposed to say after something like that? “Um . . . good job?”

Hillary on

I LOVE that so many high profile mummy’s are talking about using cloth diapers!!! I love this new movement, and love that it’s getting such high profile!! Today’s cloth is not the same cloth used 30 years ago, it’s so cute, versatile and ‘green’!!! Congrats on your baby, Sarah!

jessica on

My question is: are they going to incorporate her pregnancy into the show? Her character is a virgin! I’m interested to see who she loses it to, and the journey with the pregnancy, if they go that route. Any guesses on who it’ll be?

cindy on

Sarah’s husband looked adorable in those scrubs – I wish those had been around when I had my babies!

KMC on

Hillary – cloth is not always the best choice? And it is not always the “greener” choice. I live in a drought sticken region and water is a very precious commodity. Using extra washes two to four times extra a week (aside from regular washing) is not greener. The region you live in determines the better choice. It drives me nuts when the go green fanatics shove cloth diapers down everyones throats as the “way to go”. Cloth is not for everyone. Wasting water just to wash probably 2 dozen cloth diapers every two days is absurd. The cost isn’t any cheaper, they are very expensive and most people will only have maybe 2 dozen at the most and when you change a baby diaper up to 12 times a day those are only going to last 2 days and then you have to wash them. So it will cost a fortune in water and electircal usage. A friend of mine used them and she washes every two to three days and as a new mom, when do you have time to wash that much. And they stain. Because lets be honest, poop stains. Especially baby poop. My son stained many outfits because of his explosive poop that always escaped diapers and cloth diapers are no different. And you are definitely not going to be washing those with the regular wash.

All that said, to each their own. And I would like to wish them a huge congratulations on their impending arrival.

Siera on

@jessica. No, they already confirmed that Sarah Drew’s pregnancy would not be written into Grey’s Anatomy.

LaRae on

KMC – breastfed baby poop doesn’t stain. And You can hand wash in a bucket, saving tons of water. If your diapers stain, then you “sun” them Sun is the best whitener! And no leaks with cloth diapers, so no explosive poops. 😉

JJ on

@KFC – Hillary didn’t sound as if she was shoving cloth diapers down anyones throat. You’re right, they are not for everyone. The simple facts about them though are that they can save you a lot of money, the stains can be bleached out by the sun, and the poop doesn’t leak out of cloth. I used disposables with my first son and cloth with my second and I can say without a doubt that I washed more clothes with my first due to leaks and explosions. I love my cloth and I’ve only spent $200 and I don’t have to buy anymore diapers. Oh and people who use cloth diapers don’t “shove” it down other people’s throats, they just enjoy using them and feel as though everyone should at least try it.

As for Sarah Drew, I wish her nothing but happiness with her beautiful suprise and I hope she enjoys all of the diapers changes, whether cloth or sposies, as they are a great time to be close with your baby.

Anonymous on

Kayte- Perhaps it’s the sponsors that approach the celebs, not the other way around. Also, most people don’t host their own showers, so most likely it wasn’t Sarah that set up the sponsor thing for hers.

Anonymous on

I just noticed this: “We also got some awesome scrubs for Peter from Daddy Scrubs. He’s so excited to wear them when our little one makes his/her appearance!” Does that mean she’s having a scheduled C-section (not that there’s anything wrong with that!)? Or do the doctors and the dad usually wear scrubs for vaginal deliveries, too? I’m curious!



Holiday on

I could care less about the disposable vs cloth diaper debate but I do find the comment by Ali to be hilarious! I burst out laughing trying to imagine how uncomfortable everyone must have been watching the sisters “interpretive dance”

Maquinna on

It is not the companies that approach the celebs. These events are well orchestrated by a team of celebrity organizers that use their contacts to bring in the different sponsors they feel would fit the event. Do the celebs need the swag…NO….but speaking as a small business owner, the publicity provided from doing an event like this can pay off. A company must pay to be included in an event like this and often it is not cheap. Alot of these companies are just trying to get a leg up and doing a celeb event provides media coverage that wouldn’t have otherwise been achieved. I have done a couple of these celeb events and had the pleasure of meeting Sara and her husband, Peter….she was super sweet and a genuinely nice person! I wish her the best!!!

