Review: Bloom Fresco Contemporary Baby High Chair

11/07/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy Bloom Baby

There are high chairs. And then there’s the Bloom Fresco Contemporary Baby Chair ($400).

The name may be a bit of a mouthful, but the chair is one of the sleekest, coolest pieces of baby gear we’ve ever laid eyes on.

And it’s designed to last from newborn right up to 79 lb (or approximately 8 years old).

That’s right, from birth to school age, this chair has a configuration for every kid in your house!

Check out our review below:

Things We Like:

This chair is beautiful — and incredibly functional. It can be used from birth in cradle mode as a great place for baby’s quiet alert times. And when your tot is ready to explore the world of solid foods, it will adapt and become a terrific high chair.

But it doesn’t stop there. Once your kid becomes a preschooler, it transforms into a fabulous chair for at the table or anywhere else in the house.

We love the special Comfort Nest, an insert that helps make sure your child isn’t swimming in her high chair. We’ve all seen those baby chairs that are way too big for a tiny baby. Thanks to this innovative addition, this isn’t one of them.

The Fresco chair swivels and locks, raises and lowers, reclines, and even glides for easy relocation within a room. We love that it can be so many different things for a growing child. And that it doesn’t sacrifice a sleek appearance for such high functionality.

We also love the adaptability of the appearance of the chair. If you move, redecorate or have another baby, all it takes is a new seat pad and you’ll have a brand new chair to match your décor.

Things We Didn’t Like:

The price. This has got to be the most expensive high chair on the market. Yes, it will last years and years, but it’s a very steep investment for a family to make right when they’re investing in other baby gear, too.

It’s also a little complicated to set up. All the straps and tabs and screws and buckles can be a little overwhelming. However, the chair comes with an excellent DVD User Guide which makes everything, however complicated, seem very simple.

Moms & Babies Rating:

For families looking to splurge (or for family members looking to pool together for a perfect baby shower gift), this incredible baby chair is an excellent investment. It’s gorgeous, to say the least. And we love the fact that it grows with your child, ensuring that it will be in the family for years to come.

— Stephanie Phoenix

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Kristine on

We had this chair and sold it on Craigslist a few months after using it. It was so difficult to clean. Food got stuck under the cushion, and the straps have fabric on them that does not wipe clean. We now have a $100 Chicco and meal time cleanups are much, much easier!

Tc on

Wow that’s a lot for a high hair but to each his own I suppose

Am I the only one that thinks an 8 yr old will refuse to sit in that?

Anonymous on

What a waste of money! New mums are likely to get sucked into all these fan-dangled features (Like I was with a few baby items!), but in the end they’ll realise “Hey, I think my 8 year old can use a standard chair…like everyone else!”

No high chair should require an instructional dvd! It’s a chair for crying out loud.

kjc on

I totally would have sat in that as an 8 year old. It looks like it would convert to a pretty cool little chair.

cn tower on

Tc – no, you are not the only one.

megan on

I can’t imagine why you’d put an 8 year old in that chair, unless they had a severe mental and physical handicap that made using a regular chair difficult. Also, it just looks like an overpriced barber shop chair. Or a captain’s chair from a sci-fi spaceship movie. Pass.

Vanessa on

Sorry but that is the ugliest high chair. Looks like it belongs back in the Mork and Mindy days LOL.

martina on

Colossal waste of money. We bought an expensive high chair for our first child – and hated it. By 18 mo. he was much more comfortable in a booster chair anyway. For our second, we using an awesome $25 booster chair with a high back. It’s perfectly comfortable, easy to clean and unobtrusive. The $350 chair is in storage…

stephanie on

We’ve had one for 5 years and its been fantastic – just like it said from baby to toddler to child at his desk. Have changed seat pads one to move from family room to study decor. Great tasteful European design (maybe thats why Americans posting above dont like it) – the Europeans have taste and sophistication! Highly recommended and worth the money – its $650 in Australia and I know lots of people here who love theirs…

sheryl on

We’ve had one for a couple years and yes, it isn’t self cleaning, but if you wipe it down once in a while it will last years. What isn’t shown is that there are several modes of use. You don’t use it with the trays and all for older kids, it converts to an adjustable height regular modern chair. It was really expensive when we got ours, but lasts much longer than others and fits with our modern look.

stephanie on

This highchair is the best! We’ve had one for 5 years and it has gone from baby to toddler to child and he now uses it in the study. We have had 2 seat pads – to match different decor and been extremely happy. The design is European – hence stylish and sophisticated. The price is justified due to the high quality, style and versatility. These chairs cost $650 in Australia and I know many people willing to pay that for such a great high chair. I can’t recommend it highly enough~!

Frank on

I love my fresco and so does my James (4). We’ve had ours since this company started I think. We loved using it when James was born as it was so much easier having the lay-back cradle position that was high off the ground. We then used both trays that we threw in the dishwasher when dirty. James now sits at the table with us in his ‘special chair’. I actually still find it easier to get him to sit down in his special chair than regular ones – you know how kids are!

I’ve got the tall one (loft fresco) with red but then every now & then I like to change it up & get one of the other colours. Just change the pad & you’ve got a whole new chair!!!!

