Céline Dion’s Twin Sons Celebrate Their First Birthday

11/08/2011 at 03:00 PM ET

Happy first birthday to Nelson (l) and Eddy Angélil! Céline Dion‘s fraternal twin sons celebrated the milestone with a visit from Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck on Oct. 23 at their home on Jupiter Island, Fla.

Accompanied by the singer, dad René Angélil and big brother René-Charles, 10½, the boys each enjoyed their own cakes in the shape of the mouse. Dion, 43, returns to her Las Vegas show in December.

Richard Gauthier

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Tee on

What a sweet picture!

Vanessa on

OMG they look so much like René Charles!

Happy Birthday Nelson and Eddy!

t. on

They are adorable but Nelson’s curls are killing me with their cute level…

Anonymous on

Beautiful family.

Brooke on

They are so cute and all look so happy!

Heather Lynn on

What a beautiful family! A very happy birthday to Eddy & Nelson! I’m dying to go see Celine in Vegas

Aimee on

Happy Birthday to the twins!!! They are too cute

MariBee on

A lovely family!

kjc on

The twins are adorable! …and I love their little ties!

smiavs on

The twins are adorable. So is René-Charles, but am I the only one who liked the long hair better? I know everyone gave them a hard time about it, but I think he looked gorgeous with long hair. Cute kid in general, but I thought the flowing locks made him stand out. 🙂

Bailey on

Beautiful family ,happy birthday to the twins and a belated to their older brother .

bluebuns on


One looks like her and the one looks likes the father

J on

Such a cute picture!! I have to say that unlike the Duggar Familly news from yesterday, when Celine Dion announced that she was pregnant w/ the twins, I was soo happy for her.

Aileen on

What a beautiful family and pic.

Bella on

BEAUTIFUL picture!! Happy birthday!!!

J on


AT on

LOVE her & her sweet fam!!!

Helen on

They are all too cute. I personally love Rene Charles with short hair!

Shari on

The babies are way cute, but WOW Rene Charles is a handsome little man now that I can see him! Hated that long hair, made him look so homely! Who woulda thought he was such a cutey pie?!!!

Joyce on

I am so happy for them!!

Marion on

You have a very beautiful family. I am sure you will have a happy life.

gottabelieve on

Despite all of the hype about their difference in age, they actually seem to have a very good marriage, and BEAUTIFUL kids. Much love!

Kazoobazoo on

Beautiful family!

Patricia on


Roseann on


dsfg on

I think René-Charles looks great with his haircut!

jane on

what a beautiful family! lovely photo!

Juneann Alexander on

Congrats and happy birthday to the twins. As far as the comment about the Duggars, how many children they have is their business and God’s. They are able to provide happy, stable environments for the children and it is nobody’s business but theirs. We are not all meant to be parents of multiples but God bless them and their children. They are doing a great job!!

Juneann Alexander on

Happy birthday to the twins and congrats Celine and your sweet hubby on the parents that you are.

Jane Mastrangelo on

Awesome family picture! Happy Birthday to the twins! What good looking children.

Go see Celine’s new Vegas show if you can. I saw it on her opening night last March and it is the best show I have ever seen!!!!!!!

Jane Mastrangelo

Sonia on

What a beautiful family! Happy Birthday boys!

NM on

Wow, it’s been a year already! How time flies!

Jessica on

Cute picture! So glad they finally cut their eldest son’s hair. Looks SO much better

Jeanine on

What a wonderful picture!! Glad to see she finally got the family she always wanted! Congrats!

Lizzie on

They make such a beautiful family! And it’s wonderful to see Rene looking so healthy after his bout with cancer.

Brooke on

They are PRECIOUS!!! They all look so much alike and Rene Charles has turned into a gorgeous little man.

Tammy on

Wow they are a year old already Happy Happy guys wish you the best

Linda Whisler on

Happy Birthday to the adorable little twins, and what a beautiful family.

Sunny on

Whoa they could pass for triplets if they are same age! Happy 1st Birthday to the twins!

Celine Fan on

YAY Celine! (Devoted fan)

They all look so happy. Happy Birthday Nelson and Eddy. Question though: Don’t the twins look like Kourtney Kardashian’s son Mason? Lol.. random

Liz on

I am happy to see Rene looking so good! Theirs is such a wonderful marriage. It’s a real love story! They overcame so many obsticles and here they are happy and together. I wish them years of happiness.

Kathy Baccus on

This is an Adorable Family!! They are perfect together.The kids are beautiful!

Kathy Baccus on

Happy 1st Birthday guys!!!

Pat Sserio on

Beautiful family, Happy birthday to your handsome son’s !!

dawn on

So friggin happy for this family and I sure hope Rene’s health continues to hold up, he sure seems to be loving fatherhood.

Angela on

What a beautiful family!!!! Many more happy years, wished to them all.

fellowcanuck on

omg Mickey and Donald came to them? What a life! Can these kids ever be normal?

Red Skye on

Happy Birthday.The twins look alot like “Mason Kardashian”.Amazing

AKrietz on

The twins are adorable and your older son is quite a handsome little fellow. Congratulations, Celine and Rene. A beautiful family!

Hanan on

the one she’s holding LOOK just liker HER
but they all soo cute 🙂


Congrats mom and pop…oops, i mean dad….hard to tell

ELC on

What a beautiful family picture.

Catherine Dabels on

Those kids are only one??? The one Celine is holding is ginormous!

julie Walsh on

The ten y.o. boy is incredibly handsome! Beautiful family, God bless them.

Eileen on

What a Hppy Family….The twins look like their Daddy…Happy Birthday Babies!

Reese on

Those are three beautiful boys. I can’t believe how big her eldest is, already.

mshawaii808 on

That is a very nice picture of Ms. Dion, her children and their GRANDFATHER!I love it, I too have memorable pic’s of my children with their Grandpa!!!PRICELESS

Tally on

Happy Birthday Eddy and Nelson! Both Celine and Rene are amazing parents. I am so happy for them.

Tally on

Such cute children of the cutest couple alive. Happy Birthday Eddy and Nelson!

John on

OMG way too cute. They look so good and happy. So funny the one she is holding really looks like her and the other one just like René-Charles.

A on

All the kids are adorable, but the left one is super pretty!

lina on

happy birthday sweet kids

Mickey on

Must be nice to have enough money to have the Mickey and Donald characters come to your home instead of going to the park like the rest of the world!

Sam & Freya’s Mum on

Nelson is big for a 1 year old. Seems a lifetime ago now but am sure my kids were both smaller than that on their first b’day; a well fed boy! I think Eddy looks a lot like Mason D – uncanny!

jolie on

they are soo cute happy birthday i hope thats a good birthday party and i take that you gas got great birthday party

Anonymous on

They are adorable! 🙂

Tina on

Wow, Happy b’thday to Nelson and Eddy. I am a fan of celine.
Congrats to you celine and hubby for your handsome boys.
luv u all

Mai on

I’m very proud of you, Celine and Rene.You two really are a very perfect couple. God has blessed you for yours’ loyalty by this two cute sons. Hope this two little guys will bring you good lucks and the sweetest family life. I can’t tell you how much I like you Celine so is your family,too. Good luck!