Skip Hop Debuts Bumper-Free Crib Sheeting

11/10/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Courtesy Skip Hop

To bumper or not? With so much controversy surrounding its usage, that is a question more and more parents are asking when buying crib bedding. Now, thanks to Skip Hop, your decision just got a little easier.

The company recently released a patent-pending (and bumper-free!) Complete Sheet set ($120), which includes a fitted sheet featuring a bold, contrasting pattern on the side, a nursery blanket, a wearable blanket and a crib skirt.

“We listened to parents who requested alternatives to crib bumpers, yet who still wanted the same stylish, well-designed nursery environments,” says Ellen Diamant, co-founder and chief creative officer.

Made with super soft cotton, there are eight fun themes available including our fave — the Elephant Parade, above. To see the full collection, go to

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La La Outlandish on


ab on

Ok, I love this idea as well as the adorable pattern, but what is with the low hanging light directly over the crib?

Tiffany on

It’s about time! Those ridiculous crib sets with the bumper and quilt are beyond impractical. My daughter used Halo wearable blankets for the first year, so I love this idea. Although we cosleep, I love the idea of having safe alternatives for parents and I hope more companies start doing this.

crg on

Now this is a crib set I would buy. I could never understand the traditional sets, cushy bumpers and a comforter? What would I use that for? I bought sheets and the mesh bumper and that was it. Kudos to Skip Hop for finally coming out with a set that is up to date safety wise.

Miche on

Hey – I love this idea! Great job.

Rebecca on

Love this! I didn’t even register for a bedding set because I knew I’d never use the bumper or quilt. I just used sheets, a breathable bumper, and after she was done with the swaddle, Halo sleep sacks. It’s so nice that a company is offering a cute set of items I’d actually USE!

kjc on

I would like to see the the pattern follow down to the skirt. I also noticed the light hanging low. I know it isn’t a real nursery, but still.

Reese on

I love it!

La La Outlandish on

Grobags and a bottom sheet, all the way with my two, never had need for any form of bumper.

denise on

love it!!! finally a nice design without a bumper!

Pencils on

Finally! I had to buy my bedding in pieces because I refused to buy a bumper, even as part of a set. And the sets are ridiculously expensive as well. Of course now my daughter’s three and out of a crib…maybe the next one!

smiavs on

I wonder why bedding is such a bigger deal in the States. I’m American, but have lived in France for 8+ years, and worked as a nanny 4.5 of those years. None of the families I worked for were all that concerned about what was in the crib with their kid. They remove the mobiles like we do, when kids are old enough to grab, but every baby I’ve looked after slept in a crib with a blanket and various stuffed animals, without any problems….

Maryanne on

Yay, skip hop! The sheets are sooo cute. However, I have no more babies, bummer!

Shannon on

The bedskirt ruins it. It should match the sheets.

Amanda on

I agree, such a plain crib skirt, you could buy one for $20, a sheet for $10 and a sleep sack for $20, blanket for $10….so this crib set is double the price of what you could buy all these items for, all because it has a design on the side of the crib sheet?

We have a mini crib anyways due to space issues. I made the sheets and crib skirt myself for less than $30, not much of a selection out there for mini cribs so I wanted something I liked.

lifeasahouse on

really cute! What a great idea, and a nice selection of designs.

Jillian on

I was wondering when companies would do something like this! I don’t mind the comforter in the sets, mine is now wall art, but the bumpers are useless and are folded up in the closet. I guess if I were crafty I could make throw pillows out of them for the glider:)

Laura on

Love it! So adorable. Those entire bedding sets with a comforter are ridiculous for a baby. We bought sheets, a breathable bumper, and halo sleepsacks. Too bad this didn’t come out last year!

Erika on

These are really cute! I don’t have children yet, but I’ve always thought bumpers were just for decoration or when photographing the nursery. None of the people I’ve babysat and nannied for have ever used them.

Anonymous on

smiavs- Bedding is such a “big deal” over here because blankets, bumpers, and stuffed animals in the crib are all SIDS risks (because all of them can potientially cause a baby to suffocate). I have one question about this set: What is a “nursery blanket”? Anyone know?

Miche on

One thought about bumpers…my mom made floor pillows out of my kids’ bumpers so I had something else to “decorate” with and all that matching fabric didn’t go to waste.

Leila on

What about making them organic!!

smiavs on

@Anon, so why is it that only seems to be causing problems with American children? I’m not saying it’s not better to be safe than sorry, or that I wouldn’t avoid putting unnecessary items in my kid’s crib.

I just find it interesting that so many American parents seem to be worried about things like a former porn star reading to school children (like they’d recognize her from that), or that giving them adequate sex education BEFORE puberty hits, or exposure to profanity, when other issues are much more important. Like, say, BPA still being allowed in children’s toys and bottles, totally inadequate gun laws, and their children being exposed to ethnic/homophobic slurs, and bullying related deaths of innocent children.

It’s “infringing upon someone’s rights” to prevent them from owning a gun, but God forbid a pregnant mother gets caught drinking a single glass of wine….

Are You Serious? on

smiavs – Read the SIDS research please.