Jessica Simpson: I Already Want to Have More Kids

11/10/2011 at 05:00 PM ET
Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

Expecting a baby has been no inconvenience for Jessica Simpson so far. In fact, she loves it.

“Pregnancy was meant for me – it really was,” the Fashion Star mentor and Beauty Mint spokesperson tells PEOPLE.

“I can’t wait to have more kids. I love being pregnant. I have such an incredible connection with myself and with my body that I’ve never had before.”

Simpson, 31, also says pregnancy has been a spiritual time, too.

“Just knowing that you’re creating a life is such a spiritual thing,” she says. “Everything is growing, but you’re making a life. It’s pretty cool.”

On the flipside, Simpson has discovered not all the perks of pregnancy are true either.

“People always say that pregnant women have a glow,” she says. “And I say it’s because you’re sweating to death. I think they just tell pregnant women they’re glowing to make them feel good about themselves, because everything makes them a little bit emotional.”

Contributing to the experience is having her fiancé Eric Johnson at her side every step of the way.

“When I’m tired, I make Eric rub me,” she says. “Eric is very, very supportive. We’re both extremely excited. He’s been to every doctor’s appointment with me. We just love it. We can’t believe we get to do this, and we get to do it together. We’re going to be a rock star family!”

— Dahvi Shira

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megan on

“We’re going to be a rock star family!”

One of you would have to be a rockstar for that to happen.

ClaireSamsmom on

For some reason, this post kind of irritated me. I mean, obviously…it is an exciting time and she is really happy….but it was just a little over the top. “We’re going to be a rock star family!” Um, okay.

Ann Marie on

Technically, Jessica, you are gestating a fetus, like every female mammal does.

‘Creating’ it is a another mystery of the source/creator.

Either way, Mazel Tov!

Aimee on

Geez don’t speak so soon see how you go with one child first Jess. Being pregnant is one thing having a baby is another.

Ashley on

“Pregnancy was meant for me – it really was,”

Um, no it wasn’t but I’m glad you are enjoying pregnancy so far!

Anonymous on

Ashley- I think she was trying to say that pregnancy suits her so well that it’s AS IF pregnancy was meant for her. It’s like when people say, “That dress was meant for me!” or “This place was meant for me”. I don’t see anything wrong with her other comments. She’s just a happy and excited mommy-to-be gushing about her family. Honestly, people take celebs’ comments WAY too seriously sometimes!

Anonymous on

Ann Marie- While I see you’re point, you’re hardly going to say “Just knowing that you’re gestating a fetus is such a spiritual thing”! 😉

Ren on

This is how I’ve felt about this pregnancy ever since it first started being wildly speculated, and my opinion hasn’t changed now that it’s been confirmed AND we’re getting so many Jessica Simpson articles in a row:

Shawna on

Ha ha ha! She sounds just like a first time mom who hasn’t even parented a child yet. It’s amazing how much I knew about pregnancy and having a baby before I actually had children. Luckily actually having the children woke me up pretty quickly! She thinks its all sunshine and roses, then she’s in for a serious reality check!

Rachael on

Check back with us Jessica after the baby is born, children are a blessing, but also lots of sleepless nights, worries and lots and lots of work no matter what age they become.

Rosy on

I always have to giggle when people exclaim things like this while pregnant or even before they’ve become pregnant. She could end up with a very demanding child and decide that actually one is enough. I always said while pregnant I would probably have three or four kids in total but now that my (pretty chilled out) toddler is here I’m thinking one more will do just nicely.

TC on

I’m sure I will be bashed for this, but to me she’s just glorified white trash.

Anonymous on

Congrats and best wishes.

Holiday on

I find it funny when a woman has never had a baby yet claims they are an expert in pregnancy and cant wait to have more kids before even having one!! Just slow down and enjoy being pregnant and once you have a child and realize just how hard being a parent is then consider a second. It took me 3.5 years to get pregnant with my second because being a parent was even harder than I realized it would be.

bree on

Oh Jess. *shaking my head* It’s so easy to speak pompously of something you know nothing of. I’ll be the one laughing when in one years time, the People cover is proclaiming from the supermarket stands “Jessica Simpson-‘Parenting is harder than I thought. No desire to rush another baby’.”