No it’s not the cheapest on the market but I’m still using it 4 years in and I think I’ll find it hard to get James out!!!!!!!

Frank on


My adorable little cherub Madison (4 months) sleeps like a dream in this. I bought the fresco loft chair for my first child Connor (3 years 2months – geez time flies) and he did the same. Its awesome as this was the only highchair i could find in the USA that we could use at newborn. But the best was the versatility of the chair. You’ve got safety bars, big feeding tray and a smaller tray (for when you’ve got the big tray in the D-washer or sink). I’m using it now for both of my loves and actually find it pretty easily to go from the different positions. The chair moves up and down easily and the tilting is a piece of cake. We did watch the DVD but only once. Like any product that has different parts and in this case tonnes of functions, it’s wise to read the instructions! But the DVD explained it all in one viewing and now I think I consider myself an expert.

My friend brought her 2yr old over and he had a go. She had a cheaper one around 150 and found it impossible to use. Within a week she bought her fresco at Giggles in the city. She got it in the black colour.

I love it, my kids love it, my friends love it. So no complaints from me……Jill xo

Frank on

I’ve got the black with white – love love love it!!!!

cris on

I just love when people who work for the company post on this site. Every time there is a product advertised and the first set of reviews are negative, it is only a matter of time before the company has people spam the comments section with over-the-top-generous reviews!! Enough already-it is too obvious!!

Roxy on

cris especially when they try to change their names but it still shows up as their original name

Hint ‘stephanie’ putting down the people who you’re trying to sell your product to doesn’t help at all

smiavs on

The base looks huge. Where would you store it? Why not get the Stokke chair if you want to get something that grows with the kid. At least that one looks like furniture, rather than an appliance…. on

It looks great, but $400 is a LOT of money to spend on a highchair!

cn tower on

Cris –
I was wondering how many other people have noticed this. Even if I’m not interested in the product, it’s interesting to read the comments — as you pointed out, it’s pretty obvious who is unbiased and who is shilling for the company. I guess the moderators don’t pay too much attention to that sort of thing, but it makes you question the legitimacy of the review too.

Kate on

Cris – right on. I read the reviews too – its funny how quickly the glowing reviews come up after the realistic ones. Pretty obvious.
And Roxy, yes, changing the name would help ‘mask’ the fake reviews. 🙂

NIcky's Mom on

I purchased fresco because of its look and then when all the concerns were raised about plastic I was thrilled to see its green credentials – BPA free, PVC free, phthalate free etc. as far as I know its the only chair that rotates 360 degrees which is very helpful when trying to get baby in the right position, believe me. we used it as a safe place for our 3-month old to sleep in the lay-back position before we even used it as a high chair. the first pad I had on it was a little hard to clean but we purchased another one that was made of a faux leather which was basically waterproof and cleaned really easily. I just wish bloom made one that fits adults!!

NIcky’s Mom on

We have had fresco for over 3 years now and used it for both our kids. We didnt realize it could be used as a rocker/lounger in the horizontal position until the 2nd kid but thats a great plus. the middle recline is also really helpful straight after meal time. as soon as the feast is over the king can recline back one notch and enjoy a snooze. overall the chair is really sturdy, cool-looking and lasts the distance. we have taken all the straps off now and our eldest uses it as a desk chair. really inventive.

stephanie on

Hi it’s Stephanie here, I do NOT work for BLOOM the company, I wrote one review and it didnt show up about 4 hours later so I wrote another one hence it being very similar – I didnt know they would both be posted. I think you need to get your facts straight. Im based in Australia and this company is based in Europe or Hong Kong. I just happen to be a big fan of their products so please refrain from criticising.

Frank on

Are these the highchairs from Real Housewives NY?? I think Cindy has them. I see them at the start of the show. Can someone let me know plzzzz

Frank on

Hmmm where is my comment??

I’ll try this again…..

Can anyone tell me if these are the chairs from Real Housewives NY edition??

amandamay on

wow stephanie, you’re one sweet lady – thanks for the stereotype of americans having no class or sophistication. that MUST be why people don’t like it. couldn’t be that it’s hideous (and i LOVE modern decor) or over-priced. i come from a blended american-european family (we’ve lived in the states and europe) and i find your comments ignorant and insensitive. but glad you like the chair…

TC on

so please refrain from criticising.

Hypocrite much? Did you not criticize ALL Americans in your first post? Like someone else posted you’re real classy there.

iWinter on

Yes, bloom’s fresco is in Real Housewives NY edition and is recently also in Capital One’s cash commercial with Jimmy Fallon

sarah on

We got one of these for $50 when a store was liquidating stock. Otherwise, we couldn’t have afforded it. But, I really do love it. My baby is only 3 months old still. Since around 1 month we’ve been using it in the bassinet position and he sits in it and watches me while I cook or do work in the kitchen and he loves being in it. He can sit in it for up to 45 minutes happy. This is a big deal for me because my baby hates his baby bjorn and maya wrap, hated the swing we got him (and returned), and hates his car seat. We also got a bloom lounger at the same sale and he’s really liked that too. So, I’ve had a really great experiences with Bloom products so far. I also like the design and find their products easy to clean and take care of.