Dylan Walsh Welcomes Daughter Amelie Belle

11/08/2011 at 08:00 AM ET
Dario Cantatore/Getty

Talk about an unforgettable moment — Dylan Walsh reveals he welcomed a baby daughter named Amelie Belle earlier this fall.

“My best moment of 2011 would definitely be the birth of my daughter six weeks ago, on Sept. 25,” the actor, who stars with Poppy Montgomery in the CBS show Unforgettable, tells PEOPLE.

Added the new dad, “Yep. Six weeks old. Not a whole lot of sleep happening at my apartment.”

Walsh, who turns 48 next week, is perhaps best known for his role on the FX show Nip/Tuck.

He filed for divorce from his second wife Joanna Going, mother of Stella, 8 this month, last year and has two other children — Thomas, 15, and Joanna, 14 this month, with ex-wife Melora Walters.

— Sara Hammel with reporting by Caryn Midler

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amandamay on

wait, so is this baby with his 2nd ex-wife or someone new? confusing article lol

anyway, congrats!! love the name 🙂

AshleyB on

The baby is with a new girlfriend – there were pictures of them a couple months ago. But his divorce isn’t finalized yet. Kind of gross.

EricsGirl on

Hmmm. Maybe time to stop procreating? Just a thought.

Stella Bella on

Agree with the previous posters.

SadieA on

So ten months from 6 weeks ago makes conception within two weeks of him filing for divorce. Nice. Of course it’s possible she gave birth at 36 weeks or something like that…still not much better. Maybe the marriage had been over for a while before the filing.

SadieA on

I just realized ten months puts it before the filing, even better.

Vanessa on

Wow he certainly, um, gets around doesn’t he?!

Finally some celebs are providing their children with normal names.

Sue on

People reported on 12/12/10 that Dylan Walsh had filed for divorce from Joanna Going. So it seems highly unlikely that his girlfriend knew she was pregnant 11 months ago. She would have been days, minutes or hours pregnant, right? Plus, let’s be honest, the day a couple files for divorce isn’t the day they split. Presumably Dylan and Joanna split several months earlier.

Here’s People’s article about his divorce filing:

River on

Gross. And 48 is way too old to be having children. Its funny how when a woman is in her late 40’s and has kids, people judge her, but when a man does it, its considered perfectly okay. Double standard, much? Do men not know how to wrap their tools anymore?

CT on

Too bad he didn’t value his marriage enough to stop rutting like a pig with anther woman. He’s disgusting.

Jen on

How old is the girlfriend? I am wagering she is 35 or less.

kiddok on

I am a baby doc. With a birthdate of 25 Sept, the conception would have been the first week of Jan 2011…even given that the dates could be off by up to 2 weeks, she was conceived after the date of the article stating he had filed for divorce.

JC on

People don’t always judge a woman for being pregnant at a later age but there are a lot more complications for a 48 year old woman to carry a baby to term. On the other issues, you don’t know how long he and his 2nd wife were split for filing.

Diane M on

“And 48 is way too old to be having children.” I’d say that depends on the person. My son is 47 with two children under six and will soon welcome his third child. You couldn’t ask for a better parent. He’s very much a hands on dad. He’s much more patient and settled than when he was in his 30s, and that’s important when rearing children.

Mary on

This is a VERY poorly written article! Reading through it, it is maybe 2nd grade level at best! I don’t get it at all. So he is still married to his second wife but had another baby with a 3rd bimbo? This guy is disgusting! Get a vasectomy and stop having kids with multiple women.

Steph on

Love the name Amelie!

SadieA on

kiddok, you’re right it would be after

m on

How many baby mommas does he have? He needs to grow up and stop spreading his seed everywhere.

gw123 on

How can he be a “new dad” when he already has 3 kids????

Kait on

His daughter and 2nd wife have the same name?? Crazy.

alicejane on

I don’t know who he is or anything about his history, but I absolutely love the name Amelie! Regardless of the situation I’m glad he and his girlfriend had a healthy baby.

Mia on

I guess that would explain the divorce….

Mary l. on

The gf is actually 38-39yrs old and a very nice, down to earth, beautiful person. My my why all this judging ladies?

Whitney on

sometimes people don’t get divorced until months after they split. So judging him before knowing is just cruel.

Anonymous on

River- No birth control (except abstinence) is 100 percent effective, so perhaps he DID “wrap his tool” (and why is it always the man that gets blamed for not using birth control? Women need to be just as responsible, in my opinion!).

