Gretchen Mol: Second Child Grows Up ‘So Fast’

11/06/2011 at 05:00 PM ET
Carly Otness/

It’s been eight months since Gretchen Mol and her husband, film director Kip Williams, welcomed daughter Winter Morgan.

But, for the Boardwalk Empire star, it feels like the special day was just yesterday.

“I feel like it all just goes by so fast with the second child,” Mol, 38, told PEOPLE at Thursday’s Juicy Couture Spring 2012 Launch. “You realize you really have to start cherishing the moments.”

These days, those magical moments include prepping Winter to walk.

“She crawls around and she wants you to bend over and walk her around everywhere, which is a little painful for the back,” the actress admits. “She’s going to walk soon — she’s really fun.”

Big brother Ptolemy John, 4, thinks she’s pretty fun, too.

“He pummels her, but she’ll be a tough little girl because of it,” Mol laughs. “There’s always that adjustment period, but he loves her so much, he just can’t wait for her to become more like a little person.”

Happy for the experience of raising both a son and daughter, Mol isn’t looking to expand her family any further.

“Pregnancy is not my favorite thing — I’m not one of those women,” says Mol. “It’s like, ‘Now I’ll never wonder!'”

— Janine Rayford

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Shawna on

She lets her son pummel her daughter? I have never understand why parents think that siblings hitting each other is a normal part of growing up. It isn’t, and it should never be accepted! My children may still mess up occasionally and hit each other but it is always dealt with very seriously and they know it is absolutely not accepted in our family.

meghan on

Don’t you know a joke when you hear one? Geez.

Kat on

Pummel probably just means he rough houses. At four, is is normal to not understand your younger sibling can’t quite keep up yet. I’m sure they’d be separated if either was being violent.

mochababe73 on

My two boys are six years apart, and yeah, they don’t understand that the younger sibling is not ready for that type of play yet. However, you do teach them that they could really hurt the younger one.

Personally, I think that she’s joking. Pummell was just a poor choice of words. Lighten up, folks!

Mira on

It’s so true that time seems to go much faster with the second baby. I think it’s because the parents know all the milestones and what to do and stress less and as a result time seems to go by faster. That’s my theory anyway. I’m almost tempted to have a third one just to see if it’ll feel even quicker the third time around.

kira on

love the name winter!! Most siblings will at some point rough house or play with each other is most definitely a normal part of growing up.

Sugar123 on

I agree with pregnancy not be a wonderful time! I am not a girl who enjoys that part but i love my kiddos! If I ever have another baby I will adopt.

Ella on

Does anyone know how her son’s name is pronounced?

Allison on

I’m not sure if they’re planning on more kids or if their family complete, but I ABSOLUTELY feel that the youngest grows up the fastest.

We planned on 3 kids and my former youngest’s front teeth didn’t come in until she was almost 2! She also wasn’t walking until after 1 and we were happy since she was our baby.

However number 4 came along last March (so I guess around the same time as Gretchen’s little one) and he is already crawling and scooting along the furniture! We’re expecting him to walk before the end of the year and he is just growing up way too fast for me!

rachel on

I agree with the first post. Even if she chose to use the word pummel and it is not true she is a moron for using it. This lady does not sound too bright. And I am sick and tired of people lying acting like their 8 month olds are about to walk…thats HIGHLY unlikely. I dont know who this lady is but thanks for making me realize what an idiot she is… !

Tara on

Ella, I believe it is pronounced “Tolemy”, where the “tol” sounds like “wall”.

Elcee on

Rachel – I would like to know what is so “HIGHLY unlikely” about a child being nearly able to walk at eight months. My daughter was doing the same thing as Ms. Mol’s at eight months and was practically running by nine months, as were many of my friends children.

Beebee on

Rachel, then you don’t know much about babies and how MANY of them walk early. Mine took his first steps (11 to be exact and it’s on tape) at 9 months old. By the end of the ninth month he was walking like a champ.

So, you sound like the moron and idiot (your words) when it comes to children. Yes, the average age they begin to walk is 12 to 18 months but that is an average…..a scale with which to measure your child’s progress. It’s not the rule.

Hannah on

@ Rachel – I’m guessing you’ve never spent time with kids or you’re very young. My daughter took her first steps at 8 1/2 months and my son at 10 btw.

@ Shawna – Get over yourself. People who take everything literally seem ignorant.

Salsoulgrl on

Ella, Ptolemy is pronounced as follows tol’e-me. Silent P, short O, long E. If I remember my high school history of Egypt, the name comes from the Egyptian dynasty; I also remember Ptolemy as an Alexandrian astronomer, geographer and mathematician. It’s been a while. 😉

Rachel: The ‘idiot’ here would be You. I don’t how old you are, but not all children begin walking at the same time. My nephew began walking at 8 months. You need to educate yourself before you attack someone with names. Right now YOU are the one who ‘does not sound too bright’.

Holiday on

My kids were both taking steps at 8 months by cruising the couches. Do you not have kids Rachel because it is not totally abnormal for babies that age to take steps.

Holiday on

Wanted to add for me my 2nd child seems to be a baby longer than my son was. She turned 18 months old yesterday and since she is my last I am savoring every second of her babyness instead of wishing for her to grow up.

Kevyn on

lighten up people. This society has got to pull the sticks outta their butts.

Ella on

@Tara and Salsoulgrl – thanks!

ClaireSamsmom on

My son walked at 9 1/2 mo. My daughter walked at 16 mo. Each child is different. While I was able to really savor every little moment with my firstborn, I do admit that when my son came around…it just flew by. I was so busy with two little ones, that I barely had time to wash my hair! I love the name Winter, too. Very pretty.

M on

I totally agree with her! I have four children and feel like each one has grown up faster then the last. They definitely have a hard time understanding the babies can’t “wrestle” as well– I don’t think she meant she lets her son pound on his sister. And each of my four children walked between 8 and 10 months, so, not so weird.

Lindsay on

You people are wayyy too serious. i dnt think she lets her son beat up on his sister i think he is rough as most siblings are with other. My daughter is 3 and my son is 8 months and occasionally she does get a little rough where i need to remind her that he is just a baby. Honestly sometimes i need to break them up because she is crying (he is more rough than her)

Rachel please go have a child and then come comment about what is HIGHLY UNLIKELY. my son walks btw and he is 8 1/2 months…. been walking since he was 7 1/2 months… his sister is a good teacher =)

Joan on

My daughter was pulling herself up on furniture at 6 months, and walking like a champ at 9 months.