Jessica Simpson’s ‘Crazy Person’ Pregnancy Craving

11/08/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

Like many pregnant women, Jessica Simpson has unusual food cravings.

Since she began carrying fiancé Eric Johnson‘s baby, the Fashion Star mentor, 31 – who says she no longer likes pizza because it now “tastes sour” – has become obsessed with a particular fruit. But she insists the tasty melon of choice be prepared a certain way.

“I crave cantaloupe like a crazy person,” Simpson told PEOPLE on Tuesday while promoting a skincare line.

“But I put salt all over it, so I don’t know if it’s that healthy. I crave anything salty and sweet. That mixture to me is so good. I can eat a whole cantaloupe in one morning.”

Simpson, who’s due in the spring, is teaming up with celebrity aesthetician Nerida Joy on BeautyMint, an affordable personalized skincare system.

“When you answer all the questions in the quiz that is provided, you really get to know about your skin,” Simpson explains of the line. “The quiz really acts as a professional that helps you and guides you through your skincare regimen.”

— Dahvi Shira

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Lillian on

Funny…i’ve always ate my cantaloupe with salt on it since I was a child. So this is a normal craving to me…

Lady on

To me that’s disgusting, but i’m not pregnant & I hate salt lol. She looks cute, I’m going to guess GIRL!

Steph on

It sounds rather delicious, but maybe because I am almost 9 months pregnant! I have been avoiding cantaloupe though since all those people died from eating it, recently!

Corrie on

When my cousin was pregnant with her son, she couldn’t eat pizza either, but that was because it gave her heartburn. Interesting.

alicejane on

Lillian, so did I! I love it, the salt compliments the cantaloupe perfectly. Though I don’t know anyone else outside of my family who does, so I guess it’s not a widespread thing.

sheena on

Oh cool, salt and cantaloupe together is so yummy! Praying for her a healthy and happy baby and delivery!

Romy on

is salt and cantaloupe a southern thing? I craved cheeseburgers and granny smith apples(eaten separately!)with my first baby, but if I had been interviewed for millions to read I might have just said granny smith apples 😉 She looks great and seems happy.

Remmy on

I craved cantaloupe with my pregnancy, too!

Misty on

I’m allergic to cantaloupe, but I eat my watermelon with salt. I can see how cantaloupe could taste good with a little salt though.

maggie on

that’s funny both my mother and sister eat cantaloupe with salt & pepper since they were little.

Mother of 2 on

My sister eats watermelon with salt and I thought she was weird until my mom said that she used to eat the same as a young child! So I’m assuming cantaloupe would probably taste good to her as well!

I bet she is having a girl to. I wish her a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby!

Kimberly on

I craved cantalope with my first pregnancy which was a little boy!!

Mary on

After reading the article I thought ‘cantaloupe and salt’? But then I quickly remembered I used to eat tomatoes with sugar. So I guess you can’t knock it till you try it……

elizabetholwigphotography on

I’ve never been pregnant but craving cantaloupe and salt doesn’t sound nearly as odd as craving dirt, which I’m told some expectant mothers do.

*I’m thinking a girl too.

Kat on

Romy, it might be sounthern, but it is also very New England. I always had a cantaloupe quarter with salt at Sunday breakfast.

I know about the pregnancy ruining favorite food, it ruined lemon for me. Anything with lemon in it tasted like eggs.

Pam on

She is due in the spring. She is quite big, wonder if it is twins.

miameows on

I grew up in New England and we always had salt on cantaloupe and watermelon. yum!

Lis on

Pam…how do you know this? Out of curiostiy…

And I’m already excited to hear the name they choose. I can see her being tradional OR end up going totally wacky, so I’m interested. 🙂

ClaireSamsmom on

I think I read somewhere that she is due in May? She seems pretty big already….. I have a feeling she is going to have a girl…. And as far as the salt/melon thing….my family loves salt sprinkled on watermelon. My grandma always ate it that way and it is really yummy!

Bree on

I had to laugh about the pizza thing, I am 8 1/2 months pregnant and went through the same thing with pizza and tacos early in my pregnancy but started craving them again around the third trimester so decided to try them again and they both tasted better than ever, hopefully the same thing happens for Jessica!!

Just me on

I craved pepparoni smeared with grape jelley. Sounds gross now, but it was so good then!

Amanda on

I haven’t found my cravings indicated boy vs girl. I craved granny smith apples (sour) with one son and watermelon (sweet) with my other. With my girls I craved sweets and starches with both of them, unfortunately nothing all that healthy LOL However with my boys I had the strongest food aversions! Oddly enough both times I had aversions to chocolate and I am a chocolate lover!

I do think she’s having a girl. As bad as it sounds that was the one thing different with boy vs girl for me. I gained weight everywhere with my girls, just my stomach with my boys. Oddly enough I had an easier time losing weight after my girls than my boys too.

I’m happy for her 🙂 she really doesn’t look all that big to me, she is a shorter person with a curvier figure. All women carry differently and she doesn’t have the stick thin boyish figure of many women in Hollywood.

fuzibuni on

I heard cantaloupe with salt is a french thing. My mom’s side of the family does that and they are french.

cheri on

I just wanted to say that I am glad that no one has taken the opportunity to post a nasty comment here(yet)It’s nice to see everyone sharing their cravings instead of being mean. BTW I’ve never had melon with salt, but my sister in law swears by it.

jenny on

My guess is she’s having a girl… I just get that feeling. She looks good.