Anyway, congrats to them! I’m not even going to get into the whole when the pregnancy occured vs. when he seperated from his ex-wife thing, because only he, his ex-wife, and his gf know the answer to that. And as far as his age goes, when you think about it, he’ll be 68 when his daughter is 20. That’s not that bad. It’s not like he’s in his 60s and or 70s and still having kids!

mayasmom on

What a horribly written article. Didn’t anyone there read it over and realize how confusing it is? Who is the mother of this child? His estranged wife, or the one on the side? And what kind of jerk waits until he has a two week old baby to file for divorce? It doesn’t make any sense. He either should do when his wide isn’t postpartom (if she is the mother) or when he knocks up the girlfriend.

What a crappy article.

pammy on

How do you pronounce Amelie. I am familiar with Amelia… so would Amelie – be Ah-meal-lee?

Alix on

It’d be pronounced the French way, I guess: AH-muh-lee.

Personally, I don’t think it matters whether he and his wife had separated months before the divorce. You can be separated all you want, you’re married until the divorce is final. Can’t anyone keep their clothes on until the ink is dry on the final decree?

alicejane on

Pammy, it’s a French name and my understanding of how it sounds (traditionally) is “Ah-Mey-Lee”. However I know some people anglicize the name and pronounce it “A-ma-lee” (with a soft A). I wonder how Dylan and his family pronounce it.

I’ve always loved the name Amelie and would love to use it someday, but I can’t help but feel like I would sound pretentious using the French pronunciation of it, having zero French in me.

Odile on

Pammy – Amélie is pronounced Ahh-meh-lee. My youngest (7) is named Amélie, she gets called Emily and Amelia a lot. Every once in awhile we’ll find someone that’s seen the movie and knows the name.

We call our older daughter Belle. 😀

Sarah M. on

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the name Amelie!! I’ve been watching Unforgettable and really like it. As to his history otherwise, I don’t know how long he and his 2nd wife were separated before they filed for divorce. Therefore, I won’t judge him on that.

Huh? on

I read this headline at least twice and both times I read “becomes” not “welcomes”. That would explain why it didn’t make any sense to me!

On another note, it’s a new life so just celebrate that. There is another healthy baby in the world and as someone who has dealt with quite a few people dying before they should have I celebrate that.

I just pray that he will be a good father and provider.

lydiaferguson on

hey guy how about getting a tip tuck and stop spreading that seed around. show some respect for these women you lock or kiup!!! and those poor kids, for crying out loud…………

lydiaferguson on

hey guy how about getting a tip tuck and stop spreading that seed around. show some respect for these women you lock up!!! and those poor kids, for crying out loud…………

lydiaferguson on

how doing a little tip and tuck and stop spreading that seed , poor kids

Maggie on

Dylan Walsh is a very attractive man. Congrats to him!

MMK on

Amy- It’s not so crazy when Joanna was with his first wife and his second wife also happens to have the same name. Now if he and his wife named her after the wife then that would be weird and redneck.

Personally I’m tired of hearing of men really getting around and having babies with 2+ women it is gross.

boston on

Ew. Why give this press? Headline should have been Three Time Loser Has Kid With Yet Another Baby Mama.

boston on

Having kids with three different baby mamas shouldn’t be headline-worthy.

Jess on

people get a grip. his ex wife and him divorced last year. not this year. And were probably split long before that. So what right do you have to judge. His other daughter turns 8 this month. He filed for divorce back in December of last year. Get your facts straight before you make wild assumptions.

Shannon on

Another baby daddy. No wonder he kept it quiet.

Shannon on

He has children with three different women? Let’s see if this gets the same comments as articles posted about Melanie Brown.

Anonymous on

I don’t get some of these comments. Was he supposed to go, “Sorry, honey, I already have kids from my previos relationships so I can’t have kids with you?” I’ll agree that it would be in poor taste if this baby was concieved while he was still married, but that doesn’t appear to have been the case (see kiddok’s comment), or if the baby was the result of a one-night stand. But as long as he and his gf in a stable relationship, I don’t really see the issue.

MMK- How would naming the baby after her mother be any different than naming a son after his father? Unless you meant it would be weird if his FIRST wife had been named Joanna and he has second wife named their daughter Joanna. Then I’d agree with you. 🙂

look on

Every time I see his name I think of a non-existent, old-school 90210 character.

Mia on

LOL-I definitely see the 90210 relation.

K. on

Why do you all even read an article about him if you don’t like him?

Save your rude comments for your own faults in life. He’s obviously someone people have heard of if he’s in People magazine.

meghan on

So his girlfriend should go childless because he has children with his exes? Life doesn’t always go in the direction you expect. Sh*t happens.

TamIAm on

My two-year old is also named Amelie. We pronounce is Aw-muh-lee. The origin of the name is actually German (supposedly), though most people assume it’s French. She does misteknly get called Amelia quite often, but I still love the name. We call her Mia for short.

CarolV on

The girlfriend was a trainer at his gym. His wife, from whom he is not yet divorced, is a very beautiful, accomplished actress. Sounds like some sort of cliche – mid-life crisis to me.

cs:go on

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