MiB on

What’s weird with someone serenading the guest of honour with a song, or a poem (or a specially created dance)? Is it really weirder that giving a speech? When my best friend got married she and her husband were serenaded by her extended family, and a good friend, and her maids of honour who preferred to sing rather than making a speech. When my stepfather had an anniversary recently, my stepsister (who is a coreographer) and one of her dancers made a performance, a good friend played a violine and I recited poetry by him. Oddly enough, no one stared or fell off their chairs laughing on either off the occations. When my best friends husbands best men held their speech as a stand up comedy routine, well, that was another thing… Maybe I just live in a creative environment, but the guest of honour performing during her baby shower does not seem very odd to me (and certainly not laughable unless it’s really, really bad or totally out of context).

Laura on

FYI!!!! breast fed babies poop does stain!!! poop is poop!!!! doesn’t matter what they eat or where it came from!!!

E on

Cute baby shower!!

On another note: Nothing about cloth diapers is appealing to me. I’d rather NOT have to wash nasty poo out of my child’s diapers. Maybe they’ll have nice, biodegradable diapers by the time I have children of my own.

overseas on

She’s so having a boy 🙂

Heather on

@KFC but you are forgetting the water that is wasted in the production of disposable diapers! People that cite water shortage as a reason to avoid cloth haven’t done their research, and that drives ME crazy.

Viera on

Actually ,it has been proven that carbon footprint is the same if you use cloth diapers or disposable ..I think it just comes down to the fact that cloth diapers are way healthier to your baby tush then disposable since they use bleach and other chemical to make them ….

Viera on

The environmental impact is the same for both ,cloth diaper or disposable ..its just the clothh diaper are way better for your kids but not greener ….

Birdie on

The Sugar Fairy Bake Shop has the most amazing cakes and cupcakes. I have heard nothing but great things about them, I can’t wait to order.

Who needs an occasion for something sweet….life is short!

Claire on

In order to balance the benefits of cloth vs. disposable diapers and the environmental impact of both, you need to consider the toll the manufacturing and transport of disposables takes on the environment. If so, you’ll likely come down on the side of cloth diapers. People need to their own choice, but they should be armed with accurate information.

laylap on

I love that she sang a bob dylan song at her shower! what a great personal touch and I heard she has an amazing voice…although I don’t remember her singing when she was on Glee, they should have had her sing!! She seems like such a sweet, genuine person in a sea of stuck up celeb snobs! Keep doing what you are doing sarah drew!!

Nicole on

Am I missing something??? Who actually sits there and stares at their washing machine when cleaning their clothes? Unless you have to use a coin operated machine, which is a completely different story, I probably wouldn’t use cloth diapers because it’s not saving money washing them. But seriously, washing my cloth diapers is probably one of the easiest tasks to do at my house. Grab the bucket throw them in the machine, start a rinse cycle, walk away, come back later to add soap, walk away, then rinse again, and then hang up to dry. If I feel like organizing them in drawers I will or I’ll just leave them in a basket and put them on baby as needed. Very simple process if you ask me and I hate cleaning my clothes because I don’t want to fold or hang them up. Yeah, I probably use a lot of water, but at least it’s a renewable resource. Last time I checked throwing out tons of sposies into a landfill with human waste was not a renewable resource. Which by the way, human waste is suppose to be disposed of in the toilet, not the trash. I really just hated all the trash I was creating with sposies, the stink every time they were soiled, and a constant rash! Yeah, they may stain, but it’s not like it shows on the outside of the diaper!

Sorry, just had to get the truth out there! And yeah, she doesn’t look pregnant at all. Maybe she had the shower early.

Anonymous on

Nicole- It says in the post that she had the shower last Saturday, so no, she didn’t have it early. 🙂

Elise on

I am absolutely convinced Sarah’s having a boy.

Cari Baisley on

I find it amazing how people can pick apart the lives of other people, albeit celebrities. Showers can seeem like factories unless something special happens that personalizes them. I think a mommy singing to her baby does exactly that. And I think Sarah hit a nice balance between doing the trendy & thinking of others. With all the celebrities with attitudes, give this really nice woman a break. She really is a sweetie! Happiness always, Sarah, for you, your husband & baby!

Jenny on

You (almost) all care way too much about what other people do at their showers. That kind of bitterness and negativity isn’t any better than a sponsored shower. Good for her, donating to charity and congratulations to her family.

Tracey on

Congrat’s to the adorable couple. How many months is she on this pic? Because she don;t even look pregnant.