Family Photo: The Bündchen-Bradys Ride On

11/10/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Ian Nolan/Splash News Online

Boston bike ride!

Gisele Bündchen and her husband, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, wheel around Beantown on Sunday with son Benjamin Rein, 23 months, and bundled-up pet pup Vida.

The supermodel’s boys are all about veggies, she recently told Vogue UK.

“My children, they are like white canvases,” Bündchen, 31, says.

“When Benjamin eats broccoli, he thinks it’s dessert!”

Elder brother Jack, 4, is Brady’s son with Blue Bloods star Bridget Moynahan.

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Jordan on

children? Ben & Tom…?

Mya on

Well considering she has been a part of his elder child’s life since he was little I imagine she does consider him her child.
Get over it.

Shannon on

Uh oh. Not again. lol

yo on

My children are like canvasses? They think broccoli is dessert? We’ll see about that.

Doreen on

Don’t like how she says ‘my children’….Jack is NOT her child.

me on

well at least she’s not an evil step mother….lol

Ashley on

He is her step child and it sounds like she considers him when referring to her family. I think that is great whereas some step parents clearly favor their own child and wish the other(s) hadn’t ever come before theirs. So I like that she says Children rather then ignoring that, she helps raise Jack just as much as Tom does.

Michelle on

Agreed – get over it. I was definitely on team Bridget in the whole mess, but Jack is part of Gisele’s family. I would be more offended if she always said “my son and step-son” as if there was a difference in the way she loved and cared for them.

Anonymous on

Ashley- My thoughts exactly! And really, celeb step-parents can’t seem to win either way. Tori Spelling gets criticized for NOT talking about her stepson (who, ironically, is also named Jack!), Gisele gets cricized for talking about hers. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t!

Anonymous on

Oh, and how cute is Vida all bundled up?!

Sarah K. on

Ugh, this again? Luckily the majority here doesn’t see a problem with what she said. It’s unrealistic to think that step-parents go about their lives separating their bio-children from their step-children in conversation.

We know who Jack’s mom is and so does Gisele. But, Gisele has been a part of Jack’s life from day 1 and probably shares parenting duties when he’s with Tom. She clearly loves him as much as she does Ben and guess what – Jack probably loves her too. He doesn’t know or care what step v. bio is. Bridget has moved on, so maybe you should too.

Matt Damon also refers to his step-daughter as “his eldest”, “his daughter,” and when he’s talking about all of the children he says all of “my children.” He’s gone so far as to correct a reporter who said he had only 3 children – he has 4.

Paul Bettany does the same with his step-son. No one ever complains when they do that. In fact, all of the women here coo over Matt Damon referring to Alexia as his. Double standard much?

Sheryl on

What Sarah K. said.

Jillian on

Sarah k, I love what you said! This page screams double standards.

malia on

well said sarah k! I think it was bridget’s fault that this became a big drama.she confirmed her pregnancy to a ny paper,she was doing interviews about her pregnancy and who can forget that OK cover saying LIFE WITHOUT DADDY.Even to this day she talks about her prgnacy and her son is 4 already!!!I admire Brady and gisele for never responding to her,they focused only on jack.they are not just giving money they are parenting and nurturing him since he was a baby. we can see jack is part of the Brady family.Tom dumped bridget,but never jack.Bridget finally moved on because she saw she can’t play the victim anymore because her son is loved by the bradys.

Anonymous on

That helmet is not on correctly!

Sarah K. on

Malia, not everything is Bridget’s fault either. I think that might be a bit unfair. She just released his picture when he was born and never gave an interview. Apparently, that whole “Life Without Daddy” thing was done without her consent. She never said those words, just like Gisele’s interview about Jack was completely twisted. Bridget’s never mentioned Gisele either and publicly congratulated them when Ben was born and said Jack was excited about the new baby. She moved on a long time ago and had started dating new people 4 years ago. She’s been in her “new relationship” for a couple of years now. It seems that they’ve always co-parented civilly and the drama is mostly media hype.

malia on

SARAH K.,This is why I don’t trust bridget AT ALL.she always using the media to talk about the bradys.even when she was dating tom she was always talking about the games and parading w/ the team,she used to put their relationship very out there.I’m sure she could have sent an e-mail or a card,but she used the press to talk about ben,and as far as we know she is not in ben’s life.when jack was born gisele was then tom’s girlfriend and would be raising him as a stepmom,and she said nothing.bridget sure enjoys all the publicity that this story brings to her.I am sure they co-parent civilly because if she ever decide to make things hard the bradys could file for custody and that is the last thing a single mother who is in a bi-coastal relationship and working too many hours neeeds.

