Mariah Carey: I Lost 70 Lbs. After Twins

11/09/2011 at 08:00 AM ET

Mariah Carey wasn’t shy about showing off her baby bump when she was pregnant with now-6-month-old twins Moroccan and Monroe.

And now, she’s positively ecstatic about unveiling her hot new post-baby body after losing, she says, a full 70 lbs.

On Tuesday’s episode of The Rosie Show on OWN, Carey, 42, was lowered diva-style onto the stage riding on a crescent moon and wearing a skin-tight black mini-skirt and cleavage-baring leather jacket.

John Kringas/Harpo, Inc.

She then explained her new physique was courtesy of a strict diet and exercise – along with the loss of what she says is about 40 lbs. of water due to a difficult pregnancy.

“In the beginning, when I first had the babies, I had so much edema … water and swelling. Most pregnant woman have that just in their feet,” Carey says. “One day I was doing my thank-you notes and I noticed it started rising up the leg, so I had edema … I didn’t think I would ever be the same person.”

Once she finished breastfeeding in late July, Carey embarked on the Jenny diet plan (formerly Jenny Craig), for which she now serves as a spokeswoman.

“The first week, I lost 40 lbs. … of just water,” Carey says. “It was just water, initially. When I started with the program, I lost at least 30 lbs. of weight that needed to be lost.”

And, says Carey, it wasn’t all about appearance. Carrying so much extra weight made everyday tasks, including going to the bathroom, a challenge.

“I had a really tough pregnancy,” she says. “I was supposed to be on bed rest, but it was so bad that even bed hurt … I learned a lot being pregnant, watching my body change.”

She adds, “The whole point of this is not just like: ‘Oh, hey, look at me and my weight loss, I’m fantastic.’ It’s really health. Like I said, I learned it when I became helpless and felt so vulnerable like never before in my life.”

Because she had a cesarean section, Carey says exercise wasn’t an option early on. So, she says, “The diet is 90 percent of it.”

Remembering to eat was one of her biggest challenges because, she says, she believes if she goes too long without refueling, “You slow down your metabolism.”

For her, it was important “being able to just grab something. I like the soups a lot. It’s 50 calories. I gotta say I like the snacks too.”

Carey also regained her fitness by exercising with her dogs and doing workouts in the ocean.

One thing she won’t stick with once she meets her goal.

“I never weighed myself,” she explains. “People will think I’m a liar but it’s true. This is another cliché phrase, I’m a big boned girl … I’m tall and so I always weigh more.”

Instead of weighing herself, she says, “I would tend to go, ‘Does this size dress fit me that I wore three years ago? I’m good, let’s go.’ I would go by what it looked like, how I felt.”

— Sara Hammel

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sar on

Mariah Looks great.. but there is a part of me that wishes she would give up the “Mariah” look that she always has with the short skirts, boobs out, clothes one size too small. She would look so much prettier if she dressed with a little more ummm… class.

Lisa on

The majority of the article is full of numbers over and over about how much she lost, then ends with “I never weighed myself”. Really? Conceded, selfish and nuts.. pretty much sums her up.

robinepowell on

She looked better before the big boobs. Why any woman would want to be that big, with surgery is beyond me. I’m like that naturally and I hope one day to be smaller.

If Mariah wants to loose more weight, have surgery to remove those saline implants. She’d look much nice without them. 😉

Janie on

Meow! Geez, ladies!

I think she looks great. I’ve followed her career since the beginning and am happy for her that she finally has a husband and children. Good for her for losing weight and gaining a perspective on her health due to her difficult pregnancy.

ps. Lisa, it’s spelled ‘conceited’, not ‘conceded’.

RKF on

She looks like a prostitute. Big deal, she lost weight after pregnancy. It isn’t earth shattering news.

Bella Mama on

she looks good.. she would look even better if she kept those stripper clothes for the bedroom and dressed more like a lady.. just saying..

Katie on

40 lbs the first week? While it MAY be true, I have a hard time beliving it. But she did lose a lot of weight. Good for her. Makes me want to lose my baby of two years ago. I’m still a lil chunky.

Brandi on

I agree Janie, it’s sad that a site whose readers are mostly moms have some of the cattiest comments.

I’m not sure what looks so slutty about that outfit. She is sitting down and the skirt doesn’t look like it’d be too short standing up (I didn’t see the show so forgive me if my assumption is wrong) and cleavage is just that, cleavage. Most new moms have it, especially if they had large chests before babies.

