BumpWatch: Jennifer Garner – In the Navy

11/09/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
Suntzulynn for LE/Splash News Online

Work it!

Striking a serious pose, Jennifer Garner appears at a special screening for her latest film, Butter, at AFI Fest 2011, held Sunday at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, Calif.

Joining the actress, 39, at the event was costar Olivia Wilde.

Garner expects her third child with husband Ben Affleck this winter.

The couple are already parents to daughters Violet Anne, 5½, and Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, 2½.

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Alma on

Why haven’t you said here that they’re expecting a boy?

AshleyB on

Um, probably because that’s a rumor? You can’t believe everything you read, I’ll wait until Ben or Jen announce the sex if they choose to.

Fab on

**tappin my feet** Waiting to see if Jen gets the “dress to short while she’s pregnant” hater remarks as Beyonce got on her pic….. SMH@folk…. Jen looks great!!!!!

Brooke on

I would HIGHLY advise everyone not to see “Butter”….Bad is not a strong enough word to describe it

Maryanne on

I love her, but I hate that dress.

Tee on

Oh dear! I absolutely love Jennifer Garner but I do NOT like that dress!

ClaireSamsmom on

Not a fan of this dress. But I DO love Jen!

Brooklyn on

She looks beautiful!

cn tower on

Re: the dress….Like most high-profile celebs, Jennifer most likely has a stylist to advise her and help her prepare for events like this. I think it’s time to ask for a refund and get a new stylist.

Sarah on

It’s not a dress, it’s a playsuit.

Maryanne on

I think i would like it better slightly longer and a better fabric. It looks terrible where it wrinkled.

eribri on

Don’t mean to sound unpleasant but I really want to know why she is on this site…like weekly?

ForeverMoore on

Her stylist is Rachel Zoe and Jennifer has recently said that Rachel refuses to dress her in maternity wear. So I can see how this dress would looks great on someone not pregnant…it just doesn’t do much for Jennifer. It flows over her bump in an odd way. She looks good otherwise!

Nikki on

The dress is okay, but what is with the expression on here face?

SSM on

I don’t actually have an opinion on the length, but the expression on her face makes me want to laugh and say “Uh oh, Mama gonna knock you out!” That’s a pretty fierce face ;). Usually she has a cute “girl next door with dimples” look.

Actually, I like her casual “Everywoman” look, although I know other sites are relieved she finally has someone to dress her. Don’t mind most of what Rachel Ray has her in now but the shape of this dress isn’t my favorite. She still pulls it off!

Maryanne on

@SSM, I think you mean rachael Zoe not rachael ray. Lol.

Anonymous on

AshleyB- Not only is it thus far just a rumor that Jen and Ben are having a boy, but Jen was also rumored to be having a boy when she was pregnant with Sera. So I wouldn’t put much stock in the rumors, either.

Anyway, I think she looks great!

sara on

eribri, this is a site devoted to celebrities, including pregnant celebrities, and their children. Jennifer Garner is a celebrity. She is pregnant. She also has children. I hope that helps.

Reese on

She looks great and I love the color of the dress but the style isn’t very flattering. It has absolutely nothing to do with the length and everything to do with the added fabric that hangs at the bottom.

cassie on

she looks beautiful!!!!!!

Sarah S. on

I like the color and style on her, BUT it needs to be longer in the front. This dress reminds me of the beautiful one she wore in the summer when she met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

annachestnut on

don’t care for the dress. She’s pretty.

Barbi on

Eribri, she’s on this site (and you’re not) because SHE is a movie star, like you’re not. Fans of her (like me) love to read what this celebrity and her family are up to. She looks beautiful and I hope she has a healthy baby (boy or girl). As to sounding unpleasant, I’m pretty sure YOU KNOW you sound unpleasant but don’t care… what a pathetic way to go thru life.

Indira on

If it’s true that Rachel Zoe refuses to dress her in maternity wear she needs a new stylist. Zoe dressed like a goth hobo during her pregnancy. Not much of an example.

gimma a break on

I like Jen but agree,that dress is not the best. (the zipper is botched) I hope the dress was a freebee.

eribri on

@Barbi I was asking a simple question with no hate to it because I honestly wanted to know why they post specifically her all the time the most. So don’t go throwing her being a movie star & I’m not at me. I said what I said because I knew people like YOU would twist my words if I didn’t & with it, you still came at me. What’s pathetic is your ugly response.

Melissa on

Don’t think the dress is meant for a pregnant belly but she’s looks a million times better than she usually does.

Ali on

alma, why do you say that? Has she announced she is having a boy elsewhere?

Nella on

The dress wouldn’t be bad if it was ironed and little bit longer in the front. She looks good I think, the dress however needs some fixing! I don’t know why, but I am getting a boy vibe from her this time around. As far as rumors go, half of the time they aren’t true, I am just getting my own feeling that she is having a boy.

Marky on

eribri, you might not have asked your question out of “hate”, but it’s still an annoying, passive-aggressive question that gets asked over and over again. People like me who read the site regularly don’t have much patience for questions like this. It’s also rather obnoxious, given that it’s a pretty stupid question that you should be able to answer yourself. But since you apparently can’t, here is the answer: sites like this feature any pictures they get that are appropriate for the site (pregnant celebs, celebs with their kids).

If the paps take them, they post them (for the most part – they may not have agreements with all of the photo agencies out there). The paps take lots of pictures of Jennifer Garner because she goes out in public a lot. They also take lots of pictures because she’s a popular, attractive actress and there are many people who like to see pictures of her. There are also many people who have a bizarre, irrational dislike of her. Both of those groups of people generate attention, comments, and lots and lots of pageviews, which is all this site really cares about. Get it now?

Jenn on

Horrible dress, and she looks uncomfortable! Sad!

Love her. So much cooler than other Hollywood moms!

Why does PPL, always cite a woman’s age, but rarely a man’s?? So rude.

I hope it is a boy. My first is a boy, and it is so amazing. They will be happy either way, I’m sure, but 2 girls and a boy would be great.

Barbi on

Thanks Marky… you saved me quite a few keystrokes and said it so well. Eribri, I really can’t stand passive-aggressive people with their soft (but sarcastic), and unpleasant, overtones. Marky said it well…get it yet? I hope they feature her every weeek until she gives birth.

Maria on

I think the dress is awful. I also agree that Jen Garner look so much prettier this pregnancy than she ususally does- even more so than in her other pregnancies! I don’t think she is especially pretty- she is far from ugly- she is above average for sure but not a stunner- but she is really looking better lately

Catca on

I think Jennifer looks fantastic pregnant (yes, I’m jealous) and I love the color of the dress. The problem is that it’s not a maternity dress and therefore while the fit works for maternity, the material doesn’t. That’s why it wrinkles so much under her belly from sitting in the car on the way over. Everything else I’ve seen Jennifer wear during this pregnancy has looked really good so really, cut her some slack.

Jillian on

Catca, I agree! Think Jen looks wonderful. Love her and it.

Keep the Jen and family posts coming!