Aly on

Wow–the girl is a happy mother-to-be. She’s excited, and even though she doesn’t know what she’s getting into yet, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the right to say how she feels. People are so quick to jump all over her for any little comment. When I was pregnant with my first, I said the same thing, I couldn’t wait to have more. And I did…3 more. I loved each and every pregnancy, and while I had my challenges raising them, I wouldn’t change a thing. Some people know they want a big family from the beginning. It’s not a reason to tear a person to pieces. Lay off.

ClaireSamsmom on

I agree with Shawna! Though I love my little ones to pieces…..being a parent is one trying job! And when you are up all night long….(and I joke saying I really haven’t had a full nights sleep since November of 2005 right before my first child was born)well, she may just change her tune. Being a Mommy is absolutely the best thing in the world, also the hardest…….pregnancy is pretty easy compared to parenting.

Loralee on

Although it’s great she’s excited about being pregnant, it’s really easy to say you want more children. The hard part comes after the birth, the actual raising of the child.

NikAlic on

Some of you guys are posting some pretty closed minded and nasty quotes. Why can’t people just be happy for her?

I’ve personally had the pleasure of working as a direct-contact vendor for Jessica at a major event when she was in my town. I spent a couple hours or more with her and she was the kindest musician/performer I’ve worked with in my career.

She made sure every fan backstage got all of the autographs and pictures they wanted and didn’t leave until they had; she made no ridiculous requests of our or her staff and was pleasant to everyone she came in contact with.

Her comments always get taken with a “dumb blonde” undertone, so some find it easy to make fun of them. But really, she’s just a sweet, nice lady who deserves major congratulations and wishes for a happy and healthy child.

Mia on

Maybe she should wait till they start raising the first one + get married-see if their relationship actually lasts before the 2nd one.

Anonymous on

Aly- Interesting you should mention the big family thing. When Ashlee was pregnant with Bronx (either that or it was just after he was born. I forget which.), Jessica mentioned that she wanted to have six kids. So it sounds like she’s been wanting a big family for awhile. Of course it’s possible that she’ll change her mind after she actually experiences parenthood, but if her feelings right now are that she wants more children, I agree with you that there’s no reason she shouldn’t be allowed to say so!

jamie on

she is a ditz. Sorry but I can’t help it. Does anyone remember the buffalo wings incident?!!! for her child’s sake, i hope she has grown some brains since then.

Holiday on

NikAlic that is nice to know that she is a kind person! I thought maybe she would be a bit stuck up and uncaring but its nice to know thats not the case.

ClaireSamsmom on

Sure….I am happy for her…having my children was the most wonderful experience…and still is..that I have ever had! Jessica does seem like a very sweet girl…..but some of the things she says do seem rather immature and even ditzy…and I wonder is it an act….or is she really that way? Remember the ‘chicken of the sea’ comment? And this article, “we are going to be a rock star family!” She has also come out with the fact that she is going to now have a home birth after seeing Ricki Lake’s “Business of being born.” Which I may add…I have nothing bad to say against home birthing even though I did not do it myself. She just seems very impressionable. Though, I am just a mom on the east coast, have never worked for a celebrity, have 2 kids who I adore and I do know a little about parenting since I have been one for almost 6 years now. I don’t know… I said, she seems very sweet…just a little over the top in this article…and definetly jumping the gun here.

Tigerlee on

Look at the nasty sanctimommies. I just love it when women turn on each other. Men can just stand back and watch us destroy each other without doing a thing.

Enjoy yourself, Jessica. It is very much an exciting time. I wish you a happy and healthy 9 months and more in the future.

Tigerlee on

Bringing up an incident which happened years ago and was clearly a brain freeze moment. Yet everyone gushes over Ben Affleck an admitted drunk and a man who killed two people and walked scott free like Matthew Broderick. Women are so priceless in the way they attack each other.

Amanda on

Wow people, she’s a happy mom-to-be, quit overanalyzing. If you don’t want to read about celeb’s pregnancies/children, don’t visit this site. Problem solved!

I have 4 kids, but I knew when I was pregnant with my first that I couldn’t wait to have more. I knew it was going to be tough, sure it was different actually having the baby but I think a woman in her 30s knows that having a baby is going to change her entire life and that’s just what many people want. I wouldn’t trade having 4 kids (2 months to 7 years) for anything! I love being a mom. Oh and my midwife told my my body was ‘made for having babies’, obviously every woman’s body is but some have it easier than others and I am sure that’s what Jessica meant.

