Mariah Carey: The Twins Have Started Solids

11/10/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Janet Mayer/Splash News Online

As happy as Mariah Carey is with her weight loss reveal and new role as the Jenny brand ambassador, the singer couldn’t be more proud of her 6-month-old twins, Morrocan and Monroe.

“They’re eating their cereal now,” Carey tells PEOPLE. “And they sit propped up in their little chairs. They each have one, in pink and blue.”

And Mom is making sure they get off to a healthy start too.

“I’m trying to do more veggies than fruits,” she explains.

“We use a Baby Bullet (to purée the food). I’m trying to cut down on all the sugar. You’ll make them happy with applesauce, but they do like zucchini.”

Now that they’re six months, the twins’ personalities are beginning to emerge — along with some new skills.

“Roc is playing the drums,” Carey says. “When [husband] Nick [Cannon] plays a beat, Roc will just hit in time with him. I call him ‘Roc Star’.”

“Both have extremely unique personalities,” notes the songstress. “Roc is very smiley and when he hears my voice, he perks up. Monroe loves melodies and likes to hear the different scales. She’s very feminine. She is a prima donna!”

— Liz McNeil

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Micheley on

I think it is good to introduce kids to veggies early and really get them to aquire that taste. But it is also good to provide them with fruits. The sugar in fruit is not the same as giving them a cookie…


AWWWW….what a proud mommy:)

Sandra on

Don’t you just love experiencing all the new things with babies. I miss having babies around the house.

Amy on

Really, People? Really? Are we going to get updates on their pooping schedule now, too?

Brandi on

I LOVE her. She sounds like the typical proud new mom. 🙂

Chris on

Enough already! She acts like she is the first to ever have twins and get back in to shape and to ever puree food. I’ve done both and I don’t have the luxuary of having nannies, housekeepers, cooks and personal trainers!!! I’m really not trying to hear monthly updates on Roc and Ro every month. #so not impressed!!!!

Bridget on

I’m thrilled they are eating solid foods, but is this really breaking news? Reaccchinngggg.

Mia's Mommy on

Well if you don’t want to hear about it, you always have the option of not reading.

Michelle on

@ Chris &’t read her blog geesh ppl need to really knock of there drama..

I am a mother of 7 month old twins boy/girl and a first timer also so I love hearing many stories. Very happy for Mariah and her lovely family!!!

meghan on

WOW listen to the negative Naceys!! No one ever said this was BREAKING NEWS! This is the celebrity baby blog section..dont like it?? dont read it!!

Cheryl on

Please remember you’re reading, not Lighten up!! So people just like to complain for the sake of complaining…..

nikki on

Mariah needs to come clean we all know she had a mommy tummy tuck she needs to keep it real with her fans not saying she didn’t go on the jenny diet but she also had a tummy tuck just look at her pic’s…

Bobbi122 on

Really?? Who cares??

brooke jones on

She is doing the same thing that every proud mother does. The difference is, she is a celebrity.

Marky on

Nikki, just because your fat a$$ is sitting around in your mama’s basement, hoping the weight falls off by itself, doesn’t mean someone else did, or did not have a tummy tuck. Power to her if she’s got the money and wants to have one, fine! Obviously, anyone has to stop sitting on their butts and get up and exercise, and put down the soda and ice cream if they want to lose weight.

What is with all the rudeness from so many people? I’m not even a Mariah fan, but I’m interested in everyone’s babies and how the celebs are doing certain things. Why does she have to tell you all her business, in order to “keep it real with her fans”? Of course, she has more money and can afford different things than you can, but she also has made different choices, had good luck and bad, and waited along time to have kids. Everyone needs to stop being so hateful and just play nice!!

Marci on

Sounds like a new mom obsessed with all the little details that are new to her!

Lady on

Are you people serious??? She hasn’t spoken about the children until 2 weeks ago when we first saw them, so this is basically the 2nd time….GROW UP. She’s a new mother & she’s obviously excited & she looks fricken fantastic…haters!!

emme on

Why are people saying “who cares?” Isn’t that why we are on

heather on

I LOVED making my son’s baby food when he was a baby. His favorite was pumpkin and banana mixed together. Just steam any veggie and puree it, freeze it in ice cube trays. Do the same with fruits. You can buy a bag of organic carrots and it will make WAAAY more than a jar will give you for a fraction of the cost. As baby gets older you can start adding some spices like a dash of cinnamon or a dash of thyme…NEVER any salt though! There are a ton of websites with baby food recipes. Take one day a week to prepare the food for the freezer for the rest of the week, easy and economical! I highly recommend giving it a try!