Whitney on

As a child who was beat and treated horrifically by my step parent, I find it appalling people can’t be happy to see a child so loved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I only wish my step parent acknowledged and loved me and treated me as a human being. So get over it you catty petty women! Gisele is a wonderful person, her success is self reflection of that. Everyone has nothing but nice things to say about her when they work with her. She is nice to everyone,acts professional,is on time etc…I also LOVE that she did not do a tabloid photo-shoot with Benjamin, or sell her wedding photos to any tabloids. Tabloids are about as low as one can go. and she never publicly bashes anyone who says means things about her. She keeps to herself and her views, without having to bring others down. Love it!

MiB on

My stepmother has been in my life as long as I can remember, and I would actually get a bit offended if she didn’t call me one of her children even though my mother is very much in my life. I’d say, the more people that love and cherish a child, the better! Jack knows who his mother is, but you bet that he also finds comfort in the fact htat he has a stepmother that loves him too (at least that’s what I did as a child and still do as an adult).

Marky on

It would be so much better if she hated Jack and pretended he didn’t exist, right? I mean, gosh, it’s just so terrible when a child is loved. We really have too many happy, well-loved children in the world.

And Anonymous up there talking about Tori Spelling? That is not irony, it’s coincidence.

Sarah K. on

Malia, you seem to be reading things into the Bridget-Tom-Gisele dynamic that have never been verified or even mentioned. I lived in Boston during their relationship and I never heard Bridget talk about the Patriots. She also mentioned Ben only because she was asked about it in an interview. Her response was that Jack was excited. From what I’ve seen, she never mentions Tom or Gisele in interviews. Why on earth wouldn’t you trust her? None of us even know her or Gisele.

Tom and Bridget seemed to have worked out a custody agreement that works for everyone. Why would Tom/Gisele ever file for sole custody and what makes you think they would win? The original point I was trying to make is that the parents probably do not lead dramatic lives. Bridget isn’t playing the victim and Gisele isn’t trying to steal her child. The drama we see is what the media creates. These are probably two very normal women just trying to raise their kids. Why do we need to take sides?

malia on

Sarah K.I’m not taking sides,I’m just saying that Bridget does not deserve any credit bacause she is always reliving the baby drama she created herself to get as much publicity she could.she could have said NO COMMENTS,but she wanted to say something publicly to PEOPLE MAGAZINE. when ben was born she mentioned him as jack’s “half-sibling” and part of “their” extended family (double standard!!! if ben is half-dibling taht means she is not ralated to him).And I’ve watched her on a talk show mentioning how great her boyfriend(tom brady) was,and the patriots’ games too,I DID NOT READ THAT I SAW THAT ON TV!and the vlog she and her Z -list friend sam harris did talking about the pregnancy?jack was in her arms,they were using him!and now she says that she protects her son’s privacy?The truth is that after ben was born the media lost interest in jack.what makes you think that bradys wouldn’t win???But you used to live in Boston,and that people always take Bridget’s side because they think she is from there,SHE IS A NEW YORKER!

satefy counts on

Where are your helmets, adults? Set a good example for your children!Not fair just to expect them to do it. You’ll be wondering why, in a few years, he starts refusing to wear his ….

Sarah K. on

Malia, I don’t understand what all of the caps locks are for or why you’re so insistent that Bridget is reliving the drama when she hasn’t mentioned Gisele’s name in an interview…ever. They do not seem to have any drama at all in their real life. What drama are you even talking about? Bridget mentioning in an interview that she has a great boyfriend is not a big deal since every celebrity does that. Her saying that Jack is excited is not dramatic or negative either. She said half-brother because she is not Ben’s mom – no big deal.

Talking about how Tom and Gisele could take Jack away from Bridget is ludicrous. She seems like a good mother. They all parent Jack and he seems to be happy and healthy.

Also, I know she’s from New York. Why did you need to caps lock that? When you do that in text, it implies that you’re raising your voice. I’m also very clearly not taking anyone’s side. I’ve been fair and neutral to both Bridget and Gisele. I’m done with this thread because it’s obvious that we’re just running in circles.

malia on


Megan on

Yikes Sarah, might want to jump off now – this one’s clearly on the next train to crazytown.

Jillian on

Sarah you are making too much sense and so people struggle with that!

Jillian on

Question for all, how many parents wear helmets while bike riding? We do not. I don’t know any adult who does. My children clearly do and understand they need to. There are some things adults don’t have to do that children do. And things adults can do that children can’t. They don’t ever question it. I just am curious why people feel adults need to wear them bc children do.

Megan on

My husband and I do. We bike to work Brooklyn-Manhattan in the spring, summer and fall. You’d have to be an idiot not to wear one in New York City.

Sarah K. on

Thanks Sheryl, Jillian, and Meghan! And lol Jillian, I’ve noticed that too! Using logic and common sense boggles the minds of some of the posters on this site.