ClaireSamsmom on

I really wish her a great rest of her pregnancy! It definetly is an exciting time….and all I can say is that being a Mommy for me has been the most wonderful experience! I hope she enjoys every minute…it goes by really fast….

Jillian on

I am clueless as to what you are talking about with Ben. I have never heard him say he is a drunk. And he killed two people?!?!?! What?!? I honestly can’t believe you bring up Matthew who was in an accident 24 years ago!!! My god. Talk about needing to move on. The family forgave him.

Anonymous on

Tigerlee- I agree with you for the most part, but I don’t think people should be holding Ben’s past against him any more than they should hold Jessica’s against her. Everybody makes mistakes. Granted, Ben’s mistakes were pretty big ones, and I certainly don’t condone what he did, but they were still mistakes, and he seems to have grown up quite a bit since then.

He succesfully fought a disease that is extremely difficult to overcome (not that you ever completely overcome Alcoholism, but you know what I mean), and for that he should be comended! 🙂

Anonymous on

Getting back to Jessica…her comments DO sound a bit over the top, but I’m thinking that’s just because she’s a very excited mommy-to-be!

Mommyof2 on

Nothing wrong with saying she wants more. I had that feeling when I was pregnant the first time. We will be TTC no. 3 next year. I want to have at least 4. But she isn’t the smartest gal. LOL

Jess on

UMMM. He goes to every doctor appointment because he has nothing else to do…

seila on

don’t like the fact that she doesn’t had her child yet when she wants another. period. adopt. don’t begin over populating the world.

Jesse on

Ben Affleck never killed anyone… Some times I wonder where you people come up with your fake news.

Anonymous on

one sentence from this “know it all’s mouth” is about all anyone can take, she really is too much in every sense of the word….geesh go away

Anonymous on

“a rockstar family” ahhh ok what the hell does that mean or supposed to mean? Eric is def not a rockstar and jessica is anything but so where does this rockstar crap come from? hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Anonymous on

Jess- What’s wrong with him not having a job? Sorry, but it’s a HUGE pet peeve of mine that it’s perfectly fine for a woman to not have a job, but if man doesn’t have one it’s implied (or even said outright) that he’s lazy, a bum, or a good-for-nothing. Also, not having a job hardly means that you have nothing to do. Just ask practically any retiree! Most of them are busier than they were when they worked for pay!

As for going to the doctor’s appointments with Jessica: It’s called being an involved partner and father-to-be. And I think it’s great that he’ll probably be a stay-at-home dad! 🙂

Tara on

she’s only saying pregnancy was meant for her because now she can just be her natural fat self without having to starve and diet. we all know it. jessica is a chubby girl. that’s just her lot in life. of course she wants to have more kids and loves being pregnant … she never has to be in shape again. sheesh! these celebrities are so transparent.

staci on

Hey everyone, I don’t think it’s very fair of people to put such negative comments on here. She is very excited and wants to share it with the world. Haven’t you ever felt like that? I go on this site every night and read comments people have posted and I have never read such hateful things under any celebrity’s blog. Please just let her be happy.

NCSouthernBelle on

I had to laugh at this article. Up until my ninth month of pregnancy with my first child I thought I wanted six kids. The more the merrier, right? Then, after I had that baby and realized how hard motherhood really is, (apparently it’s not as easy as it looks on TV) that number was quickly trimmed down to two. Point being it’s better to decide how many children you want after you have one and see what motherhood is really all about! Congrats to all the amazing women and men out there who can handle three or more children, but my hands are quite full with two!

Amy on

Again, women judging each other. I felt the same way about pregnancy that Jessica does. I loved being pregnant! I think it’s great that her fiance gets to be at her appts, my husband didn’t get to do that. Yeah, the sleepless nights aren’t fun, but hopefully it won’t last long. I was blessed that my husband helped me at night even though he had to work early in the morning. I wish her nothing but the best!