MaryFinn on

May I say in all caps: WHO CARES!

JJ on

To all the negative commenters, try to remember that People was probably asking her specifically about the twins — what they’re doing, what’s new with them. I doubt Mariah gave People a phone call just to inform them that the twins are on solids.

denise on

your babies are so beautiful. congrats to you and your growing family

Jillian on

Wow marky! That was so uncalled for……

Alexia on

I’m all about some fake news on, but I just had to click on this to say I don’t care! That’s cute and all, but really, do we need to read a story about every minute detail of every celebrity’s life??? Geeze.

crzweek on


Becky on

Wow you all, are you serious? People is a celebrity magazine. You don’t need to read an article if you don’t want. I guess there are more people out there who just plain like to bitch for the sake of bitching. If your lives are that miserable, go volunteer somewhere or something. Get a grip on yourselves. I sure am glad I don’t know you. Isn’t there enough out there wrong with the world? She’s a new Mom, probably responding to a question put to her. Honestly people.

Roro on

To Micheley:

Actually the sugar is the same. The only thing is that they will be lacking the nutrients that fruits offer.

bluebuns on

AND this is news???? NOT

Bev on

My daughter did not eat a bite of food until she was 6 months old and she did very well. Her pediatrician believed in not feeding the child and to drink formula only. Good for you Mariah and Nick, awesome parents!

jujub's mom on

Obviously people do care or we wouldn’t be reading this! Moreover, for all of those who had twins and made baby food too, she isn’t acting like she invited it, I am pretty sure though People Magazine never asked you about it! The only thing she is guilt of is being a new mom and thinking that her babies are wonderful, and ALL of us with children have done that!!!

Shannon on

Cute! Mariah and Nick should be guest bloggers!

RoRod on

And this is news why?

Mira on

The gender stereotyping is off-putting. Not that I expected any better from this airhead.

texassweetpea7 on

really??? and this is entertainment news?? give me a break….

Anonymous on

It always cracks me up when I see people making comments like “Who cares?!” Well, obviously you do if you took the time to comment on it! I don’t get all the negativity, either. I also can’t help but think that if this were, say, Jennifer Garner talking about her baby starting solids (I realize her current youngest is nearly three and she’s still pregnant with her third baby. I’m just speaking hypothetically here!), I’ll bet everyone would be saying things like, “Good for her for making her own baby food”.

I think that most of the negative comments on this post are because people don’t like Mariah, plan and simple.

rdavis on

It s kind of ridculous since there are over 7 BILLION people in the world. Nothing unique bout having a child. We never have really left the 1950’s . Women are still defined by childbirth.

nikki on

@Marky all i’m saying is keep it real,don’t make it like all she did was just go on a jenny diet in those pic’s u can see she did more then a diet plan.JUST KEEP IT 100%,TELL IT LIKE IT IS.TUMMY TUCK!!!!!

Jimmy's Mom on

C’mon people…..REALLY???!! This woman is a moron!! Brought these kids into the world to one of her songs… kid already dripping in diamonds & pearls….the other just learned to sit up and he’s playing the drums??? This woman seriously needs a psychiatrist! & it’s frightening that she has reproduced!! Know what those kids are going to be like at 5, 6, 7???

Indira on


Just because she sees these things in her children doesn’t mean she’s an airhead.

Jan on

hahaha, all she cares about is moving on with her 20 year figure.

Chenoa on

I’m more impressed that she is teaching her babies about music more than what she is feeding them. People don’t believe babies respond to music, but they do. My son loved the lullaby cd music when he was 5-8 months and could barely sleep without them. Mariah is teaching her babies melody, harmony, scales, etc…even though they are still babes, one day all of this will pay off.

To you haters really, get a freaking life. I’m happy for Mariah, Nick, Roc & Roe…you don’t like to read the updates, then turn your heads.

tlm on

Would you idiots please just grow up. Want something newsworthy try fox news or CNN …. now crawl back under your miserable rocks and shut up. No one is forcing you to read this article or to take time out of your precious day to write a comment. Now go … under your rock … now!

Julie @ Willow Bird Baking on

She looks fantastic!

kjc on

My son was born just days before Mariah’s twins. I care to read about what her babies are doing, because mine is at the same stage. I nursed him exclusively for 6 months, and we’ve now started him on cereal, and a few different veggies (which i’ve also made with my Baby Bullet) I haven’t started him on fruit yet, because I don’t want him to get a sweet tooth and not want his veggies.

I don’t get why people have to come on here just to say they don’t care. When i read an article that I don’t care about, I just don’t comment.

