Family Photo: The Jolie-Pitts – Gang’s All Here!

11/08/2011 at 11:00 AM ET

Hands full! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie ferry their entire brood — Maddox, 10, Pax, 8 this month, Zahara, 6½, Shiloh, 5, Vivienne and Knox, 3 — through Haneda International Airport in Tokyo on Monday, where the actor is promoting Moneyball this week.

Scott Larson/Splash News Online

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ClaireSamsmom on

that is quite the crew there!

gimma a break on

Awesome Family. I have trouble taking one kid a few blocks. lol

Maryanne on

Omg. Is Mickey Rourke with them? On no, just Brad. Lol! Not his best look.

Fun family, fun picture. The kids are all color coordinated. If I had that money, I would love shopping for them!

Julia on

I still can´t believe that so many tabloids were claiming that twins had a Down syndrome. You can see that they are ok! Truly disgusting!

Colette on

Lovely family.Viv lil fashionista, Pax cool in sunglasses, Zahara taking care of Knox as usual, Maddox the big brother. knox and Shiloh look like twins

Jennifer on

Knox is spitting image of Angelina. He and Shiloh look more their mom but Vivienne is Brad’s mini me

Ashley on

Vivienne is so cute! What a little doll 🙂

Shannon on

Vivienne is so adorable. The cape, the hair, the boots…aaaaaah!

Anonymous on

I think their adopted kids are cuter than their biological kids. And everyone raves about them…tabloids couldnt wait to get first pics of the most beautiful kids in the world cuz they share genes with 2 of the most beautiful people in the world.

l on

Gorgeous family! God Bless them! ❤

Sarah K. on

Anonymous, it’s not a competition. They’re all gorgeous kids. And, everyone raves about Zahara too, by the way. Every article I’ve seen with this family, people are always mentioning how stunning Zahara is (because she is, of course).

Nicole on

Julia – What, exactly, is disgusting about having Down syndrome? I hope that’s not what you were saying, but you could have worded yourself better.

Meela on

Hey Anonymous grow a set and reveal yourself, especially when you are talking smack!

It is apparent that those children love each other so stop labeling them.

They are siblings regardless of how it came to be!!!

The world knows that they are a blended family so what’s up the adopted ones are cuter, give it a rest!

Lady on

Such a cute family, you can see all their personalities in these pics (from what I saw on other sites) so funny!

I’m sure Brad only looks that ridiculous for a movie role, his hair grows really fast though haha!

RKF on

@Nicole, Julia wasn’t calling Down’s Syndrome disgusting. It appears she was referring to the “disgusting” people who proclaimed the twins had Down Syndrome across the ‘Net.

Corrie on

@Meela, YES! Thank you! All the kids are beautiful, it doesn’t matter where they came to be or how they came to be.

@Julia, what’s so “disgusting” with having Down’s syndrome?

Mia on

Knox is all Jolie + Shiloh is all Brad–Viv too.

Misty on

I’m guessing that Julia meant that comment to be that the tabloids spreading rumors about the children were disgusting. You know the tabloids were hoping that was the case so they’d have something to talk about. To the tabloids, it isn’t news for Brad and Angelina to have healthy children. There’s no drama in it.

Anonymous on

RKF- Exactly! That’s how I took that comment, too. I’m pretty sure Julia just meant that the tabs and people on blogs and such were disgusting for claiming that about two innocent little babies (which is what Knox and Viv were at the time). I would like to add that I think that those tabs and commentors did a huge dis-service to the DS community as well. They made it sound like DS is the end of the world…which it most certainly isn’t!

Yes, it can be a challange (both for the person with DS and for their family) and can sometimes cause health problems, but most people with DS live pretty happy, fulfilling lives. It’s not a death sentence as the tabs would have you believe! I’ve known a few people with DS myself, and they are some the happiest, most loving people around!

But enough about those ugly rumors! The kids are gorgeous, and in other photos from this set Knox and Shi look so much alike that it’s unbelievable. Some of the pictures almost had me wondering if I was seeing double!

Anonymous on

Okay, I was just looking at other photos from this set, where all six kids are clearly visable (in this one, Shi is mostly hidden behind Pax!), and Shi and Maddox appear to have matching shirts on (well, almost matching, anyway. Shi’s collar appears to be a bit different than Mad’s). How cute is that?!

Julia on

Of course I was talking about tabloids!!!

Julia on

I was talking about tabloids, I’d NEVER in my life call someone with a DS disgusting!

Sus on

I wish she dressed her kids in more COLOR. Gray is nice for adults or nice for a dress up occasion for kids but I don’t like it for everyday. But then again…ahem….the kids DO dress themselves. Hahaha…

stacey on

black, gray, and white are the only colors this family wears!!!!

Vivienne on

Knox and Shiloh looks so much like Angelkina. Beautiful kids and gorgeous parents

fffffffffh on

Nope Stacey and Sus, I have seen their kids in every color of the rainbow. Pinks, purples, blues, greens, yellow etc. Selective memory. Anyways there is nothing wrong with classic neutrals, they go with everything.

Also, Brad’s long hair is for his WWZ zombie movie.

Brooklyn on

Just to clarify, Shiloh is the one we can’t see in this picture?

Geetz on

geez, look at maddox, he’s very handsome.

Anonymous on

fffffffffh- I agree. I guess no one remembers all the pink that Viv wore throughout the summer? And while most of the family IS in shades of gray in this picture, Zee is wearing what appears to be a purple top.

Also, for what it’s worth, it seems to be mostly when they’re going through airports and other similar places that we see them all color coordinated like this. That makes me think that wearing similar clothes is a way for them to make it easier to keep track of everyone. It’s definitely not an uncommon thing for families or groups to do in crowded places like that.

Mia on

Knox is the spitting image of Jolie + her side of the family.

Shiloh is 100% Brad-but with Jolie’s mouth–Viv seems to have her own look…but I think she favors Jolie a lot more.

It will be interesting to see what all of the kids look like when they’re 10 years older.

mag on

why is pax wearing slippers on this cold day?

Lhing on

kimmy- Thanks for the link! I love the video, and I love that we get to hear Pax talking. He has such a cute ttlile voice! It also appears that he’s still very good at noticing the paps.Not long after Pax was adopted, there was a video of the J-Ps at an airport (this was when they were in Prague, so they were either arriving back in Prague from someplace or were going someplace from Prague. I can’t remember which.).In it we can hear Pax saying something along the lines of, They’ve got a lot of cameras! Seems he’s still a good camera-spotter!Also, I noticed in the video Kimmy linked (the one where you can hear Pax talking) that the bodyguards (at least I’m assuming it’s the bodyguards. You can’t actually see them, but the voice you hear is a male voice, and it doesn’t sound like Brad’s. Plus, it sounds to close to the paps to be Brad’s.) don’t appear to be very pleased with the paps.You can hear them saying things like, You’ve got long lenses! Back the f*&k up!