Amy on

And I think it is so rude to say she is fat! She is not fat! Just because she is not a stick figure does not make her fat! Hmmm, I wonder why girls have eating disorders, let’s see, maybe the way society views beauty.

anonymous on

speaking of spiritual.. wasnt this the girl that wanted to wait to have sex until she got married? then she got divorced, another no-no in the bible, now shes having a baby and isnt even married! shes kind of a hypocrit..

M on

I knew I wanted three or four kids. As soon as I had my daughter that number jumped way UP–we have four now and plan on at least one more, and possibly adopting. Some people just have the patience and energy for a big family. Parenthood came naturally to me, no big adjustment or world turned upside down feeling. It was easier than I thought it would be, felt like the life I was meant to be living. I have my challenges with each child but I can roll with them and we have more great days than bad. MY life is right for MY temperament and goals, and yours is right for you.

No one can say that she doesn’t know what she wants. She may change her mind after having a baby, but that’s also her prerogative. She’s just happy to be pregnant, let the girl be.

Maria on

I am glad she is happy! that is good that her fiance is supportive. Maybe she will want many kids who knows. I know when I was pregnant I loved it and had a great pregnancy and was already planning another also! But since having the actual baby– so much work!!! I LOVE being his mom but now we are thinking of just having him as our only. Pregnancy changes a lot but having the actual kids rocks your world totally! I wonder when she is sleep deprived if she will still want another? lol!

Mrs from Nor Cal on

Man.. What’s up with the HATERS!! Why is everyone bashing the sweet and beautiful Jessica Simpson? Because she’s a successful and beautiful women with a career in the spotlight? Because she is wealthy, blonde, was married and a had top rated show, but then divorced. Because she’s engaged to Eric Jonnson? WHO CARES!! Honestly, I think everyone that is rudely bashing her with your rude comments is just jealous, plain and simple. I think that’s just sad. Hollywood stars work very hard to achieve their success,and keep us entertained, so why bag on her? If you want to say she’s a dumb blonde, do you actually know her, or just what the media decides to post? If you want to count her “mistakes” you should first take a look in the mirror and count your own.. What’s that saying we learned back in Kindergarten, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.. Hmmm.. sounds like some people need to a Kindergarten refresher course..

NicAlec- Kudos for speaking some truth about your actual experience with her.

Jessica & Eric- Congratulations on your pregnancy! =)

judie on

If she is so excited, why did she call the wedding off because she gained weight ?

txlady on

I feel sorry for Ashley..where was all this publicity when she was pregnant? No lame guessing games, no hold out by her crazy father for $$$ before announcing the event and I think it was only right that she MARRIED the father before the baby was born! I give her props any day over her no talent sister.

Janae on

It’s so funny how a few random harmless quotes get people in such a tizzy. That said, it’s interesting to hear that Jessica is so excited to have more kids before even having the first one, but she’s always come across as a bit naïve. Anyway, for some women being pregnant is a pure joy, I’m happy for her that she is embracing the experience so fully.

Sara on

First time pregnant moms are hilarious. They wonder around the baby department rubbing their bellies and starred eyed. This is before they have to push a melon of you-know-where, sit up with a feverish child, deal with a toddler tantrum in public. It was only two short years ago that I was the same. Things change quickly, and when they change, they change for good.

Anonymous on

judie- She didn’t call off the wedding. She just post-poned it. She and Eric plan to marry after the baby is born from what I’ve read.

txlady- The holding out for $$$$ was just a rumor. And it was Jessica that was supposedly holding out for the money, not her father. Also, yes, Ashlee married her son’s father before she married…and as we saw, that worked out real well (I’m being sarcastic, by the way!). Perhaps Jessica will have better luck than her sister did by taking her time instead of rushing to tie the knot just because she’s pregnant!

Jillian on

just jealous.
take a look in the mirror and count your own (mistakes)
if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.
sounds like some people need to a Kindergarten refresher course..
– Mrs from Nor Cal

Or we can just have an opinion like you 🙂 Your jealous statement makes no sense. People who dislike someone are not jealous…if they were than they would be jealous of Casey Anthony. And all of these are things my children say when they fight with each other.


Melissa on

Geez, people. She’s just excited. Lay off! I am very happy for her. Every first-time pregnant mom goes through the same thing. We were all there once too! Let her have her time. 🙂 Good luck, Jessica!

kimmie on

txlady your comment is interesting because Ashley and her husband got divorced today.