Michelle on

OMG alert CNN the babies are eating solid foods. WHOOOPPPPPIIII

Amanda on

In Mariah’s defense (re: tummy tuck) there were lots of photos of her exercising after the twins were born. She may have had the mommy tuck done after her c-section but she also put in a lot of hard work to lose the weight in the rest of her body. I think she looks great and I wish I looked half as good as she does!

Tee on

This is actually the 3rd time she’s talked about the twins and the 2nd time she’s talked about her weightloss. She revealed her weightloss on The Rosie O’Donnell show. In that interview she stated she lost 40 pounds the first week (which was water). I don’t believe that. Maybe 40 pounds with the help of a diuretic and very minimal calories. She also said she likes Jenny’s soups and snacks.

She showed 3 new pics of the twins. One pic was of them in their lil duck hooded towels (so cute, I am such a sucker for cute). I kind of think her weightloss is really in conjunction with her xmas cd coming out. She also said on Rosie that her joints were in alot of pain carrying the extra weight and going up and down stairs. She admits she’s a diva so it doesn’t surprise me that Roe is going to be a diva baby.

I do think (for now) her and Nick have different opinions about the babies future, he wants them to get their education and go to college, she is more for musicality. They said that view on the Barbara Walters interview.

As for the negative nellies, why waste your precious time just to write who cares (makes you ones to be laughed at…and I think you also do it to have us make comments back at you). And Marky, aren’t you being quite the hypocrite in name calling Nikki and saying she lives in her Mom’s basement and calling her fat and yet you say just be nice people? LMAO at you….take your own advice, there was no need to diss Nikki’s with calling her names!

DiamondGirl on

I don’t mean to disillusion anyone, but the way a baby is fed at a few months old does not necessarily correlate to their habits as they grow.

One of our sons wouldn’t eat his baby food unless there was a tiny bit of fruit on the spoon with the vegetables. But as a child and teenager, he loved vegetables more than anything. Now as a young adult, he doesn’t like sweets much at all.

His brother on the other hand ate everything as a baby, but grew up to be not fond of vegetables (other than salads and carrots).

You’re not going to be able to mold their lifelong eating habits just by what you feed them in their first foods.

Jen on

@Jimmy’s Mom, Lol, I thought you had the best comment of the whole lineup of them. Totally agree. They think just because they are having a kid two that it’s the best thing since sliced bread. And i couldn’t care less if it was Mariah or Jennifer Garner.

I am sick of hearing about all these people’s baby antics. Like some of the other posters say, when do we have to start hearing about when they first vomit or take a crap? (Gee did the diaper seal it in or did your huggies not have the elasticized leg and it ran down your leg instead)

Washed up and has beens. My father was 46 when I was born, the old man was just looking for a way to stay young. He neglected his first two kids who are more than 20 years older than I am. Second childhood himself.

stacey mc on

@nikki,believe or not, some people actually do lose all of their baby weight- no tummy tucks! @marky, LMAO!!

Lyn Schreiner on

WHO freakin cares not the first babies to eat solid food and surely not gonna be the last…GET A LIFE PEOPLE!!!!

Melissa on

Aww I love to hear about these things. And yes it is special! any first time mom will tell you! and I did just add on my facebook page last night that both my twins used the potty chair without putting up a fight. LOL. So I guess we do talk about the first poops! LOL. so everyone that doesnt care, just dont read it! Because there are some of us that LOVE to hear about babies!!!!

Shannon on

How many nannies do they have?

soph on

“Nikki, just because your fat a$$ is sitting around in your mama’s basement, hoping the weight falls off by itself, doesn’t mean someone else did, or did not have a tummy tuck.”

“Everyone needs to stop being so hateful”

“What is with all the rudeness from so many people?”

I don’t know, why don’t you tell us, Marky?

Another quality post from Hypocrite Central…

Mel on

I can’t stand when people put the diva label on little girls! I’m probably taking it a little too serious, but as a teacher I see what happens when these divas grow up. Anyway, I really like Nick Cannon and enjoy hearing about the babies.

Amber on

To all those who say that this isn’t breaking news, you saw the headline and still took time to comment on it.

Melissa on

Just a question not trying to be critic…But how is a 6month old baby very feminine”? Shes not the prima donna her mom is

Maria on

Are we allowed to say unkind-ish things on this website? I don’t mean to be harsh but:

#1- Mariahs HUGE breast implants look awful

#2- I don’t think her babies are that cute.

there I said it- sorry!!!!!!