Jillian on

Cant elope and salt is not weird. I know a lot of ppl who do it. They are not pregnant or French.

evie on

I’d guess she’s due early March looking at her bump. I’m due with #3 mid-April and showed really early but aren’t quite that big yet. Pregnancy has ruined some food for me. Mostly spicy food and milk-based products. I’ve never even tried a cantalope before! Maybe this is the week I should 🙂

Anonymous on

She’s so cute, I’ve always liked her. I never really craved fruit with my boys. Meat and potatoes for me. Had a wicked aversion to chicken.

Sthrnmomma on

Lemons w/my first son, cucumbers and tomatoes w/salt w/my 2nd son, and anything sweet and starchy w/my daughter (who is 12 days away!) Salt and melon go hand in hand for me. Watermelon, honeydew melon, cantaloupe, etc. Ultimate fav is yellow meated watermelon w/salt 🙂 Not a pregnancy thing I’ve done that my whole life.

She does look good and I’m extremely happy for her. Here’s to wishing her a happy healthy pregnancy, speedy delivery, and a wonderful new addition to her life!

Bugsmum on

I love how happy she looks. It’s not that “looks at the camera everyone is happy” kind of smile. It’s more that “I’ve got my greatest dream” kind of smile. Looking back at photos of me while pregnant I had this smile too.

I craved different things at different times during my pregnancy with Bug. 90% of the time it was a salty/savoury craving, lots of pop corn or hash browns with cheese and mustard.

Anonymous on

I used to think she was due sometime around February or March, but she hasn’t looked as big in recent pictures, so now I’m thinking maybe even as late as April. And in a way, that would make sense given that she just now announced. If she were due in April, that would put her at about four months along, and a lot of women wait until the four month mark to announce.

Now, as far as gender goes, when she was with Tony Romo I was positive that they were going to have a baby girl within a year or two of Bronx’s birth for some reason. Obviously that didn’t pan out, but it will be interesting to see if my inkling about Jessica having a baby girl ends up proving true!

MommytoanE on

LOL Don’t think its a southern thing. I’m from the north and love salt with my fruit…and not just cantaloupe. Salt is great on lemons, strawberries, watermelon, grapes….its this sweet/sour/salty combo that gets me.

Jessica looks cute pregnant. 🙂

SadieLady30 on

I’m happy for her! I will say, I’m pregnant now and my OB/GYN told me to stay far away from cantaloupe because of the listeria outbreak. I just hope she’s being careful!

Maria on

When I was pregnant I craved whole milk like crazy. I barely drank it before getting pregannt but oculd easily drink 4 glasses of it every day while pregnant!!

Jillian on

The article says she is due in the spring. She said this, “”My kid’s going to think I’m pretty cool,” she told Us about the announcement. “This is a cool thing to welcome him to the world with.” so, I am guessing she knows it’s a boy.

Lynn on

Jessica is a petite girl when she’s not pregnant, so maybe her pregnancy just shows more on her small frame. My daughter is six feet tall, due in February with #2 (a boy) and doesn’t look as big as Jessica. Lots of it has to do with body type/clothing styles/the way the baby lies within. As far as the cantaloupe, my mother is a California native who loved salt on cantaloupe. Personally I can’t stand it. Just a personal preference.

Sandra on

Never had cravings for salt on anything but I ate so much fish when I was pregnant with both my boys I could have sworn that they would be fish. When I was pregnant I only wanted things that I wouldn’t normally eat like oatmeal, beets and liver and I absolutely hate liver.

Traci on

I love Jessica Simpson. She’s so sweet and giving. I’m very happy for her and I’m guessing a girl as well.

Traci on

I ate dirt and drank tons of cranberry juice when I was pregnant with my twins in 1989. I know it sounds disgusting but your hormones make you do strange things. Oh and ice – couldn’t crunch enough ice.

Traci on

Salt on watermelon is so good. I grew up eating watermelon this way. I’m just a country girl.


Pregnant I could not eat chicken at all, or a mushroom swiss burger I would crave it, we’d order and I’d get sick… Ginger salad dressing helped me survive the 1st few months, then I was eating veal parm from my favorite rest at least 3 times a week. My little girl still hate chicken, but loves veal.

Good luck to Jess & Eric.

Stormy on

I did not have any strange cravings with either of my pregnancies .
I did however give up red meat (pretty much full time ) during my
second pregnancy . I dont know what it was but just the thought made
my stomach turn and still does .

With my first I ate Ice Cream , nothing crazy just ice cream and alot
of it . That should have been my first clue that I was expecting .
And with my daughter it was chicken !!

Amy on

She is showing a lot, but my belly popped out early too. Might just be how her body carries a baby.

Patty on

First trimester of both pregnancies the only thing I could eat was oranges, granny smith apples and toast with peanut butter. I called it “first trimester diet”. I lost 8 lbs and 12 lbs respectively. Made up for it 2nd and 3rd trimesters, so no worries about “lack of weight gain”.

Sabrina on

I think it’s a girl 😘😘😍😍