Spotted: Jennifer Lopez and Emme – Well Wrapped

11/09/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

What’s up Big Apple?

After her stunning showing at Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards, hot mama Jennifer Lopez spends some quality time with daughter Emme Maribel, 3½, as the pair leaves their N.Y.C. hotel on Tuesday.

The singer, actress, and American Idol judge, 42, is also mom to son Max David with estranged husband Marc Anthony.

“I will always respect Marc as a singer and performer. He will always be in our lives. He will always hold a special place in my heart as the father of my children,” Lopez said recently.

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Kat on

“He will always be in OUR lives”? I should hope so, seeing they are his kids! Or maybe it was a royal ‘we’….

guest on

her daughter is gorgous

Lissette on

Why don’t we ever see Jennifer with Max?

Any time I see her its always with Emme and not her son.

Poor Emme looks either scared or cold.

vanessa on

I think that it Max in the back? Right corner.. you see a jacket and a hand holding the jacket? Maybe…

Janna on

Gorgeous? Emme? Very funny.

Anonymous on

Vanessa- Good eyes! There’s another picture from this outing in Startraks on the main PEOPLE site, and in that one it’s pretty obvious that that’s Max being held in the background. 🙂

Shannon on

Max is behind them with the nanny. These children seem uncomfortable participating in the periodic photo ops. How can you smile wand wave when your child is obviously scared of the paps?

meghan on

Why does Jennifer look bald in this pic?

Anonymous on

Shannon- She might be smiling and waving to reassure Max and Emme. Seeing her having such a relaxed attitude towards the paps tells them that mommy isn’t scared of them, so they can’t be that bad! Whereas if J-Lo acted annoyed or disturbed by the paps, that might just make the situation worse for the twins. Seeing that mommy or daddy is scared or upset is often very difficult for kids.

And photo-ops? They’re in New York at the moment, as it says in this post. Not exactly the easiest of places for celebs to avoid getting photographed!

Sarah K. on

Photo op? They’re leaving their hotel. That had to happen at some point, unless they planned on moving into the hotel permanently. What is she supposed to do with the paps? Getting mad at them won’t help comfort the kids.

Emme looks so much like Jennifer now. She’s beautiful.

Margaux on

Janna, grow up.

Sam on

Margaux – Janna is free to speak her mind. You saying ‘grow up’ is more childish then what she said. And, I happen to agree with Janna. Emme is cute, but gorgeous – no, sorry. Sweet and precious I’m sure but gorgeous – no. And why is Jennifer never with holding little boy Max, it used to be Marc with him, now it’s some nanny or body guard. She said that ‘my daughter’ inspires me (not a direct quote) but what about her boy? Another Britney thing going on here.

Sarah K. on

Yes, Sam. She hates her son and doesn’t want him around. You are so perceptive!…The ridiculous things people come up with based on occasional pictures we see of perfect strangers never ceases to amaze me.

Lissette on

I was not trying to start a war or anything just making an observation. Yes, I am sure that is Max in the background but I never see him up front holding her hand or Jennifer holding him.

I do hope she doesn’t play favorites.

Brandi on

What amazes me are the peole who are smart enough to come up with all kinds of consipracy theories, yet still do not know the difference between than or then.

And NO saying “grow up” to an adult is not the same as saying mean things about a child. I can only hope those people do not have children of their own to bully.

Brandi on


mommashane on

I’ve noticed the same “I favor my daughter” pictures too of Jennifer Lopez. Its an observation and I’m glad to see that it wasn’t just me thinking it too. She does have her son around but in most photos she’s always with the girl. As a mom of a little boy I just think its pretty sad the gender favoritism I often see and its not just celebrities. Women grow up and wonder why they can’t find a good man but it starts early. Most of the posts not on just this site but others all cheer with excitment over the baby girl but boys I notice rarely get as much attention.

carla on

Just a few photos of JLo and Max for the masses. We all need to remember that we see a few photos a week, which basically amounts to seconds out of these people’s lives.

Anonymous on

If people saw pictures of my family when I was a child, they’d probably think my dad favored me over my brother, and my mom favored my brother over me, but they didn’t. I just gravitated more towards my dad and my brother more towards our mom (in otherwords, classic daddy’s girl and mommy’s boy!). Perhaps it’s the same with J-Lo and the twins, Emme gravitates toward her more than Max does. 🙂

Maria on

Why does Emme look miserable in every picture? I totally understand how she owuld not want to smile at a bunch of flashing lights and yeliing camera people- but I don’t know if I have ever seen her smiling-?