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11/11/2011 at 12:00 PM ET

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mary on

Kendra, my family is also into sports. Our oldest two 17 and 19 (when she was k-12 school) throughout school sporting events would opt for the veggie or fruit platters. I would get complements from other parents and comments that they wished their own child would do the same instead of opting for the candy and soda. I have never really band sugary foods I just never had them as an option. The only thing I ever band and still do is soda. Since our oldest has kidney problems, caffeine of any sort is bad, so we just don’t have soda in the house. Except for family parties and even then all four of our children reach for milk or water. I go thru about 6 gallons of milk a week. And our water bill is higher than others but that’s a price I would rather pay.

I say whatever and however you can get veggies and fruit into your child is the way to go. Through smoothies, frozen, raw or cooked. Having four kids myself they have all provided me with challenges of ‘likes and dislikes’ when it comes to veggies. What one likes the other does not. What one liked one day doesn’t like on this day. They have to try one bite and if they don’t like it I don’t push it. I still make that same vegetable later and I still make them try it. I can’t even count at how many times they will end up liking it! Variety is the key! But also NOT fighting them and totally turning them off of healthy food and subsequently having food battles.

So if you must ‘hide’ veggies or fruit into a meal, go for it. But still try to offer that veggie or fruit from time to time.

BTW our oldest is a girl and she loves lobster, steak and salads! Our running joke is she must marry herself a “rich sap” because she has an expensive foodie palate. At restaurants all the good and healthy foods seem to be the most expensive!

dickie on

I dont know how I got so lucky, but my 18 month old loves broccoli, carrots, brussel sprouts and even lettuce! I started giving it to her from about 9 months. I agree, keep trying with your kids, and dont wait until they are 2 or 3 when they are less likely to try new things. My 18 month eats no refined sugars and no processed food snacks. The only options I give her for snacks are fruits, veggies, yogurt and cheese. Its definitely a job feeding my child, but her health is my priority.