Mira on

Oh, Indira, the evidence of her being an airhead is enormous. This story adds just another drop to it. Yes, it’s ridiculous and stupid to call a 6-month-old a prima donna. And it perpetuates a negative female stereotype. And this airhead actually embraces and is proud of this stupidity. Oh my.

JMO on

people who read, click, then comment – CARE!! If you didn’t you would of moved on after the headline!

I enjoy hearing about the twins. I’m not really a Mariah/Nick fan but she’s allowed to brag, talk, say whatever she wants about her kids. If you dont like it #simplymoveon

Mel on

I bet the people that say they don’t care….are the one’s that read every Mariah Care article on here.

Look you do care or you wouldn’t be on baby section. The baby section talks about celeb babies. Mariah is a celeb and has babies, so one would assume that the article would be about her babies.Whatever she is experiencing with her children. So please tell me how this isn’t news or correlates with this section. I can understand that some may not like her but if you’re going to insult someone….please don’t make yourself like dumb in the process.

Anonymous on

Maria- As another poster pointed out on the previous Mariah thread, it’s never been confirmed that she has implants. Believe me, some of us are just naturally really big in that area (and isn’t always fun, either!)! 😉

Maddie on

i love Mariah, but i cringed at the line ‘they sit propped up, in their little chairs.’ Propping a baby up before they’re ready to sit means that their stomach and back muscles haven’t developed enough/aren’t strong enough to support them on their own. Sounds uncomfortable to me…if you are going to feed them, how about on your lap/knee where they can lean into you? just my opinion. Mariah seems like a fantastic mom, who’s loving those babies to bits. They are so so gorgeous…if you haven’t already, check out – there are so many great photos on there. Monroe and Morrocan are beautiful children, who are clearly adored by their parents

Vanessa on

Please, she’s had her boobs done. When she did, they went east and west. They probably still do.

And yeah, another vote that she’s had a tummy tuck.

Jesse on

Well I hope she has the nanny prepared for the icky poop that is to start now that they are on solids. Because Lord knows the all mighty Mariah Scarey won’t be caught dead changing caca pants.

Delicious on

Go Mariah Mommie! Keep up the good start with your children. You are definately teaching them early on how to eat healthy. Also, you look GREAT! I can’t wait until your next album comes out. Continued health and happiness to you, the beautiful children and Nick!

J on

I agree with Soph. It cracks me up how hateful these celeb defenders can be yet they have no issues with tearing down fellow posters.

crissyt on

Really people why do you all have to soo negative. She kinda erks me too. But this is typical “New Mom’ behavior…geeze RELAX.

Susan Lewis on

Mariah, don’t worry about more veggies than fruits. At this stage, your babies are still developing,including their brains. Feed according to doctor’s instructions, and relax. If you feed “dem babies” according to what their doctor says, you can’t go wrong. Your heart is in the right place, but, I know people who tried to ‘healthify’ the baby’s eating from the minute they started solid food/regular milk. They are growing and developing, and need to eat well. One friend of mine fed his son lowfat milk, as soon as he came off formula. The child did not grow as he should have. By the time they figured out the mistake, the kid was ready to start school, but height and weight was off the charts (well below) for his age. You will not be a bad mommy if you give your children baby fruit (stage 1) there is no sugar whatsoever added to that. Once they pass stage one, you can puree organic fruits in your blender. Ditto for all their foods. When they graduate from stage one, happy baby food making. It’s the best.

Good luck, I know you will be a really good Mommy!

Susan Lewis on

PS – I am not a fan, but objectively speak, Mariah comes across as a typical over the moon Mommy. Having been there and done that (mine is 19 now) I can be happy for her, and laugh as she reminds me how I loved to broadcast every little eyeblink to the entire world.

Grace on

@Jen: If you’re sick of hearing about celebrity babies why are you on a site that is dedicated to that very subject?

Mommy2 on

What new mother doesn’t talk or brag about her new baby. I am a mother of adult children and now that I have grand children, I talk about the things they do that amazes me all the time. Mariah is no different from the rest of the moms…so all you haters back off and let her have her moment. Once our kids grow up those precious moments are gone.

Valencia on

To all those people who are negative about this article, DON’T READ IT!

If there is someone I am not interested in, I simply don’t read the article! For example, I move pass all Beyonce and Jennifer Anniston news! I don’t comment negatively or otherwise. You haters are the one’s tripping! Congrats Mariah and Nick, the babies are beautiful!!!

Valencia on

And if Mariah did get a tummy tuck, and don’t want the world to know, that’s HER business! So what! Get over it! NOT YOUR LIFE!