I think she looks amazing and seems to be genuinely happy. If I looked like that after having twins (or without having twins), I’d probably be on tv in a tight black dress showing off too!

ClaireSamsmom on

She looks great….and not a pinch of cellulite either. Grrrrr. My littlest is two and I am still trying to get over those last few pounds. Her outfit doesn’t really bother me. She’s a performer. She has worn alot of interesting things in the past….remember the getup with the short shorts and tanks….I think that was in the “candy” phase. Anyway…I’ve always liked her and LOVED her music…and have been a fan since, “Vision of Love” came out when I was 14! I am happy for her!

Lily on

I have identical twins, 3 days after giving birth when i weighed myself I was 10 lbs. lighter than my PREpregnancy weight. Twins suck the life out of you!! Ha. You want to lose weight fast, have twins.

Nikki on

Mariah does look great but when you have a chef, personal trainer & nannies its possible! I also have to agree that she dresses too short & tight fitting for her age. Regardless, Roc & Roe are gorgeous babies and she’s very blessed to have healthy children.

Lotus on

MC seems so down-to-earth and real, even if she doesn’t always say the most PC things to please everyone. I lost 50+ pounds within months after having my second child and I did it without nannies, personal trainers or a chef, so I think Mariah’s accomplishment is attainable for whoever sets their mind to it.

Lady on

Give the woman a break, all the people talking about how huge she was & now she looks amazing…hell I’d be falunting my post baby body too…go head Mariah!!

Reese on

Good for her! Although I will say, the title is a bit misleading considering at the end of the article, she says she hasn’t weighed herself.

JRW on

sar literally took the exact words I was going to write and beat me to it…

blessedwithboys on

What did she nurse for? Like 5 whole minutes? So sad!

Anonymous on

blessedwithboys- The babies were born on April 30th, and it says she stopped nursing in July. That would mean she nursed for about two months. In her defense, though, I remember Nick saying shortly after the babies were born that the nurses at the hospital recommended a shot of brandy (I think, anyway. I know it was some alchoholic drink, but I don’t remember which one for sure) to increase her supply.

So it sounds like she had supply issues and ended up stopping because of that. Plus, nursing one baby can be hard enough. I can only imagine how difficult nursing two can be!

Maddie on

@blessedwithboys – surely nursing for ”only” two months, is better than not nursing at all? Besides, formula is not the worst thing – as long as baby is happy and not starving…

Mariah looks great, but she can be over the top. I think she plays that up though, because that’s what people have come to expect of her…those babies are so super adorable though! It has never been confirmed that Mariah has implants, btw

anna on

@Lisa Concede, selfish and nuts.

First of all being concede is thinking your better than everyone else. Being selfish is not willing to give to others in need. Being nuts mean to be mentally impaired in a way that your either at harm to yourself, others or both.

Making a personal decision that people might not like doesn’t make you concede, it means you have control over your life to do what you want. So if you haven’t heard her say or even suggest she’s better than someone else than you can not say she’s concede.

What makes Mariah selfish, The fact that her taking care of herself means she can enjoy her life and her twins life. No NO NO it has to be that she have given to so much charities throughout the years. Wait Wait I’ve got it, maybe it is instead of selling the pictures she have a website dedicated to her twins but every time you visit the site the proceeds go to charity. There is nothing selfish about this woman.

She’s nut, she haven’t said anything that would make anybody question her sanity, nor have she did anything that would make us question her sanity.

If you want to say anything negative about her please use three different words that really sums her up.

Marky on

I think anyone who has followed Mariah Carey’s career at all, knows she is not the most secure person on the planet, so she might have reacted differently than many of you would to being so much bigger, uncomfortable and wondering if everything was going to be okay. She has too many people watching her every move and complaining about everything she says.

Honestly, if I “hear” one more person screeching about celebrities having personal chefs, nannies, and trainers, so of course they can lose the weight, I will absolutely scream! No one has to gain too much weight during their pregnancy in the first place, and none of you are incapable of losing the weight on your own. Any of you can buy the food on the “Jenny Plan”; some people I know who have done it were darn near broke!

I had 3 kids in exactly 4 years, didn’t overdo the weight, and had lost it by the time the baby was 3 weeks old. Stop cleaning your kids’ plates in addition to over-eating yourself, and put the kids in a stroller and walk!! It’s free, it works, and they will be better off without so much TV. Good grief, these celebrities work in a field that requires them to look a certain way, and, just as you have someone watching your child(ren) while you work, so do they. Not every grandparent wants to raise their grandchildren after they finish raising their own kids, so someone else sometimes takes care of the kids. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no difference. I’ve had friends who had nannies they shipped in from Europe. Major whoop! The mom is still the one who has to put her fork down, and move around.

The more stuff people have to help them take care of the 3500 sp. ft. houses they can’t live without because they have 2 children, the more they complain about how difficult their life is. I didn’t have any help and had to take care of my kids in a 1600 sq. ft. house (which I was very grateful for) without family or nannies or anything, and I still worked in the exercise, nursed my baby, and did all the housework by myself with the help of my husband. What is all the complaining about? Mariah is doing the best she can, whatever that is, and she waited a log time for those children, and worked her butt off. If she has nannies, fine. If she doesn’t, fine.

AmandaC on

All I heard was me, me, me in this interview!

Hea on

She may have lost 70 lbs but she hasn’t lost enough to fit into that jacket.

Lisa on

conceited- uhhh, yeah.. take your blinders off Anna, all MC ever does is talk about herself. Thats called being conceited and/or vain. No mention of her husband, kids, etc. It would be nice in this article or any other since she has given birth for that matter, to hear her say how awesome the new babies are, how it feels to be new parents, how lucky she is that they are happy and healthy.
Being selfish denotes an excessive or exclusive concern with oneself. Your argument about her giving to charity doesn’t mean squat, her accountant and publicist make those decisions and sends the money, not her. Its good business, so her ‘people’ make it happen and make sure people like you know it happened so you can continue to think she’s grand and buy her products. True charity is anonymous.

I question her sanity, so that means I think she is nuts.

You see my honesty as being negative, your issue not mine. Its my opinion and I’m entitled to it.

tori on

Some please can’t say anything kind if there life counted on it. Mariah looks great and I applaud anyone who can lose weight. Rich or poor weight lose is a struggle, and I also don’t weigh myself I can gage my weight by how my clothes fit.

tori on


Anonymous on

Marky- I mostly agree with you, but some women can’t help but gain a lot of weight while pregnant. For example, women with pre-eclampsia and gestational diabeties (both of which Mariah has been very open about having) tend to gain a lot of weight, due to water retention and other things.

I agree completely with what you said about her comments about her weight, though. I remember how people were making rude comments about her weight throughout her pregnancy. I also just read an article on the main PEOPLE site yesterday were she said that she wouldn’t even let Nick see her in the nude while she was pregnant (at least not once she was really big). She even went as far as to wear a towel in the tub. It definitely DOES sound like she’s insecure about her body. Poor girl! Don’t worry so much about what other people think!

kendrajoi on

This woman is totally bizarre and extraordinarily self-centered, HOWEVER, she describes post-partum edema perfectly. I lost probably 40-45 lbs in water weight within 2 weeks of having my son. I had a bad problem with water retention during pregnancy, just like her. It happens.

anna on

@lisa if you actually watched the video she did mention her husband and kids. Just because she didn’t give the money to them herself doesn’t mean anything, it was her money. If she is interviewed about a specific thing and that is what she talks about, ie like how she was on the rosie show to talk about weight lost and that’s exactly what she talked about, she’s not being conceited she’s doing her job. No what you think is not truth it is your opinion and my opinion is that your a hater.Oh yeah I have never brought a mariah carey brand product in my life so that’s not fact either.

Courtney on

Janie – I don’t care that she lost the weight, and she does look great. It’s the way she almost sounds like she despised her pregnant body, as a pregnant woman myself, I just don’t get it. That’s all!

k on

Why are so many of you hating on this woman. It sounds like jealousy to me. Why should you care about how she dresses! Some of you can’t even spell or use proper English while posting a comment! Please go back to school and leave people alone who don’t even know you are alive.

Toya on

She does look great, but I thought she had surgery???? Her babies are adorable! My daughter is 6 mos I lost all my baby weight(which was really water) in 3 mos! It’s not hard to loose it for some women not all. If you had the luxuries that MC has alot of women that have trouble with loosing weight wiould’nt have that problem.

Anonymous on

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